Scenario:Scathacha and Sara - From Fear to Faith

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From Fear to Faith

Sara and Scathacha venture out into town in search of items needed by the crew. A disgruntled customer terrorizes Sara causing Graphos to appear, and Sara flees in tears. Scathacha convinces Sara to have more confidence in herself and, if need be, to let others be afraid of her.

(Captain) and the crew are in the middle of resupplying on an island when they receive an urgent mission to take care of monsters elsewhere.
The captain speaks with each crew member, looking for volunteers to stay behind and keep shopping for provisions.
Vyrn: Oof... Looks like everyone's already got plans tomorrow.
Scathacha: What's gotten you in a flutter, my fellow dragon?
Vyrn: We're sorta having trouble finding people to go shopping tomorrow.
Scathacha: Oho... And what exactly needs to be bought?
Vyrn: The usual—groceries, medicine, stuff like that. Sara's rarin' to go, but...
Vyrn: We're a little worried about leaving her on her own. So we're tryin' to get her a buddy.
Scathacha: Hm... Sara... Ah, yes, the girl who travels with the sand god. I think I have a general idea of the situation.
Scathacha: In that case I shall accompany her on this shopping trip.
Vyrn: You sure? I thought you'd be busy with all the stuff happening on Alster...
Scathacha: That's already been resolved. A bit of shopping is just what I need to kill some time.
Vyrn: Gotcha! You're a lifesaver! I gotta go deal with takeoff prep, so I'll leave the rest to you!
And so the rest of the crew departs for other matters, leaving Scathacha and Sara to shop for supplies in the town.
Sara: ...
Scathacha: Sure is nice to take a stroll through a place like this. It's full of energy.
Sara: Hm? Oh. Yes, it is...
Sara: ...
Scathacha: Are you feeling nervous?
Sara: Um, a little... I was all excited to go into town before, but now it's like I'm always looking over my shoulders...
Scathacha: I see. Well, it's not as if you have to stress yourself out. I can tell at a glance this is a nice town.
Sara: Thanks for worrying about me. You're right. Stressing out doesn't help.
Sara: Oh, that store looks good. Can we go in?
Sara chooses a store from among the row of businesses and enters.
Pharmacist: Ooh, lucky me! I've got two cute customers today. Welcome.
Sara: Hello. Um, I need the medicine on this list...
Sara shows the pharmacist the wrinkled note that she'd been gripping tightly.
The pharmacist goes down the list, nodding to herself as she grabs each item off the counters.
Pharmacist: I think that's everything. It's kind of heavy, so try not to drop it, okay?
Sara: I'll be okay.
Whoa, this is heavy... Thank you very much.
Sara's relief blossoms into a beautiful smile as she receives the package from the pharmacist.
Scathacha: Well, well... Your stomach may be full of butterflies, but you handled that quite nicely.
Sara: Really? Hee-hee, thank you. You're too kind, Scathacha.
Scathacha: Haha. Hearing those words from a pure-hearted person like you puts my heart at ease.
Sara: You're really good at compliments, Scathacha.
Pharmacist: My, you two get along really well, don't you? It's like you're sisters or something.
Sara: Sisters? Us?
Customer: Excuse me. I'm sorry, but I'm in a hurry here...
Pharmacist: Hello, be with you in a second!
Sorry, I have another customer. Please come again!
Sara: Uh-huh. Thank you!
Sara and Scathacha exit the store.
Graphos: ...!
Sara: Geez, now you're saying stuff like that too, Graphos? That's not nice to Scathacha.
Scathacha: You two sound like you're hogging all the fun. Let me join in too.
Sara: Um, Graphos was just teasing me about the sister stuff from before...
Scathacha: So the sand god finds it agreeable as well. Interesting.
Sara: Huh? You're not mad?
Scathacha: Hehe, not at all. Me, an elder sister... Heles is one too...
Scathacha: Actually, what does an elder sister do anyway?
Sara: Hm... Well, Volenna gives me hugs and protects me. She carries my stuff too, I guess...
Scathacha: Very well. Then I shall carry that package for you.
Sara: Wha... Wait, that was just an example! There's no way I could ask someone like you to carry a plain old box!
Scathacha: I don't mind. I said I would carry it for you. Don't make me have to repeat myself.
Sara: O-okay... Thank you very much...
Scathacha: And quit being so formal with me. Pretend like you're talking to your sand god when you speak to me.
Sara: Huh? Oh, okay. From now I'll speak with you as if—I mean, you got it.
Scathacha: Hehe, that's more like it. I'm not a fan of formalities.
Scathacha and Sara enjoy window shopping as they make their way to the next shop.
All the while they are unaware of the other pedestrians who smile at the sight of such a jovial pair.
Sara: There's the grocery store that has a bunch of things we need.
Scathacha: Look at how busy it is. Time to go in.
They slip by the adults towering over them and head inside.
Rude Customer: Ow! What the! Who the hell just stepped on my foot?
Sara: Eek! I'm sorry. It was an accident...
Rude Customer: Tch...
Scathacha: What's wrong, Sara?
Sara: N-nothing... Let's go...
The store owner has already rung up his customers but is still engaging them in boisterous chitchat.
Sara: What should I do...
Sara looks for the right time to interject but keeps hesitating. Finally Scathacha steps in.
Scathacha: You there, owner. We'd like to make a purchase.
Grocer: Oh, terribly sorry, young patrons. How can I help you today?
Scathacha throws a wink at Sara and gives her a gentle push on her back.
Sara: Um, I need the things on this list. And could we maybe borrow a shopping cart to put everything in?
Grocer: Sure. We're gathering all the carts right now, but I'll get you one soon.
The owner calls out to another employee who brings in a shopping cart, and they begin to fill it up with items from Sara's shopping list.
Scathacha: I believe this is going to take a while with all the various items we asked for. Let's go take a look around until they're done.
Sara: Yeah. Ooh, these fruits are pretty. I bet they taste delicious!
Rude Customer: Nooo! N-not the eggs!
Grocer: Next, how many eggs does she—Gasp! What a mess! Did you do this?
Rude Customer: Huh? No way! I just came over to help clean up! That little devil's the one that knocked over the egg stand!
The man points to Sara who is still standing by the fruits with Scathacha.
Sara: Huh?
Rude Customer: Humph. Playing the I-don't-know-anything card, eh? Too bad I saw the whole thing!
Sara: That's not... I didn't... I...
Rude Customer: You denying it? Show me a liar, and I'll show you a thief! Didn't your mama ever teach you that saying?
Rude Customer: Listen, girlie. You think just 'cus you're small you can take stuff without paying?
Grocer: Wait. Is that true, miss?
Sara: Sob... I...
Graphos: ...!
Sara: No! Graphos! You can't come out!
Rude Customer: Wh-what the heck is that!
Other customers hear the commotion and crane their necks to get a better view. They gawk at Graphos.
Sara: Aaah!
Scathacha: Sara! Where are you going?
Unable to stand the countless stares from strangers, Sara covers her face and races outside with Graphos.
Rude Customer: Tch, she might be just a girl, but she's a menace.
Ow, ow, ow! What are you doing, stinking brat!
Scathacha: Owner, this is your store; use your head. Here's your egg smasher. Ask him what really happened.
Grocer: Well, that may be, but unless you have any proof it's pretty much your word against his.
Scathacha: I can't believe this. What do you think that gooey yellow stuff all over his shoes is?
Grocer: By gum, talk about egg on your face. Or shoes, I guess. Honestly, I had my thoughts that she couldn't have done that, but I still suspected her anyway. I feel terrible.
Scathacha: Humph. Well, as long as you've learned your lesson. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a friend to fetch. Watch over our things for us.
Placing the medicine package into the cart, Scathacha chases after Sara.
Sara: ...
Graphos: ...
Sara: Huh? Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks for coming out to protect me, Graphos.
Sara: Phew...
Scathacha: Huff... Huff... There you are.
Sara: Scathacha, I...
Scathacha: Forget it. You've been proven innocent.
Scathacha: But why did you run off like that when you didn't do anything wrong?
Sara: Oh, um...
Sara recounts her difficult past living with Graphos as the Priestess of the Dunes.
Scathacha: Hm... I never knew.
Sara: I thought people would only ever be afraid of me, but on this journey I've learned there are people who are understanding.
Sara: That's why I decided to live life without fear, but... Sob... I thought I'd made so much progress... Sniff...
Sara: It turns out I still lose my confidence when that many people stare at me... I can't help but think they're scared of me...
Scathacha: How kindhearted you are.
Scathacha: A little too much in fact. If I were you, I'd let those who fear me be afraid.
Sara: But if I do that, then no one will—
Scathacha: Wait. Let me finish. As a true dragon, I exist above the monsters who fear me. However, I don't feel alone.
Scathacha: They revere my strength, thus nipping any needless violence in the bud, allowing me to preside over eternal peace.
Sara: Huh?
Scathacha: Hm, you're still too young to understand difficult concepts. Let me try to break it down for you.
Scathacha: You have a power that no one else does. That's the undeniable truth. Are you with me so far?
Sara: Yes...
Scathacha: Now if you accept that fact, you should be the one to reach out to the people that fear you.
Scathacha: They will sense your power and realize that you're no ordinary person.
Sara: So then nothing changes...
Scathacha: That is change. Consider what happened before. If that man had known how powerful you are, he wouldn't have accused you of anything.
Sara: You're right! Because he would have been afraid of me...
Scathacha: Mm-hm. Then Graphos wouldn't need to come out and protect you from all the people scaring you, right?
Sara: Yeah, I guess so. I think I get it.
Scathacha: Listen, Sara. Uniqueness is nothing to be ashamed of. Don't mistake fear for evil.
Scathacha: Have faith in yourself. Everyone has high hopes for you. Right, Graphos?
Graphos: ...!
Sara: Yeah, that's why you're always worried about me, Graphos.
Sara: Thanks, Scathacha. I'm going to try to believe in myself and Graphos more often.
Sara: Because everyone else already does.
Scathacha: Excellent. That's what I want to hear.
Scathacha: Anyway, the store owner is waiting for us. Let's go back.
Sara: Okay! Let's go!
It may be a while before Sara can stand tall with the kind of confidence that others around her will come to appreciate.
Until that day arrives, Scathacha is content to play the part of big sister for a bit longer.