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The two sisters visit a dining hall along with (Captain) and company. Hearing that the occasionally rambunctious spirits protecting the town have begun to summon monsters, Sutera suggests that she might be able to use her bow to stop the rampageA report of monsters in town reaches the party. They spring into action.

Sutera followed the rumors to a town where she was finally able to meet her sister, Metera.
(Captain) and company decided to stop in the dining hall for a short talk...
Sutera: But Metera! You ran off with his savings! You have to apologize!
Sutera: He's well and truly angry, Metera! He might even punish you as a thief!
Metera: Okay, okay... I got it, jeez. What's so great about the village, anyway? I'm not going back just to get yelled at.
Sutera: Metera! You sound like... like some brat! Don't expect me to stick up for you when you're acting like this.
Sutera: Don't you realize how it hurts me to see this rift between you two? At least say you're sorry! Please!
Metera: Wow, you sure do talk a lot... guess who's growing up to be like dear old dad?
Sutera: Do you really mean it?! Perhaps some of his thoughtfulness rubbed off on me...
Metera: That's not what I meant, you dweeb! You're such a dork, I swear. Excuse me, miss! I'd like to place another order!
Waitress: And what will you be having?
Metera: Hrm... like, a salad? And maybe one of those sandwiches... and, umm...
Metera: Hey, what's with that guy with the poopy face? That's no way to eat a meal.
Dejected Man: Damnit... what am I to do now... 'ey, miss! Gimme another ale!
Waitress: Oh, my... please forgive him. A group of spirits caused quite a clamor recently and his... his house was destroyed.
Lyria: Wait, what does that mean? What sort of clamor?
Waitress: Well... this town has been home to some, uh... rather energetic spirits for a pretty long time. Occasionally they like to run wild.
Waitress: But now they've got monsters joining the party. It's like a tornado went through here.
Waitress: Usually the ghosts work to keep the monsters away... We've all been thankful for them, but now...
Lyria: I see... it must be terrible.
Metera: I mean I haven't, like, seen them? But maybe these spirits are, like, full of energy and they have to let off steam every once in a while?
Metera: Get someone to seal that energy off and they'll probably stop, right? Not that I'm gonna do it.
Sutera: ... A seal, you say? I could perhaps apply one with my bow...
Metera: I mean, you can try. ...You think I should get some cake?
Townsperson: Oi! It's horrible! Terrible, even! Monsters! Monsters in the town! ...And I think the spirits are here, too!
Sutera: ! This sounds serious! We need to run those monsters off, (Captain)!
Waitress: We would be so grateful if you could! You'd be rewarded handsomely!
Metera: ...Psh. There goes your "time to work" face, (Captain). Jeez, what a pain in the keister!
Metera: How 'bout you and me make a bet, Sutera? Whoever finishes last has to do what the winner says, 'kay?
Metera: And if I win I want you to STOP asking me to say sorry to dad!
Metera: ...And the bet is on! Let's get this party started, shall we?
Sutera: Er... Metera?! This town is in grave danger and you're making bets?!
Sutera: ...But first thing's first. We must get rid of the monsters and appease the spirits. Let's hurry!

Autobiography: Scene 2

A group of angry spirits surrounded (Captain) in the heat of the battle. Seeing (Captain) in grave danger, Sutera readied her bow and fired a shot to seal them. Feeling Sutera's need, the bow sealed a portion of the spirit's power. But their anger was not yet quelled. The party was forced to fight on.

Metera: Haaah!
Metera fired off a barrage of arrows, each one hitting a wild spirit and stopping it in its tracks.
Sutera: That's the Metera I know! ...If only I had her skill. So many have suffered needlessly...
Sutera saw the true difference between her and her sister's prowess in battle. It was an uneasy realization.
Concerned for Sutera, (Captain) failed to notice the appearance of the spirits.
Spirit: ...!
Vyrn: Whoa?! What d'you think you're doing jumping out like that?! Careful, (Captain)!
But the party was too late. (Captain) was cut off.
Sutera: (Captain)! If only I could seal them!
Sutera: Oh, sacred bow... Please... I need you to help me protect (Captain)!
Sutera: Time to hit them with the seal!
Sutera released her arrow, successfully sealing a portion of the spirit's power.
Sutera: Hah... wait. Is the bow responding to me?!
Lyria: Be careful, now! The spirits aren't giving up yet! Ready your weapon, (Captain)!

Autobiography: Scene 3

The sheer power of the bow caused Sutera to faint. They carried her back to the inn. Sutera's eyes opened to find not (Captain)'s party, but her sister Metera watching over her. The conversation they shared before Sutera drifted back to sleep was more than a little enlightening.

Sutera: ...
Lyria: Eep?! She... she fainted! Sutera! Are you okay?!
Metera: You'll be fine. You fired the bow full blast since you couldn't control it is all. All you need's a little rest.
Lyria: We're so happy to hear that! And you too, (Captain). Great work. How about we visit the dining hall one more time?
The hall erupted with cheers of thanks as (Captain) and company entered. The townspeople recommended they stay one more night.
And the next day.
Sutera: Mm... unh... wha?! Wait... where am I?!
Sutera: I... I fainted after we found those spirits... is this an inn?
Sutera: Oh... (Captain)? Lady Lyria? Lord Vyrn? Have you been sleeping on the floor?
Sutera: ...You've been taking care of me... Thank you.
Metera: Y'know... you've always had a ton of friends. Not that I care or anything.
Sutera: Oh! Metera, you... you nursed me back to health, didn't you? Thank you!
Metera: Pleaaaase. I mean you did, like, crush the leaders and all. Thought I should probably keep an eye on you.
Sutera: Even after a battle like that... Thank you, everyone. And Metera. You must be exhausted...
Sutera: I... I don't think I'll ever be as graceful in battle as you, Metera...
Sutera: I mean, I was able to shoot the arrows. I just don't know how I managed to do it...
Metera: I don't know why you have to talk about me like that, Sutera.
Metera: You think that maybe you could use the bow because you let go of yourself for a minute?
Sutera: Let go... you might be right. All I could think of was saving (Captain)...
Metera: You can't do what you need to do if your head's full of all that unnecessary stuff. All you needed was a chance.
Sutera: But...
Metera: Are you kidding me?! Why do you always have to be such a pain in the butt, Sutera?!
Metera approaches the bed and peers into Sutera's eyes.
Metera: You're you and I'm me. We want different stuff. We do different stuff.
Metera: ...D'you hate me just 'cause I can't live like you?
Sutera: Why would I hate you?! You're my sister! I love you no matter what!
Metera: ...Hmph!
Metera: ...Then the same goes for me. You don't need to be like me.
Sutera: ...Metera... Thank you! I love you so much!
Metera: Aw, jeez! ...That is so like you! ... Go on and get some sleep! And don't get up until you're better!
Sutera: ...Well, I am a bit tired... I guess I should get some sleep...
But Sutera had already drifted to sleep, knowing her sister was watching over her.
A few days later, the crew set off once again. The town was sad to see them go.
Vyrn: Tell me something, Sutera. You won the bet and all. Why didn't you drag your sister back home?
Sutera: It's fine, Vyrn. I carry her words with me.
Sutera smiles. In her hand is a piece of paper with one word hastily scribbled on it. "Sorry. "
Sutera: Hehe. Father should really see this... I probably should give him the letter... but considering all I've been through...
And so Sutera's journey was complete.
But having seen the world beyond her village and learning of her place in it, she had no intention of stopping there.
What sort of life could she lead on a journey with (Captain) and the crew... her future was a blank slate laid before her.