Scenario:Teena - Meaning Behind the Flower

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Meaning Behind the Flower

Teena and our heroes exchange puzzled looks after receiving a strange request. It came in the form of a letter from an unknown sender, and included payment before they even had a chance to accept it. The party is left with no other choice but to follow its instructions and go to the island named, where they are confronted by monsters.

Teena: Oh, I see it! It’s that island, right?
Vyrn: Hrrrm... Are we really going to do this?
Lyria: Well... We HAVE already been paid...
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: Humph. As usual, you’re a bunch of busybodies.
Receiving a mysterious letter, our heroes go as requested to a certain island.
The letter was a request from an anonymous sender, and included payment.
Teena: And there was no return address, so we can’t send it back... I’d feel bad if we just did nothing.
Vyrn: But it just bothers me. That letter looks like it was written by some little kid, but they paid in gold and silver!
Teena: Hmm... Do you’s a trap?
Lyria: Look! There’s a monster on those rocks!
Vyrn: Well, we’ve come this far. We’ll just have to fight! Let’s go!

Meaning Behind the Flower: Scene 2

Having driven off the monster, the party is still suspicious about who sent the letter. Teena senses someone nearby, and discovers a goblin hiding in the shadow of a rock, but something’s not right. The goblin, on the other hand, gives in to his instinctive hatred of humans, and attacks!

Our heroes defeat the monster, thus fulfilling the strange request. But...
Vyrn: Whew... Well, we did it!
Teena: But what a weird request. This island looks deserted.
Lyria: Now that you mention it... All I can see are rocks. Who would need us to get rid of the monster?
Teena: Hrrrm...
Teena: ! Who’s that hiding there?
Goblin: Kee-hee? Uh-oh...!
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: Fiends! Even on a deserted island like this one...
Vyrn: Eep! A g-goblin? So it WAS a trap!
Goblin: Kee kee! Run, everyone!
Teena: Huh? Where did they come from?
At a signal from their leader, a bunch of little goblins appear, and take off as fast as their legs will carry them.
Lyria: I think...they’re his children!
Teena: I guess it wasn’t a trap. That letter was from...
Goblin: Kee kee... Kee! I shouldn’t have gone to humans for help. You shall not pass!
Vyrn: Calm down! We’re not... Uh-oh! Incoming!

Meaning Behind the Flower: Scene 3

Our heroes beat back the goblin and organize their information. This goblin had sent them the request to beat the monsters, and bears no malice against humans. But, unable to resist his instincts, he attacks again, and Teena is critically injured. The party wants revenge against the goblin, but Teena implores them, “Revenge will get you nothing.” Later, the goblins help Teena make a full recovery, and the chain of hatred is broken.

Goblin: Gurrrgh...
Our heroes beat back the goblin, but they merely knock him unconcious, then they unravel the mystery.
Teena: I’m not sure...but I think the goblin is the one who hired us.
Teena: He came to us humans for help, to protect those little goblins...his children...from the monster.
Vyrn: Yeah... And he must have been watching from the shadows to make sure we actually beat it.
Lyria: But then why did he attack us? We weren’t going to hurt him...
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: ............
Vyrn: Hmm... Well, when we see goblins, we get ready to fight, too.
Lyria: Hrgh... That’s true, but...
Teena: Let’s go, okay?
Teena: They live on a deserted island. I think that means they don’t want to attack people.
Teena: I’d be lying if I said I could see a goblin and not have an emotional reaction...
Teena: But I wish I could.
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: Humph. I’m out of the goblin-hunting business. You do what you like.
Vyrn: Yeah, we will. I’m with Teena. Let’s—
Goblin: Kee kee... Kee! Die, human!
Lyria: Huh...?
Teena: Oh, no! Lyria, watch out!
Teena: Ugh...
Lyria: Aaahhhhhh! Teena! Teena!
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: ............
Lucius: Damn it! How long do we...have to—!
Lucius: Grrr... Raaahhh! Cursed fiends! I will kill you all!
Vyrn: You little...! How DARE you! I knew you could never trust a goblin!
Vyrn: Lyria, take care of Teena! ...Let’s do this!
Goblin: Kee kee...! I... I was just...!
Teena: ...Wait!
Teena: Stop... Let...the goblin go...
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: Teena...!
Vyrn: What! But he...
Teena: I’ve had enough...of this...
Teena: You get revenge, then they want revenge... You hate them, they hate you... It never ends...
Teena: Someone has to stop...or it will just go on forever...
Teena: So...please... Let him go...
Teena: ............
Lyria: No! Teena...? Teena, wake up!
Lyria: You can’t! Wake up! Wake up!
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: What!
Teena: Oh! It’s that flower again!
Mother: Isn’t it beautiful? It’s called an andalise.
Teena: Yes, it’s gorgeous!
Mother: I love this flower. And I love what it means in the language of flowers, too.
Teena: Language of flowers?
Mother: Yes, all flowers have a meaning. The andalise means...
Teena: Oh... Mutual forgiveness...
Teena survived, and already showed signs of making a full recovery.
After she lost consciousness, the party, after moments of agony, sheathed their swords. Seeing this, the goblin brought a special medicine.
The bleeding stopped immediately, and the wound had all but vanished.
Lucius is a crew member

Lucius: Teena... Your food is ready. Hold on to my shoulder.
Teena: Ha ha, that’s okay. I’m all better now.
Lucius: Hm? That smile...
Teena: Huh? What’s wrong?
Lucius: Oh, no... I just’re starting to look like our mother.
Teena: Uh, really? Me? Look like Mom?
Lucius: Heh heh... Maybe I was imagining it.
Teena: What! What’s that supposed to mean?
Lucius: Hahaha. Let’s go.
Teena: ...Yeah!
Teena suddenly stops and smiles up at the skies.
Lucius not in crew

Lyria: Oh, Teena! We have food for you! Today you get a very special chicken soup!
Teena: Ha ha, that’s okay. I can have what everyone else is having. I’m all better now.
Lyria: No, you are not! I am going to take good care of you! Now let’s go!
Teena: Hee hee. Yes, ma’am.
Teena suddenly stops and smiles up at the skies.
Teena: Say, Mom... Will I ever be like you?
The smile of her mother, buried for so long under thoughts of revenge, now shone brightly in Teena’s mind.