Scenario:Sevilbarra - The Reckless Ronin

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The Reckless Ronin

(Captain) and the crew have been asked by a village to clear a mountain of bandits, and there they meet a man named Sevilbarra sharing their objective. After they have dealt with the bandits together, they return to the damaged village, but (Captain) refuses the reward. Taking an interest, Sevilbarra asks to join the crew.

The party pushes into the mountains to rescue a village from the bandits that have been plaguing it.
Searching deep in the mountains for their stronghold, (Captain) and the others discover a Harvin man confronting some bandits.
???: Hey there! Have you heard of a long sword called a Demon Blade?
Bandit: Who are you to ask us questions? You got this backwards, idiot! Get him, guys!
???: Sigh...
Lyria: Oh, no! They've got that man surrounded—we have to help him!
(Captain) and the others rush forward to save the man from the bandits.
Bandit: You're going down!
???: Hah! One of us is going down, but it won’t be me!
Bandit: Argh! ...I'm outta here!
Sword drawn, the man takes out one bandit after another, until finally they start to flee.
Vyrn: That was awesome! That straw hat guy is crazy strong!
???: Hm? And who are you? You don’t look like bandits...
(Captain) and the others explain that they are skyfarers who came to catch the bandits at the request of the villagers.
Lyria: So you shouldn't wander around here by yourself. There are lots of bandits in these mountains.
???: Haha, I see, I see. So you’re bounty hunters, too!
???: Looks like these bandits are just causing trouble everywhere.
The man says that another town, aside from the one that hired (Captain), has offered a reward for capturing the bandits, and he has his eyes on it.
Vyrn: Really? Then if we're after the same thing, why not work together?
???: No, there's something I need to do on my own... Sorry, but I’ll be going on without you.
Almost as soon as the words are out of his mouth, the Harvin man disappears further into the mountains.
Lyria: ...! That man...he was smiling...but his eyes were very cold.
Lyria: ...Let's go after him, (Captain)! He could get into serious hot water without back-up!
The party arrives at the cave where the bandits are hiding out.
???: Take that!
The Harvin man is already involved in a scuffle with the bandits.
???: Whew... Not them, either. You just can’t rely on rumors.
Bandit: Why you little—!
A bandit attempts to attack the man from his blind spot.
Lyria: Look out!
(Captain) take down the bandit in the nick of time, thereby avoiding what could have been a deadly blow to the stranger.
???: Hey, you’re... Thanks. You’re a lifesaver!
???: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some butt-kicking to do!
The man and the party work together to take down the bandits one by one.
The Harvin raises his sword to deal a finishing blow to a fallen bandit.
Bandit: Nooo!
  1. That's enough!
  2. What are you doing!

Choose: That's enough!
???: ...You think a bandit deserves compassion?
???: Heh... That’s the face of someone who stands their ground. Have it your way, then.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: What are you doing!
Without thinking(Captain) cries out, and the man stops.
???: ...You don’t want me to dirty my hands with murder? They’re not even your hands. ...Interesting. I like that look in your eyes.
???: All right then! For you, I’ll keep my blade in check.
Continue 1
(Captain)’s crew works with the stranger to capture the bandits and turn them in to the authorities.
The man goes off to town to claim his reward. The party sees him off, then heads back to the village.
Village Chief: Thank you so much! Now we'll be able to make it through the winter.
Village Chief: But this is all we can offer you for all your hard work. I couldn’t be more ashamed...
The Village Chief offers the party some money, but (Captain) won’t accept it.
Village Chief: What! We can thank you after we’ve rebuilt the village? But...but that would be...!
Vyrn: Heh heh, we really don’t mind! And we'll be back again once the place is fixed up!
The tearful Chief and villagers hate to see them go, but the party heads back to the airship.
???: I can’t believe what a bunch of saps you are.
Lyria: Huh? It's y-you again!
Sevilbarra: Right, I haven’t introduced myself. The name’s Sevilbarra.
Lyria: Oh! And we...uh...I'm Lyria. This is (Captain). And that's Vyrn!
Lyria: Do you need something, Mr. Sevilbarra?
Sevilbarra: Well, I’ve always been a might curious about skyfaring...I just haven't been able to find a good crew.
Sevilbarra: That is, until now. You guys seem like a good bunch!
Sevilbarra: I don’t suppose you’d let me be one of your crew?
Vyrn: Haha! We saw how strong you are! Of course you're welcome!
Sevilbarra: I owe you one! And if you can travel long distances, I think I can finish a personal goal of mine, too.
Sevilbarra: (A goal of revenge, that is...)
Thus Sevilbarra joins the crew, receiving a warm welcome from(Captain) and the others. That night...
Bandit: Dammit... Thanks to them all my buddies got caught! I gotta teach ‘em a lesson... They’re gonna pay!
A resentful bandit sneaks toward the airship while everyone is asleep.
Bandit: Guh!
Sevilbarra: For cryin’ out loud... I knew the Captain was too soft. There’s always one.
Sevilbarra: ...Well, it’s the grown-ups’ job to do the dirty work.
Wiping the blood from his sword, Sevilbarra smiles quietly and returns to the ship.
Little do (Captain) and the others know about the darkness hidden behind this roaming soldier’s cheer, or what he intends to use his blade for.