Scenario:Selfira - Portraying Feelings

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Portraying Feelings

Even though the contest is over, Selfira broods more than before. Worried about her friend, Lyria suggests that they take her to her hometown of Ardin for a rest.

Some time has passed since the Balaban Jamboree, but Selfira spends more time than ever brooding alone.
Selfira: ...
Lyria: Um... Hey, Selfira! The weather sure is beautiful, isn't it?
Selfira: ...
Oh, sure! It's really nice!
Lyria: ...
Selfira: ...
Vyrn: Sheesh... Is that supposed to be a conversation?
Vyrn: Are you okay, Selfira? It seems like all you ever do these days is mope around.
Lyria: Um... We didn't want to meddle if you needed time to yourself, but we're pretty worried.
Selfira: ...!
I'm sorry. I didn't know I was acting so different.
Selfira: But if you guys say so, you're probably right.
Lyria: Hey, Selfira. How would you like to see your home again?
Selfira: You mean Ardin?
Lyria: Yeah! Maybe one reason you're brooding so much is that our journey is tiring you out. Why don't we take you home for a nice break?
Selfira: Lyria... I'm sorry I worried you so much.
Selfira: Thank you though. It might be nice to go home and collect my thoughts.
Selfira: My brain's just so muddled by all the worrying I'm doing. I can't even figure out exactly what it is I'm worried about.
Vyrn: Whoa... Sounds pretty serious. Our schedule's clear isn't it, (Captain)? Let's go see Ardin!

Portraying Feelings: Scene 2

Having returned home, Selfira tells Keehar why she's so depressed. She also learns that she had the wrong impression of the skyfaring minstrels. Upon hearing that some children might have gone into a dangerous forest, the crew decides to go look for them.

(Captain) and company make their way to Ardin, Selfira's village.
Keehar not in crew

Selfira: Grandad, I'm home.
Keehar: Selfira? How great to see you! I've missed you.
Keehar: Huh? You look dead on your feet. Take yourself a seat. I'll put the kettle on.
Selfira: Yeah. Thanks, Grandad.
Selfira and Keehar sit amicably across from one another, their piping hot cups of tea between them.
Keehar: Selfira, my dear. I think it's about time you told me what in the world's on your mind.
Keehar: You're a grown woman, and I know I probably shouldn't stick my nose in your affairs, but I'm worried.
Keehar is a crew member

Selfira: Whew... We sure haven't been here in a while. Look at all this dust! I should probably do some cleaning.
Keehar: That would do the place some good. But first we should get off our feet and have some tea.
Selfira: Right. I'll boil the water. Could you wipe down the table, Grandad?
Keehar: Indeed I can! Oh, but we'll need to fetch some water first.
Selfira and Keehar sit amicably across from one another, their piping hot cups of tea between them.
Keehar: Selfira, my dear. Something's obviously been on your mind for quite a while now.
Keehar: And I can't help but worry about you. Why not let me know what's going on?
Keehar: Now, I'll not ask you to say anything you don't want to, but sometimes simply talking can do a world of good.
Selfira: Grandad...
Selfira: I know this is going to sound weird, but I'm not even sure what it is I'm worried about.
Selfira: All I know is that it has something to do with the contest at the festival.
Selfira: I mean, the fact that they invited me just to get a bigger audience doesn't bother me that much.
Selfira: I'm just some nobody, and it was pretty great to get to play in front of such a large crowd.
Selfira: And that man with the monsters... It was pretty horrible what he did, but I kind of feel sorry for him.
Selfira: I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not actually mad at anyone in particular. But still, there's just something about it...
Keehar: You know, you've loved music ever since you were a tyke, and you've always liked things to be cut-and-dried.
Selfira: You're right. Music has always been my passion. It's the only part of me that's stayed the same. And I'm pretty sure that man is just like me.
Selfira: But to see the music I love twist someone like that... It's just so heartbreaking.
Keehar: Indeed... It was his love that made him want to hurt others.
Selfira: If we'd met earlier, we might have been friends, you know? But I was so useless...
Keehar: That is a shame, but he will one day be thankful to you for putting an end to his folly.
Selfira: Maybe... That sure would be nice. We might even be able to talk music.
Selfira: The folks in the village always told me how much they loved my playing, but I couldn't talk with them, you know?
Selfira: I was just hoping I could befriend other musicians at the festival.
Selfira: When I couldn't, I felt betrayed. And I was so angry at that stupid committee for doing that to me. Yeah, that must be it.
Selfira: What they did just made me so angry. All they cared about was using music to make money! I mean, seriously?
Selfira: I bet Balaban is spinning in his grave! The next time I compete, I'll perform so well that no one can deny me victory!
Keehar: Bwahaha! That's the spirit! You seem to be feeling better.
Selfira: Yeah, I do. Thanks for letting me vent, Grandad.
Keehar: Bwahaha! There's nothing a doting grandfather loves more than listening to his dear, dear granddaughter.
Selfira: Yeah. Um... Grandad? There's something I've wanted to ask you for a long time now. Do you mind?
Keehar: Not in the least. You go right ahead.
Selfira: It's about my great grandmother and her time with the skyfaring minstrels...
Selfira: When you sealed away Midgardsormr, she was injured by the beast's final attack, right?
Keehar: She was. That was why she retired from the minstrels. It was just awful...
Selfira: And due to her injury, her songs lost a lot of their pep...
Selfira: But why'd they leave her in Ardin? It wasn't even her home.
Selfira: When Mother told me the story, all I could think of was how cold the minstrels were.
Selfira: So when Midgardsormr woke up, there was no way I wanted to ask for help from the descendants of the minstrels.
Keehar: So that's what you thought! Well, I guess it's not really a surprise that your mother got the wrong idea.
Selfira: The wrong idea?
Keehar: Yes. The reason your great grandmother stayed in Ardin is that she fell in love with a certain someone from the village.
Selfira: Wait... What? Do you mean what I think you do?
Keehar: Indeed. We wanted to take her with us. Maybe find her a cure. But she insisted on staying here.
Keehar: Bwahaha! She was just head over heels! As young as I was back then, it was almost embarrassing to see it.
Selfira: I see... You know, Mother did say something about Great Grandmother's husband comforting her in her grief...
Keehar: Anyway, that was all a long time ago. The details must have gotten mixed up along the way.
Selfira: Right. I guess Mother only heard Grandmother's side of the story.
Selfira: Ugh... Oh, Grandad... I've been so terrible. And all over a misunderstanding.
Keehar: Heh-heh. Now do you see why it's important to talk to people? Sounds like you and me have to make some apologies!
Selfira: Yeah, thanks... I can't believe I did that.
Ardinian Woman: Excuse me. Have you seen my child? It's almost time for dinner, but he's nowhere in sight.
Selfira: Oh, hello. Your son hasn't be around today...
Ardinian Woman: What? But he told me he was going to watch you play.
Selfira: He does come here often, but I haven't seen him today. He might be playing somewhere else.
Ardinian Woman: I sure hope he didn't go into the forest! I haven't seen him or any of the other children playing in the village.
Keehar: What? But the monsters are raising their young right now! Who knows what will happen if they're disturbed!
Selfira: Grandad! Let's ask (Captain) for help! We need to find those kids!

Portraying Feelings: Scene 3

The children who went to the forest did so to make a garland to comfort Selfira. Selfira learns that bringing others joy with her music is more important than anything to her, so she vows to continue doing just that.

Selfira: There they are!
Ardinian Boy: Oh! Selfira!
Selfira: You kids know better! The monsters are aggressive right now! Didn't you promise not to play in the forest?
Selfira: How could you do something so reckless? Your mothers are having a fit!
Ardinian Girl: We're sorry, Selfira.
Selfira: Well, as long as you're sorry. We need to get you home and let them know you're safe. Come on.
Ardinian Boy: Oh! Wait just a minute! Here! This is for you!
Selfira: Huh? Is this a garland?
Ardinian Boy: Yeah. Um... We made it! For you!
Ardinian Girl: You looked all sad when you got back. We just wanted to cheer you up.
Selfira: You came all the way to the forest just to make this for me?
Ardinian Boy: Yeah. We sort of forgot we weren't supposed to be here.
Selfira: Thank you. This means a lot to me. It's so beautiful.
Selfira: But if something happened to you, I'd never get to play for you again. I want you to steer clear of danger from now on.
Ardinian Girl: Yes, ma'am! We'll stay out of trouble! And I'll tell my mama sorry too.
Selfira: That's a promise, okay? I'm so glad you're safe.
Once they return to the village, the children are scolded by their mothers and left to reflect on what they've done.
Since they aren't allowed to play in the forest, Selfira decides to hold a concert for them in the plaza.
Selfira: ...
Ardinian Girl: Wow! I don't know anyone who plays as well as you, Selfira!
Ardinian Boy: Yeah! Encore! Encooore!
Selfira: Hee-hee... I suppose I can play a bit more. I'm just happy you like it!
Selfira: ...
Selfira: (Seeing people smile when they hear me play... Is there anything better than that?)
Selfira: (I have a gift I can give to people.)
Selfira: (Wherever they may be...)
The sweet sound of Selfira's playing, finally free of her doubts, resounds up into the sky.
Her resolution to bring her beautiful music to people far and wide never wavers.