Scenario:Vira - Uber-pocalypse

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Lowain and bros imagine a world where they fail to defeat Vira and her weapon of war, Lady Katapillar. Vira soon begins spreading annihilation across the skies. The bros make a tentative decision to remain deceased in dreamland, but postpone the end of the world.

Recall that great midday battle. The greatest battle never fought.
It lives in the hearts and minds of three brothers. They who so valiantly fought for the fictional fate of a fictitious world.
They who put their hypothetical lives on the imaginary line.
Vira: Welcome, welcome... I see you're still alive! And oh, if it isn't Farrah and the others too!
Farrah: Give us back Katalina! Otherwise we'll—
Vira: Never forgive me? Please resent me as much as you wish.
Vira: Katalina's company alone will make me complete. Ah, my Katalina—I'm going to give you a fresh start! We shall be together now and for all time!
Vira: Start by saying hello to everyone, dearie!
Katalina: Why did you come here...
Farrah: K-Katalina!
Tomoi: Whaaat?
Elsam: Dude, talk about a transformation!
Lowain: Kat!
Katalina: Lowain, don't look at me.
Vira: Heehee... Heeheehee... Finding this ruin was so fortuitous. To be able to turn someone into a weapon you can control... it's... perfect!
Vira: She moves where I want and says what I want to hear! The perfect Katalina, my Katapillar, has been born!
Vira: Mwahahahahaaa!
In a bustling Port Breeze street corner cafe, Lowain and the bros wait for (Captain) and the crew to return.
Idle talk ensues as they attempt to while away the hours.
Lowain: Totally. That was one trippy dream, dudes. Vira almost made me wet my imaginary pants.
Elsam: That crazy Kat machine looked way too beast to handle, man.
Tomoi: Dudes, if that thing was real, we would've been chewed up and spit out like a smokin' hot pile of nachos... with extra cheese.
Elsam: Stop right there, man. I don't even want to think about what'll happen if we ever take on Vira for reals.
Tomoi: Affirmatative, bro. Wonder what would've happened to the world if we lost the battle that time though.
Lowain: Whoaaa, Tommy. That's some uber-dark stuff you're talking there.
Elsam: Mega-gasp! Uber-pocalypse sounds totally boss! A world in a million pieces. No chance. One hope. Cue dramatic music.
Tomoi: Ultra-gasp! Antiheroes doing whatever it takes? Taking no prisoners? Justifying means with ends? Vira's all about that kinda thing, man.
Lowain: I'm getting some seriously depressing vibes from this one. Hmm... I wonder...
Lowain: If the slimes ever do end up hitting the airship fan, though...
Vira: You can't halt the path of destiny! Katakilla, destroy them!
Katalina: Whirrr...
Lowain: Kat!
Katalina: Bzzzt! Squichy-clunk, squichy-clunk!
Katalina: ...
Katalina: L... Lo... wain?
Lowain: Huh!
Vira: Katakilla! Why are you hesitating! I commanded you to attack! Attack! Attack!
Lowain: Hahaha! Farrah, dude... I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll be going back to the G. Cyph.
Lowain: I need to finish this with my own two hands. If I always run from love, I'll never be able to hold on to it.
Farrah: Lowain...
Vira: Katakilla! You are my ancient battle Katapillar! Obey me!
Katalina: Lov... Lov... Lov... Bzzzt.
Lowain: Katapillar, is it now? It's been a long time since I got mad, but...
Lowain: Her name is Kat! And she's my one true love!
Elsam: Dude, I'm with you. I'm totally mad too!
Tomoi: Me three, bro!
Lowain: Bros, activate!
Elsam: P!
Tomoi: A!
All Three: H. P. A.!
All Three: Human Pyramid Attack!
Lowain: Gah!
Elsam: Brgle!
Tomoi: Grgle!
Lowain: G-goodbye... Kat... I'm... sorry...
The bros' ultimate attack fails to defeat Vira.
Vira: Humph, insects. How dare they think they could defeat us.
Vira looks down with disdain at the three lifeless bodies.
Vira: Finally. No one remains to stand in our way.
Vira: Hehe... Hahaha! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Vira: Come, Katalina! We're going to make the world a better place. A perfect place. A universe with no one but the two of us!
Katalina: Beep... Gachunk... Termination complete.
Vira and Lady Katapillar soon begin their campaign of destruction, spreading utter annihilation across the skies.
The end of all things was nigh.
Vira: It's beautiful. A world without impurity. Without anything but us.
Vira: This is our paradise, Katalina. Just the two of us in this whole wide world.
Vira: My Katalina, my beloved. Be with me till the end of time.
Katalina: Gachunk... Clunk... Vira. I love you. Vira. I love you.
Lowain: They nestle close together, their silhouette framed by the setting sun...
Elsam: Into the blue. And beyond.
Granblue Fantasy.
Tomoi: The end.
Lowain: Wait. What?
Dudes. The world ended.
Elsam: Dudeski... Insta-pocalypse.
Tomoi: Dudesters. No way we could have stopped her.
All Three: Totally.
Lowain: Vira's just too mad strong, fam.
Elsam: But like, I'm not really vibing the feels with that last scene... Needs more oomph, y'know?
Lowain: Oomph? Feel free to elaborate that muss, bruh.
Elsam: Look, the story needs more bone on the meat. Something to explore the raw emotions and hardships they might face on their journey together... dude.
Tomoi: Ahahaha! I think you mean meat on the bone, Sammy.
Tomoi: But yeah, I guess we could delve deeper into Vira's feelings and Katalina's conflict as a tool of the antihero... dude.
Lowain: True. Vira's feelings for Kat are like, almost as intense as mine.
Lowain: But won't that be more like a love story type of deal than a tragedy?
Tomoi: What're we gonna do then? I don't want the world to end all of a sudden. That sucks.
Elsam: Only one thing to do. We gotta not be dead.
Tomoi: What?
Lowain: Whoa, whoa, Sammy. Bringing back dead heroes is like, ultimate rage fodder, man.
Lowain: How're we supposed to survive anyway?
Elsam: We fly away and escape?
Tomoi: What? Don't be stupid. How can you fly? You a bird or something? Birdbrain.
Elsam: Aww, c'mon! Peter Pan does it all the time! You never heard of Peter Pan?
Lowain: Peter's pants? Dude, I don't care who he is or what he does, his pants ain't gonna save us.
Tomoi: Bros. Think about it. Even if we do come back, Vira's just gonna insta-kill us again.
Lowain and Elsam: So true.
Tomoi: Can't call it an apoca-tragedy if the heroes are alive anyway.
Elsam: Really?
Lowain: Hmm, you got a point there.
Elsam: Oh, well. Guess we'll stay dead for now then.
Tomoi: Stay dead. I live by that rule.
Lowain: Sigh...
Life's hard for a tragedy hero, my bad end bros.
The bros make a tentative decision to remain deceased but postpone the end of the world, allowing the apocalyptic drama to cool... for now.
To be continued!