Scenario:Ulamnuran - The Narcissist and the Busker

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The Narcissist and the Busker

A wealthy young girl sees Ulamnuran's street performance. She enjoys it so much she offers to make him her personal entertainer. Ulamnuran explains that his true goal is to entertain as many people as possible, and he politely declines her offer, but she orders her guards to take him back to her house by force!

While trying to get to Estalucia, (Captain) recruits the street performer Ulamnuran into the crew.
He always entertains those around him with his clever tricks, and he performs as they travel and take on missions.
Ulamnuran: Roll up, roll up, for the best show in the sky! Ulam's amazing street performance is about to begin!
Ulamnuran: First, some juggling! One club, two clubs, three, four, five clubs!
Man: Wow, that's amazing! I can't believe he can do that!
Ulamnuran: And now… Here we go!
While continuing to juggle several items at once, Ulamnuran steps onto a rolling ball.
Ulamnuran: Tada!
Millionaire's Daughter: Fantastic!
Ulamnuran's amazing performance captures the attention of many people who were passing by, who applaud his skill.
One girl is especially enamored with his exciting tricks.
Ulamnuran: Thank you, thank you! You've been a wonderful audience!
Ulamnuran finishes his performance amid applause from the audience, and the girl comes over to talk to him.
Millionaire's Daughter: Oooh! What are you gonna show us next?
Ulamnuran: Sorry, but today's show is over now! I've got to get back to the ship.
Millionaire's Daughter: No! You can't stop now! Show me more!
Millionaire's Daughter: I have a brilliant idea. You can come back to my house and become my own personal jester!
Ulamnuran: I'm sorry, but my aim is to make the whole world smile!
Ulamnuran: I can't be staying in one place forever.
Ulamnuran: But I'm so happy that you enjoyed my little show so much!
Millionaire's Daughter: What did you just say? You dare refuse my request?
Ulamnuran: Sorry, I'll come back to this town and perform again some day!
Millionaire's Daughter: No… You can't do that! To me, servants!
The girl, angry at her request being declined, turns to the bodyguards following behind her.
Millionaire's Daughter: Heeheehee… In that case, I'll take you home by force!
Ulamnuran: Wha? Wait, you can't do that! Stop!
Vyrn: Hey, Ulam! We thought you'd be finishing up your show, so we came to see you!
Ulamnuran: Ah! Great timing! (Captain), help me!
Lyria: Huh? Ulam, what's going on?
Ulamnuran: I'll explain later! Help me deal with these guards first!

The Narcissist and the Busker: Scene 2

Some thugs sneak onto the Grandcypher while (Captain) and the crew are asleep, and attempt to kidnap Ulamnuran! The millionaire's daughter is trying to take him away again to be her own personal entertainer! The crew leap into battle against the thugs to save their friend.

(Captain) and the crew defeat the girl's guards and return to the ship.
Vyrn: Man… Ulam, you had some pretty rotten luck back there.
Ulamnuran: Yeesh… it was quite the situation!
Ulamnuran: I'm happy that she enjoyed the performance, but to think she could turn so violent all of a sudden!
Lyria: Yeah… Anyway, it's getting late, we should be getting to bed!
Ulamnuran: (Captain), thank you so much for saving me!
Ulamnuran: Good night!
Lyria: Good night, Ulam!
Late at night, after (Captain) and the crew have fallen asleep, they are suddenly awoken by the sound of Ulamnuran yelling.
Ulamnuran: Aaargh! Wh-what are you doing? Let go of meeeeee!
Vyrn: Whoa, what's going on? Ulam? Are you OK?
(Captain) and the crew rush toward the noise, finding a group of thugs trying to take Ulamnuran away!
Vyrn: Stop right there, scumbags! What are you trying to do with Ulam?
Millionaire's Daughter: I already told you, lizard! He's going to become my own personal jester, just for me!
Ulamnuran: What? It's the girl from earlier!
Ulamnuran: What are you trying to do? You can't just kidnap people!
Millionaire's Daughter: Grr… stop resisting! Father hardly ever lets me out of the house to see entertainers!
The crying girl tells the crew about her strict life within her mansion.
Ulamnuran: Ah… that's very unfortunate…
Ulamnuran: That's why you were so excited to see my performance…
Vyrn: Whoa, Ulam, you can't seriously be sympathetic to this girl! She tried to kidnap you!
Ulamnuran: You're right, Vyrn. I'm travelling throughout the sky, bringing smiles to everyone I meet.
Ulamnuran: One day I'm going to bring a smile to the faces of the Astrals themselves! I can't stay here with you.
Millionaire's Daughter: Why, you… Just come quietly! You're not getting away!

The Narcissist and the Busker: Scene 3

The rich man apologizes to (Captain) and Ulamnuran for his daughter's actions, and reprimands her for causing trouble. Ulamnuran explains to the man that he is worried about the girl's lack of freedom. As they return to the ship, Ulamnuran is lost in thought, and he explains that he is forming a plan, and that he will tell (Captain) when he has worked it out further.

(Captain) and the crew fight off the thugs, and take the girl back to her house.
Rich Man: I'm dreadfully sorry. I had no idea my daughter had caused such a ruckus. Apologize to these people, now!
Millionaire's Daughter: (sniff) I… I'm sorry…
Ulamnuran: As long as you don't do something like this again, I'll be happy.
Ulamnuran: You should give your daughter a little more freedom. It was her frustration at being kept inside that built up and let to this.
Millionaire's Daughter: Wha?
Rich Man: Th-thank you for your kind words. It's admirable that you care so much about my daughter.
Rich Man: By way of apology, if there's anything that I can do for you, I'd be happy to help.
(Captain) and the crew say their farewells to the man and his daughter, and leave the mansion.
Vyrn: Huh, what's up? Why are you all quiet? Oh, are you tired?
Ulamnuran: Huh? Oh no, I'm fine. I am slightly tired, but…
Ulamnuran: I've got an idea. I'll tell you when I've worked it out a little more, (Captain).
Ulamnuran: Heehee, just you wait! Stay tuned and you'll find out!
Ulamnuran seems unexpectedly confident, it seems that the recent problems have given him a new source of inspiration…
A plan hatched by the greatest performer in the sky is sure to surprise and delight (Captain) and the crew.
But first, they will have to wait for the plan to be revealed…