Scenario:Tyre and Yaia - Wassup, Little Boss!

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Wassup, Little Boss!

Unaware that Vyrn was only joking about Yaia, Tyre begins treating her as a superior. When Yaia vanishes one night, Tyre tracks her to some nearby mountains, where she gives him some flowers to thank him for always being with her.

???: Hur-hnng! Hyaaah!
Tyre is once again excitedly swabbing the Grandcypher's deck this morning.
Vyrn: Phew... You really are a morning person, eh, Clefty?
Lyria: Hee-hee. Let's help him out with the cleaning!
Lyria and Vyrn grab a couple of rags hanging on a nearby bucket to help him, but he stops them.
Tyre: Whoa there! Hold it! Leave the deck swabbing to me! Chores are my job after all!
Lyria: But you should let us help once in a while. It's really too much for just one per—
Tyre: Don't be silly. As young as I am, it's only natural that I do some work! You guys head back to your rooms and kick back!
Vyrn: Heh-heh, thanks.
Well, Lyria, you heard Clefty. Let's just leave him to it!
As (Captain) and the others get ready to head back to their rooms as Tyre suggests, Yaia briskly walks on to the deck.
Yaia: Hey, Lyria! After we eat something, you wanna go shopping?
Lyria: Sure! We need to pick up some food after all.
Vyrn: Yeah, and we should go pick up some apples while we're at it!
Tyre: Excuse me, everyone...
Tyre stops what he's doing as he mutters the words, and he stares at Yaia.
Vyrn: Huh? What's up? You look like you've seen a ghost.
Tyre: Um... What's this little girl doing here?
Vyrn: Wha? Oh, did we forget to introduce her?
Lyria: I guess she could have been taking a nap at the time.
Vyrn: Well then, this girl's name is—
Yaia: Tee-hee! I'm Yaia!
Tyre: Hey! I'm Tyre. It's a pleasure to meet you!
Tyre grins broadly as he introduces himself. Vyrn looks at Tyre mischievously.
Vyrn: Heh-heh. You know, Yaia joined our crew first, so she actually has seniority over you!
Tyre: Oh? Y-you're absolutely right!
Yaia: Yay! I've got seniority over you, Tyre!
Tyre: (Regardless of how young she is, she's right when it comes to this crew! I'd better treat her accordingly!)
Tyre: Yes, ma'am! I look forward to the opportunity to learn everything I can from you!
Yaia: Ha-ha! I'll do my best!
Thus Tyre ends up viewing Yaia as his superior.
Yaia takes a liking to Tyre...
And the two are always together when they go shopping or cook. They gradually get to know each other better.
One day when Tyre is out shopping with Yaia, he suddenly stops in front of a flower shop.
Tyre: ...!
(What lovely flowers! They'd be just the thing for her!)
Tyre: Um... If you wouldn't mind, please take these flowers as a token of my esteem!
Vira: Hee-hee... Thank you, Tyre.
Tyre: Oh... I'm so... I'm so ridiculously happy right now!
Vira: Oh? What happened all of a sudden, Ty?
Tyre: Wow... I can't believe you just called me Ty! I really couldn't be happier!
Though lost in the joy of the moment, Tyre snaps out of his reverie when he feels Yaia tugging on his arm.
Tyre: Apologies, ma'am!
Yaia: What's the matter, Ty? Don't you know everyone will worry about us if we don't hurry back?
Tyre: Oh, you're right! Sorry for zoning out like that in front of you! Forgive me!
Yaia: Huh?
Later that night...
Yaia: All right... Time to go!
Yaia thinks of something while reading a book, and she bursts out of her room.
Meanwhile Tyre, who has promised to cook with her, is waiting for her in the ship's mess hall.
Tyre: Hmm... I wonder what's keeping Yaia. She's normally on time for stuff like this.
Concerned about his young friend, Tyre visits her room, but no one's there. He immediately starts walking around the ship in search of her.
Tyre: Oh dear... Where could she have gone?
Lyria: Oh? What's wrong, Tyre?
Tyre: It's Yaia... I promised to cook with her, but I can't find her anywhere.
Vyrn: Hmm... Then I guess it's possible that she left the ship for some reason.
Tyre: Oh no... But there are monsters around here at night! I need to go find her!
Vyrn: H-hey! Hold up!
Man, he already took off. We better split up and help him search!
Lyria: Come on, (Captain)!
Tyre: Huff... Huff... Yaia! Yaiaaa! Damn... She's not around here either.
The worried Tyre races through the streets, searching everywhere he can think of, but Yaia is nowhere to be found.
And then he remembers something that happened earlier that day.
Tyre: Oh, you're right! Sorry for zoning out like that in front of you! Forgive me!
Yaia: Huh?
Tyre: Come to think of it, I seem to recall Yaia staring at the flowers right then.
Something about what happened bothers him, and he turns and runs to the flower shop.
Tyre: Excuse me!
Flower Seller: Huh? Oh, you're the gentleman from earlier.
Tyre: Um... Did a little girl stop by here today?
Flower Seller: Yes, just a little while ago... She had a reference book with her, and she wanted to know where a certain flower in it is in bloom.
Tyre: Wha? A reference book?
Flower Seller: Yes. So I told her that the flower's in bloom in the mountains behind my shop.
Tyre: Thank you so much!
Armed with new knowledge, Tyre runs off towards the mountains behind the shop.
Tyre: Huff... Huff... Yaia! If you can hear me, say something! Yaia!
Tyre desperately hollers as he continues searching the mountains.
After what seems like an eternity, he at last finds Yaia happily picking flowers on the mountainside.
Though he's relieved to find her, he quickly puts on a stern expression and runs up to her.
Tyre: Huff... Huff... Yaia! I'm so glad you're safe!
Tyre: But I'd really appreciate it if you would please let me know in advance from now on when you plan on breaking an appointment!
Tyre: I was so worried when you suddenly disappeared!
Yaia: I'm sorry...
Tyre: Well, as long as you understand, everything's fine... I apologize for raising my voice like that!
Yaia: No biggie. More importantly... Here.
Yaia gently hands the flowers she just picked to Tyre.
Tyre: Huh? What are these for?
Yaia: Heh-heh... Well, you like flowers, don't you?
Yaia: So I used a reference book to pick out some flowers that would suit you.
Yaia: Ha-ha. Thanks for always being with me, Ty. Those are just a little reward.
Tyre: Oh... Oh, Yaia... Thank you so much!
Regardless of the gap in their age and the fact that the young Yaia has seniority over Tyre, the warm sense of camaraderie between them is real.
Their adventure on the mountain strengthens their relationship even more.