Scenario:Seox - Inevitable Ruin

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Inevitable Ruin

Seox thinks back on his troubled past and (Captain)'s heartwarming words when a voice suddenly calls out. He enters the deckhouse in pursuit of the voice only to find the Six-Ruin Fist attempting to cajole him into picking it up.

Overtaken by an inexplicable uneasiness one night, Seox goes out on deck for a breath of fresh air.
Seox: Sigh...
Vyrn: Every one of us knows you're super strong, but we've never thought of it as a bad thing.
Lyria: Of course not! Your strength has helped us time and time again. It's always a relief knowing you're with us!
???: You hellspawn... You wretched monster!
Thug 2: You... monster...
Seox cannot shake off the stark contrast between the affectionate voices of his friends and the traumatic memories that continue to haunt him.
Seox: I'm...
???: Never forg...
Seox: It's back!
The mysterious presence resurfaces, speaking into Seox's ear once again.
Seox: Where could it be?
Seox sharpens his senses and surveys the surroundings, but finds nothing suspicious on deck.
Seox: There's nothing here... But I definitely heard something.
???: Your...
Seox: Is it coming from the deckhouse?
Seox: Are we being invaded? But when could they have...
Seox goes after the mysterious presence and reaches the deckhouse.
Seox: What is this?
Seox: This is the Six-Ruin Fist, but...
???: Don't forget.
Seox: Could the voice be coming from this weapon?
Six-Ruin Fist: Yes... Perk up your ears and listen well: never turn yourself away from your sins.
Seox: What's with a weapon like you acting all high-and-mighty?
Six-Ruin Fist: Heh heh heh... Stop it with the tough guy act. I know how afraid you are of the destruction your power can cause.
Seox: Shut up! I...
Six-Ruin Fist: Never forget the destruction you've wrought.
Seox: I...
Six-Ruin Fist: Your power will wreak havoc once again.
Seox: ...!
Six-Ruin Fist: I see no need for you to despise your own power. I advise you to embrace it instead.
Seox: What?
Six-Ruin Fist: Go ahead and put me on. My powers are a perfect match for your bloodstained hands.
Seox: No! I'm not—
Six-Ruin Fist: What's wrong? It would be unwise to continue to resist and turn your back from your true calling.
Six-Ruin Fist: Fit me onto your hand already! I will satiate the craving in your claws for further destruction!
Seox: Mm...
Six-Ruin Fist: So what will it be?
Seox: All right. I get it.
Six-Ruin Fist: Heh heh heh... Attaboy. Well then...
Seox: Don't get the wrong idea. I have no intention of taking in your power.
Six-Ruin Fist: Oh?
Seox: Enough of your bullcrap. I don't know what it is you're after...
Seox: But I do know a shady thing like you has no place on this ship! I'm gonna tear you to shreds!
Seox: Kieeii!

Inevitable Ruin: Scene 2

Seox hears footsteps approach and holds off on giving the Six-Ruin Fist another pummeling. He takes it away to keep (Captain) and the others from danger but ends up embracing its power.

Six-Ruin Fist: And yet you persist... How many times do I have to tell you that resistance is futile?
Seox: Hush.
Six-Ruin Fist: Your power is what isolates you. It makes you different from the skyfarer you search for and everyone on this crew.
Six-Ruin Fist: Deny it as you might—running here will make no difference. I guarantee you will eventually succumb to the darkness once again.
Seox: That's enough!
Six-Ruin Fist: Fine then. You're not my only option, you know? Perhaps I should try that skyfarer...
Six-Ruin Fist: The one who led me to awakening and can stand toe-to-toe with you.
Seox: Do you mean (Captain)? You rotten son of a—
Six-Ruin Fist: Complete and utter destruction of the skies won't be a long time coming once I get (Captain) on my side.
Seox: That's never gonna happen!
Six-Ruin Fist: But why not? Surely you'd feel lonely falling into the darkness all by yourself?
Seox: No!
The Six-Ruin Fist shines with a mystical light as Seox prepares to attack it again, but something interrupts him.
???: Is this where the sound came from?
???: What could be happening at this time of night... I hope it's not bandits again...
Seox: Vyrn, Lyria?
(Captain) too?
The voices and footsteps are no doubt headed in Seox's direction.
Six-Ruin Fist: Well then... I suppose my chance has come.
Seox: I won't let you.
Seox immediately grabs the Six-Ruin Fist and disappears from the scene.
Six-Ruin Fist: What do you plan on doing with me all alone?
Seox: Like I'd give you a chance to get close to (Captain) and the others!
Six-Ruin Fist: Heh... Thing is, you've put me within hand's reach of you.
Seox: ...
Six-Ruin Fist: Wield me and embrace my power.
Seox: Yeah, I suppose I should...
The Six-Ruin Fist gives off a mystical glow as Seox fits it on his hand.
Six-Ruin Fist: Heh heh heh... This is gonna be fun.
Seox: ...
The face that Seox now makes beneath the mask...
Is known to none in the crew.