Scenario:Uzuki Shimamura - Just a Regular Smile

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Just a Regular Smile

In her adventures across the Sky Realm, Uzuki meets so many unique individuals overflowing with personality that she begins to think she may be lacking the individuality needed to truly shine as a pop idol. Just as (Captain) and company are listening to her concerns, a loud scream pierces the sky, and the crew rushes to the scene.

During a trip into town to purchase supplies, the crew notices Uzuki is not her usual, cheerful self.
She's been deep in thought about something all day. Eventually, Lyria approaches her.
Lyria: Um, Uzuki-san? Is something the matter? You know you can come to us if something's bothering you, right?
Uzuki: Huh? Oh, I'm sorry. It's nothing, really…
Uzuki: I was just thinking, I'm so average, so normal. Maybe a little too normal…
Lyria: Huh? Why do you think that?
Uzuki: Traveling with (Captain)-san and the rest of you has given me the chance to meet all kinds of people in this world.
Uzuki: Everyone seems so distinctive, they really stand out. They're nothing like the people in my world.
Uzuki: I'd really like to be successful as a pop idol in this world.
Uzuki: So I thought, maybe I should stand out more so I don't get overlooked next to all these amazing people…
Vyrn: Hm, I see… But you know, I'd say you already stand out pretty well.
Uzuki: No, I'm nothing special. When I buy fortunes at New Years I get "average luck" every single year.
Vyrn: Every year, huh? Is that not normal?
Lyria: Ha ha… I agree with Vryn, though. I'm sure you can be a very succesful pop idol, Uzuki-san.
Uzuki: Really?
???: Aaargh!
Vyrn: What was that? Somebody screamed!
Sensing danger, the crew hurries to investigate.
Following the sound of the screams, they discover an enraged man pursuing a trembling group of people.
Brute: Come back here! I want my money back!
Timid Young Man: Um… You didn't give us any money…
Brute: Don't give me any lip! You should be paying me for making me sit through that!
Vyrn: Whoa, that guy's really blown a fuse…
Uzuki: W-We have to stop him! Who knows what he'll do to those poor people!
Brute: Huh? What's you problem? Don't try to get in my way!

Just a Regular Smile: Scene 2

It was a fledgling of the circus troupe who was being picked on. (Captain) and company decide to watch the show for themselves, but witness failure after failure. To make matters worse, the crew must quell the raging beast that somehow makes it out of its cage.

The crew defeats the brute and send him on his way.
Uzuki: Are you all OK? Is anyone hurt?
Timid Young Man: Yes, we're fine… Thank you so much. You saved us…
Uzuki: What a relief… Why was that guy so angry at you, anyway?
Trembling Man: Well, you see… He saw our show, and I guess he didn't like it too much…
Timid Young Man: We're a circus troupe, although we're still kinda new at it…
The mumbling young man admits he is the ringmaster of this rather uninspiring troupe.
Nervous Woman: Things just never seem to go our way… We finally got someone to watch us, but he got so angry…
Uzuki: Well, whatever kind of show you put on, I'm sure it was nothing to get that mad about…
Vyrn: Yeah! In fact, if your show affected him that much, I kinda want to see it for myself.
Lyria: Yes, I'm rather curious myself…
Timid Ringmaster: Um… We can show you our act if you want… Just promise you won't get mad?
Uzuki: Of course we won't! You can trust us!
Reassured by Uzuki's kind demeanor, the troupe begins performing.
Trembling Juggler: I take this knife so, and… Hah!
The juggler loses control and sends his knife flying toward Uzuki and the others.
Uzuki: Yaaah!
Vyrn: Whoa, watch where you're throwing that thing!
Trembling Juggler: I'm sorry… My hand slipped…
Nervous Magician: All right… I will now attempt to conjour up burning ice…before your very eyes…
The magician describes a magic circle in the air. A block of ice appeared and gradually becomes wreathed in flames. However…
Nervous Magician: Argh! Urgh, I'm so sorry… Something went wrong…
Timid Ringmaster: Well, last up is me… For what it's worth, I'm kind of a beast tamer…
Feeble "Beast": Gururr…
Uzuki: Aw, it's so cute! Is that little thing really a beast?
Vyrn: Yeah, "beast" isn't the word I'd use to decribe it. Don't you have any others?
Timid Ringmaster: We do have one other beast… But it's so ferocious that we prefer to keep it in its cage…
Vyrn: It's supposed to be a beast, of course it's going to be ferocious.
Vyrn: That said, if it's in this circus I can't imagine it's anything too dangerous.
Nervous Magician: Argh! Ringmaster! The cage… The cage is…
Fercious Beast: GROOOAR!
Vyrn: Wow, now that's what I call a beast!
Uzuki: It looks really fierce, doesn’t it?
Vyrn: Hey, don't just stand there! Do something about that monster!

Just a Regular Smile: Scene 3

The ringmaster mutters that it may be time for them to call it quits. But encouraged by Uzuki's perky attitude, incredible singing, and cheerful smile, he decides to stick it out. Being able to bring about such positive change in the ringmaster tells Uzuki that pop idols can thrive just fine even in the Sky Realm.

Timid Ringmaster: You saved us again. I'm truly sorry for all the trouble we've caused you…
Vyrn: Don't mention it. That show of yours really was awful, though.
Timid Ringmaster: I'm sorry… Once, we dreamed of becoming the most famous troupe in all the sky.
Timid Ringmaster: Hah… I guess in the end it was nothing more than a dream. Perhaps it's time we gave up…
Uzuki: Don't say that! You can't give up now!
Timid Ringmaster: Huh?
Uzuki: I thought you were wonderful. You were all shining!
Nervous Magician: Uh… I don't quite understand what you mean.
Uzuki: Well, I can't put it into words very well… But I could tell you were giving it your all.
Uzuki: Even when you run into trouble, you can't let it get in the way of your dreams, right?
Trembling Juggler: Yes, that's exactly right… How is it that you understand these things?
Uzuki: Because I'm the same as you! I have a dream that I can't give up on, too.
Timid Ringmaster: You do? Just who are you?
Uzuki: My name is Uzuki Shimamura. And I'm a pop idol!
Trembling Juggler: A…"pop idol?"
Uzuki: Oh, right, you probably don't know what that is…
Uzuki: I know, let me sing you a song! That's the best way to show you what a pop idol does!
Uzuki's face lights up as she launches into a performance.
Her joyous smile and charming voice touch the hearts of all present.
When Uzuki's song comes to an end, the entire circus troupe applauds enthusiastically.
Nervous Magician: That was so moving… Somehow I feel more carefree than before…
Timid Ringmaster: Uzuki-san… You were so full of joy and life, it truly was as if you were shining…
Timid Ringmaster: I'm not ready to give up just yet… What do you say, guys? How about we keep going?
Trembling Juggler: Yeah! This is no time to lose heart! We just have to stick with it…
Nervous Magician: You're right! I want to shine on stage, just like Uzuki-san does!
Seeing the troupe's confidence restored, a gentle smile dances across Uzuki's face.
Vyrn: Heh heh. See, Uzuki? Your smile really does set you apart from everyone else!
Uzuki: M-My smile…?
Lyria: That's right! Your dazzling smile is enough to cheer anyone up!
Timid Ringmaster: I think so, too… It's like your smile has worked some kind of magic on us.
Timid Ringmaster: All the stress and worry that was getting me down has totally disappeared. Ha ha ha!
Uzuki: Hee hee… Stop it, you guys, I'll get embarrassed if you keep saying things like that…
Uzuki: (Wow, even in this strange new world, I can still make people happy…)
Uzuki: (I can still be a pop idol and shine on stage!)
Timid Ringmaster: Um, Uzuki-san, if you don't mind, I have a request…
Timid Ringmaster: If we ever let our failures and setbacks get to us again…would you come and encourage us like you did today?
Uzuki: Yes, of course! I'll cheer for you with all my might!
Nervous Magician: Thank you! Uh, I wonder…could we hear you sing again, Uzuki-san?
Uzuki: Hee hee, sure! One more song before we go!
Once again, Uzuki's sprited performance provides some much-needed relief.
Inspired by Uzuki's songs and smile, the circus troupe pursues their dreams with renewed vigor.
Unbeknownst to them, after becoming a success they would face an even greater challenge in the not-so-distant future…