Scenario:Tien - Invitation to War

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Invitation to War

The Ten-Wolf Gun calls out to Tien, promising her great power. They face off in a trial of strength.

Now aboard the Grandcypher, Tien decides to give up on pursuing the mafia for the time being.
Yet the uneasiness in her heart remains. She spends day after day in constant worry.
Tien: (Everything we've done up to this point has caused nothing but suffering for my little brothers and sisters.)
Tien: ...
Tien: (This is no time to be pouting. I need to think of something...)
Tien: (I just want them to grow up to be happy and well-adjusted adults.)
Tien: (If we become the strongest in the skies like Feower always talks about, will we actually be able to protect Stardust Town?)
Tien: (Whose voice is that? I wonder if anyone's up...)
Tien turns in the direction of the voice and takes a walk through the Grandcypher for a change of pace.
Tien: It doesn't feel like I'm hearing it so much as it's reverberating around inside my head.
Tien: ...
She lightens her footsteps and carefully tries to trace where the voice is coming from.
Tien: Who's there? Why are you calling out to me?
???: ...
Tien: ...!
The Ten-Wolf Gun!
Ten-Wolf Gun: Indeed. I am the Ten-Wolf Gun. I serve as one of the revenant weapons.
Tien: How is this possible?
Ten-Wolf Gun: I do not mind your astonishment, lass. The fact that you're able to hear my voice at all proves your skill as a master gunner.
Tien: Mm... I use a gun. That much is true.
Ten-Wolf Gun: Not bad... Not bad at all. I believe you have what it takes to draw out my true power.
Ten-Wolf Gun: But before that... allow me to test your might and see if you are truly worthy of brandishing me.
Tien: Test my might? What do you mean?
Ten-Wolf Gun: Hahaha! Fight and try to overpower me! Or die trying!
A flummoxed Tien looks on as sparks fly from the Ten-Wolf Gun.

Invitation to War: Scene 2

Entranced by the thought of a safe future for her little siblings, Tien reaches out to the Ten-Wolf Gun, which draws her into a never-ending battle.

Tien: ...
Ten-Wolf Gun: That's right, lass! Take me in your hands! Revel in the power of a revenant weapon!
Tien: Mm... If you want someone to use you that badly, why not ask (Captain), the one who found you?
Ten-Wolf Gun: Take me in hand... and you will gain the indomitable strength you've always desired.
Ten-Wolf Gun: I know your pain and suffering, lass. Do you not wish to protect your beloved siblings?
Tien: Indomitable power... Power great enough to protect my brothers and sisters...
Allured by the Ten-Wolf Gun's tempting proposal, Tien reaches out.
Tien: ...!
Ten-Wolf Gun: Yes, come unto me. Together we shall show the world our true strength!
Tien: I...
The Ten-Wolf Gun speaks directly to Tien's conflicted heart.
Its charming words pull her in, inviting her to partake in an eternal struggle.