Scenario:Thelonim and Vania - A Hero's Trial

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A Hero's Trial

Vania tests Thelonim's ability to serve as her bodyguard, but concludes that he's not ready to assume the mantle. Although he has failed her trial, Thelonim promises Vania that he will one day become strong enough to protect her.

Thelonim: What! No way! You're a p-p-princess?
One fateful day aboard (Captain)'s ship, Thelonim meets Vania for the first time.
He is shocked to learn that Vania is, indeed, a princess.
Thelonim: (Holy moly! I've finally met the real thing!)
Vania: What's with you? Hello?
Thelonim: Ack! Um, er...
Thelonim: Ahem! Allow me to properly introduce myself, princess. I am known as the hero, Thelonim!
Vania: Um... hero? What are you talking about?
Thelonim: I am a devotee of gallantry and fearlessness! Someone who is worthy of your praise!
Thelonim: Princess, I beseech thee! Allow me to protect you! That is my duty as a hero!
Vania: So what you're saying is... you want to serve me?
Vania: Mm-hmm, I see, I see. You want to become my bodyguard!
Vania: But I've already got (Captain), you know!
Thelonim: Wait! As a hero, I am more qualified than (Captain) is!
Vania: Hm... You look kinda wimpy to me.
Thelonim: Ngh...
Vania: And you don't look as dependable as (Captain), either.
Thelonim: Grglrgh... It's true that I'm not that strong right now.
Thelonim: However! I'll definitely become stronger. I'll become the hero you deserve!
Vania: Oh... Is that so.
Vania: Hehehe! Okie dokie. I'll give you a chance!
An impish laugh escapes Vania's lips. Suddenly, she drops down on the floor, cowering in fear.
Vania: Eeek! It's scary! Save me!
Thelonim: Huh? Wh-what's wrong?
Vania: Humph! I'm scared because I'm being attacked!
Vania: And don't ask what's wrong! Say I'm going to save you! You want to be my bodyguard, right?
Thelonim: Ah! I get it now. Sorry.
Vania: Okay, do it again! And this time, protect me like you mean it!
Vania: Eeek! I'm scared!
With his eyes on Vania, Thelonim draws his wooden sword and points it toward an unseen enemy.
Thelonim: Stop right there, fiend! Relinquish yourself from the princess!
Thelonim: Prepare yourself for my ultimate sword strike!
Thelonim: Gallant Smash!
Thelonim: Phew. Are you unharmed, princess?
Vania: It's not over yet, you know.
I'm still so scared! Like, thiiiiis much!
Vania spreads both her arms out wide to show that there are still plenty of foes left to fight.
Thelonim: Whoa, th-that many? Never fear, the hero Thelonim will exterminate them posthaste!
Thelonim swings his wooden sword wildly at invisible enemies until Vania is satisfied.
Thelonim: Haa... haa... I think... that's the last of them... princess...
Vania: Yup! You got them all! Next!
Vania: Brr... It's so cold...
Thelonim: Oh no! Princess! What's wrong?
Vania: No, no, no! Were you even paying attention! Don't ask what's wrong!
Vania: I'm super sick, okay? You have to take care of me quickly!
Thelonim: I'm sorry. Please let me try again!
Vania: Okay! Here we go!
Vania: Hah... Ngh... It hurts...
Thelonim: Pardon my rudeness, princess.
With a serious countenance, Thelonim gently rests the back of his hand on Vania's forehead.
Thelonim: Yeow! You're burning up! What should I do? Ah, I know! I'll look for medicine!
Thelonim gets on his knees, and pantomimes looking through invisible brush. He completes his search and returns to Vania.
Thelonim: This is the fabled herb that cures all ailments! Open wide, princess!
Vania: Haa... Haa... Ngh...
Thelonim: D-did it work? Are you feeling better?
Vania: Yup! I feel much better now! Thanks!
Thelonim: Hehehe. Thank goodness. So what do you think, princess? I'm pretty reliable, right?
Vania: Hm... No, I knew it. You're hopeless.
Thelonim: What? But why?
Vania: Humph! Let me finish!
Vania: I get it. You want to protect me.
Vania: But I don't think you're strong enough for the job yet.
Vania: Whenever I'm in trouble, you need to come flying in to be by my side.
Vania: That means you'll have to become way, way stronger than me.
Vania: And when that time comes, I'll let you take over for (Captain) as my bodyguard, okay?
Thelonim: Really? Then I hereby swear on my honor that I shall become stronger! Strong enough to protect you!
Vania: Hehehe. Good! Pinky swear!
They raise their pinkies in the air.
With both of their pinkies intertwined, the promise is forged.
Vania: Heehee. If you break our promise, you're kaput. Don't you dare forget!
Thelonim: Haha, yes, my lady! I will never forget!
Thelonim bashfully gazes at Vania with a smile as her soft laughter fills the air.
Our young hero vows to become a champion worthy of the little princess. His mission, however, has only just begun.