Scenario:Seox - Behind the Karm Dynasty

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Behind the Karm Dynasty

Following the awakening of the Six-Ruin Fist, (Captain) and crew visit Karm. Seox shows up and remarks on (Captain)'s resemblance to an old acquaintance before pouncing on the crew.

With the Six-Ruin Fist awakened, the crew visits the hamlet of Karm based on Sierokarte's directions.
Sierokarte: Welcome to Karm, everyone!
Sierokarte: Before you lie the ruins of what was once home to the clan of assassins renowned throughout the skies for exceptional combat ability!
Sierokarte: I knew for sure you'd come here.
Vyrn: All your chitchat about the Karm Clan got (Captain) curious about this place!
Vyrn: Creepy places like this give me the heebie-jeebies, but I guess (Captain) is all right with them!
Sierokarte: There's lots to see on this island, from training grounds to traps used by the Karm Clan!
Vyrn: That sure doesn't sound peaceful!
Sierokarte: Whatever the case, since you've come all the way out here, you may as well try to enjoy it.
Lyria: Hey, (Captain)... Could we be lost?
Vyrn: It's way too quiet out here... It creeps me out...
Sierokarte: This sure is strange. I've come to Karm many times before, but this is the first time I've gotten lost.
Sierokarte: It's almost like someone's leading us astray.
Seox: About time you came... I was getting tired of waiting!
Vyrn: Aaah!
Huh? You again!
Seox: Your unwavering resolve and determination led you to awaken the revenant weapon.
Seox: You really do remind me of that man—enough to evoke memories I thought I had repressed...
Vyrn: Who is this man you're so hung up on?
Seox: The time is ripe. I will now see if that power you wield truly has any worth!
Seox: Prepare yourself!
Vyrn: Uh-oh, not good! Masked Wonder's serious!
Seox: You ease up on me and you'll be dead before you know it! Come at me with everything you've got!
Seox: Kiieeei!

Behind the Karm Dynasty: Scene 2

After learning of Seox's past and the reason for his sudden attack, (Captain) invites him to join the crew.

Vyrn: You masked jerk! Why do you have it in for (Captain)?
Seox: Like I said, I needed to see your true power for myself.
Seox: I had to be certain you were qualified to wield a revenant weapon.
Vyrn: And now you've had a taste of (Captain)'s power! So what's the deal now?
Seox: Well, I suppose that was merely an excuse I spun... The way you carry yourself and the whole aura about you...
Seox: You are indeed just like that man who rescued me from my abyss of despair.
Seox: Perhaps I simply wanted you to restore peace to me like that man once did before.
Vyrn: Erm... You kinda lost me there, but I see you have your reasons!
Lyria: Um... If you don't mind, could you tell us more about that person?
Lyria: We might be able to help... I'm also curious about anyone who resembles (Captain)!
Seox reveals the truth about the rumors surrounding the Karm Clan and his destiny as its lone survivor.
As a young child, Seox mastered the combat skills that were the pride of his clan. His talents were eventually met with opposition within his own clan.
His ability even led him to be shunned by his father, the clan leader, who disowned him.
Filled with sadness and rage, Seox's powers led him on a rampage across the hamlet.
Vyrn: What! So you're that rumored survivor?
Seox: Survivor, eh? Freeing myself of the anguish only filled me with a miserable loneliness.
Seox: Nothing had changed... Just when I had given up on everything, that man appeared before me.
Seox: He was a skyfarer headed for the end of the skies. Coming by here may have just been a pit stop for him...
Seox: But the time I spent with him brought me peace.
Lyria: Wouldn't it be nice to meet him again, Seox?
  1. Does he have any other characteristics?
  2. Some more details would be nice.

Choose: Does he have any other characteristics?
Seox: He's told me nothing more than the fact that he's headed for the end of the skies.
Seox: Thus I keep coming back to this godforsaken land—to keep my memories of him alive.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Some more details would be nice.
Seox: Of course... I keep coming back to this godforsaken land—to keep my memories of him alive.
Continue 1
Vyrn: The end of the skies? That's perfect! Right, (Captain)?
Lyria: That's right! It must have been fate for us to come here!
Seox: What are you talking about?
  1. Let's go look for that skyfarer together!
  2. Let's let fate guide us through the skies!

Choose: Let's go look for that skyfarer together!
Seox: In spite of my horrific past, you're still willing to take me in?
Go to "Continue 2"

Choose: Let's let fate guide us through the skies!
Vyrn: Huh? Fate?
Seox: So you would ask me to trust you with my fate?
Vyrn: Yeah, leave it to us! (Captain)'s headed for Estalucia, you know!
Continue 2
Lyria: Exactly! (Captain) would definitely be able to find the skyfarer you're looking for, Seox!
Seox: Are you saying you do not begrudge me of my despair? You really are just like that man.
Seox: Then I entrust my fate to you.
Vyrn: All righty, it's decided! Welcome aboard, Masked Wonder!
Seox: Heh... I look forward to it.
Thus Seox, the Eternal, joins the crew as they prepare for lift off.
Lyria: By the way, Seox!
Lyria: I am going to introduce you to everyone in our crew, so please take off that mask!
Seox: Eh! N-no—
The party would soon learn that his mask is simply a means of coping with his extreme social anxiety.