Scenario:Seofon - Trial By Celestial Blade

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Trial By Celestial Blade

As the crew celebrates success in awakening the Seven-Star Sword, Seofon appears once again. In order to determine whether (Captain) is worthy of wielding the Seven-Star Sword, Seofon challenges (Captain) to a duel.

(Captain) finally awakens the Seven-Star Sword.
The crew is thrilled, but Seofon soon appears unannounced on the Grandcypher.
Seofon: It seems you've finally awakened the Seven-Star Sword, (Captain).
Vyrn: Hey! How did you know?
Seofon: I suppose you could say the sword called me.
Seofon: All swordsmen of a certain caliber likely felt it as well...
Vyrn: You're, uh... scaring me, Seofon. Something about you seems a little off today.
Lyria: Oh! Are you nervous because this isn't Siero's shop?
Seofon: Hahaha... That's not the case, I'm afraid.
Vyrn: Are you here to make a special spirit sword out of it or something?
Lyria: Oh, I get it! Go right on ahead, Seofon!
Lyria: I bet (Captain) would be happy to let you make one!
Seofon: That's off the mark too.
Seofon becomes unusually fearsome and aggressive as he says this.
The crew senses that this is not the usual Seofon.
Seofon: Hey, (Captain). I told you once before, didn't I?
Seofon: With great power comes great responsibility.
Seofon: The Seven-Star Sword has the power to destroy the sky seven times over. And now that it's been awakened, that is a very real possibility.
Seofon: If a good person wields it, they can save the world. If a bad person wields it, they can destroy the world... You understand what I'm getting at, don't you?
Lyria: (Captain) would never use it for evil purposes!
Vyrn: Got that right! If you think we'll let you get away with underestimating (Captain), you're as dumb as your haircut!
Seofon: Sorry. I... don't think I did the best job of phrasing that.
Seofon: I believe in you of course. Your eyes tell me you're a good person without a shadow of a doubt.
Lyria: Then what do you want to do, Seofon?
Seofon: I want to make sure that you are the right person to wield the Seven-Star Sword.
Seofon: You were strong enough to awaken it. However...
Seofon: What will you do if it falls into the wrong hands? You do know what will happen then... don't you?
Seofon: Therefore as the greatest swordsman in the skies... I will test you.
Vyrn: Uh-oh, (Captain). Looks like you're gonna have to make Seofon give you his seal of approval!
Lyria: It's okay. (Captain) won't lose! No way, no how!
Seofon: The time has arrived, (Captain). Draw the Seven-Star Sword.
Seofon: You now face Seofon, Star Sword Sovereign and leader of the Eternals... En garde!

Trial By Celestial Blade: Scene 2

With a detached air, Seofon admits defeat and asks to join the crew. (Captain) accepts.

Seofon: Stop, stop, stop! Time out! I give, I give! You beat me!
The crew is taken aback by Seofon's sudden shift in tone.
Vyrn: What the? He's gone back to normal!
Seofon: I'm calling uncle, so put that sword away already, (Captain)!
Lyria: Does that mean you two don't have to fight anymore?
Seofon: That's right! I understand exactly how strong (Captain) is now!
Seofon: Talk about surprising! I never imagined the Seven-Star Sword would acknowledge you!
Vyrn: So to make a long story short... you thought you were about to lose?
Seofon: Heheh... Did I? I had plenty of fight left in me, you know.
Seofon: But one of us could've died back there! So I'm totally okay with giving you the win.
Seofon is detached and inscrutable as usual.
But after the fight, Seofon happily partakes in the Seven-Star Sword awakening extravaganza.
Seofon: This is a most auspicious affair! The greatest swordsman in all the skies has been reborn!
Vyrn: Geez... To think you were fighting for your life just a second ago...
Lyria: Now, now, Vyrn. Let's just be happy no one was seriously hurt!
In the middle of the festivities, Seofon speaks to (Captain) with a grave expression on his face.
Seofon: I've got something I want to ask you about, (Captain)... Can I join your crew?
Vyrn: Hold it, hold it! First you want to fight us, and now you want to join us? What's the deal?
Seofon: Now, now... No need to be so cold!
Seofon: I can hear the voices of swords... and the Seven-Star Sword wants to see you awaken further as a person.
Lyria: A further awakening... for (Captain)?
Seofon: That's right. And I know just what you need to do to make it a reality.
Seofon: How about it? Willing to give me a chance?
  1. By all means!
  2. Please stop following me.

Choose: By all means!
Seofon: It's decided then! I'm gonna personally give you sword lessons, (Captain)! Hahaha! Something tells me I'm gonna be busy!
Seofon: (You're still young. I wonder... How will you use your power going forward?)
Seofon: (If you should stray from your path, I'll have no choice but to...)
Vyrn: Hey, Seofon! Are you listening? (Captain) said it was okay!
Seofon: Hm? Y-yes, of course I'm listening! I'm looking forward to working alongside you, (Captain)!
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Choose: Please stop following me.
Seofon: How shocking... You... You think I'm just some weirdo...
Seofon: Heheh... If you want me to leave that badly, will you grant me another fight?
Lyria: No more fighting! Right, (Captain)?
Seofon: Sorry, sorry! Just having a little Seofun!
Lyria: From now on if you're going to joke, say so beforehand!
Seofon: Ha... hahaha... Right.
With Lyria's concerns assuaged, (Captain) agrees to let Seofon join the crew.
Continue 1
Seofon: Heheheh... You're going to get even stronger from here on out, (Captain)! I can't wait!
Vyrn: Good grief... What are you smirking like that to yourself for?
Seofon: I was just thinking... I can't wait to have a rematch after (Captain) gets even stronger!
Lyria: Oh my gosh! You're going to fight (Captain) again?
Seofon: Can I? That'd be the perfect chance!
Seofon: To make a spirit sword, I mean! After (Captain) levels up a bunch!
Vyrn: I knew it! You just wanted another one of those spirit sword gizmos to add to your collection!
Lyria: If you want to start another fight, I'm afraid I have to ask you to leave...
Seofon: Sorry, sorry! Forget I said anything! Just joking around!
Seofon: Okay then! And now that I've joined, the real party begins!
Vyrn: Geez... This guy really needs to learn to draw the line somewhere.
And thus the Star Sword Sovereign and leader of the Eternals, Seofon, joins the crew.
One thing is certain: he's going to involve the crew in no shortage of trouble going forward.