Scenario:Sarunan - Enshrined

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Guided by the spirit Honey, the party visits a small island. Being the place where Honey’s relationship started, Sarunan reminisces about his past. However, the moment he steps into the forest, he senses the presence of monsters. (Captain) and company stand up to the monsters to save the villagers deep in the forest.

Led by the frantic spirits, the party descends upon a small island where some Erune people live.
Sarunan: This brings back memories... The distinctive smell of the woods and grass... It hasn’t changed one bit.
Vyrn: What the? You’ve been here before, Sarunan?
Sarunan: Indeed. This is actually where Honey and I first met. There is no way I could ever forget this place.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: What!? W-Wait, Honey! Was it?! Really?!
Sarunan: A-Are you serious?! You’re not just teasing me are you?! Please say you're just teasing!
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Never mind then! Geez... Honey says the worst jokes sometimes.
Sarunan: It’s because of my gentle, easygoing personality that you and I were able to be together for so long. You should be careful not to treat others like this, you know?
Honey: ...
Lyria: Honey is saying that we should go deep inside this island.
Sarunan: I-I didn’t hear anything about this...
Vyrn: Hey, why did Honey bring us to this island, anyway?
Sarunan: ...! This presence...!
Sarunan: There are an abnormal amount of monsters here... There should be fewer monsters on this island...
Sarunan: Could it be...? Up ahead is a small village where the Erune people live.
Vyrn: What?! We have to move! We need to go check up on that village!
Sarunan: Yes. This place is a real punch of nostalgia for me. I won’t allow the monsters trample it down.
Vyrn: All right! Let’s head through the forest and go to that village!

Enshrined: Scene 2

An Erune man reveals himself as the party is in this ghost village. The man worries about his brother who apparently has headed to the monster-infested temple, saying that he will go and protect the spirits. (Captain) and the party offer to go rescue the man's brother.

Sarunan: My goodness... That once beautiful forest has been ruined...
Vyrn: Let’s hurry to the village! I hope it’s not too late...
Erune Man: Excuse me...! Have you seen a young boy around here?
Lyria: A young... boy?
Erune Man: My younger brother ran out saying he has to protect the spirit, and he hasn’t returned!
Erune Man: There have been violent monsters wandering around the forest recently... I’m so worried...
Sarunan: Calm down. What do you mean by “protecting the spirit?”
Erune Man: We have a temple that enshrines the spirit Kazann, who has protected us for so many years now.
Erune Man: Because of the increase in monsters lately, the villagers keep leaving the island...
Erune Man: My younger brother said that it’s because the Kazann’s power has weakened... My brother went alone to the temple deep in the forest...
Honey: ...
Sarunan: I see. I understand what happened.
Vyrn: Now’s not the time to be so calm! Let’s hurry to that temple!
Lyria: We have to go save both his brother and the spirit! Let's go! (Captain)!
Erune Man: R-Really?! T-Thank you!
Vyrn: We're on it! We’ll save your brother and the spirit!
Honey: ...
Sarunan: This sure brings back many memories. Honey and I met here.
Sarunan: Unlike the forest, this place is still beautiful. Did that man's brother really come here?
Honey: ...!
Lyria: You feel the presence of someone deep in the temple? That must be it! Let's hurry.
Vyrn: All right! We’re coming to help! Let’s go, (Captain)!

Enshrined: Scene 3

The party finds and rescues the trembling boy deep in the temple. The boy insists that he must protect the spirit Kazann even at the cost of his life. Sarunan bluntly tells him that there is nothing the boy can do.

The party arrives at the inner section of the temple. They find a boy at the altar of the spirit Kazann.
Erune Boy: I’m not scared... I’m not scared... I’m gonna protect the spirit...
Lyria: There’s the boy! What a relief... It looks like he’s safe.
Erune Boy: Ahhh! W-Who are you people?!
Vyrn: C-Calm down. We’re here to help you. Are you hurt?
Erune Boy: Y-Yeah. I’m fine, but...
Erune Boy: I was going to protect the spirit... But after seeing the monsters in the temple, I got scared, and...
Erune Boy: I’m so pitiful! My legs keep shaking and they won’t do what I tell them to...
Sarunan: Hey, boy. Is the spirit still here?
Erune Boy: Yeah! Grandpa said that the spirit of the temple protects us!
Erune Boy: Even after the monsters started attacking the temple of the spirit... everyone in the village only thought about running away...
Erune Boy: That’s why... That just leaves me to defeat the monsters and protect the spirit!Hey...
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Hm... I commend your bravery. It’s certainly something to be proud of. But there is nothing you can do here.
Vyrn: H-Hey! You shouldn’t be so cold. He’s just a kid.
Sarunan: Before you go off trying to protect the village, you need to learn to protect yourself first.
Sarunan: If you cannot even protect yourself, there’s no way you can protect the spirit, your village, or your family!You need to know your limitations!
Erune Boy: Shut up! I don’t care what happens to me. I just want to save everyone!
Sarunan: Sigh... Kids these days...
Sarunan: Let me ask you. When you put yourself in danger, do you think the spirit will be happy about that?
Erune Boy: Ugh... But...!
Vyrn: H-Hey! This is bad... We got a huge one here!
Vyrn: Ugh... It’s mad because we beat up its friends!
Erune Boy: A-Ahhhhh!
Sarunan: The protection of the spirit Kazann... If I am the cause of this, then I better clean up the mess.
Vyrn: Hmm? What do you mean? …Actually, I’ll just ask you later!
Vyrn: Hey, kiddo! That monster’s more than you can handle! So just stay hidden where you are!
Vyrn: Move it, (Captain)!

Enshrined: Scene 4

There is a deep reason behind why Sarunan had taken away the spirit Kazann from this land with the use of a dark and forbidden spell. The boy makes a promise to Sarunan and Honey to protect this village until the spirit Kazann returns.

Sarunan: How dare these monsters defile this special place?! I will show them the power of love between me and Honey!
Erune Boy: Hey, what was that?! Was it the spirit that was fighting with you?
Sarunan: That’s right. Honey... No, the spirit Kazann is with me
Sarunan: I was the one who took Kazann from this island.
An abundant natural landscape with sunny skies and many Erune people... Sarunan had made his fateful encounter in this beautiful land.
However, the beautiful spirit had finished her life and was about to fade away in a transient light.
Sarunan: I went to the temple to see Honey every day. It goes without saying that I was in love with her.
Sarunan: My time was so limited, but the time I got to spend with her was truly fun. I wished it would last forever.
Sarunan: But I learned that Honey’s long life as a spirit was coming to an end.
Sarunan: I didn’t want that to happen. Luckily, I was good with magic, so I used a forbidden spell and prepared for exile from the island.
Erune Boy: I heard about that... The man who was cursed after using a forbidden spell and got exiled from this island…
Sarunan: The forbidden spell was a success. I sealed Honey into this staff to chain her to this world.
Vyrn: A-Are you holding Honey in there against her will?!
Honey: ...
Lyria: She’s not saying anything?!
Sarunan: Hehe, she must be at a loss for words because she’s getting emotional.
Sarunan: I still remember it clearly. While being bashful at her fateful encounter, Honey tries to resist the forbidden spell...
Sarunan: I tried all sorts of things and managed to seal her into this staff... The joy I felt then... Ohh…!
Honey: ...
Vyrn: I think he might be a creep...
Erune Boy: You’re the guy who took away the spirit of the temple?!
Erune Boy: Give her back...! Give us back the spirit!
Sarunan: I’m offended... If I had not sealed her in the staff, the spirit Kazann would not even exist in this world anymore.
Erune Boy: Ugh... But...
Sarunan: All you need to do is become strong enough to get Honey back.
Erune Boy: R-Really?! I’ll get stronger so I can take back the spirit from you!
Sarunan: Hmph... Good luck with that.
Sarunan: With only me, Honey will...
Honey: ...
Erune Boy: I’ll protect this island so that the spirit can come back at any time!
Sarunan: I’m sure Honey will be watching over you. …Even though I don’t like it one bit.
Erune Boy: Does that mean...?
Vyrn: All right! Honey is the one that told us the island was in danger...
Honey: ...
Lyria: What’s that…? You look forward to meeting again? I’m sure you do!
And thus, (Captain) and company take flight to Estalucia once more.
Though Sarunan feels agitated at Honey looking over these lands from up high...
Sarunan: It’s my job to protect Honey! I won’t let you have her that easily!
Honey: ...
Sarunan: The forbidden spell to share a human’s life span... In order to grant his wish of rebirth, they must reach Estalucia.