Scenario:Vane and Lancelot - Now, Then, and Always

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Now, Then, and Always

While visiting the capital of Feendrache, Lancelot and Vane overhear two castle maids talking about them. This sparks a lively conversation between the pair about their childhood, wherein each reveals how much he had respected the other, reinforcing their bonds of friendship.

The knights of the Order of the White Dragons have taken work in other countries in order to bring some foreign money back to Feendrache.
Lancelot and Vane have taken leave from (Captain)'s crew in order to do their part for the restoration of their country.
On their first visit to the capital city of Feendrache in quite some time, they meet with King Carl. Afterwards, the pair are in high spirits.
Vane: Ha ha! It was good to see His Majesty looking so well, eh, Lancey?
Lancelot: Yes! Let's try not to cause him any more anxiety!
Vane: Yeah, you betcha!
Lancelot and Vane are strolling through the castle exchanging lighthearted banter when they overhear some maids talking.
Cheerful Maid: Hey! So is it true Lancelot and Vane are childhood friends?
Quiet Maid: Why, yes, it is. Didn't you know?
Cheerful Maid: Really? I never knew! No wonder they get on so well.
Quiet Maid: Hee hee, those two have excelled from a young age.
Cheerful Maid: Wow... That's so cool... It's like they're from a whole different world!
Lancelot: Ha ha! Hear that, Vane?
Vane: Ha ha, yeah... They might've been shocked if they knew the real you back then, though.
Vane: You were quite the mischief-maker back then!
Vane: Like remember that time at the festival, when you saw through that stall owner's bogus lottery game and scared the daylights out of him to teach him a lesson?
Vane: Or when you played that trick on Halloween and got scolded by that old couple?
Lancelot: Ugh... That was... I mean, come on, that was a long time ago!
Vane: Ha ha! Good thing you matured fast, Lancey!
Lancelot: Humph. If you wanna play that game, then... You might be a little taller than me now, but remember how small you were back then?
Lancelot: And what a crybaby you were? I seem to remember you were always saying how scary and painful sword training was, hmm?
Vane: Ha ha ha! Did I say that? But, well...
Vane: I'll admit I was always a crybaby back then...That's why I looked up to ya so much, Lancey.
Vane: I mean, you've had that strong and reliable vibe going on since you were a kid. Always admired that.
Vane: It was just awesome when you got that recommendation for knighthood.
Lancelot: Vane...
Lancelot: You know, when I became a knight, I actually thought you were better.
Vane: Huh?
Lancelot: You may have been a crybaby and on the weak side, but you used your desire to help others to drive yourself toward becoming a knight.
Lancelot: You were the one who taught me that strength meant more than being good with a blade.
Vane: Heh heh! Guess I have my uses, then!
Lancelot: You know very well how invaluable you are to me. I've always counted on you, and I always will.
Vane: Right back at ya, Lancey!
Lancelot and Vane from the Order of the White Dragons reflect on their childhood friendship, which has held fast over time.
And when the next disaster inevitably befalls Feendrache, these two will be sure to work together to overcome it.