Scenario:Seruel - Seruel, Son of Connor

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Seruel, Son of Connor

Seruel and Heles reminisce about their childhoods over tea—Heles posits that their father's antipathy toward them was more complicated than simply being seen as the cause of his wife's death. Seruel glumly retorts that they'll never know what their father was actually thinking.

The oracle-stone Lia Fail has revealed that King Connor has acknowledged his son, Seruel.
But Seruel is unable to reconcile with that revelation, sinking deeper into his slump.
Heles: The tea's ready. Drink it while it's still hot.
Seruel: Heles, why are we suddenly having a tea break right now?
Heles: I wanted to talk to you. Just the two us.
Heles: There are some things we wouldn't be able to discuss freely with others around. That includes Naoise.
Seruel: You mean about Father.
Heles: And Mother as well.
Seruel: You wish to talk about Mother, even though I have no recollection of her at all?
Heles: Yes, I'm aware of that. Even so we have to have this discussion.
Heles: As you know, Mother's condition deteriorated rapidly after giving birth to me.
Seruel: But there was no crown prince during Mother's generation, and so the people cried out for one.
Seruel: She clutched at what little time she had left to bring me into this world.
Seruel: Elisheba told me Father was beside himself with grief.
Heles: From his point of view, it must have seemed like our existence was what snatched away his beloved wife.
Seruel: ...
Heles: However, I don't think Father only looked upon the two of us with scorn and loathing.
Seruel: And what exactly are you basing that conjecture off of, Sister?
Heles: If that were really true, he would have thrown us away. But he didn't.
Heles: Do you remember what happened on that one snowy night nearly twenty years ago?
Heles: You, Naoise, and I snuck out of the castle to go into town.
Seruel: It was freezing that night, but I still remember the beautiful lights of each house we passed.
Heles: And do you remember who it was that came out to look for us? Father. I'll never forget how surprised we were.
Heles: He had to have been angry with me. Of course he would, considering it was my idea to sneak out.
Heles: But then he put you on his back, took me by the hand, and led us home to the castle without saying a word.
Seruel: I remember that. I looked back to see Naoise chasing after us.
Seruel: To have the king himself leave the castle alone was unthinkable.
Heles: Hehe. That sounds like something Father would say.
Seruel: ...!
Heles: When I pestered Elisheba to teach me how to make tea and cakes, a stern look overcame Father's face.
Heles: He said, "You are a princess. Don't pretend to be something you are not."
Seruel: ...
Heles: Father intentionally treated us as children of the king first and children of Connor second.
Heles: Thus we came to view him only as a king above all else.
Heles: And now... I can't help but think about our father's duality.
Seruel: ...
Heles: This is all in my head though. Alas, there's no way to confirm his unspoken words.
Seruel: You're right about that. There's no way to ask him...
Seruel: Even if Gorm Glas glimmers...
Seruel: (Mother's life wasn't taken away by Heles. The blame lies with me.)
Seruel: (Nothing's changed at all. Father will never pardon my existence...)

Seruel, Son of Connor: Scene 2

Some time later Scathacha informs Seruel and the others that traces of True Dragon Skadi can still be felt around the Great Court. The crew decides to fly to Alster to investigate.

One day Scathacha informs Seruel and the others that she wishes to speak with them.
Scathacha: Looks like everyone's here.
Naoise: What's happened, Scathacha? Is Alster in some kind danger?
Scathacha: Don't get your armor in a bunch. It's nothing pressing.
Seruel: Go on then. Urgent or not, it's trouble nonetheless.
Scathacha: Skadi's presence still lingers within the Great Court.
Naoise: Skadi? But I thought we took care of that dragon.
Scathacha: It's true that you defeated Skadi, but some of its power has yet to disperse.
Scathacha: If we leave it alone, it has a good chance of dissipating on its own.
Heles: But this is a true dragon's power we're talking about. It would be dangerous to leave it to chance.
Seruel: Indeed. We'd be too late to stop it should anything happen. Let's return to the capital to ascertain the situation.
Seruel and company make way for the royal castle on Alster.

Seruel, Son of Connor: Scene 3

Setting foot into the castle underground, the party is suddenly accosted by the figure of King Connor, and Seruel decides that the only way to understand his father is to take the attack head-on. But Seruel's Gorm Glas emits a light that repels the attack, and he hears Connor say that a child shall not sacrifice himself for the parent.

Seruel and the others step into what used to be the royal castle of Irestill, now known as the Great Court.
Scathacha: Over here.
Seruel: It's still deeper in?
Scathacha: It conceals itself as a wounded beast would.
Naoise: I will take the lead. Seruel, Heles, Scathacha. You three follow behind me.
???: ...
Naoise: Who's there!
???: ...
Naoise: It couldn't be!
Seruel: F-Father!
Scathacha: No, it's not.
Scathacha: Skadi used the feelings of deep resentment and shame that clouded this island to fuel itself.
Scathacha: It probably consumed the memories of Connor in the course of its feast. This is a side effect of its lingering power.
Heles: Father's resentment is impressive to bring about this level of manifestation.
Seruel: So it was a phantom after all! Allow me to bring it peace.
Conner: Se... el... He... es...
Seruel: ...!
Conner: Seruel! If only you'd never been born!
Seruel: Uurgh!
Naoise: Seruel!
Seruel: Ngh...
(That was the full force of Father's grudge...)
Seruel: (To think that my own father hated me so...)
Naoise: The next attack is coming, Seruel! Steel yourself!
Seruel: (If I mean to resolve his feelings, I must stake my life.)
Heles: Seruel? What are you doing?
The others cry out to Seruel in desperation as he approaches the former king without readying his sword.
Naoise: Seruel!
Seruel: ...
Conner: Be gone! Forever!
Conner: Aah... aauuh!
Seruel: ...!
???: A parent sacrifices their life for their child, but the child shall not do the reverse.
Seruel: That was Father's voice!
Skadi: Daaamn yooou!
Scathacha: It seems to have relinquished Connor's form. Perfect. Now's the time to act!

Seruel, Son of Connor: Scene 4

After defeating Skadi, a projection of King Connor appears from Gorm Glas, confessing that although he does resent Seruel for the loss of his wife, the love for his son can't be replaced. And with this stunning revelation, Seruel weeps.

Skadi: Aaauuoohh!
Scathacha: That will do. It was the manifestation of my anger after all.
Seruel: What is this radiance?
Conner: ...
Heles: Father!
Conner: I despise you for taking away my wife...
Seruel: ...
Conner: Yet at the same time I love you as the gifts she bequeathed me. Nothing could replace you two.
Seruel: Father...
Conner: Why can't I separate hate from love? My foolishness knows no bounds...
Heles: Father...
Seruel: ...
The party returns to the airship with nary a word spoken.
Seruel: ...
Naoise: The tea's ready. Would you like some?
Seruel: Thank you.
Seruel: Naoise...
Naoise: Yes?
Seruel: As a prince, I cannot forgive the King's order to have Deirdre exterminated.
Seruel: It's inexcusable, no matter how conflicted his emotions may have been.
Naoise: Yes...
Seruel: But as a regular person, I can take pity on my Father.
Seruel: In the end I am Seruel, son of Connor.
Seruel: I am fortunate to have learned that resentment wasn't the only thing he felt towards me.
Naoise: ...
Naoise: Shall I pour you another cup, Seruel?
Seruel: That would be great, thank you.
Seruel: Father...
Seruel's cheeks are wet as he remembers his deceased father.
Although he is unable to speak with the dead, he has been given some insight into the patriarch's complicated state of mind.
As a protector of the kingdom...

As a son...

Seruel steps into the unknown future.