Scenario:Siegfried - Demon Dark

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Demon Dark

The Order of the White Dragons learns of a remote village that was destroyed, and that Siegfried is to blame. At the same time, (Captain) and the crew show up with news that Siegfried has disappeared from the airship. Working together with Lancelot and Vane, they search the remote village for clues to Siegfried's whereabouts.

A village burns wildly, enveloped in scarlet flames.
Siegfried: ...
Village Man: Agh...
Siegfried: ...
Village Woman: Nghh...
The flames roar brightly, illuminating Siegfried's solemn face.
Siegfried: ...
He stands there in blood-soaked armor, grim and vacant.
Fearful Villager: (It's him!)
A villager watches from the shadows as the swordsman disappears into the forest.
One day, the Order of the White Dragons receives word that a remote village has been destroyed, with a witness identifying Siegfried as the culprit.
Lancelot and Vane listen as the villager recounts his story.
Fearful Villager: I saw him... I watched him flee after he slaughtered everyone.
Fearful Villager: And with that armor and giant sword, it just had to be Siegfried!
A wave of unease washes over the room.
Lancelot: I have no reason to believe that you are lying.
Lancelot: With that said, could you be mistaken about what you saw?
Vane: Hey now, everybody! It's about time you get back to your posts!
Vane senses the alarm amongst the knights and quickly dismisses them.
Fearful Villager: I'm sure I saw him! You must believe me!
Lancelot: ...
Vane: I'm sure you were pretty shaken up. Maybe you saw a bear or something instead.
Fearful Villager: There's no mistake! I know it was him!
Vane: Yeah, but come on! He's got no reason to do something like that. Right?
Lancelot: (Vane! Mind your tongue.)
Vane: (You think we should believe this ridiculous story?)
Lancelot: (I know how you feel, but we can't simply dismiss it either.)
Vane: (Fine, fine. I hear ya.)
Fearful Villager: No... You're wrong. Because he wasn't even human. He was a monster.
The room grows tense with fear and urgency at the villager's new claim.
Lancelot: Very well. We shall be the ones handling this matter for now.
Lancelot: We have your story. You may take your leave.
Fearful Villager: Siegfried... He's a monster. You can't reason with beasts.
The villager mutters on about Siegfried, as if crazed by the memory of his cold gaze.
The villager shuffles out of the room just as (Captain) and company enter. They hurry toward the two knights.
Vyrn: Hey you guys! Take a look at this!
Vyrn shows them a handwritten note from Siegfried.
The note is short, saying that he'll be leaving the airship for a while.
Lyria: Siegfried's disappeared!
Lancelot: I see... So he wasn't with (Captain)'s crew at the time.
Vane: Aw man... I guess resolving this isn't going to easy.
Lyria: Hmm? What are you talking about?
Vane: That, uh... Hey, you guys have perfect timing!
Vane: As in, you and the gang can help us find Siegfried!
Lancelot: Uh, yes. Good thinking.
Vyrn: Huh? He isn't here?
Vane: That's right, Vyrn! So let's put our heads together and look for him!
Vyrn: Wait a sec... You don't know where he is either?
Lyria: Um...
Vane: And now that we're all here, it's time for action! Come on, Lancey! Let's go!
Lancelot: Fine. I'll explain everything on the way.
The crew, joined by Lancelot and Vane, learns of the incident at the village and Siegfried's possible involvement.
Vyrn: Good grief... Siegfried's gotten himself in deep this time!
Lancelot: Well, we can't be sure of that yet.
Lyria: Maybe. But I'm getting worried about him.
Vane: It'll be fine. After all, this isn't the first time he's disappeared on us!
Lancelot: You've got a point. Surely he's off trying to handle something all on his own.
Vyrn: So? Where are we off to now?
Lancelot: For now, I think we should look into that village where the incident took place.
Lyria: Got it! We'll search high and low! Right, (Captain)?
Vane: Great! I'm counting on you!
Vane: But be careful, (Captain). Because we've got some monsters up ahead!

Demon Dark: Scene 2

The crew arrives at the remote village to a gruesome scene. The damage seems to be incapable of anything a human could carry out, but Lancelot finds a strip of cloth appearing to be Siegfried's. Suddenly, a horde of zombies appear, forcing the crew to fight their way through.

(Captain) and company visit the remote village in search of leads on the incident, as well as Siegfried's whereabouts.
But when they arrive, they stand frozen in silence, gazing upon the gruesome sight before them.
Vane: No way...
Lyria: Just... how could this have happened?
Vane: Look, how about you guys go take a little break over there?
Lancelot: Right... We should've thought a bit longer before leading you here.
Vyrn: But you couldn't have known what was here. Don't worry about it!
Lyria: And when I see something like this, I just have to do something.
(Captain) nods, agreeing with Lyria.
Vane: I see. It seems (Captain) leads a pretty strong crew.
Vane: I guess I was overthinking the situation a bit. Sorry...
Vane scratches his head and smiles awkwardly at (Captain) and company.
Lancelot: Look around. This doesn't seem like something a human could do.
Vane: Yeah. Just what could've done all this damage?
Lancelot: Hm?
Lancelot sees a strip of cloth caught on a piece of collapsed roof.
Lancelot: (No doubt about it... This is Siegfried's...)
Vane: What's up, Lancey? Did you find a clue?
Lancelot: N-no, it's nothing!
Lancelot quickly slips the cloth into his pocket.
Lancelot: (No, it can't be... We need more proof.)
Zombie: Grrr!
Lancelot: !
Vane: Look out!
Zombie: Grrr...
A zombie closes in on Lancelot, but Vane slices right through it.
Lancelot: Thanks...
Vane: Heh heh! No problem!
Vane: Is it just me or are more and more of them coming out of nowhere?
Lyria: Yeah, it's like they're gathering here!
Vyrn: Woah... If we don't do something, we'll be surrounded!
Lancelot: Don't worry. I can fight off this many on my own.
Lancelot: Vane and (Captain), follow me and I'll spearhead our way through!
Vane: Great! We're right behind ya!
Lancelot: Good... Now let's go!

Demon Dark: Scene 3

Black smoke rises high into the sky, and the crew decides to find the source. They are shocked to discover a burning village and a sinister Siegfried, slashing villagers one by one. Lancelot is shaken, but determined, to lead the crew in a fight to stop this friend-turned-foe.

The crew fights through the zombies and find a safe place to rest.
Lancelot: There doesn't seem to be any more around. We should be safe here.
Lancelot: Good job, everyone!
Vyrn: Whew! I was sweating scales back there!
Vane: Well, we ran pretty far. I doubt they'll chase us all the way out here.
Lyria: Um... Vane?
Vane: Huh? What's wrong, Lyria?
Lyria: It's just, I think you can put me down now...
Vane: Oops! You're so light I didn't even notice!
Vane bends down as Lyria, a bit embarrassed, hops off of his back.
The crew settles for a spell when they notice black smoke rising into the sky.
Vyrn: Hey, Lancelot. What's that smoke?
Lancelot: Hmm? Smoke? Oh, I see... It's rising pretty high.
Vane: And look... It's like the sky is glowing.
Suspicious of this strange spectacle, the two suggest to (Captain) and company that they should all go check it out.
The crew agrees and they head toward the source of the smoke.
What they find is a village, engulfed in crimson flames.
There amongst the dancing flames walks a swordsman, slaying villagers one by one.
???: ...
Villager: Guggh...
His figure, bathed in their blood, shines brightly in the blaze.
Siegfried: ...
Lancelot: Huh?
Lancelot: Siegfried?
Siegfried: Lancelot?
Lancelot: Why? Answer me, Siegfried!
Siegfried: Disappear.
Without word or warning, Siegfried lunges at Lancelot.
Siegfried: Haaaah!
Lancelot: Nghh...
Lancelot dodges his strike by a hair.
Vane: Hohhh!
Siegfried: Humph.
Vane jumps in and attacks Siegfried, who easily evades him.
Lancelot: Vane! Thanks for the save!
Vane: Oy, Lancelot! Siegfried looks like he's not playing around!
Lancelot: It would seem so.
Vane: I dunno if he's being controlled or what, but let's figure it out later!
Vane: If we hesitate now, we're done for!
Lancelot: Yeah... I'm ready!
Vyrn: Whoa whoa! What's going on here?
Lyria: I don't know but he looks serious.
Lancelot: (Captain)! It's just as it looks... He's coming for us.
Vane: We can't win this unless we go in at full force!
Lancelot: So let's work together and bind his attacks!
Lancelot: (What's happened to you, Siegfried?)
Siegfried: Humph...
Lancelot: Hah... Take this!

Demon Dark: Scene 4

In the heat of the battle, Siegfried's blade swings down on Lancelot for a fatal blow, but suddenly, another Siegfried appears and blocks the attack. Before they can settle the fight, a man named Hagen appears and orders the hostile Siegfried to stand down. The two disappear, leaving the crew with the other Siegfried to lead them in the chase for Hagen.

The crew continues to defend itself against Siegfried's assault.
Lancelot: Siegfried... Why?
Siegfried: ...
Lancelot: Answer me! I was... I...
Lancelot is shaken, and in that instant, a giant sword swings toward him.
In his moment of weakness, Lancelot exposes himself to a sure, direct hit from Siegfried.
But suddenly a black shadow appears, swinging a massive sword to parry the attack.
Siegfried: What's wrong with you, Lancelot?
Siegfried: You've gotten slow. What happened to all your drive in Howling Valley?
Lancelot: Siegfried?
Siegfried: Once you see me stray from the path, regardless of who I was, you must strike me down.
Vane: What's going on here! Two Siegfrieds!
Siegfried: Vane, I'll explain later. First, we need to get the other me out of our way.
With Lancelot saved and Siegfried's calming words, relief falls over the group.
Siegfried: Found you.
Siegfried (?): Die.
???: Stand down!
A man suddenly appears, and with his short command, the other Siegfried calmly obeys.
???: Tch... I thought you could wipe out those skyfarers.
Siegfried: Hagen.
Lancelot: Who are you, you filth!
Hagen: Humph... We shall retreat for now.
Siegfried (?): As you wish.
Siegfried: Wait! Hagen!
Hagen: Don't worry. I'll leave you with a few friends to play with.
And in a flash, a swarm of zombies appear.
Lancelot: Ugh. That's more than just a few. A lot more.
Siegfried: Nothing to it. We'll pierce our way through!
Lancelot: S-sir!
Vane: Roger that! And y-you're the real Siegfried... right?
Siegfried: Yes. Trust me. I'll tell you everything after we escape!
Siegfried: Now let's go! Follow me!
With Siegfried leading the charge, the crew slashes and scatters the undead as they chase after Hagen.
Two Siegfrieds have appeared before the crew. With doubts in their minds, they choose to follow their hearts and believe in the man now guiding them forward.