Scenario:Tien - Ballad of Bullets

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Ballad of Bullets

Having given up a part of her conscience, Tien points the Ten-Wolf Gun at her visiting twin brother, Feower.

In order to gain power to protect her siblings, Tien gives in to the call of the Ten-Wolf Gun,
Unaware of this, her twin brother, Feower, pays a visit to discuss upcoming plans for the town.
Feower: Sis? I'm coming in.
Tien: ...
Feower: You could've said something if you were awake, you know.
Tien: Hey... Feower...
Tien: If we come to be known as the strongest, do you think people will really stop trying to lay their hands on Stardust Town?
Feower: What's this all of a sudden? Isn't that why we became Eternals in the first place?
Tien: Yes... that's right...
Tien points a gun at Feower, and his eyes widen with shock.
Feower: Sis, what are you—
Tien: Feower. Follow me outside.
Tien: I have to defeat you. I have to attain the title of strongest in the skies.
Feower: Have you lost your mind, Sis?
Tien: If I have to do away with you in order to protect all my other siblings in Stardust Town, then so be it.
Feower: Ha... Ahaha... I don't know what's gotten into you, but...
Feower: This is a pretty good prank coming from you... If you're ready to come out of your shell and prove yourself, then come at me, Sis!
Feower: (Is she under some kind of spell?)
Feower: (Whatever the case... I'm gonna have to fight her!)

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 2

The defeated Feower wonders what could have possibly happened to his kindhearted sister, who moves on to her next target.

Feower: Gwaah!
Tien: That's one down.
Feower: Wait, Sis... I can still...
As the defeated Feower tries to get back up, Tien takes one last cold look at him before turning away.
Feower: Tch... What in the skies is happening here...
What could have possibly happened to the once kindhearted Tien? Nary a soul knows.

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 3

Unaware of Tien's current condition, Fif visits Stardust Town for a day of fun. Despite Fif's vow to help Tien protect the town, Tien ambushes her.

Tien has already finished dueling her twin brother, Feower.
Oblivious to this fact, Fif pays Tien a visit.
Fif: Ah, there she is! Yoo-hoo, Tien! If you're free, let's go out and play!
Tien: ...
Fif: Ohh... I guess you're not feeling too well? I heard all about it from the kids in Stardust Town. Cheer up, okay?
Fif: It's not your fault the mafia attacked the town! I'll be there next time it happens!
Fif: Huh? T-Tien, what's gotten into you?
Tien: If I defeat all the Eternals... I will be crowned strongest of all.
Tien: I'll defeat them... All of them! I'm going to... protect the children!
Fif: T-Tien! I'm right here if you want to talk!
Tien: ...!
Fif: Wah! I don't know what's happening anymore!
Tien pays no heed to her friend's confusion and points the Ten-Wolf Gun at her.

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 4

Sensing the victorious Tien's intent to kill, Fif summons the last of her magical power to teleport away. Tien searches for her next opponent.

Fif: Urgh... Tien, you poopyhead! I thought we were friends!
Tien: ...
Fif: Eep!
Fif crumbles to the ground after a long, hard-fought battle. Tien points the Ten-Wolf Gun at her without the slightest hint of hesitation.
Tien: She's gone...
Fif summons the very last of her power to teleport away.
Tien: I shall be feared as the strongest... and crush the mafia...
Tien: With my own two hands!
No longer the calm and serene person that everyone once knew, Tien sets out for her next battle against the remaining Eternals.

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 5

Eahta appears before a wandering Tien. Seeing that Tien is not herself, he draws his katanas for combat.

Eahta appears before Tien as she wanders the skies with the Ten-Wolf Gun in hand.
Eahta: I see. Malicious spirits have taken hold of you.
Tien: Eahta...
Eahta: We meet under less than auspicious circumstances... but so be it.
Eahta: Let us begin!

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 6

Eahta falters in the face of devastating blows from Tien, likening her reckless use of power to that of a savage beast. He then leaves the battle halfway through, leaving Tien to search for her next prey.

Tien: You're not getting away!
Eahta falters in the face of Tien's devastating attacks and tries to create some distance.
Eahta: How empty your soul must be. Your reliance on brute strength is no different from that of a savage beast.
Tien: If becoming a beast is what it takes to protect everyone's livelihoods, then become a beast I will!
Eahta: The clashing of our words and weapons mean naught if you cannot set your sights on what is true and just.
Eahta: I may not be the one to do it... but someone will stop you eventually.
Tien: I won't be stopped. I can't be stopped. I now possess power greater than anyone!
Eahta vanishes before Tien's bullet hits its mark.
Tien: With this power... I can...
Tien stops mid-sentence and continues searching for her next prey.

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 7

Tweyen checks in on the power-hungry Tien and ends up having to fend for her life.

With Eahta taken care of, Tien continues roaming the skies with the Ten-Wolf Gun in hand.
Tweyen appears before Tien, whose eyes are now hollow and devoid of all emotion.
Tien: ...
Tweyen: ...
Tweyen: Fif told me everything. It's been a long time since a fellow Eternal contacted me, so I wasn't sure what to expect...
Tweyen: Care to tell me what's going on? This isn't like you at all, you know.
Tien: Tweyen...
Tweyen: Go on. I'm all ears.
Tien: I must defeat my fellow Eternals to earn the title of strongest in all the skies...
Tien: Then I will use that might to utterly obliterate those who might lay a finger on my family.
Tien: When all is said and done, my little brothers and sisters won't have to suffer ever again.
Tweyen: Do you seriously believe that?
Tien: ...
Tweyen: I can feel your murderous aura. It's like the feeling one gets from two beasts facing off in the wild... but ever so slightly different.
Tweyen: It's too bad. I was hoping our conversation would have ended differently.
Tweyen: But so be it. Allow me to take you on.

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 8

Questioning Tien's recent bloodlust, the beaten Tweyen manages to fly away at the last moment.

Tweyen: Urgh... Impressive, Tien...
Tien: ...
Tweyen: I can't believe you're really going through with this... How could you point your gun at your friends... especially a child like Fif?
Tien: I'll do anything for my siblings...
Tweyen: Considering how fanatical you've become, I don't doubt that for a second.
Using her powers of flight, Tweyen slips through Tien's bullets and escapes.
Tien: ...
Tien's eyes are empty and hollow as she chases Tweyen's tracks through the skies.

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 9

Tien senses Niyon and immediately fires the Ten-Wolf Gun at her. Niyon hears the somber melodies coming from Tien and realizes they must do battle.

After Tweyen's retreat, Tien continues her hunt of the other Eternals.
Tien: ...!
Niyon: How mean. I didn't take you for the type to shoot first and ask questions later.
Tien: Try and hide all you want. It doesn't matter. I will become the strongest.
Niyon: Tweyen and Fif said I might stand a chance, but I doubt it.
Niyon: Your melody has turned into a deafening cacophony. I don't know how that happened, but I did not wish to meet you like this.
Niyon: One who fights to protect their loved ones would not play such dreadful, earsplitting notes. What is it that has led you down this path, Tien?
Tien: You can take all the time you want to figure it out...
Tien: After you defeat me!

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 10

Having lost interest in Niyon after subduing her, Tien turns away. Niyon realizes everything could have been avoided if Tien had spoken to Seofon or Anre first.

Niyon: That weapon... The Ten-Wolf Gun has played you like a fiddle. It has warped your once dulcet tones into a dreadful discord...
Tien: The Ten-Wolf Gun grants me the power to protect my siblings!
Having lost interest in the defeated Niyon, Tien turns away.
Niyon: You can no longer see. You can no longer hear.
Niyon: If only you had spoken to Seofon or Anre first...
Niyon's musings fail to reach Tien.

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 11

At Seofon's urging Threo seeks out Tien for a playdate. Their romp begins with Threo challenging Tien to a duel.

Tien has all but lost her sense of self to the Ten-Wolf Gun as she continues her battle against the other Eternals.
Threo readily appears before her.
Threo: Found you, Tien!
Tien: I could say the same, Threo.
Threo: Yeah? Well, perfect! Here we are now!
Threo: Seofon asked me to rough you up! I mean... slow you down!
Threo: And I'm here to do just that!

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 12

A battered Threo clamors for a rematch, explaining that survival of the fittest is the way of the world. This, however, only compels Tien to become stronger and she rushes off.

Threo: Damn it! I demand a rematch!
Tien: You seem to think... this is some kind of game.
Tien: Is stealing from the weak that pleasurable to you?
Threo: Huh? It's just survival of the fittest! That's how the world works!
Threo: You're super duper strong, but you still worry about crap getting stolen from you? That is just sad, girl!
Tien: ...!
Tien: I'm far from strong... I have to get stronger... or else!
Threo: O-or else what? What's going on with you?
Tien pays no heed to Threo and rushes away toward the underbrush.
On her face is an expression of deep anguish.

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 13

With Seofon being the closed book he is, Tien keeps her guard up at the sight of him but immediately turns aggressive when provoked.

Tien leaves Threo behind and rushes headfirst into the forest, arriving at a town on the other end.
Tien: ...
A voice from the alleyway calls out to her as she stares at the bustling crowds.
Seofon: How's it going, Tien? Something catch your eye?
Tien: ...!
When did you—
Seofon: Whoa! Stop right there! No shooting at first sight, please. Niyon was pretty upset, y'know.
Seofon: And what's with that weird look on your face? That's not the Tien I know. Reminds me of Feower from way back when though.
Tien: ...!
Tien brushes him off and rushes to the outskirts of town.
Seofon: Hey, hold up! I'm still talking!
Seofon: Listen up, Ten-Wolf!
Tien: What?
Seofon: Don't think you're getting away so easily after cajoling my dear Tien here!
Seofon: (Is this truly what Tien wants? Or is it all the Ten-Wolf Gun's doing?)
Seofon: You want to be the strongest, right? And you're gonna just ignore little ol' Seofon here and go on your merry way? That's cold!
Seofon: Or were you saving me—the best—for last? Y'know, to make things a little extra exciting?
Tien: You sound pretty sure of yourself.
Seofon: (Humph. Not much of a reaction, eh? That's so Tien.)
Seofon: Hey, I don't call myself the leader of the Eternals for nothing. Surely you know that much.
Seofon: (Wait. She probably doesn't... The Ten-Wolf Gun's got its fangs in deep.)
Tien: If I defeat you, will people stop trying to hurt my poor little brothers and sisters?
Seofon: Is that what this is about?
(So that's the idea the gun's been bombarding her with.)
Seofon: Whatever's going on here, I need you to let go of the Ten-Wolf Gun, Tien!
Tien: I'll never hand it over! Ever!

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 14

Seofon is no match for Tien's overwhelming strength. As she walks away, Seofon considers ways to separate her from the Ten-Wolf Gun without hurting her.

Seofon: Cripes! No wonder you beat the other Eternals!
Seofon: (I just wanted to gauge her strength, but it's way beyond what I expected...)
Tien: ...
Seofon: Huh? You're gonna let me go just like that?
Seofon: (Guess she's not interested in hanging out with the folks she's beaten down.)
Seofon: (If we don't stop Tien soon, there's gonna be repercussions for her when she finally breaks free of the Ten-Wolf Gun.)
Seofon: (There's gotta be something we can do...)
As Tien leaves the forest, Seofon mulls over how best to help her.
Only time will tell if the Eternals are able to eventually restore Tien to her true self.

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 15

At Seofon's request Seox ambushes Tien in an attempt to snatch the Ten-Wolf Gun by force.

Seofon works double-time to save Tien from the clutches of the Ten-Wolf Gun.
He asks Seox, one of the Eternals, to seek her out.
Seox: Give me a break... I'm taking orders from him now?
Tien: ...
Seox: There she is! Word is she'll turn back to normal if I can separate her from the Ten-Wolf Gun.
Seox fades into the shadows in preparation for a surprise attack.
Seox: Kieeeiii!
Tien: ...!
Seox: Tch! I can't believe you dodged that!
Seox: But no one beats me up close! That gun is mine!

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 16

Tien overcomes Seox and makes her way toward the final Eternal, Anre.

Seox: How... could I...
Tien: Now there's just one Eternal left.
Tien: I'm going to beat all of you... and become the strongest.
Tien: And then... the mafia will be put away for eternity!
Tien pays no attention to the collapsed Seox as she walks off in search of Anre, the final Eternal.

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 17

Anre stands quietly before Tien, warning that he will give no quarter. Tien, too, shows no signs of conceding.

As instructed by the Ten-Wolf Gun, Tien continues on her path of total domination against the Eternals.
Standing quietly before her is the spear-wielding Eternal, Anre.
Anre: I'd be lying if I told you I didn't foresee the Eternals breaking apart from the inside.
Anre: But I never imagined someone as kindhearted as you being the one to make it a reality.
Tien: I only wish to provide a life of peace for my brothers and sisters...
Tien: If that requires bloodying my hands... then I will happily do so.
Anre: If someone as powerful as you seeks war, I have no choice but to stop you.
Anre: It will be difficult to hold back against you... I doubt I'll be able to separate you from that Ten-Wolf Gun of yours...
Anre: Sorry, Tien. I can't afford to pull any punches.
Tien: I don't need your mercy! I'm going to defeat you and show the world how strong I truly am!

Ballad of Bullets: Scene 18

With all of the Eternals defeated, Tien earns the title of strongest. Her next destination: the mafia hideout.

Anre: Power begets peace. To rid the world of war through absolute power... has been my life's goal.
Tien: And in the end it was nothing but a pipe dream. Even with all the power you have, you did nothing to help us.
Tien: As the oldest kids in our group, we fought tooth and nail every day to build Stardust Town.
Tien: After so much fighting and bloodshed, we finally carved out a place we could call home... A place with warm beds to sleep in.
Tien: You only talk high-and-mighty because you don't know what it's like for those of us who've been in the trenches.
Anre: I suppose I cannot deny your existence...
Anre: I thought I might have to defeat you if you became a threat to the world... yet I have failed.
Tien looks down coldly at Anre before listlessly walking away.
Tien: This makes me... the strongest.
Tien: Now to annihilate the mafia... and my little brothers and sisters will finally be able to live in peace.
Tien: ...
Tien: Truly?
Despite being under the control of the Ten-Wolf Gun, Tien begins having doubts.
Yet she does not stop in her tracks. Her next target: the mafia.