Scenario:Sen - One Cool Cat

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One Cool Cat

Lyria and Vyrn worry about Sen, who is napping outside on a cold day. Luckily, Sen is skilled at finding warm spots to rest in, and shows Lyria her technique. Vyrn and Lyria's discussion about Sen's resemblance to a cat is cut short by a monster attack.

It's a particularly chilly day.
Vyrn: Yo, Sen! What are you doing out there? Hello?
Sen: Zzz... zzz...
Lyria: I think she's taking a cat nap. She's going to catch a cold, though.
Vyrn: Leave it to me. Yo! Wake up!
Sen: Grumble... Ngh... Oh, it's you Vyrn. Hey, Lyria.
Vyrn: Are you up?
Sen: Yawn. Yes, good morning. I must've dozed off...
Lyria: You shouldn't sleep out here, especially on a cold day like this. You're going to get sick.
Sen: I know, but it's nice and warm.
Sen pulls her knees in tightly and sits in the sunlight. Lyria tries it too.
Lyria: You're right, it really is warm! You sure are good at discovering these things.
Vyrn: Ha ha, yeah, Sen. This is another thing that makes you cat-like.
Vyrn: Hey, do that thing you did for the villagers! You know, where you go meow.
Sen: Er... Uh... Well...
Vyrn: Pretty please?
Sen: Ungh... Okay, meow. How's this, meow?
Lyria: Aww, that's so cute, Sen! You sound just like a cat!
Sen: Ugh, it's so embarrassing.
Vyrn: Hahaha! It fits you perfectly!
Their laughter is interrupted when the Grandcypher suddenly begins shaking violently.
Lyria: Woah! What's going on?
Vyrn: Look! Monsters!
Sen: Let's go, (Captain)!

One Cool Cat: Scene 2

Having been raised in the wilderness, Sen is not used to being around large crowds. As the crew walks down a busy street, a thief grabs a purse and the crew gives chase. Thinking quickly, Sen climbs up to the rooftops to cut off the thief while the crew traps him from behind.

Sen: Phew, looks like we beat them.
Vyrn: Thank goodness! You're reliable as always, Sen. Oh, perfect timing. I can see the next island!
The party docks the Grandcypher and heads into the city to resupply.
Sen: Wow, what a big street! There's so many people here.
The street teems with people coming and going. Sen's eyes dart around restlessly.
Vyrn: Oh yeah... You're not used to being around so many people, are you?
Sen: Yes, there's no place like this in the mountains. Ah, can you please wait a minute, (Captain)?
Sen clutches the back of (Captain)'s clothes and follows closely behind, as if trying to hide.
Vyrn: I guess you could say the cat's out of the bag!
Lyria: Er, what do you mean, Vyrn?
Vyrn: Well, what I mean is...
???: Aieeee! Help! Someone stop him! He stole my purse!
The woman's scream echoes through the street.
Vyrn: A purse snatcher?
Lyria: Where... where... Ah-ha! I think it's him, over there!
Sen: Come on, (Captain), we have to catch him!
The party chases after the fleeing criminal.
Vyrn: Shoot! He's getting away!
Lyria: Yeah, he's gonna try to lose us in that narrow alleyway!
Sen: I got it! Let's do a pincer attack, (Captain)!
Vyrn: What? But how...
Sen: I'll go around!
Sen scales the wall in an instant and goes around to cut off the thief.
Vyrn: Well, there she goes. Doing something cool, as usual. Okay you guys, charge!

One Cool Cat: Scene 3

The purse snatcher is apprehended. The people in the streets who witnessed Sen's incredible movements heap praise upon an embarrassed Sen, who hastily escapes from the adulation back to the Grandcypher. When the crew returns, she snuggles up to the warmth of Lyria and (Captain), warming everyone's hearts.

The party catches the purse snatcher and returns the stolen purse to the local police.
Woman: Thank goodness you stopped him. You really helped me out.
Vyrn: Don't mention it!
Sen: We're glad you and your belongings are safe and sound.
Woman: I can't thank you enough.
Passerby 1: Hey, you! You were crazy awesome back there!
Sen: Huh? You mean me?
Passerby 2: Oh yeah, I saw it too! You were all like, zoom! Straight up the wall!
Passerby 1: Man, you were gone in the blink of an eye. I couldn't believe it.
Little Kid: That was soooo cool! How did you do that?
Sen: Um, well, I...
A large crowd of people suddenly swarm around Sen. She recoils from the overwhelming attention.
Vyrn: This isn't good. At this rate, she's going to freak out.
Sen: Um, sorry, but I'll be leaving now!
Passerby 2: Oooh! She did it again!
Sen turns and scampers up the wall she'd been backed into, escaping to the rooftops.
Little Kid: Woo! I wanna do that, too!
Vyrn: Yup, there she goes again. I guess I can't blame her when she gets suddenly surrounded like that.
The crew returns to the Grandcypher. Sen timidly pokes her head out to greet the crew.
Sen: Welcome back.
Lyria: It's good to be home! I'm glad you made it back too, Sen.
Sen: Sorry, I went off on my own again—achoo!
Lyria: Uh oh, are you all right, Sen?
Vyrn: You okay? It's gotten colder now that the sun's gone down.
Sen: Mmhmm, I'm not good with cold weather, so...
Sen snuggles herself in tightly between Lyria and (Captain).
Lyria: Hey, what are you doing?
Sen: Hehe, it's so warm right here, meow.
Sen's face is aglow with happiness, wrapped in the warm, gentle embrace of her crew.