Scenario:Sutera - Heir of the Magic Bow

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Heir of the Magic Bow

Vyrn, concerned about the extremes Sutera was taking in her training, recommended she be more like her sister. Remembering her sister's tendency to pick up strange men, Sutera left in a hurry. Thinking her sister instead sought strong men to duel, Sutera posted a note in a general store calling all opponents. The next day a challenger appeared in the form of a rather rough man.

Sutera has joined (Captain)'s skyfarer crew. Her days are spent in rigorous discipline while her thoughts stay on her elder sister.
Sutera: I'll be heading out for a bit today! I don't expect to be out too late...
Vyrn: Hey, Sutera... This whole asceticism thing... you think you might be overdoing it?
Vyrn: I mean, why can't you try to be more like your sister?
Sutera: More like my sister... I think I get it!
Vyrn: Right? Like, relax a little... have some fun, you know?
Sutera: I see... acting a little more like Metera might bring me closer to her!
Sutera: Okay, then... I'm off to find myself a man!
Vyrn: ...What?! Whoa, whoa! Whaddayou mean find yourself a man?!
Lyria: What's wrong? But Sutera was already gone, clouds of dust in her wake.
Vyrn: This is bad! We gotta go after 'em, (Captain)!
Sutera: Excuse me, sir! Could you spare me a moment?
Man: Hmm? Is something bothering you? I wouldn't mind lending you a hand.
Sutera: Oh, thank you! Thank you so much! We must be off, and quickly!
Vyrn: Hey, I've found 'er! Yo, Sutera! ...Wait, why are you bringing a stranger to a dump like this?!
Sutera: ... Good. I don't think we need to worry about looky-loos here. So...
Sutera: I humbly offer a challenge!
Vyrn: What the... hey! What the hell?!
Sutera: Lord Vyrn? What are you doing here? I'm picking you up!
Sutera: I heard that Metera would challenge men to duels like this all the time!
Man: Hrm... picking me up, you say? I'm afraid I'm more of a business man, not a fighter.
Sutera: Truly? Well you've certainly enough strength to carry your wares... I thought that maybe...
Man: Ahaha! I fear you were mistaken, young lady.
Sutera: Oh... well truly I'm sorry to have wasted your time...
Man: Oh, no need to apologize! But if you're looking for a challenger, I can put up a notice in my shop.
Sutera: You will? Truly?! Oh, what kindness you show a nuisance such as I! Thank you!
With a hearty thank you to the store owner for his kindness, Sutera returns to the town with (Captain)'s party.
And on the next day...
Riffraff: Hey, sister! You the girl what was looking for a challenger on that notice board?
Sutera: Why yes, yes I am! Did you see it and come to see me for a duel?
Riffraff: Hey, now! Bring yer friend, why don'tcha. All I gotta do is give you what for, right?
Sutera: Well he certainly seems confident. Oh, I can't wait!
Vyrn: ... Hey, dude. You do know this is, like, a one-on-one type deal, right?
Riffraff: Hrm? Haha. One, two, it don't matter to me! You're looking at a winner right here!
Vyrn: What?! How 'bout we take this guy to church, (Captain)?

Heir of the Magic Bow: Scene 2

Her challenger rebuffed, Sutera realized she hadn't quite understood what it meant to pick up a man. She decided to take down her notice, but that did little to stop new challengers from popping up. At that time, Sutera received a letter from home. She had been requested to prove her worth as a palace guard, clearing monsters using a sacred magic bow passed down for generations.

Riffraff: Damnit... can't believe I lost! And here I was hoping I'd win your heart... damn shame...
Sutera: Go out? But where? Do you mean to say you want thanks for dueling me?
Riffraff: Be my lady and there will be much hand holdin'... and smoochin'. And oh, the dates!
Sutera: A da... what?! Is that what you mean by companionship?!
Riffraff: Wha?! Dating! That's what companionship means, don't it?!
Sutera: Wh-what?! Of all the shameless... I think I would have remembered saying that!
Sutera: What in the world did that manager put on that notice! I'm going to go and find out!
Sutera: Lord Manager!
Man: Hmm? Hey, you're that skyfarer from before! How'd the notice work out?
Sutera: Indeed I am! Well, it certainly did attract some attention...
Sutera: They... they wanted me for... for... companionship! Why would you write something like that?!
Man: Hm? Well you did say you were looking for men... and that's what I wrote.
Man: I... I thought you might be looking for a man stronger than you to find... a... a suitable companion...
Sutera: Wha?! Wait... is that what picking someone up means?!
Vyrn: Er... yeah... something like that, I guess?
Sutera: !
Sutera: No, no, no, no, no! I made a mistake! I didn't know that's what it was!
Sutera: Please, please. Just take down the notice!
Sutera asked the store manager to take down the offending notice after hearing an explanation from (Captain)'s party.
But word had already spread and the days were filled with men coming to throw down a challenge.
In the midst of the madness a letter arrived at the KnickKnack Shack, a letter from Sutera's father.
The letter asked Sutera to return home, and this she did with (Captain) and company in tow.
Mayor: Welcome home, Sutera. And you, dear skyfarers. Thank you for taking the trouble.
Sutera: What could my father want? I... I still haven't managed to find Metera...
Mayor: It was because of her that your mother learned of my... ahem... savings. But this is not about that.
Sutera: Not about that? Then what is it? I can't say I know what's going on, but I would be glad to help in any way I can!
Mayor: There is only one reason why we would summon you. We are considering choosing you as the holder of the sacred bow.
Sutera: ?! The holder?! Me?!
Mayor: Yar. Thus we would like to test you and see if you are worthy.
Sutera: But... I...
Lyria: Wait... what exactly is this sacred bow?
Sutera: The sacred bow uses arrows of great magic. The power resides in our village and the bow is passed down through the ages.
Sutera: Though many generations have passed since we've found a person worthy of wielding it.
Sutera: ...Father. I find it hard to believe that I could be the chosen one. Great honor though it may be...
Mayor: Sutera I know that you have dreamed of holding the bow in your own hands.
Sutera: ... How did you...
Mayor: It would not do for you to underestimate it, Sutera. And it would do you no small good to be reckless once in a while.
Mayor: Though I'm sure you have a different definition of reckless.
Sutera: ... Father!
Sutera: I understand. I will take the test and discover whether I am worthy of wielding the bow.
Mayor: There is only one trial fit for you. A legion of monsters has made their nest just outside of our village. Clear it.
Sutera: A legion of monsters as a trial? They must be quite strong...
Sutera: ...I'm ready to do it!
Sutera: Father. Lord (Captain). I'll not disappoint you! I'll return soon!
Vyrn: Ah! Oi! There she goes... can't say I'm not worried. Eh, (Captain)?
Lyria: Hey!! (Captain). Maybe we should sneak after her... you know, keep her out of any major trouble!
Monster: Grrrroooaar!
Sutera: Whaaa!
Monster: Grrrr...
Sutera: Hah... hah... quite a few of you, aren't there! And no slouches at masking yourselves!
Monster: Grrrroooaar!
Sutera: ?! Blast it! Right in my blind spot!
Sutera had not even enough time to nock her arrow.
(Captain), having followed in secret, flew out to provide a bit of backup.
Sutera: (Captain)?! What are you do... no, no! First we must defeat these knaves!

Heir of the Magic Bow: Scene 3

The first stage of the trial complete, Sutera hesitated, wondering if her sister might be a more fitting wielder of the sacred bow. But Sutera's primary concern was to defeat the monsters and bring peace of mind to the people of her village. Sutera and (Captain)'s party fought together to take care of the remaining monsters.

Vyrn: Gotcha! Well that takes care of the ones here!
Sutera: My apologies, Lord (Captain). I must still be wet behind the ears to get all of you involved.
Sutera: ... It's as I've known all along. My sister is much more worthy to wield the bow than I...
Lyria: Is... is that why you tried to say no the first time?
Sutera: ... . It is. A prodigy worthy of wielding the bow appears only once every century. My sister seems much more suitable.
Lyria: But your father knows your sister's strength and still offered the bow to you, Sutera.
Lyria: He must have a reason!
Sutera: Lady Lyria...
Vyrn: Er... hey, Sutera. Sorry we stuck our noses in. You want us to leave and let you take care of this?
Sutera: Of course not! My trial isn't what's important here. I need to clear these monsters and bring peace to my village.
Sutera: I hate to ask, but would you be able to help me get rid of these monsters?
Vyrn: You got it! That ship's already sailed eh, (Captain)?
Lyria: Let's go! You're right, Sutera. Let's give those villagers some peace of mind!

Heir of the Magic Bow: Scene 4

Sutera has defeated the monsters plaguing her village. But her inability to handle the task alone has left her inheritance of the bow in question. However, according to her father, that is exactly what makes her a suitable candidate. The trial is intended to test the weak... to see if they would rely on the strength of others. Sutera was chosen to be the master of the sacred bow.

Sutera: ...Father. I've returned!
Mayor: I'm glad to see you home safely, Sutera. You did a splendid job ridding us of those monsters.
Sutera: Yes. But it wasn't only I who did it. I had the help of (Captain) and the others.
Sutera: I couldn't have done it by myself. I don't think one person is strong enough to protect the entire village.
Sutera: I'm not strong enough. I've known it all along. I would like to be withdrawn from consideration.
Mayor: ...Is that so? Even when you're exactly what I've been searching for?
Sutera: Huh?
Mayor: The goal was not to fulfill the task by yourself, but for you to work with others, turning your weakness into strength.
Mayor: That's exactly the sort of spirit a wielder needs. And it's one that dwells within you, child.
Mayor: ... So take the bow. Take the bow and become our guardian, Sutera.
Sutera: ...!
The mayor extended a hand to the bow. With great reverence, Sutera picked it up.
Sutera: The... the sacred bow! I've wanted to hold it ever since I was child...
Mayor: Yar. There is no reward without effort. I want you to remember that, Sutera!
Sutera: ...I will! I'll work hard to be the best I can be!
And so Sutera became the wielder of her village's sacred bow.
Such a bow would not be easy to master, however. Sutera's success would depend on her own efforts.