Scenario:Selfira - Echo into Eternity

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Echo into Eternity

A letter had arrived for Selfira. The letter turned out to be an invitation to a music festival held by a group of skyfaring bards. Her accomplishments as a musician few, Selfira was hesitant, but Vyrn insisted she join, saying it would be a great experience.

Their mission complete, (Captain) and company turned back toward the ship. But Charlotta called out.
Sierokarte: Hold on just the teensiest second. I've been holding onto a letter for you, Selfira. You lucky duck!
Keehar not in crew

Selfira: A letter... for me? Maybe it's from grandpa.
Keehar is a crew member

Selfira: A letter... for me? I wonder who it's from?
Sierokarte: Aaand here you are! Don't drop it!
Selfira: Thanks, Siero. Hmmm... "Balaban Jamboree Committee"?
Keehar not in crew

Selfira: Balaban... oh! He was a friend of my grandmother's... one of the bards!
Selfira: The legendary Skyfaring Bards... why'd they send a letter to me and not grandpa...
Keehar is a crew member

Keehar: Hmm? Balaban? It's nice to hear that name again! He was one of the legendary Skyfaring Bards.
Selfira: The legendary Skyfaring Bards... why'd they send a letter to me and not grandpa...
Selfira opened the letter in front of the crew and began to read it aloud.
Vyrn: Hrm... so this Balaban guy's kicked the bucket.
Selfira: Yeah. It says they're holding a festival in his name to honor his achievements.
Selfira: And at the festival they're gonna have a contest. And they want me to join... and that's about it.
Lyria: That's incredible! They must think pretty highly of you to invite you, Selfira!
Vyrn: Yeah! Get in there and kick yourself some serious butt!
Selfira: ...
Lyria: What's wrong? Selfira?
Selfira: I... I'm sorry. I was just thinking... I mean, I'm glad they picked me and all...
Selfira: But I haven't really done much performing. I've got nothing to show. I don't know if I can accept their invitation...
Vyrn: Hey, now... show some guts! This could be your big chance!
Vyrn: Nothing to show? Then get in there and make something!
Selfira: You... you're right. Nothing comes of being afraid.
Selfira: My grandpa always said, "You have to have experience to get it. " That's it. I'm joining that contest!
Keehar is a crew member

Keehar: Dahahaha! Truer words were never spoken! We're young, Selfira! Let us have some fun!
Lyria: Break a leg, Selfira! We'll be cheering you on! Right, (Captain)?
And so (Captain) and company turned to the island where the Balaban Jamboree was being held.

Echo into Eternity: Scene 2

The contest began. Nervous though Selfira was, her performance brought down the house. A winner was chosen, but their performance hardly qualified as memorable. Just as they were considering Selfira for the prize, monsters appeared in the hall.

Selfira: Well, I guess I'll be heading backstage.
Lyria: Yeah! We'll be rooting for you in the audience.
Selfira: Thanks, guys. I'll do my best.
Vyrn: Yeah, she did look a little edgy. You okay?
Lyria: Don't worry! This is Selfira we're talking about! Oh! It's starting!
The contest began. One by one, the performers made their way to the stage. Each one seemed better than the last.
Lyria: Wow...! They're all so good! Who was that before the last one? I liked them!
Vyrn: Yeah! No wonder they got picked. But I gotta say, Selfira's way better than this guy.
(Captain) and company had a great time talking about the songs. Finally, it was Selfira's turn.
Selfira: ...
Lyria: Wow...! I've never seen you play so well!
As Selfira finished, the hall exploded with thunderous applause.
Selfira: Whew... I'm back!
Lyria: Hehe... great job, Selfira! You were absolutely wonderful!
Selfira: Really? I'm glad to hear that. I'm pooped... you guys have no idea how nervous I was out there...
Vyrn: Get yourself some water and take a load off for a second! They said they're gonna announce the winner soon.
Selfira: Thanks, Vyrn. I'll take that water. Wonder who's gonna get the grand prize?
The award ceremony began. (Captain) and company sat with their fingers crossed.
Awards were doled out one by one, and finally it came time for the grand prize to be announced...
Vyrn: ... er, guys? Is it just me, or were they kinda... mediocre?
Lyria: Hm... I don't really remember, to be honest. What do you think, Selfira?
Selfira: It's... uh, unexpected, I guess? But it's probably just something I missed.
Selfira: What was it, I wonder? Music's a lot more complicated than I thought!
The discussion over Selfira was a heated one. As the judges deliberated, a scream shattered the tension of the hall.
Woman: Aaaaah! M-m-monsters!
Monster: Grrrroooaar!
Selfira: ?! What are they doing here?!
Selfira: People are gonna get hurt! Give me a hand, (Captain). We're gonna get these monsters outta here!

Echo into Eternity: Scene 3

The man who summoned the monsters was a former musician. According to him, the winner was chosen by connections and greased palms. Selfira had only been invited to help bring in an audience. Knowing the truth, a chill ran through Selfira, and the weight of something she couldn't quite put her finger on settled in her chest.

Selfira: You! You're with these monsters? You're the one behind this, aren't you?!
Man: Ack! You're here just in time!
Selfira: You're the one who stopped the contest, aren't you?! What if somebody got hurt?!
Man: Damn... this contest, this festival, those swaggering buffoons in the committee. I should've ground them all to dust!
Selfira: This is unforgivable. Of all people, you chose to attack those who love music the most! For you to think you could hurt them...
Man: Ahaha! You sound just like the old me. So bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!
Selfira: ?!
Man: Ah, but it's not your fault. We have some time before the guards get here. Let's talk. I was once a musician, too.
Selfira was still struggling to take in the grisly spectacle as the man began to talk, his voice thick with loathing.
This man had once been a contestant himself, a contest in which the prizes were paid for with pulled strings and the jangle of coins.
His attempt to set the committee straight was not well received. The man ended up booed off the stage.
Man: Sigh... I'm tired, you know. I learned how to control monsters so I could put an end to this little contest, but...
Selfira: ...
Man: Then you came. I heard you're related to one of the Skyfaring Bards of legend. And you were great.
Man: Not that this so-called committee could tell. They just used the name to bring people in.
Selfira: ...
Guards came to collect the man. He put up no resistance.
Lyria: Oh, Selfira... I don't know what to say...
Committee Member: My goodness! Selfira. Skyfarers. I've been searching for you. You sure did take care of that ruffian...
Selfira: Sorry, (Captain). I'm not feeling too hot... I'm just gonna go back to the ship...
Vyrn: Wait up, Selfira! She really didn't look good. We need to head back!
Selfira: Sorry for leaving without you, guys.
Lyria: No, no... we were just shocked. I think I understand how you feel, Selfira...
Selfira: I just don't know what to say... It's like, I know what he did was bad and all...
Selfira: But... hearing him talk, I just couldn't think of him as a bad person...
Selfira: And... you know, fixing a contest? That's really, just... not good...
Selfira: I just feel... down about it all...
Vyrn: It's such a bummer... you really gave it your all, too...
Selfira: I'm fine, really. And I'm so sorry, guys... I don't know if words are enough, though...
Lyria: Um... well I thought you gave a spectacular performance, Selfira!
Vyrn: Yeah! You don't need to get yourself in a funk over guys like that!
Vyrn: Hey! How about you play us another song! C'mon!
Selfira: ...
Though Selfira took up her instrument, she remained stock still. And after a long while...
Selfira: Sorry, guys. I just don't feel like playing right now.
Selfira: I wanted to be a real musician for so long. But I just couldn't make the cut.
Lyria: Oh, Selfira...
Selfira felt a spark of hope. The entire contest had been thrilling, but for this to happen to her of all people...
Perhaps she could finally sweep away the unspoken fog in her heart.