Scenario:Tweyen - Strength Enough to Rule

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Strength Enough to Rule

To prove that she's the strongest Eternal, Tweyen first visits Anre and demands that he fight her. He reluctantly readies his weapon after seeing the Two-Crown Bow.

Tweyen: ...
Anre: Tweyen? What are you doing with that bow? Isn't that (Captain)'s?
Tweyen: It chose me over all others. The Two-Crown Bow I mean.
Anre: And what are you planning to do with that thing?
Tweyen: I have to prove that I'm the most powerful Eternal in the sky.
Anre: I'm afraid I can't allow that. The Eternals maintain the balance of the world as a group. No single one of us can ever rise above the others.
Anre: But I can see that arguing about this is pointless... Your eyes are telling me that you're not willing to bargain.
Anre: It pains me to face a friend in battle, but it seems I have no choice but to stop you.
Tweyen: A friend? Rulers need no friends. All they need are subjects to rule... and I intend to prove it.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 2

After defeating Anre, Tweyen leaves without looking back. Anre worries about the havoc an Eternal and revenant weapon could cause together.

Anre: Ugh...
Tweyen: Already done? Then I have better places to be.
Tweyen leaves without so much as looking back.
Anre: Who would have thought a revenant weapon would ever latch on to an Eternal and cause such havoc...
Anre: We have to put a stop to this.
Tweyen pays him no mind as she walks off in search of her next prey.
Tweyen: ...
Her eyes see only power beyond the confines of humanity.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 3

To prove that she's the strongest Eternal, Tweyen visits Threo. When Threo hears that Tweyen hopes to become a true monster, she responds that she's already the strongest and leaps into battle.

Threo: Anre told me there's something wrong with you.
Tweyen: Nonsense. I simply realized at last what it is I really need.
Threo: But why break away from the herd? What'll you do without the Eternals?
Tweyen: Those who lose their humanity can never again live among people. That's why I aim to finally become a true monster.
Threo: So... Once you're the toughest beast of them all, are you plannin' to eat me or something?
Tweyen: What if I am?
Threo: Sorry, but I'm the world's strongest! And the reason I am is to make sure nobody could ever eat me!
Threo: Forget being dessert for some wimpy archer! I'll tenderize you first!

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 4

Though Threo fears that Tweyen plans to eat her, the victorious Tweyen simply walks away, leaving Threo to insist that she fears nothing.

Threo: Gasp!
Tweyen: I win. I can see in your eyes that you don't even have the will left to flee, beast.
Threo: Don't be stupid! I'm not scared of you!
Tweyen: This reminds me of when I used to hunt other beasts like you. I do admit that you're the first dragon-eater I've ever dropped though.
Tweyen: Thanks for the reminder of my strength. See you.
Threo: Ugh... I'm not scared! Seriously!
Threo: Argh!

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 5

Tweyen challenges the other Eternals to prove she's the strongest. Feower tracks her down, furious at her for attacking her friends, and tries to stop her.

Feower: Let me ask you something, Tweyen.
Tweyen: Oh. Hey, Feower.
Feower: There's something I don't quite get. What exactly are you trying to do with that power of yours?
Tweyen: Oh my. It almost sounds like you might understand what I'm trying to do... But that all depends on my motives, yes?
Feower: Yeah, right. What kind of infantile talk is that? You got something chewing through that brain of yours?
Feower: All I see in front of me is one more scumbag... You're no different from the mafia cockroaches terrorizing the slums.
Feower: I'm only trying to figure out just how badly to punish you for attacking your friends like some sort of rabid dog.
Tweyen: I see... Maybe I'll answer your little question if you beat me.
Feower: Sigh... You asked for it. I'm not sure how the other softies in our crew have dealt with you, but you'll have no mercy from me.
Feower: Either give up now... or die right here!

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 6

Tweyen explains to the defeated Feower that she joined the Eternals because she felt like it and is leaving for the same reason. She then leaves in search of her next prey.

Feower: You... You've gotta be kidding me!
Tweyen: ...
Feower: Is this really what you wanted to do with your strength? Answer me!
Feower: Wasn't there anything you wanted to protect? Why else would you become an Eternal?
Feower: Damn... If only I could have stopped you...
Tweyen: I joined the Eternals because I felt like it, and I'm leaving for the same reason.
Tweyen: I'm done here. Later.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 7

To prove that she's the strongest Eternal, Tweyen intends to challenge every one of them, but she hesitates upon running into Fif. When the Two-Crown Bow tries to spur Tweyen on, Fif notices and attacks.

Fif: What kinda game are you playing, Tweyen?
Tweyen: Fif...
Fif: We're buddies, right? You don't really wanna fight us, right? There's an explanation for all of this, right?
Tweyen: ...
Fif: If something happened, just tell me! I'll heal you with my magic!
The Two-Crown Bow throbs with heat, as if it's trying to drive the silent Tweyen forward. Fif's eyes suddenly light up.
Fif: I get it! It was you all along, wasn't it, bow? You're the one messing with Tweyen's head!
Fif: You can't fool me! I'm an Eternal! Prepare to eat justice!

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 8

When Fif learns that the bow isn't controlling Tweyen, she weeps at the thought and leaves. The bow senses Tweyen's hesitation, but Tweyen claims she's only thinking about her next prey.

Fif: Ouch...
Tweyen: ...
Fif: Why? Why would you do this? This can't be what you want!
Based on the magic unleashed by Tweyen, Fif realizes that she's not actually being controlled by the Two-Crown Bow.
The thought of Tweyen attacking her friends of her own volition is enough to drive the young Eternal to tears.
Fif: I hate the new Tweyen! I want the normal Tweyen back!
Tweyen: The normal Tweyen? I've never been normal for a single day of my life. Goodbye.
Fif: So what I say means nothing to you? Then I really do hate you! So get outta here! You and your dumb bow!
Tweyen: ...
Two-Crown Bow: What is this? Surely you aren't reconsidering the path of the ruler?
Tweyen: Unlikely. I was just thinking about my next prey.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 9

Seox approaches Tweyen, declares that he can't ignore her when she's clearly mad with power, and engages her in an attempt to stop her rampage.

Seox: So everyone's favorite celestial-eyed archer has tumbled into the abyss.
Tweyen: I'm glad you came to me... Saves me the trouble of hunting you down.
Seox: Well, I couldn't just ignore you, as drunk on power and confused as you are.
Tweyen: There's no confusion here. I've finally found my path. That's all.
Seox: I've never much cared about truth or justice... but I don't want to see what becomes of you at the end of that path.
Seox: It is my obligation as an Eternal to stop you here.
Seox: Kieeeiii!

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 10

Tweyen defeats Seox and walks off without hesitation. As he watches her go, he warns that there's no coming back from the darkness.

The fight comes to an end. Tweyen turns her back as she always does and walks off without hesitation.
Seox: Any path that runs straight through your companions will be one of darkness and pain.
Seox: I've seen it... All that lies within the all-consuming darkness is solitude... and oblivion.
Seox: And once the darkness swallows you, there's no coming back.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 11

Eahta appears before Tweyen and asks her what she thinks true strength is. When she says it's something inhuman, he says she seems more human than ever and engages her.

Eahta: What is true strength to you?
Tweyen: True strength? Well, no person could ever be truly strong. I know that much.
Eahta: And so, unsatisfied with reaching the apex of your strength as a person, you have chosen to join the ranks of the monstrous instead.
Eahta: Some are too foolish or inexperienced to know better... but you are an Eternal.
Tweyen: I do only what is expected of a monster. The only mistake here is your assumption that I'm a person.
Eahta: And yet you seem more steeped in humanity than you have ever been.
Tweyen: ...
Eahta: Very well. Let us see just what kind of power you claim to have traded your humanity for.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 12

Eahta senses the power of the awakened revenant weapon during the fight. He sympathizes with Tweyen as she leaves, admitting that he might choose the same path when his strength fails him.

Eahta: So... So this is the power of a revenant weapon! The sort of power you'd sacrifice everything for!
Tweyen: That means something coming from you. Now I know my strength is the real deal.
Eahta: Tweyen... Perhaps the day will come when I understand the power you have found.
Eahta: When this body withers and I can no longer wield this katana, I may very well choose your path.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 13

To prove that she's the strongest Eternal, Tweyen visits Niyon, who squares off with her to try to put her back in tune.

Niyon: ...
Tweyen: It's nothing personal, but I have to fight you too.
Niyon: But why? I can hear it, you know... Your requiem cries out in fear of solitude.
Tweyen: Well, if you're so good at hearing the melodies of others, maybe you'll understand me after we fight.
Niyon: Your melody is so far out of key... I'll help put you back in tune.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 14

The defeated Niyon realizes that Tweyen found what she sought in the words of the Two-Crown Bow, but Niyon doubts Tweyen's decision to separate herself from the rest of the world will result in the outcome she desires.

Niyon: After so much confusion and pain, you found the music you sought in the words of that bow?
Tweyen: If you suspect as much, I suppose I did.
Niyon: All alone, like a verse with no bridge to connect it...
Niyon: Tweyen... Do you really want to remove your part from the rest of the symphony's?

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 15

To prove that she's the strongest Eternal, Tweyen visits Tien. When Tweyen explains that she needs to leave the Eternals to achieve her goal, Tien sympathizes and agrees to fight for the sake of her friend.

Tweyen: ...
Tien: Hey, Tweyen. Mind if I ask you a question too?
Tweyen: I didn't come here to talk. My only business with you is to prove that I'm the strongest.
Tien: What makes you truly happy? Will this do it?
Tweyen: Well, shrugging off the bindings of the Eternals should be a step in the right direction.
Tien: Mm... Something else is driving you. I can tell.
Tweyen: Whatever. If it's easy enough for even you to understand, I doubt I would have joined the Eternals to begin with.
Tien: Fine. If all you can think about is fighting, then let me give you some food for thought.

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 16

Tweyen defeats Tien and heads off in search of her next prey. Tien laments the fact that, like so many children in the slums, Tweyen is destroying what's most important to her of her own volition.

Once the fight ends, Tweyen silently walks off in search of her next prey.
All Tien can do is watch her go.
Tien: Before I joined the Eternals, I saw plenty of kids in the slums with eyes like yours.
Tien: Desperation drove all of them to destroy what they valued most, and they did it with their own hands.
Tien: How could it have come to this, Tweyen?

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 17

Seofon, the leader of the Eternals, appears before Tweyen. He attempts to disarm the situation with lighthearted banter, but Tweyen refuses to budge. His only option is to try to stop her by force.

Seofon: Do you realize how many hoops I had to jump through to find you, Tweyen?
Tweyen: Seofon...
Seofon: I like a good brawl as much as the next guy, but I can't say it's my favorite way to interact.
Seofon: I mean, we could always go grab a bite to eat... Or maybe we could look at the stars. What do you think?
Tweyen: ...
Seofon: You know what they say about the calm after the storm? I know you've been having a hard time, but I'm sure we'll all laugh about this later.
Tweyen: I'm so done caring about that.
Seofon: So you're done talking to friends, huh? Fine.
Seofon: As the leader of the Eternals, I'll slap some sense into you.
Seofon: Here comes the Star Sword Sovereign!

Strength Enough to Rule: Scene 18

Seofon realizes how serious the situation is after losing to Tweyen, who reflects on the time she's spent with her friend Silva. There's no time for reflection, however, as the Two-Crown Bow urges her to draw out (Captain).

Seofon: Pant... Wheeze... Ha-ha. You're tougher than I thought.
Tweyen: You're my last target, Seofon. Farewell.
Seofon: (I thought we could handle this in-house, but this is more serious than I thought.)
Seofon: (I sure don't want to lose her, so we better do something.)
Tweyen: ...
Tweyen: You upgraded your gun?
Silva: Sure did. Got a custom-ordered scope mounted. I told them I wanted to be able to see as far as you. Hence the length.
Tweyen: It feels a little weird to hear someone talk about my eyesight like that. Most people just think I'm some kind of monstrous freak.
Silva: You know, you're a lot like my little sisters.
Tweyen: Huh?
Silva: Seeing your soft side reminded me of them... Coupled with your eyesight and skill, I really don't think you have anything to worry about.
Tweyen: I worry about plenty of things.
Silva: Like what?
Tweyen: Like... well... People who live in the city don't skin hunted beasts, right?
Silva: Sure.
Tweyen: I didn't know that when I first moved to the city. I had no idea that what was normal in my village wasn't at all normal there.
Tweyen: One day a giant beast came into the city, so I shot it down before anyone got hurt.
Tweyen: And then—and this was a habit from my time in the village—I noticed that it looked edible, so I drained its blood right then and there...
Silva: ...
Tweyen: The people standing there stared at me like I was scarier than the beast.
Tweyen: I mean, I realize it was all due to a bit of ignorance on both my part and theirs, but still.
Silva: I see...
Silva: ...
Silva: But isn't it necessary to drain the blood from meat to keep it from rotting too fast?
Silva: If I had grown up in the mountains, I probably would have done the same thing.
Tweyen: Really?
Silva: I can see where you're coming from. I've hunted beasts for food before too.
Tweyen: It's nice to have someone who doesn't judge me for stuff like this.
Silva: I have two younger sisters. I can assure you that I've dealt with worse.
Tweyen: I'd really like to meet them some day... Hey, isn't it about time to start your mission?
Silva: Yeah. I better get going.
Tweyen: Guarding a minister from Ravi, huh? Sounds like a serious job.
Silva: Yep. If I pull it off, they'll be talking about me in Ravi for sure. I'll finally be able to show my face back home.
Silva: I'll protect that minister no matter what. All my training as a sniper is finally going to pay off.
Silva: One more thing... Will you stop by the gun workshop when I'm done? I'll introduce you to my sisters.
Tweyen: Really? I'll be there. Especially since you mentioned that I remind you of them.
Silva: They're really sweet and a lot of fun too. They detonate like firecrackers at the slightest spark.
Silva: Anyway... I'd love to stand her chatting all day, but I really have to get going.
Silva: Let's meet up after I finish. I'll be waiting in the city I'm escorting the minister to.
Tweyen: Got it. Good luck, Silva. I think... no, I'm sure you'll do just fine.
Silva: I appreciate that, Tweyen.
Tweyen: (Silva...)
Two-Crown Bow: Why so quiet? Are you troubled about the path to rulership?
Tweyen: No. I'm just trying to figure out how to walk it.
Two-Crown Bow: Then allow me to show you. Go lure out (Captain).
Tweyen: Right. I knew that was my next step.