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How Old in Dragon Years?

Scathacha transfers her consciousness back to her dragon body on Alster in order to deal with a troubling situation. The crew flies back to Alster to find her and discovers that monsters are attacking the fields and must be taught to respect the rights of the people.

The days pass by with Scathacha as the new crew member.
While (Captain) is talking to Lyria and the others one day, she walks up and makes an announcement.
Scathacha: (Captain). I need to leave the airship for a while.
Lyria: What do you mean leave, Scathacha?
Scathacha: There's been a disturbance on Alster. I'm going to go back temporarily to deal with the situation.
Scathacha: So farewell for now.
Scathacha's eyes close. Her body, which had been sitting upright on her bed, flops onto the mattress.
Vyrn: H-hey... When you say you're going to Alster... Uh, hello?
Vyrn: Looks like she's... sleeping or something.
Lyria: Aha! Her consciousness is now back in her dragon body.
Vyrn: Oh yeah! She did say something 'bout that. Geez, she almost made me jump outta my skin back there!
Any version of Naoise is a crew member

Naoise: She probably thought her explanation was sufficient even though she's never done this before.
Naoise: I doubt she meant to scare anyone.
Seruel is a crew member

Seruel: Scathacha is a true dragon after all. Her thought process is a little different from ours.
Seruel: An ability like this comes naturally to her, so the way she told us makes perfect sense in her mind. That's what I think anyway.
Lyria: In any case I wonder what's happening at Alster.
Any version of Heles is a crew member

Heles: We really should've asked her before she left.
Heles: If she went directly back, I'm inclined to think it's monster trouble.
Vyrn: There's gotta be something we can do to help!
Lyria: Yeah! Should we head to Alster, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods and once again they make for Alster.
After arriving at the island, the crew hurries through the streets, asking the townspeople which way Scathacha went.
People who know the crew relay information to them, pointing them in the right direction.
Naoise: There she is! Over there!
Lyria: Oh no! She's surrounded by monsters!
Monster: Grrr...
Scathacha: Hm? Ah, so you people came too.
Heles: Are you all right, Scathacha?
Scathacha: Sure, nothing to worry about here. I have my hands tied taking care of things here though.
Seruel: What things exactly?
Scathacha: This horde of monsters was attacking the people's fields.
Scathacha: The forests and mountains, not to mention the plains, are full of food. There's absolutely no reason for them to be attacking the fields.
Scathacha: I'm trying to remind them of the need to stick to their own land, but they're too full of themselves. Truly they're a difficult bunch.
Seruel: In other words they look down on us people.
Scathacha: More precisely speaking people don't pose a threat to them. They think of people as easy targets for their pillaging.
Naoise: Well, if they wreck our lands, then we have no choice but to retaliate. We have to make them understand that.
Scathacha: Exactly. Which is why you came at a good time, (Captain).
Scathacha: We need to remind these monsters to have a healthy fear of mortals. Can I count on you for that?
Monster: Groooar!
Seruel: Here they come! Do it, (Captain)!

How Old in Dragon Years?: Scene 2

After teaching the defeated monsters to respect the islanders' property, Scathacha takes the occasion to visit her old haunts on Alster. She finds out that an old woman she had befriended has taken ill and decides to go harvest medicinal herbs for her on a different island.

Monster: Gurgh...
Scathacha: Heh. I think you've come to respect the power of mortals a little more now.
Scathacha: Don't bother the mortals, and they won't harm you. If they do, they'll have to answer to me.
Scathacha: If you understand, then leave this place. I wish you and your offspring the best!
The monsters apparently heed Scathacha's words, for they grow calm and slink off.
Scathacha: Now then...
Scathacha: That takes care of that. Since I'm already back on Alster, I'm going to go make sure the town's okay!
Seruel: Sigh... I get the feeling you just want to mess around.
Scathacha: Come, Naoise! Aren't you guys coming too?
Lyria: Yes! Let's go, (Captain)!
Heles: Heehee. She apparently didn't hear you.
Seruel: Sigh... Good grief... I don't know whether to call her childlike or what...
Scathacha takes the lead once they're back at the castle town. She appears to be distracted.
Scathacha: Hm?
Vyrn: What's up, Scathacha?
Scathacha: An old woman usually comes out of the street stand to greet me, but I don't see her anywhere.
Naoise: Ah, that old lady who sells accessories... The main shop, which is run by her son and daughter-in-law, is probably busy with customers.
Scathacha: Oh, so it wasn't just a street stand? Then I'd like to pay a visit to their main shop.
Naoise guides the crew to the shop. It also turns out to be the home of the old woman that Scathacha had befriended.
Shop Lady: Why, hello there! How nice of you to pay a visit to our bedridden mother!
Scathacha: Bedridden? Is something wrong with her?
Shop Lady: Yes... It's a regular old cold, but it won't go away.
Shop Lady: Having said that, it'd be best if you don't see her right now, or else you might catch it too.
Scathacha: I see. Are there any symptoms that stand out?
Shop Lady: Hm? Well, now that you mention it...
Scathacha nods intently as she listens to the description of the symptoms.
Scathacha: Hm, I've seen this illness before. I know of some medicinal herbs that will help. Let's go pick them.
Scathacha: Except... They don't grow on this island.
Lyria: Do they grow on another island? Then let's go together on the airship!
Lyria: We're worried about the old lady too, right, (Captain)?
Scathacha: Okay, thank you. I'll show you where they grow.
Vyrn: To the Grandcypher!
With Scathacha's guidance, the Grandcypher heads for their next destination.

How Old in Dragon Years?: Scene 3

The mountain where the medicinal herbs grow has a strict harvesting restriction placed on it. Luckily the village that oversees this restriction agrees to give the crew some herbs in exchange for escorting them up the mountain.

The Grandcypher arrives at its destination and the crew disembarks.
Scathacha: Hmm... No one would have lived here in the past, but it seems that the passing of time has brought about change.
(Captain) and company set their sights on a nearby village.
Village Man: What have we here? Haven't seen you skyfarers before. What brings you to our village?
Lyria: We came here to pick some medicinal herbs.
Village Man: You came to do what? Absolutely not!
Scathacha: Huh?
Village Man: If everyone started harvesting these plants willy-nilly, the entire mountain would be bare in no time.
Village Man: That's why our village made the decision to limit harvesting.
Village Man: You're gonna have to take this up with the head caretaker if you want any.
Scathacha: Ah, I see. People are keeping the numbers in balance.
Scathacha: It's kind of annoying that we can't go off and pick what we need though.
Vyrn: Come on, let's go meet this caretaker person!
When they arrive at the cabin where the caretaker resides, they find him gearing up to go harvesting.
Scathacha: The mountain is full of monsters, you say? In that case I'll escort you myself in exchange for herbs.
(Captain) and the others become bodyguards for the gatherers entering the mountain.

How Old in Dragon Years?: Scene 4

Scathacha revisits the now-healthy old woman a few days later, and they converse about the woman's past, present, and future. The realization of the difference in life span between her and mortals hits Scathacha hard; she spends the rest of the night on the deck of the airship lost in thought.

The crew returns to Alster with the herbs. A few days later, word comes that the old woman has recovered.
Scathacha immediately goes to visit her.
Old Woman: Hello, dearie. I'm so glad you came to see me. And thank you for that medicine of yours.
Scathacha: Don't mention it. Judging from your rosy cheeks, I see you've made a full recovery.
Old Woman: Yes, yes. I'm in the pink, but my son and daughter-in-law are still worried.
Old Woman: They said I should take a break from running the accessories stand.
Scathacha: Oh... That's too bad, but I guess it's for the best. Your health comes first.
Old Woman: Yes, it's a real shame. I never would've let a cold like this slow me down back in the day, but the years have caught up to me...
Scathacha: Aging...
Old Woman: I just hope I can make it to see my grandkids get married...
Scathacha: What are talking about? You're healthy as can be.
Old Woman: Hehe, that's right. I have to keep going, don't I?
Scathacha: Yes...
Scathacha: ...
Naoise (Event) not in crew

Scathacha chooses to live her life in conjunction with the people around her.
But for one such as her whose life span far exceeds that of others, the flow of time has a cruel side.
That night she ponders a future in which she'll eventually have to part with dear friends.
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Naoise (Event) is a crew member

Naoise: Scathacha? What are you doing here? Is something the matter?
Scathacha: ...
Naoise: Did something happen?
Scathacha: Someday...
Scathacha: Someday your life will come to an end. And not just you. Seruel, Heles, and even (Captain).
Naoise: Yes... True...
Scathacha: You will all leave me behind.
Naoise: I... guess so. When I was a child, I lived to become a knight. And now that I am one...
Naoise: I doubt I'll end up passing away peacefully in my sleep.
Naoise: I will most assuredly be leaving you, Scathacha.
Scathacha: ...
Naoise: But I'd like to ask this of you, if I may.
Naoise: I don't want you to let the fear of losing someone stop you from making new friends.
Naoise: There was a time in my life when I was at my lowest, and it was meeting (Captain) and the others that saved me from despair.
Naoise: Good relationships or bad ones... I think they all have significance.
Naoise: So—
Scathacha: Humph. It's a thousand years too early for you to be worrying about me.
Naoise: Haha... A thousand years, is it? Well, it's getting late. Let's turn in.
Scathacha: Yeah, let's.
Scathacha: A thousand years...
Scathacha: Telling me to value my meetings with new people... Mortals sure do have a way of exaggerating things.
Scathacha: I...
Scathacha: It's because I can meet people that I fear losing them someday...
Scathacha: ...
Scathacha understands that she lives within a different time frame from mortals, yet she has chosen to spend her days with those very same people.
What will she do when the time comes to part? Not even a being as powerful as Scathacha can predict her future.
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