Scenario:Sevilbarra - Awaiting Easterly Winds

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Awaiting Easterly Winds

At the elder's estate, Sevilbarra inquires about possible methods for saving Keralbarra's soul from the demon blade, but the elder explains that it is no easy feat. As for Krelkulkil, there's no coming back from what the blade has turned him into.

After a fierce battle with the crew, Krelkulkil goes into hiding again after getting his hands on a certain demon blade.
It is from this point on that Sevilbarra makes it his life's goal to purge the world of the vile blades, which serve only to plunge the world into misfortune.
The crew once again makes for the elder's estate to report on this turn of events.
Elder: So I see Krelkulkil has made himself scarce...
Sevilbarra: Forgive me for being so powerless.
Elder: It's not your fault, Sevilbarra. No one could have stopped him.
Elder: If there ever was a chance to, it would have been when he took off with just a single demon blade in hand...
Sevilbarra: I have to ask...
Sevilbarra: Was the blade that Krelkulkil made off with... the one passed down in my family?
Sevilbarra: The one known for a killing edge that gets sharper with every soul it cuts down, condemning its victims to an eternity of anguish...
Elder: That is correct. A few generations back it was kept in this home for some time, giving my family a chance to confirm its nature.
Vyrn: What I don't get is how Straw Hat Guy didn't know that.
Elder: The mere knowledge of the fact wouldn't help matters much.
Elder: Considering that Sevilbarra's generation only had to keep it safe, simply knowing that it was a dangerous artifact was sufficient.
Sevilbarra: Krelkulkil mentioned that if we can apply the extraction technique to the demon blade...
Sevilbarra: It may be possible to rescue Keralbarra's soul from within.
Elder: ...
Sevilbarra: Do you think that's really possible?
Sevilbarra: And supposing we do pull it off, what happens to the freed soul?
Any version of Cagliostro is a crew member

Sevilbarra: Would it be a situation similar to that alchemist in our crew...
Sevilbarra: Where if an alchemic bodily vessel is prepared beforehand, resurrection would be possible?
The elder grows silent, a solemn expression covering his face.
Sevilbarra: ...
Elder: Come with me.
The crew curiously follows behind the elder.
(Captain) and company arrive at a cellar located on the premises.
Lying inside are experimental apparatuses, along with various types of demon blades, all neatly arranged.
Elder: The blades in here each possess a different attribute.
Elder: By employing a special technique, we can extract a portion of that attribute.
Lyria: You mean like that monster we fought in the garden?
Elder: Indeed. But bear in mind that it can be drawn out only because it governs a part of the demon blade's inner nature.
Elder: By attribute, I am referring to the captive soul that lies within.
Elder: Even if we're able to draw it out, whether the soul is strong enough to survive the process...
Elder: Remains an unknown factor.
Sevilbarra: Unknown, eh...
Elder: Which is why I wouldn't get my hopes too high. The extraction technique was born out of an inordinate amount of trial and error.
Elder: Even if that demon blade were in our possession this very moment, successfully pulling off the technique immediately would be no easy feat.
(Captain) and company droop their shoulders in disappointment.
Sevilbarra: I see. We appreciate the explanation, Elder.
Elder: Keralbarra was a sweet young lady... 'Tis a real shame what happened to her.
Sevilbarra: Elder... what can I do to save Krelkulkil?
Sevilbarra: The only way I can atone now is to at least pull him out of the mess...
Elder: I'm sorry to say it's too late for Krelkulkil... He's used the demon blade far too much.
Elder: He's reached a state where we can no longer do anything for him.
Vyrn: Now that's just straight-up coldhearted! We're talking about your grandson here, for goodness sake!
Vyrn: You're not even gonna try to keep up with the research on demon blades?
Elder: ...
Sevilbarra: Vyrn. Cool it, will you?
Sevilbarra: The elder has spent much of his life studying the sealing technique. He sees things that we don't.
Sevilbarra: It's not our place to blame him.
Sevilbarra admonishes Vyrn for coming down so hard on the elder.
Yet the feeling of helplessness that overcomes everyone lingers on.
The elder suggests that the exhausted crew members stay the night, then shuffles off.

Awaiting Easterly Winds: Scene 2

Sevilbarra dreams of a swordsmanship lesson with Krelkulkil. It quickly turns into a nightmare, with a blood-drenched, resentful Keralbarra lying on the ground and Krelkulkil—demon blade in hand—rushing in to attack.

Krelkulkil: Yah! Haaah!
Sevilbarra: Nuh-uh-uh! Strike harder, faster!
At the dojo's garden, Krelkulkil is receiving sword training from Sevilbarra.
He desperately throws his weight into every wooden sword swing as per Sevilbarra's instructions.
However, it is all but clear that Krelkulkil is completely devoid of talent with a sword.
Krelkulkil: Urgh!
Krelkulkil: Taah! Hyaaah!
Sevilbarra: You leave too many openings!
Krelkulkil: Augh...
Taking a single blow from Sevilbarra, Krelkulkil collapses to the ground while clutching his side.
Sevilbarra: Ready to give up?
Krelkulkil: Far from it!
Sevilbarra: Haha, that's what I like to hear!
The two ready their swords again.
But a voice calls out just before the bout can continue.
Keralbarra: Geez, Brother, take it easy on him!
Sevilbarra: Keralbarra! Don't get in the way of our training!
Keralbarra: You're taking it too far! Have you forgotten Krel's still new to all this?
Sevilbarra: If I let up, he's never gonna get any better!
Keralbarra: Krel, you hanging in there okay? Show me where you're hurt.
Krelkulkil: Ah... I'm okay...
Keralbarra pays her protesting brother no attention as she helps prop up a staggering Krelkulkil.
Keralbarra: Maybe you're just not cut out for swordsmanship. No need to push yourself so hard, okay?
Krelkulkil: I need to become stronger to protect you...
Keralbarra: Krelkulkil...
Keralbarra: ...
Sevilbarra: Keralbarra?
Keralbarra: That wouldn't make a difference. As strong as my brother was, he failed to protect me.
Sevilbarra: ...!
Keralbarra: Why didn't you save me, Brother...
Sevilbarra: Keralbarra!
Still reeling from his little sister's scorn, the surrounding environment suddenly transforms into a sea of blood.
Sevilbarra: What... is this...
Keralbarra: It hurts so much...
Keralbarra: I never... wanted to die...
Keralbarra: Why... didn't you... save me... Brother...
Sevilbarra freezes at the sight of his sister's blood-drenched body and resentful eyes.
Sevilbarra: ...
Krelkulkil: ...
Sevilbarra: Krelkulkil...
Krelkulkil is now brandishing a demon blade and glares hatefully at Sevilbarra.
Krelkulkil: ...
Keralbarra: Ugh, the pain... I'm so scared... I can't take it...
Krelkulkil: Sevilbarra...
Krelkulkil: Why! How did it come to this? You were right there!
Krelkulkil: What the heck were you doing when the blood was draining from her body!
Krelkulkil: Why did Keralbarra have to die!
Sevilbarra: I...
Krelkulkil: Why, why, why!
Demon blade drawn, Krelkulkil rushes at his mentor.

Awaiting Easterly Winds: Scene 3

Awoken from the terrifying dream by his own bloodcurdling scream, Sevilbarra recalls his conversation with the elder. The next morning he keeps his gloomy thoughts to himself, readying his heart for the eventual confrontation with Krelkulkil.

Sevilbarra: Krelkulkil! Keralbarra!
Having awoken to his own agonizing screams, Sevilbarra realizes that it was all a nightmare.
Sevilbarra: (What a dream...)
The sensation of having cut down Krelkulkil still fresh in his arms, Sevilbarra clutches his head in anguish.
Sevilbarra: (Where are you, Krelkulkil... And what could you possibly be doing now...)
Sevilbarra: Elder... What can I do to save Krelkulkil?
Sevilbarra: The only way I can atone now is to at least pull him out of the mess...
Elder: I'm sorry to say it's too late for Krelkulkil... He's used the demon blade far too much.
Elder: He's reached a state where we can no longer do anything for him.
Sevilbarra: (The demon blade continues to drain Krelkulkil of his life force.)
Sevilbarra: (Even with the sealing technique... I am not sure how long he can remain himself...)
Sevilbarra: (Rationality lost, heart broken, memory wiped—perhaps it won't be much longer until he begins thrashing about, catering only to his most basic and savage instincts.)
Sevilbarra: (Like Corwell...)
Sevilbarra: (When that time comes... what is there that I could possibly do for him?)
Sevilbarra clenches his fists and gazes up at the ceiling through the darkness.
The next morning (Captain) and company say their goodbyes to the elder and depart from the island.
Sevilbarra stands quietly on deck, his hair fluttering wildly against the strong winds.
Sevilbarra: ...
(Captain) calls to the Harvin out of concern.
  1. Are you okay?
  2. You're not alone.

Choose: Are you okay?

Sevilbarra: Oh, I'll be fine. Sorry if I made you worry.
Sevilbarra: I was just... thinking about the answer to something.
Sevilbarra: Which is silly considering the answer's already right in front of me in a way...
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Choose: You're not alone.

Sevilbarra: You're right... I have all of you in the crew.
Sevilbarra: (Mm-hm... I'm not alone, but...)

Continue 1

The Harvin samurai shelves his concerns in his heart and flashes (Captain) a faint smile.
Sevilbarra: Your kindness knows no bounds, (Captain), but perhaps that's why you're our captain.
Sevilbarra: I pray that part of you never changes.
Sevilbarra: (But kindness is not an option for me.)
Sevilbarra: (Krelkulkil... If you should ever fall to depravity, I swear to take you down by my own hand...)
Sevilbarra continues the adventure with (Captain) and company in hopes of one day tracking down Krelkulkil.
Only time will tell of what may come of that final confrontation.