Scenario:Seruel - Sought Out Truth

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Sought Out Truth

(Captain) and company receive a request to hunt a giant monster at a cave far from civilization. While fighting a monster that can be called the master of the mountain, Seruel feels that something is off.

Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Vyrn: All right! It’s only a little more! (Captain)!
(Captain) and company receive a request to hunt monsters at a certain village.
A battle ensues against a giant monster in a cave far away from civilization.
Seruel: In the calm, deserted village, there is a monster of an unmatching caliber.
Lyria: It seems to be the strongest monster around here... You have to be careful, (Captain).
Seruel: I suppose you can call it the master of the mountain that lives deep in the cave...
Seruel: It’s definitely a difficult opponent... But... Something does not feel right...
Vyrn: There’s no time to think about it now! It’s coming! Get ready! (Captain)!

Sought Out Truth: Scene 2

(Captain) and the party defeat the powerful monster. However, Seruel has an ominous feeling and suggests hurrying back to the village. When they arrive at the village, packs of monsters are there, and the party fends them off.

Vyrn: Yes! Now we just need to report it to the village.
Lyria: Ugh... We managed it... (Captain)!
Seruel: ...
Vyrn: Hmm? What’s wrong, Seruel? Are there monsters left?
Seruel: No... After defeating the monster from earlier, all the other monsters in the area have left...
Seruel: I can't shake this feeling...
Seruel: I have a bad feeling about this. Let’s return to the village as soon as possible, (Captain).
Seruel: If my feeling is right, the village should be...
Hurried by Seruel, (Captain) and company make it back to the village.
When they return to the village, the party is not welcomed by the cheers of the villagers, but rather...
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Villager 1: S-Somebody! H-Help us! The monsters are rushing into the village...!
Vyrn: What the...?! What’s going on here?! We defeated the monster in their request...
Seruel: We’ll confirm the situation later! We must first chase out all of the monsters from the village!

Sought Out Truth: Scene 3

Seruel learns that although they never suffered any damages, the villagers had sent out a request to hunt the monster in case it would ever attack. He tells the villager that their unnecessary hunt of the monster is what caused the monsters to go out of control.

Villager 1: W-We don’t know what happened... The monsters that would never come near the village before just came out all of a sudden...
Seruel: So this village was never attacked by that monster? Then why would you send out that request?
Villager 1: Why wouldn’t we?! Sure, it never caused any trouble for us, but if a monster that strong ever did come to our village...
Seruel: I see... I suppose that it is only natural for you to think that way. Although I think you're a coward.
Villager 2: Hey! Another large pack of monsters are outside the village!
Vyrn: Again...? This is getting tough for just us.
Seruel: But we must do this. Is everyone ready? (Captain).
Villager 2: Is our village over...?
Seruel: Now is not the time to get upset. Your request is what caused all of this.
Villager 2: Huh...?
Seruel: The unnecessary hunting of this one monster is what caused the other monsters to go out of control. You need to get that through your heads.
Villager 2: No way...
Seruel: But don’t worry. We will take responsibility since we accepted the quest. We won’t allow the monsters to do as they please.
Seruel: We won’t let tragedy repeat itself... Not again!

Sought Out Truth: Scene 4

The reason Seruel’s former homeland has been destroyed is that a knight hunted the king of the monsters, Diadora, and lost control of the monsters. Seruel tells (Captain) and the others that he is out to search the missing knight, to tell him about his homeland, and to find out the truth behind the hunting of Diadora.

After a fierce battle, (Captain) and company manage to defeat all of the monsters that were attacking the village.
Lyria: Phew... Good job! (Captain)!
Vyrn: Phew... That was a close one...
Vyrn: But that’s unexpected... I didn’t think Seruel would get so hot-blooded!
Seruel: I thought that I should save them this time... I’ve experienced something similar in the past.
Seruel: Back then, I was too late by the time I arrived...
After saying that, Seruel began to reveal the past of his homeland, the Islest Kingdom, and its demise.
Seruel: Next to the capital is a mountain where a powerful king of the monsters called Diadora ruled.
Seruel: Diadora and the monsters kept their stronghold in the mountain range. They kept their silence and never threated our nation...
Being at war due to a hunt request of a primal beast, Seruel had left his nation at the time and heard the unfortunate news.
He heard that Diadora had been defeated by someone...
And without Diadora controlling them, the monsters went and destroyed the kingdom of Islest.
Seruel: I am looking for the man who killed Diadora...
Seruel: From what the surviving citizens said, he sought to increase his military exploits and went to hunt Diadora...
Seruel: That is what my father, the king, said before his death.
Vyrn: T-Then your country was destroyed because of him, Seruel...
Seruel: No, he was the greatest knight that served my father loyally...
Seruel: I know for sure that he would not put his people... and his nation in danger merely for his personal gain.
Seruel: That’s why I’m looking for him. To know the truth... And to tell him the situation of our country.
Vyrn: But I thought Islest was gone...
Seruel: Hah... Do not underestimate the people of the Islest Kingdom.
Seruel: It may be insignificant compared to its days of glory, but we’ve gathered the people and subjects and have already begun the rebuilding effort.
Seruel: I wanted to tell him, wherever he may be.
Lyria: Haha... I hope you can tell him personally someday...
Seeking the truth behind the destruction of his country and to tell the news of the rebuilding of his homeland, Seruel renews his resolve.