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The Lost Sculptures

Upon seeing the key that Sarya picked up, Detective Rick asks for her cooperation with an investigation regarding a Mr. Tuohy and his stolen sculptures. After investigating the crime scene and his storage shed, Sarya begins to suspect that the two rooms are connected somehow.

(Captain) and company came to this town to go sightseeing with Sarya and enjoy the attractions.
However, the leisurely holiday has quickly come into an end as Sarya is roped into cooperating with an investigation.
Detective Rick: All right then, I suppose I should let you in on what we know so far.
Vyrn: Hey, mister, you wouldn't happen to be tryin' to get us to help you out with your case, would you?
Detective Rick: Ah, you got me.
Detective Rick: Still, this may be a good opportunity for the young lady to get some experience.
Detective Rick: You'll be well compensated for helping, and it might come in handy to have an ally in the SBI someday. You never know, you know?
Sarya: ...
Sarya: Well, I suppose it's fine. Is the victim all right?
Detective Rick: Hmm... You're not squeamish around blood, are you?
Sarya: I'm not really good with wounds and gory stuff...
Detective Rick: Well, it's not like we're returning to the moment the crime happened, just the aftermath.
Sarya: Yeah, in that case I guess it should be all right.
Detective Rick: Fortunately for you, no one was injured or harmed in this case. In fact, the scene of the crime was empty when I got there.
Detective Rick: Oh, one more thing. The victim of the crime is none other than Mr. Tuohy, the sculptor of those statues around town.
Detective Rick: Some time between last night and this morning, someone broke into his workshop and stole his works.
As Detective Rick explains the circumstances, the party make their way towards Mr. Tuohy's workshop on the outskirts of town.
Detective Rick: Here's the scene of the crime. As you can see, it's located quite far from the sculptor's actual home.
Sarya: How terrible... It looks like someone chopped the door apart with an axe of some sort.
Detective Rick: Indeed. Judging by the footprints and state of the room, it looks like multiple culprits may have been involved.
Sarya: Multiple culprits using axes to break in... I'm just glad that no one was injured.
Relieved, Sarya begins to investigate the crime scene when something catches her eye.
Sarya: Hmm...
Detective Rick: What is it? A clue?
Sarya: I don't really know how to explain it, but there's something off about the atmosphere here...
Detective Rick: Is that so? Interesting... So do you smell something strange about this room?
Sarya: It's just a gut feeling, but I don't know.
The atmosphere almost seems... compassionate—despite the break-in.
Detective Rick: Compassionate? Are you sure about that?
Detective Rick: Well, that's certainly a refreshing take. I'd love to hear your reasoning.
Detective Rick: Actually, hold that thought. It seems that our guests have arrived. Let's greet them, shall we?
The party turns around to see two men who have just walked through the doorway.
Rick's Colleague: I've arrived with Mr. Tuohy to show him the premises.
Mr. Tuohy: Oh, how terrible! Why, all of my new works have been stolen! They're all gone!
Rick's Colleague: Yes, but please rest assured. We'll find the culprits involved and recover your lost property.
Mr. Tuohy: I'm counting on you.
Mr. Tuohy: Ah, at least my tools remain unharmed. I suppose there's a silver lining for everything...
Crestfallen, Mr. Tuohy assesses the rest of the damages and disappears into the back of the workshop.
Detective Rick: All right, everyone, let's keep searching. This case could be the big one. Maybe I'll even get a promotion...
Rick's Colleague: What we need first is evidence. So far we've found a hacksaw, a hammer, and some axes...
Sarya: Morever, these tools were all made in Valtz. Whoever the culprits are, they were well prepared to get the job done.
Detective Rick: But to leave the tools behind after the fact? I suppose they could make up for any losses by selling Mr. Tuohy's work...
Detective Rick: Humph. They're mocking us, almost as if to say, "Even if we leave this behind, you still won't catch us!"
Rick's Colleague: Well, there aren't any other clues. We should probably head to Valtz first to find more information about these tools. What a hassle though...
Detective Rick: Anyways, I think we're done here... Let's wrap it up. What about you, Sarya? Got any leads?
Sarya: ...
Sarya: I'd like to speak with the victim once more, if that's all right.
Mr. Tuohy: Oh, it's you guys... the detectives who Rick spoke of, yes?
Mrs. Tuohy: Thank you so much for all of your help. We truly appreciate it.
Sarya: Not a problem, ma'am. I'd like to ask you about some of the works that were stolen.
Mrs. Tuohy: My husband's latest works were stored here in this workshop, but when I came in this morning, they had completely disappeared.
Mr. Tuohy: Curses! I have to start all over again from scratch!
Mrs. Tuohy: I'm simply glad the culprits only broke into this workshop. If they had broken into our home, who knows what could have happened...
Sarya: Agreed. Your life is much more valuable than any material object.
Mr. Tuohy: Even with that being said though, I've basically lost everything...
Mrs. Tuohy: Dear, you can always make them again though, right?
Sarya: Oh, one more thing. Would you happen to know anything about this key?
Sarya shows them the key that was wrapped around the cat.
Mr. Tuohy: Why, that's the key to my storage shed! Egads, to think that they'd go so far!
Mr. Tuohy takes the key from Sarya and rushes toward his storage shed.
Within the shed, several unfinished sculptures are lined up against the wall.
Mr. Tuohy: Phew... Everything's still in order. Well, I suppose that's because these old pieces aren't nearly as valuable.
Mrs. Tuohy: Isn't that great, dear? You still have plenty of pieces here.
As Mrs. Tuohy tries to console her husband, Sarya notices something about the sculptures.
Sarya: Hm?
Sarya: Is it just me, or do these pieces seem somehow different from the ones displayed in town?
Mrs. Tuohy: Yes, they were made long before he became famous. He's been storing them here in this shed.
Sarya: Would you mind if I took a closer look?
Lyria: Do these sculptures have any clues, Sarya?
Vyrn: Do they even have anything to do with the case?
Sarya: I don't know. I feel the strange atmosphere I felt in the other room here, but much deeper this time...
As if being pulled in by the sculptures, Sarya gradually walks closer to the unfinished works to get a closer look.
Sarya: As I thought, these sculptures...
Sarya's thought process is suddenly interrupted by a faint noise behind her.
Sarya: Hm?
Slime: ...!
Mrs. Tuohy: Oh dear! Oh my! It seems that we've abandoned the shed for so long slimes have taken over!
Vyrn: Whoa! We'd better take these guys out quick!
Mr. Tuohy: H-hey! Please be careful around my sculptures!

The Lost Sculptures: Scene 2

Looking at the old works in Mr. Tuohy's storage shed, Sarya finds them to have more passion than his newer sculptures. Upset at her critique of his work, Mr. Tuohy storms off, but Sarya believes that this case may already be closed.

Sarya: Is everyone okay? All right then. Let's continue the investigation.
Mrs. Tuohy: Oh, thank goodness. It looks like the sculptures are unharmed as well.
Sarya: As expected. Upon looking at these sculptures, I was convinced... They're different than the ones displayed in town.
Vyrn: Ya think so? Maybe the stuff here's made from different material than his newer work.
Mr. Tuohy: Actually, I sculpted these when my skill was lacking and unrefined. Obviously, they'd be worlds apart from my current work.
Sarya: Of course. Artists evolve over time, along with their technique and style.
Sarya: But when I look at the sculptures here, I feel that the artist had something very specific in mind.
Sarya: More than anything, I feel like these pieces have more... Passion, I suppose? At least, compared to the newer works I've seen.
Mr. Tuohy: How dare you! The passion in my heart as an artist has never wavered!
Mr. Tuohy: Humph! Why, I never... What would you amateurs even know!
Lyria: Wait! Oh... There goes Mr. Tuohy.
Mrs. Tuohy: I'm so sorry. My husband is a rather difficult person sometimes.
Sarya: No, I was out of line to say something like that, despite not knowing anything...
Sarya: I think it's time for us to head back into town. There's no more information for us to find here.
Vyrn: Wait, really? Surely there's a whole bunch of clues here to look through!
Without hearing what Vyrn had to say, Sarya leaves the workshop.
(Captain) and company follow the young detective back outside to a grassy field.
Sarya: I think I actually may have solved this mystery already.
Vyrn: No way!
Sarya: Something is off about it all.
Sarya: If you were stealing from someone, surely you'd have a plan for the stolen goods afterwards, right?
Vyrn: Like what? How you're gonna profit from the stolen stuff?
Sarya: Exactly. Where to sell the items, and for how much—that should be planned, right?
Sarya: However, I wasn't able to sense that sort of feeling at all. Almost as if the theft itself was the only intention.
Vyrn: So... The culprit's only intention was the crime itself?
Sarya: Sorry, I'm still putting the pieces together. I'll explain further when we get back to town.
Vyrn: Let's head back to town, then... Make sure to watch out for monsters, (Captain)!

The Lost Sculptures: Scene 3

Sarya and (Captain)'s crew pay a visit to Mr. Tuohy's home, and his wife admits to taking the sculptures in hopes of reigniting her husband's passion. As for Detective Rick's offer to join the SBI, Sarya declines it in favor of working with the only partner for
her—Detective Barawa.

Vyrn: So this here's the house of our new sculptor buddies, huh?
Lyria: Yes... But do you hear that? I think it's the sound of a hammer or something... What could it be?
Sarya: That, my friends, will become clear in a moment.
Mrs. Tuohy: So... do you have any ideas regarding the culprit?
Sarya: Yes. Although the only proof I have is my own gut feeling.
Sarya turns and looks directly at Mr. Tuohy's wife.
Sarya: The culprit of this case is... you, Mrs. Tuohy.
Mrs. Tuohy: ...
Mrs. Tuohy finds herself at a loss for words upon hearing Sarya's deduction.
Mrs. Tuohy: And why would you believe that to be so?
Sarya: Upon first glance, this case may just seem like a well planned break-in and robbery. However, there's more to it than meets the eye.
Sarya: Whoever it was, the culprit's intention was to guide Mr. Tuohy towards his old storage shed.
Sarya: Mrs. Tuohy, you wanted to show your husband his old sculptures from before he became famous. Am I mistaken?
Mrs. Tuohy: Do you have any evidence?
Sarya: Unfortunately, I have none. As I said, this is honestly just based on my own gut feeling.
Sarya: Regardless of the clues left behind, I believe we'd be hard-pressed to find any hard hitting evidence for this case.
Sarya: Even if you're the culprit, Mrs. Tuohy, it wouldn't be strange that we'd find evidence of you being in the workshop as you regularly come here.
Sarya: The tools used for the break-in would be nearly impossible to track, as they are commonly found in Valtz.
Mrs. Tuohy: So... How does that all prove it was me?
Sarya: The actions were too kind, too compassionate. You can see it every step of the way. The culprit made sure that the amount of stress caused to Mr. Tuohy would be minimal.
Sarya: For example, his sculpting tools were scattered all over the room but left perfectly intact so he could still use them.
Sarya: Surely on top of that, there are even more actions you took that even I didn't notice.
Sarya: However, the kindness and care taken to ensure Mr. Tuohy's well-being are clear. At least that's how I see it.
Mrs. Tuohy: ...
Sarya: Also, wrapping the key around a stray
cat—that was your idea as well, yes?
Sarya: Even if we hadn't found it, surely someone eventually would have done so, leading you and Mr. Tuohy back to the storage shed.
Mrs. Tuohy: Is this all your intuition as well?
Sarya: Yes. Coming to this house reaffirmed my suspicions—everything leads back to the shed.
Mrs. Tuohy: ...
Sarya: The distinct sound of the hammer we heard at work... That was your goal, was it not?
Vyrn: That racket from earlier? I was wondering what that was.
As if to answer Vyrn's doubt, the sound of someone's footsteps approaches them.
Mr. Tuohy: Hey... I did it.
Mrs. Tuohy: So, you remembered?
Mr. Tuohy: Yeah, finally.
Mr. Tuohy, covered in scraps of wood, holds in his hand a small, finished sculpture.
Sarya: As expected...
Lyria: Um... So what happened?
Mrs. Tuohy: Ever since my husband's work became famous, I noticed the intense passion and attention to detail that he put into every piece was gradually withering away.
Mrs. Tuohy: I was hoping that maybe by doing this, I could reignite that straightforward passion and unbridled creativity he once had before.
Mr. Tuohy: Seeing my old creations after thinking my new ones were stolen, it was sobering if anything.
Mr. Tuohy: Anyway, what do you think? This little one I just made here... do you think it has any of that old passion in there?
Mrs. Tuohy: Yes... Wonderful. Did you enjoy making this one?
Mr. Tuohy: Absolutely. What do you think, Miss Detective?
Sarya: It's just like the ones from the storage shed... but with even more passion and sentiment put into it!
Mr. Tuohy: After hearing what you said about my old pieces, I realized that I needed to change.
Sarya: I'm sorry about blurting out such things despite knowing so little about art...
Mr. Tuohy: I made this piece with the emotions I felt after hearing what you said. If anything, I'd like you to have it.
Sarya: Oh... Can I really?
Sarya: Thank you.
Mr. Tuohy hands Sarya a sculpture of a roaring face, not quite human nor a monster.
Sarya accepts the roughly sculpted face and bows in thanks.
Detective Rick: Geez, getting your facts straight first and foremost is supposed to be Sleuthing 101, Miss Detective.
Sarya: Ah, Detective Rick!
Sarya: Sorry, I actually solved the case...
Detective Rick: Yeah, I heard. So the culprit was the wife the whole time, huh?
Lyria: Umm... Please listen! I know she caused a lot of trouble for you, but Mrs. Tuohy had good intentions!
Lyria: So you're not going to arrest her, are you?
Detective Rick: No worries, young lady. Judging by what's happened so far, it seems she just hid her husband's statues somewhere.
Detective Rick: The way the supposed robbery was done, you'd think it was the work of a professional crime syndicate. Turns out it was just a couple's quarrel instead.
Detective Rick: Unfortunate, really... Just how the hell am I supposed write up a report for this case?
Flustered in thought, Detective Rick leads (Captain) and company as they make their way back downtown.
Sarya: Oh, Detective Rick. About working for the SBI...
Detective Rick: Ah, save your breath. I've reconsidered, and I don't think you're cut out for the SBI right now.
Vyrn: What! But she totally just solved your entire case for you!
Detective Rick: Don't get it twisted. She's quite the talented individual and is more than qualified.
Detective Rick: But I don't know how I feel about having to work alongside Barawa.
Sarya: Haha, looks like you saw right through me.
Detective Rick: Heh, don't forget that I've been in the detective biz for some time now, missy.
Detective Rick: A shame, really... If not for that simpleton, maybe you could've been my partner working at the SBI.
Upon reaching the town border, Rick bids farewell to the party.
Walking off into the horizon, the lone detective sends silent regards to (Captain) and company, with his hand held high.
Upon receiving compensation from the SBI for their work, Sarya and the crew enjoy a day of shopping in town while searching for Barawa.
Lyria: Sarya, what did Detective Rick mean when he said you weren't cut out to be a detective?
Vyrn: Yeah, I don't get it either. Aren't you pretty much doing detective work already?
Sarya: The reason I'm able to do the work I do is because I work with Detective Barawa.
Sarya: Whenever I encounter a new mystery, I lose myself in thought, unable to think about anything else.
Sarya: "Why did this happen? How did it happen?" These thoughts fill my head until there's room for nothing else.
Lyria: Oh, Detective Rick mentioned it—your ability to really sense the atmosphere of a crime scene.
Vyrn: Now that you mention it, that's what you did with the case this time!
Sarya: Yes... Somehow, by reading the general mood of a scene, I can get a feel of what happened.
Sarya: But on the other hand, violent crime scenes are especially difficult to be around.
Sarya: How deep the culprit's resentment was, the feelings of desperation from the victim as they tried to escape—I can sense it all.
Vyrn: Yikes, I can imagine... Having that kind of sense could take quite a toll on someone.
Sarya: Sometimes, it's paralyzing. I find myself sometimes unable to move from a crime scene. Pretty pathetic, huh?
Sarya: But there's something, someone, that I can always count on to save me.
Sarya: (I can feel it... The perpetrator's resentment and anger, and the victim's pain...)
Sarya: (I don't know if I can do this...)
Barawa: What a terrible scene... unforgivable!
Sarya: Oh...
Barawa: Sarya! We're solving this mystery no matter what it takes!
Sarya: Yes, sir!
Sarya: He can be really oblivious sometimes, not to mention his manner of speaking is always straightforward and simple.
Sarya: But during a case, sometimes the simple perspective he gives is all I need to get myself back on track.
Vyrn: Yeah, good ol' Chairlock Holmes's ability to say stuff and take action with abandon is really something.
Sarya: It really is. Whenever we're at a scene of a violent crime, I always find myself waiting for him to speak up.
Sarya: The detective is always there to set me straight whenever I'm lost.
Sarya: That's why I love working together with him.
And so, Sarya makes her way to the inn Barawa is staying at, ready with food provisions for the hungry detective.
The famed simpleton detective, Barawa, and his talented assistant, Sarya.
Today they will once again take on a new mystery together, with each supporting the other.