Scenario:Vira - Innocent Confusion

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Innocent Confusion

Vira and Luminiera accompany the crew on their latest mission. While exploring a cave, Lyria is attacked, but Vira takes the brunt of the damage. Vira suffers minor injuries but shows no concern, since Lyria is completely unharmed. Katalina becomes worried, and asks that Vira take better care of herself. Katalina then goes into battle with oncoming monsters.

With Luminiera in tow, Vira continues to be a part of (Captain)'s crew.
One day, the crew takes on a request to explore a cave. They head through the forest toward their destination.
Vira: Katalina, this way, please. Just so you know, I have gone ahead and taken care of the insects in this area.
Katalina: Oh, thank you Vira. That's very kind of you.
Vira: Come now... There's no need to thank me.
Vira: It is my duty to remove anything that might disturb you.
Vira: Of course... That is not to say that I wouldn't enjoy hearing your... adorable screams...
Vira: Uh, but... I suppose you wouldn't want the crew to hear you making such... unladylike sounds...
Luminiera: Lalalaa...
Katalina: Hmm? What's the matter, Vira? You stopped all of a sudden. Is something wrong?
Vira: No... It's nothing.
Vyrn: Well... Looks like Vira's at her best as always...
Lyria: Y-yeah... It sure is great seeing her in such high spirits, isn't it, (Captain)?
  1. Usually happy is usually good.
  2. I'm not so sure about that...

Choose: Usually happy is usually good.
Lyria: You're so right! It's always best when everyone is feeling their best!
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Choose: I'm not so sure about that...
Vyrn: Yeah, exactly... But the girl in question doesn't seem to care...
Continue 1
Katalina: Hey you two, what's going on back there? You guys keep stopping all the time.
Lyria: Hey, wait up! Let's go, Vyrn! You too, (Captain)!
(Captain) runs to catch up with Katalina and company. Together, they make their way toward the cave.
Skyfarer 1: Alright, they're here. We better get moving.
Skyfarer 2: Wait a minute... Are you sure she's the right one?
???: Yes... though her looks may deceive you. Be sure to stay on your guard.
Vira: It's so dark and gloomy... Clearly, there must be monsters inside.
Katalina: But the cave doesn't seem to be that deep, so we should be finished exploring in no time.
Vyrn: Hey guys! Let's make this quick and get some grub. You're hungry too, aren't ya, Lyria? ...Lyria?
(Captain) and company look around and spot Lyria standing motionless in front of the cave.
Lyria: Uh...
Katalina: Lyria, are you okay?
Lyria: This cave, it's so scary... It looks like a ghost might fly right out of it...
Vira: Hah... Dear Lyria...
Vira rolls her eyes and laughs. She walks up to Lyria and takes her by the hand, when suddenly...
Monster: Roaaar!
Lyria: Ahh—!
Katalina: Lyria!
Vira: Urgh...!
Vira: —!
Being the closest to Lyria, Vira stands in front of her and bravely protects her from the monster's attack.
Vira: Ack... Luminiera!
Luminiera: —!
After taking the brunt of the attack, Vira equips Luminiera and prepares to counterattack.
Vira: Hyaaaa!
Monster: Uargh...
Vira: ...
Vira: Hmph... Lyria, you're not hurt, are you?
Lyria: No, I'm fine, thanks to you... Vira... Vira! You're bleeding!
Vira: What? Oh... It is nothing more than a scratch.
Vira then begins to wipe the blood from her wounds.
Katalina: Are you two alright? Lyria? Vira?
Lyria: Katalina! I'm okay, but Vira, she's...
Vira: Hah-hah... Please do not be concerned. Just some minor scrapes here and there...
Katalina: But I am concerned!
Vira: ...!
Katalina: Uh, sorry, nevermind... Vira, are you sure those cuts aren't too deep?
Vira: Y-yes... And fortunately, Lyria seems to be completely unharmed...
Katalina: I'm not worried about her... The one I'm worried about is you, Vira.
Katalina: Of course I care about Lyria, but... I could never live without you either, Vira.
Vira: ...
Katalina: I owe you a debt of gratitude for protecting Lyria, but...
Katalina: Can you try to take better care of yourself?
Monster: Grrrr...
Vyrn: H-hey! That thing from before, there are more where that came from!
Katalina: That first one was nothing, but this will be different...
Katalina: I'll take care of them! Watch this, (Captain)!

Innocent Confusion: Scene 2

Vira begins acting strangely after Katalina shows concern for her. While Vira struggles to come to terms with newfound feelings, knights from Albion arrive on the scene. The knights demand that she give back Luminiera, but since Vira has become its master, she chooses to keep it instead. Unwilling to leave empty-handed, the knights call in a crew to attack.

Vira: Hyaaaa—!
Monster: Grrr...
Vira: Hah...
Katalina: Vira!
Vira: ...! Katalina...
Katalina: Was that the last of them?
Vira: Y-yes... It seems so...
Katalina: I see... I guess you took care of most of them, didn't you?
Katalina: Thank you. I know it's what you always do, but your swordsmanship was... impressive.
Vira: N-no... It was the least I could do...
And with that, Vira quickly runs out of Katalina's sight.
Katalina: ...?
Vira: Gyah... Hah... hah...
Vira: Why do I...
Vira: (I can't even look her in the eye...)
Vira: (When I'm by her side, why do I get these feelings in my chest...?)
Vira: (It was never... like this... before...)
Katalina: Vira! Are you alright? You're looking a little flushed. Did one of those monsters...
Vira: —?
Vyrn: What the... Vira, did something happen?
Katalina: No... I don't think so...
Vira: (It's so weird... It's so weird... What is going on! Why did I run away from her?)
Vira: (Katalina was so worried about me... and she was so close, and...)
Vira: —!
Unable to find the words, Vira clutches her head.
Vira: (Calm down... What are you so worried about?)
Vira: (It's not as if your feelings for Katalina have changed.)
Vira: (I want to know her more... I want to see her more... I want her all to myself...)
Vira: (But more importantly...)
Vira: (She was thinking of me... And that... that...)
Vira: (What happened... What is happening to me...?)
Luminiera: ...
???: Well well... Don't you look like a lovestruck little girl...
Vira: ...!
???: That's not very becoming of you... Lady Vira.
Vira: Albion soldiers... What is the meaning of this?
Vira: I have already announced that I will not be returning to Albion.
Albion Soldier: Yes... And that, Vira, is precisely why we have followed you here.
Albion Soldier: The primal beast you carry... Luminiera... Would you be so kind as to return it to us?
Luminiera: ...
Albion Soldier: It was never yours to begin with. It belongs to us.
Albion Soldier: We don't know how you brought it here, but since it is Albion's primal beast, we would like you to return it.
Vira: ...
Luminiera: ...
Looking at Luminiera, Vira lets out a deep breath. She then begins to focus on her breathing.
Vira: It is just as you say... Luminiera... belongs to the knights of Albion.
Albion Soldier: Precisely... We appreciate your understanding, Lady Vira.
Albion Soldier: So, if we could have Luminiera back now...
Vira: However... Just as knights are sworn to protect their master, a master has the responsibility to protect its knights...
Vira: Luminiera left Albion of its own will, and it recognizes me as its master.
Vira: Luminiera is my knight. It is my sword and my shield. And it has dedicated itself to me.
Vira: And as its master, I must fulfill my responsibilities to it.
Albion Soldier: You mean... You're not going to fight back?
Vira: Being a man of Albion, I do believe you understand the importance of our relationship.
Albion Soldier: Yes, of course...
Albion Soldier: However, what you said only holds true if Luminiera regards you as its master.
Luminiera: ...!
As the men look at each other, Luminiera suddenly rushes to Vira, as if trying to stay away from the knights.
Albion Soldier: ...
Lyria: Haha... Luminiera really likes you, Vira.
Vira: Lyria...
Luminiera: Lalalaa...
Katalina: It might not be our place to speak, but...
Katalina: The answer here is clear. I'm very sorry, Sir Knights, but we must ask you to leave.
Albion Soldier: Perhaps there has been a misunderstanding... We haven't come to ask who Luminiera's master is.
Albion Soldier: We are aware of who owns Luminiera, and we have come to retrieve it!
Albion Soldier: Skyfarers! Time to earn your keep! Take back Luminiera by whatever means necessary!
Signaled by the knights, a crew emerges from the shadows.
Vyrn: Tch... They talk crap and then they threaten us, but they've been ready to fight this whole time!
Vira: No... I cannot help but think they are completely unprepared...
Vira: If that is all you have, then your threats are... laughable.
Luminiera: —! —!
Vira: Now I will show you what you're up against... I will show you the power of the Astral Knights!

Innocent Confusion: Scene 3

After (Captain) and company get rid of the enemy crew, the knights reveal that they have collected magic residue from the town and created a clone of Luminiera. They unveil the clone, and in response, Vira explains to them that a sword is only as good as its master. Vira then prepares to battle them once more.

After getting rid of the enemy crew, (Captain) and company approach the men from Albion.
Vira: Well then... Would you be so kind as to leave now?
Albion Soldier: Urgh...
Albion Soldier: I didn't want to do this... But to get Luminiera, it seems we have no choice.
Vyrn: H-hey! They've got something up their sleeves!
Lyria: I can sense... the power of a primal beast.
Katalina: A primal beast...? You mean, Albion has another one...?
Vira: No, Katalina... Not as far as I know as former Lord Commander...
Albion Soldier: That is true. However, since Luminiera has been deeply rooted in Albion for so long...
Albion Soldier: Its powerful residue is easy to get a hold of!
Vira: Is that... Luminiera?
Albion Soldier: Unfortunately, it is merely a clone...
Albion Soldier: We brought it to life by gathering Luminiera's residue from all over the town and imbuing it with magic.
Albion Soldier: Though it can hardly be used as a knight of the primal beasts... It can still be used as a primal beast.
Katalina: Could it be? Is it possible to use the residue and...
Albion Soldier: Hmm...? You... Weren't you also... a graduate of the academy?
Katalina: ...
Albion Soldier: She might be, but if she's allowing them to take Luminiera...
Albion Soldier: Then she is a disgrace to Albion. We should get rid of both of them here and now...
Vira: Pardon me, but... Would you avoid speaking of things that you cannot accomplish?
Albion Soldier: What did you say?
Vira: Even if you did obtain the real Luminiera again, you would be unable to wield its true power.
Vira: Luminiera... When used as a sword and a shield, its true power shines through.
Vira: However, a sword by itself is worthless. It has no power on its own.
Vira: Its true power is realized in the hand of a trained warrior.
Albion Soldier: ...
Vira: And... If you intend to harm not only me, but Katalina as well, then...
Vira: I will set all reasoning aside, and I will eliminate you.
Vira: That is what I am prepared to do. That is what you are up against. Please... Prepare yourselves.

Innocent Confusion: Scene 4

Vira destroys the clone of Luminiera. Becoming desperate, the knights reach out to Katalina for help. Vira reacts and fuses deeper with Luminiera. She tells the knights they will suffer if they try to get Katalina involved. The knights run away, and Vira's bond with Luminiera grows deeper, but it begins to affect her in ways unforeseeable.

Vira: Hyaaa—!
Albion Soldier: Impossible...
Unleashing the power of the true Luminiera, Vira swiftly obliterates the clone.
Placing her sword on the knight's neck, Vira coldly gives her final warning.
Vira: Now... Please be on your way. I have no intention of taking your life.
Albion Soldier: You...!
Albion Soldier: Hey, you! You went to the academy, didn't you?
Katalina: Why yes... I did, but...
Albion Soldier: Luminiera must remain in Albion where it belongs. Don't you agree?
Albion Soldier: Help us! It is your duty to return Luminiera...
Vira: ...
Albion Soldier: Ah!
With a swing of her blade, Vira grazes the knight's helmet.
Vira: As Luminiera's master, if you come after me, I will gladly fight you as many times as you wish.
Vira: But... If you try to bring Katalina into this...
Vira: Be prepared to face the consequences.
Albion Soldier: Ahhh—!
Vyrn: Wow... He sure left in a hurry.
Katalina: Yeah, but Vira... What is that you're wearing?
Vira: Ahh... Katalina... What do you think? Does this armor... look good on me?
Katalina: Uh, yeah...
Lyria: Luminiera responded to your emotions, didn't it?
Vira: Hahaha... Yes, it would seem so. And we have become more powerful than ever before...
Vira: ...!
Vira: What was that...?
Luminiera: ...
Katalina: Vira...?
With the will to protect those dearest to her, Vira has obtained greater power.
But as her bond with Luminiera grows deeper, it begins to affect her in ways that not even Vira could have foreseen...