Scenario:Seofon - Seven-Star Encounter

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Seven-Star Encounter

(Captain) notices the Seven-Star Sword seems to have a strange aura, and Seofon agrees to speak with it about the issue. When he does so, however, the ancient blade recognizes Seofon as more powerful than (Captain) and attempts to take over his consciousness.

(Captain) notices something strange about the Seven-Star Sword and decides to speak with Seofon about it.
To better hear its voice, Seofon borrows the Seven-Star Sword.
Seofon: Hmm... What's going on with you, I wonder?
Seofon addresses the Seven-Star Sword directly.
Seofon: My name is Seofon, Star Sword Sovereign and gatherer of all the sky's blades.
Seofon: I command you to answer me, Seven-Star Sword.
Seven-Star Sword: You are Seofon, the Star Sword Sovereign...
Seofon: That's me. In the flesh.
Seofon: Seven-Star Sword... What are you thinking right now?
Seven-Star Sword: You know the answer to that question already, do you not?
Seven-Star Sword: I seek the strong. To be wielded by ever stronger hands.
Seofon: I see. (Captain) is quite the fitting choice then.
Seofon: The captain is strong and will only get stronger.
Seven-Star Sword: However... you are mightier still.
Seofon: Heheh... Isn't that obvious?
Seofon: Here's the thing though. (Captain) doesn't just have raw power.
Seofon: The captain may just have a hidden something that will ultimately lead to strength even greater than mine.
Seofon: So be a good sword and lend (Captain) your strength, okay?
Seven-Star Sword: You refuse? Then I shall bend you to my will.
Seofon: Huh? Everything sounded great up until that last par—
Seofon: Whoa! Time out, time ouuut!

Seven-Star Encounter: Scene 2

Seofon emerges victorious against the Seven-Star Sword, which declares that it has chosen him as its true owner. He refuses at first, but when he attempts to make a spirit sword out of it, the Seven-Star Sword quickly overwhelms his consciousness.

Seofon: Hey, what was that all about? You scared me half to death!
Seven-Star Sword: ...
Seofon: You don't get to just play the strong, silent type whenever you feel like it, even if you are a sword.
Seven-Star Sword: Take me in hand... You have been chosen!
Seofon: You just don't take no for an answer, do you? Were you listening to me earlier?
Seven-Star Sword: ...
Seofon: And now you're giving me the cold shoulder again. Could you not?
Seofon: What's up with this sword? Talk about annoying...
Seofon: But, hey... I bet you get pretty lonely all by yourself too, huh?
With a defeated look on his face, Seofon reaches out to the Seven-Star Sword.
Seofon: Guess I might as well get a spirit sword made out of you to commemorate the occasion.
Seven-Star Sword: It begins!
Seofon: Huh?
Seofon: Rgh... Waaargh!