Scenario:Sarya - Detective Work Is Never Done

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Detective Work Is Never Done

Sarya is showing (Captain) and company the sights around town when they stumble upon a cat with a key wrapped around it. After running into Detective Rick, they discover that the key they found may be related to an ongoing SBI investigation.

Sarya (Event) is a crew member

Sarya: Okay then—let's enjoy this sightseeing tour, everyone!
Sarya (Event) is a crew member

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Sarya (Event) not in crew

The crew became heavily involved with an incident the last time they visited the Jewel Resort.
Barawa: Not so fast, Chat Noir!
Sarya: We've got him this time for sure, Detective!
Chat Noir: So delightful to see you in good spirits as usual, Detective. However, it's too soon to catch me just yet!
The infamous phantom thief, Chat Noir, once attempted to not just rob the Jewel Resort, but to steal the entire casino itself.
There they encountered Chat Noir's rival, Detective Barawa, and his faithful assistant, Sarya.
(Captain) and the crew would join the pair of detectives in foiling Chat Noir's plans time and time again.
And today upon receiving an invitation from Sarya to go sightseeing, the crew make their way out to a summer resort.
Sarya: Okay then—let's enjoy this sightseeing tour, everyone!
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With a tourist brochure in hand, Sarya escorts (Captain) and company around the resort.
Sarya: I don't have all that much saved up, so I made sure to look up the best spots in advance so that we wouldn't have to waste any hard-earned rupies!
Lyria: Great! We're all ready for the fun and adventures ahead of us!
Vyrn: What's the deal with your sudden leave from the agency anyway, Sarya? Something up with ol' Chairlock Holmes?
Sarya: He mentioned something about personnel costs. Told me to stop working for a while.
Sarya: He basically said, "I've gotta make sure salaries up to this point are on point—pun kind of intended. Can't have you working until then!"
Sarya: I just don't get it...
Lyria: Yeah, doesn't sound like something Barawa would do...
Sarya: If that isn't the truth! Worrying about stuff like business and paychecks... It isn't like him at all! There's something fishy going on here!
Sarya: Hmm... Perhaps he ate some bad fish?
Vyrn: Well, that ol' gumshoe is always spoutin' off weird stuff every now and then, so maybe it was just another case of Barawa... being Barawa?
Sarya: I just hope that's the case...
Sarya: Anyways, I just gotta have faith. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to fully enjoy myself today!
With a sense of hope in her voice, Sarya resumes her stroll, with (Captain) and company following shortly thereafter.
A famous summer getaway destination, the scenic streets of this town are also known for another distinctive trait.
Lyria: This town... seems to have quite a few interesting statues.
Sarya: Quite observant! This town is actually the home of a famous sculptor.
Sarya: Once his works were displayed in town, they became an attraction for tourists, and ever since he's become quite famous.
Vyrn: As expected of a detective's assistant—you sure did your homework on this place!
Sarya: Hehe, preliminary work is vital in this business!
Sarya: Losing yourself in a mystery without direction is fun in its own way though.
Vyrn: So, uh, what's up with this statue? It's all twisted and distorted... I don't get art sometimes.
Sarya: Hmm...
Sarya: What could it be? A real mystery indeed.
Sarya seems to get lost in her own mind as she becomes deep in thought.
Sarya: I don't think even the person who sculpted this knew what it was supposed to be.
Sarya: Judging by the shape, it seems that they tried to sculpt a face at first, but... Perhaps they got bored or something halfway through?
Sarya breaks down the sculptor's thought process as she points out each part of the statue.
Lyria: Amazing... I didn't know you were so knowledgeable about art!
Sarya: Oh no, not at all. These are just hunches based on my own intuition.
Vyrn: Still though... even if you say that, I still don't really get it.
Sarya: Well, when I first looked at the sculpture I felt like I could almost hear the artist scream out, "I refuse to conform!" Something like that.
Sarya: If you look closely, it seems that halfway through the sculptor decided to ride the momentum of that feeling and didn't let go of it until it was finished.
Vyrn: Now that you mention it, this sculpture totally screams non-conformity.
Lyria: Wow, Sarya, you're incredible! It's amazing to see a detective at work.
Sarya is bashfully taken aback by Lyria's applause and admiration.
Sarya: Haha... I guess ever since I was a child, I just couldn't let any question go without solving it.
Sarya: So working as a detective was surely my calling.
(Captain) and company stroll the streets while listening to Sarya's stories, taking in the sights and food the town has to offer.
Suddenly, a new sight emerges.
Cat: Meow.
A cat approaches (Captain) and company.
Sarya: Hmm? Here, kitty, kitty... You're walking awfully strange.
Lyria: Oh? It looks like there's something wrapped around its body.
The object wrapped around the cat must be the reason behind its unusual posture. Sarya takes the mysterious object off the cat and unwraps it.
Sarya: Hmm, it looks like some sort of chain. And at the end of the chain is... a key?
Vyrn: Ooh, the thing's so shiny it could pass for bling-bling.
Lyria: Maybe someone dropped it? I just hope it isn't the key to someone's home. That would be awful...
Sarya: Well then, I say we find the owner and return it!
The party continue their stroll through town until a familiar face spots them.
???: Oh? Why, if it isn't Barawa's assistant.
Sarya: Oh! Hello, Detective Rick!
Catherine is a crew member

Detective Rick: Didn't expect us to meet in a place like this. Well, considering Barawa was here, perhaps it isn't so strange after all.
Catherine is a crew member

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Catherine not in crew

This gumshoe is an agent of the Skydom Bureau of Investigation.
Sometimes a rival to Barawa, and sometimes a friend, the two share a strange relationship.
Detective Rick: Didn't expect us to meet in a place like this. Well, considering Barawa was here, perhaps it isn't so strange after all.
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Sarya: You wouldn't have happened to see the detective by any chance?
Detective Rick: Sure did. I tried to convince him to work for the SBI after I heard he was on the island.
Sarya: Ah, I see... Did he seem somewhat... unusual to you in any way?
Sarya: He made a fuss about having his funds in order as a businessman. I was worried about where Barawa got the whole idea from—he seemed obsessed.
Detective Rick: Ah, my bad. We got to talking about the importance of pay, and I may have said some unsavory things, if you will.
Sarya: I see. So that solves one mystery. Just so you know, the detective took what you said seriously!
Detective Rick: Honestly I kind of thought it would be in both of our best interests.
Detective Rick: But it looks like it backfired... That's unfortunate.
Detective Rick: By the way, Sarya, have you given any thought to joining the SBI?
Detective Rick: If you are the one to suggest it to him, he might actually entertain the idea.
Sarya: Sorry, but that's out of the question. If I joined you guys, there'd be no one by Detective Barawa's side.
Detective Rick: But just so you know, we do provide an actual living salary at the SBI. Benefits and everything.
Sarya: Well...
Detective Rick: It's a far cry from how you get paid so much later for all the hard work you do now.
Sarya: ...
Sarya: I appreciate the offer. It's reassuring to know that the SBI acknowledges our agency.
Sarya: But to tell you the truth, I don't think I'm cut out to be a detective.
Detective Rick: Really now? Interesting that you'd say
that—I think you'd make a fine detective.
Sarya: Well, let me take some time to consider it. Right now, I've got to look for the owner of this key.
Detective Rick: A key? If it's something you picked up, I can take it to Lost and Found for you.
Detective Rick: Wait! That key... Could it be? I don't believe it!
Sarya: Hm? What about this key?
Detective Rick: I know that emblem! It's a house key! Belongs to the victim of a crime I'm investigating! Where'd you pick it up?
Sarya: We just happened to find it wrapped around a cat nearby.
Detective Rick: Intriguing... Well, I just so happen to know the owner of the key. How about I bring you to him while we talk about this case of mine?
Sarya: Hmm... okay. I guess I can give my input on it...
Detective Rick: Ah, much appreciated! I was at the scene of the crime just now actually, and it's a real doozy.
And so Rick takes the crew to see the victim of his current investigation.
Along the way Sarya appears distraught over whether to accept Rick's invitation into the SBI.