Scenario:Seox - Nine Nocturnal Targets

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Nine Nocturnal Targets

Seofon calls out to Seox in a comical tone at first, but he immediately turns serious at the sight of the Six-Ruin Fist, challenging the power-hungry Seox to a duel.

???: Whoa, am I seeing right? Is that really who I think it is?
A man calls out in surprise to Seox as he gets off the Grandcypher.
Seofon: Seox, it really is you!
Seox: Seofon...
Seofon: Sup, man? Whatcha doing out here all alone? Don't tell me you've locked horns with (Captain) and the others?
Seox: You're as noisy as ever. Tell me what you want and be done with it.
Seofon: Aww, c'mon now. Is that any way to talk to a friend? I saw you coming out and thought I'd say hello!
Seofon: That's not such a strange thing for me to do, is it?
Seofon shrugs in an exaggerated manner, but his expression immediately changes upon noticing the Six-Ruin Fist.
Seofon: Is that a revenant weapon you've got there?
Seox: ...
A tense silence fills the air.
Seofon: Erm... Never mind.
Seofon: I'd prefer not to get too caught up in whatever you have going on with the crew over there...
Seofon: But I've got responsibilities to uphold as leader of the Eternals.
Seox: Get to the point already.
Seofon: Why are you here?
Seox: ...
Seox: I need power.
Seofon: Heh.
A wide grin creeps over Seofon's face as he readies his sword.
Seofon: Care to have a round with me? I think it'll be good training for ya!

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 2

After a brief tete-a-tete between the two about Seox's power, Seofon saunters off.

Seofon: All right, that's enough for today!
Seofon: Phew, sure worked up a good sweat!
Seox: Answer me this...
Seofon: Hm? Sure, what's up?
Seox: Why did you make me one of the Eternals?
Seofon: Oh, that?
Seofon: To put it simply, because you're strong. Strength is the primary attribute expected of an Eternal.
Seox: I see...
Seofon: Heh... You seem different, you know.
Seox: Come again?
Seofon: Ah, it's nothing. Anyway, there's my answer. Now it's your turn to answer a question!
Seox: What? How does it come to that?
Seofon: Do you seek power because of your past? Or is it for your future?
Seox: My future obviously.
Seofon: Yeah?
Seofon: Well, okay then! I'm gonna get going now. Got stuff to do, you know.
Seox: Wait, Seofon!
The easygoing Seofon simply waves at Seox and walks away as freely as he arrived.

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 3

The young mage Fif descends upon Seox, suddenly demanding a bout and promising to explain why later. Though reluctant, Seox has no choice but to put up a fight.

Shortly after parting with Seofon, a small figure gently lands before Seox.
Fif: Yoo-hoo! I'm here, Seox!
Seox: ...!
Fif! What are you doing here?
Fif: Bwuh? Um... what matters is we have a fight right now!
Seox: The hell? You expect me to fight you for no good reason?
Fif: So you're just going to walk away? Grr, you're always such a hardheaded meanie!
Seox: Gah, you never did make any sense!
Outta my way!
Fif: But that's not how it's supposed to go! Ah, what a hassle...
Fif: Oh, I know! Beat me, and I'll tell you why we have to fight!
Seox: Huh? I said
Fif: But you'll have to fight me for real! Ready or not, here I come!

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 4

Seox wins, but Fif flies off in a storm without explaining anything.

Fif: Wah, I lost!
Seox: Geez, what's your problem?
Fif: This is our first time fighting, but you're really strong, Seox! Someone coulda warned me!
Seox: So why—
Fif: Well, I guess that does it for today... But I won't be a loser forever! I'll beat you for sure next time!
Fif: That's a promise!
Seox: What the?
Weren't you gonna tell me why we had to fight?
Seox: What was that all about?
Fif flies off in a storm as quickly as she flew in while Seox stares in disbelief.

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 5

Next in line to confront Seox is Eahta. The masked fighter hesitantly readies his claws against an aggressive Eahta.

Not long after the encounter with Fif, a massive figure appears before Seox.
Eahta: Here you are, Seox.
Seox: Eahta? Now it's you, huh... What is it?
Eahta: I heard Fif paid you a visit.
Seox: She did, but she made absolutely no sense as always.
Eahta: Humph. And you appear to regard her with aversion as always.
Seox: Hey, I never said anything about hating on her!
Eahta: Very well then. You shall engage in a bout with me.
Seox: The hell is going on here? I told Fif the same thing, but I don't fight unless—
Eahta: The clashing of words is rarely a bad thing. But for now...
Eahta: Let us clash blades, not words.
Seox: Grgh!

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 6

Eahta explains that his path in life is simply to become stronger, but Seox must pursue his own path—whatever that may be.

Eahta: Humph... I see now that your strength is genuine.
Seox: My strength?
Seox: Eahta, I just have one question for you.
Eahta: A question from you is a rarity. Speak your mind.
Seox: We both know that you're incredibly strong already. Yet I hear that you train fiercely every day looking to improve.
Seox: What's the end goal for you? What are you hoping to do with all that strength?
Eahta: The path to true strength is itself my way of life.
Seox: Way of life? In others words your end goal?
Eahta: Do not confuse an end goal for a way of life.
Seox: ...
Eahta: But waxing philosophical about my ideologies is of no help to you.
Eahta: My only advice to you is to find your own path in life.
Seox: My path in life?
Eahta: I may have spoken too much. I shall take my leave now.
Eahta walks off in a serene state of mind.

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 7

Seox is deep in thought over Eahta's words when Threo appears. She calls for a fight, and Seox begrudgingly accepts.

Seox is pondering Eahta's words when another figure suddenly shows up.
Threo: Found you, Seox!
Seox: ...!
What's with the sudden visit, Threo?
Threo: Fight me!
Seox: Grgh! What's the meaning of this?
Threo: Here I come!

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 8

Seox falls silent when Threo calls him a monster, deeply hurt by the painful reminder. She then lets slip that she gets to fight Seofon now, giving Seox an idea of what might be happening behind the scenes.

Threo: Grr! Damn it! I can't believe I lost! I was sure I'd win!
Seox: Satisfied?
Why are you even here?
Threo: You're too strong! What are you—some kind of monster?
Seox: ...
Threo: Hm? What's wrong? You look like you ate some funky meat or something.
Seox: It's nothing...
Threo: You won, so what could you possibly be upset about? You're not happy about winning?
Seox: Merriment doesn't exactly come easily to me.
Threo: Mary-mint? Meh, I just don't get you. Whatever. I get to fight Seofon now!
Seox: Wait, did you say Seofon? What's he got to do with all this?
Threo: Mm... But it sucks to feel like a loser, so we're fighting again next time I see you!
Seox: That doesn't answer my question!
Threo, wait!
Seox: Sigh...
The incessant wave of attackers gets Seox wondering who could possibly be behind all this.

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 9

The onslaught of contenders forcing their way into a battle with Seox continues with Tien. She reminds him that she won't hold back, prompting Seox to take the match seriously.

Seox: ...
???: Thinking about something?
Seox: ...!
Ugh, another one of you?
Tien: Let us fight.
Seox: I thought you'd say that... I have no idea what's happening, but I bet you're not gonna tell me anyway.
Seox: This is getting to be a real hassle, but let's get this over with.
Tien: Mm... That won't do.
Seox: Huh?
Tien: You shouldn't try to rush this. Consider it a life-or-death battle.
Tien: I'll be giving it my all, and so should you. Otherwise there's no point to this.
Seox: All right then...
Seox: I'm going right for the kill!

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 10

After the battle Tien comments on how she can relate to Seox's situation and notes a change in him.

Tien: Mm... It's my loss...
Seox: Huff...
Tien: You look tired.
Seox: Me? Tired? No way...
Tien: I understand your feelings somewhat...
Seox: Huh?
Tien: Sins do not go unpunished.
Seox: ...!
Tien: Though I don't know if you're afraid or just waiting.
Seox: ...
Tien: Mm... But you seem different somehow. I suppose that's why you're here.
Seox: True.
Tien: My apologies. I've said too much.
Seox: It's fine. I don't mind.
Tien: Mm... See you later.
Seox: Yep, catch you later...
Seox mutters under his breath as Tien gracefully leaves the scene.

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 11

With newfound determination and resolve, Seox sets out for Stardust Town. When Seox comes by picking a fight, Feower responds in kind.

With newfound determination and resolve gained from the battle with Tien, Seox sets out for Stardust Town.
Seox: Feower...
Feower: Well, well, if it isn't Seox.
Feower: What a surprise to see you come out here of your own accord.
Seox: I have something to ask of you.
Feower: Oh my, today's just full of surprises! I doubt I'd be of any help to you though.
Seox: I want you to fight me.
Feower: Hm... So that's what it is, huh?
Feower: Hahaha! You're on! I always hated your guts, and now I get to do something about it!
Seox: Perfect. No reason for either of us to hold back then!
Feower: Hah! Bring it! I'm gonna totally rip your guts out!

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 12

The bruised and battered Feower expresses his disgust for Seox's self-loathing. Seox takes the gripe to heart and departs from Stardust Town.

Feower: Ngh... Damn you!
Seox: Sorry...
Feower: You see? That's exactly the sorta crap I can't stand about you!
Seox: Come again?
Feower: You're so ridiculously strong, yet you're always pissing on that strength!
Feower: Just how many people in this world do you think crave power—the very power that you look down upon!
Feower: And yet you always
Seox: I'll admit it... Deep down I've never thought highly of my strength.
Feower: You son of a...
Seox: But I see things differently now... I'm in your debt, Feower.
Feower: Shut up and get on with whatever it is you're doing. Like I give a damn what happens to you!
Seox: Fair enough.
Feower: And leave my sister alone or you'll be hearing from me again!
Seox: Heh, fine by me.
Seox leaves behind an enraged Feower as he quietly exits Stardust Town.

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 13

Seox visits Tweyen next. They both seem fully aware of the situation, eliminating the need for any idle chatter as they enter battle.

Seox: Tweyen...
After Stardust Town Seox pays a visit to Tweyen.
Tweyen: Hm? Is that you, Seox?
Seox: I have a request of you.
Tweyen: Hehe... I never thought I'd hear that coming from you.
Tweyen: I wasn't expecting to see you here, but you saved me the trouble of looking for you.
Seox: Seems you are no different from the others.
Tweyen: I guess you've figured out everything then?
Tweyen: Okay, ready whenever you are...
Seox: I'm going all in.
Tweyen: Okay. Let's see what meets my eyes.

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 14

Tweyen reveals that she always saw a repugnance in Seox for his own strength. However, she also praises Seox for getting over it.

Tweyen: It's over for me...
It's not easy accepting loses.
Tweyen: I sure wasn't expecting this though.
Seox: Hm? What's to be surprised about?
Tweyen: You might be strong, but I always got the impression you didn't really like fighting.
Tweyen: I'm not sure how to put it, but it's as if you hesitated to use your power.
Seox: You think so?
Tweyen: But I think I sort of get why you'd hesitate.
Seox: Really?
Tweyen: Yes... It can be suffocating to be so different from everyone else.
Seox: That's for sure...
Tweyen: But you look like you're beyond all that now.
Seox: Almost, to be precise.
Tweyen: Hehe, if you say so! Good luck either way! I'll see you around!
Seox: Till next time...
As the feelings bubbling in Seox's heart begin to take shape, he heads toward his next destination.

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 15

Seox calls on Niyon next. After a little game of hide-and-seek, she happily concedes to his request for a showdown.

Niyon: Ah...
Seox: You haven't changed a bit...
Niyon swoops toward the shadows after noticing Seox, but he quickly catches up with her.
Seox: Found you, Niyon.
Niyon: So you've come, Seox...
Seox: This is you we're talking about here. I'd be surprised if you didn't notice me coming.
Niyon: Yes, that's why I tried to escape. From you, and from Seofon.
Seox: Yeah? Well, now that we're face-to-face, you're gonna have to fight me.
Niyon: Fine... It doesn't look like you're going away without a few tunes, and besides...
Niyon: With the way you are now, you might make a rhythmic accompaniment for my harp.
Niyon: Play me the cadenza humming within you!

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 16

Niyon remarks on how Seox's dark melody has become so much brighter. He walks away appreciative of the observation.

Niyon: Huff... huff...
Niyon: I'm out of tunes.
Seox: Sorry.
Niyon: It's okay. I haven't lost my crescendo entirely.
Seox: You mentioned something about the way I am now.
Niyon: Hm?
Seox: Did you mean to say I seem different from before?
Niyon: It definitely sounds like that.
Niyon: I used to hear a majestic yet terrifying fugue from you. But not now.
Niyon: It's still a very profound composition, but so much more harmonic with all the depressingly low notes blown away.
Seox: I see...
Niyon: As long as you keep in mind who to thank for that, I don't think you'll strike any false notes.
Seox: Heh, 'nuff said... I'm off now.
Niyon: Have a good tune.
Seox sighs at Niyon's routine musical references and leaves the premises.

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 17

The last in Seox's martial marathon is Anre. They talk in circles about how Seox has changed and then proceed to fight it out.

Anre: I've been waiting, Seox.
Seox's final challenger is Anre, who is, along with Seofon, a cofounder of the Eternals.
Seox: I beat you and this is all over with, Anre.
Anre: I see.
It looks like you have gone through the mill.
Seox: I must become stronger. Unwavering strength that will never yield is what I truly need.
Anre: Hm... I'll refrain from asking you why for now.
Anre: But answer me this: what is it you've equipped yourself with?
Seox: You mean this? It's a revenant weapon—the Six-Ruin Fist...
Anre: Yes, that's what you see. But there's more than that.
Seox: So you're referring to something not in plain sight...
Anre: I'm sure you already feel it—the sensation overtaking your hand, your fist, your body.
Seox: My... body?
Anre: As prolonging this conversation will bear no more fruit, I shall show you directly.
Anre: Show me the power you have gained!

Nine Nocturnal Targets: Scene 18

Their little bout makes Seox realize how much his power has changed. Anre reminds him that there are certain people he must talk to about his desire for power and walks off.

Anre: Ngh... Grggh...Your strength is true, Seox.
Seox: My strength...
Anre: Surely you feel it within you... A power unlike anything you've ever experienced.
Seox: I suppose I do...
Anre: Heh heh heh, that's what truly matters!
Seox: Is this what you and Seofon were planning all along?
Anre: Oh no, all I did was wait for you here.
Anre: But Seofon... I guess he really wanted to get you out of the darkness.
Anre: Let's not forget he is the one who enlisted you in the Eternals to begin with.
Seox: You guys can be a real pain.
Anre: Heh heh heh. Well then, I should get going.
Anre: I'm sure you'll be okay, Seox.
Anre: Just keep in mind that there are people you need to tell why it is you seek power.
Seox: Yeah, I got it.
Anre: Hah hah hah...
After Anre's departure Seox commits himself to take the next step, clenching his fist against his chest.