Scenario:Wulf and Renie - It's a Small World

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It's a Small World

Lyria tries to make small talk with Renie, but she responds only to Wulf. He, on the other hand, maintains a curt attitude but tries to help the crew. One day while Wulf is speaking with Lyria, monsters attack the ship.

Some time has passed since Wulf and Renie joined the crew.
Lyria: Wulf! Renie!
Renie: ...
Wulf: What's all the commotion about?
Lyria: We're going shopping. Would you two like to come along?
Wulf: ...
Renie: ...
Renie responds with her usual shake of the head, and Wulf lets a small sigh escape him.
Wulf: Why do you need us to go with you?
Lyria: We don't exactly need you to go or anything...
Wulf: Then we'll stay here.
Lyria: I see... Okay...
Wulf: ...
Wulf: Are you... going to be buying anything heavy?
Lyria: Um... No, I don't think we are.
Wulf: Then get going. I don't want you coming back late because you wasted time talking to us.
Lyria: Okay... See you later.
Lyria: Bye, Renie! See you later too!
Renie: ...
Lyria: Ahaha...
Lyria: Sigh...
Vyrn: Lyria...
Lyria: It's so hard to make friends with Renie!
Vyrn: Come on... Cheer up.
Lyria: I just want us to get along and go out together to buy clothes and other things like that...
Vyrn: Since she's always behind Wulf, it's hard to get a peep out of her.
Lyria: Exactly...
Lyria: I know it's hard for Renie getting used to being on the Grandcypher since she's so young and small, but...
Vyrn: Yeah... She's just so scared all the time.
Lyria: Do you think it's me?
Vyrn: Naw. You don't scare her...
Vyrn: We just gotta be patient with her is all!
Lyria: You're probably right. I'll try that!
Vyrn: Wulf is a different story at least. He always talks to us.
Lyria: Yeah. I think he's a really sweet person.
Vyrn: Yup! I mean he definitely has a stick up his butt, but a friend in need is a friend indeed.
Lyria: The other day when I couldn't reach something in the storage room, he got it down for me!
Vyrn: Sounds like something he'd do. Wasn't he carrying something really big for (Captain) too?
(Captain) nods.
Vyrn: I think if we keep getting along with Wulf, eventually Renie will open up to us!
Lyria: I think so too!
The crew finish their shopping, return to the ship, and try starting up another conversation with Wulf and Renie.
Lyria: Umm... Wulf!
Wulf: What?
Lyria: We're going to Estalucia, Island of the Astrals...
Lyria: What about you and Renie? Is there somewhere you want to go?
Renie: ...
Wulf: We want to live somewhere quiet and far away from anyone.
Lyria: You mean like the place you used to live in the forest?
Wulf: That's right.
Lyria: Don't you think you'll get a little lonely?
Wulf: What?
Lyria: I know that both of you really care about each other and get along so well. And I think that's great, but...
Lyria: Just the two of you... Forever... Doesn't that soun—
Lyria: What was that!
Vyrn: Hey! We got company! There's a monster headed toward the ship!
Lyria: Oh, no! (Captain), let's go!
Wulf: Wait.
Lyria: Wulf? You need to protect Renie, so you can stay in the—
Wulf: Listen to me, Lyria.
Wulf: I cannot allow weaklings like you to fight alone. I will go too.
Lyria: Wulf! Thank you!
Wulf: Let's end this quickly. No harm must come to Renie.

It's a Small World: Scene 2

Renie becomes angry with Wulf when he insists she engage with the crew. After storming off the ship, she recounts how she first met Wulf. Her memories lead her to an encounter with monsters in which Wulf protects her.

Once the monster is defeated, Wulf and Renie return to their room.
Renie: ...
Wulf: Renie...
Renie: What?
Wulf: I think Lyria and (Captain) want to get to know you better.
Renie: Who doesn't? Even back in the village everyone wanted to be my friend.
Wulf: ...
Wulf: They're people.
Renie: I know that. That's what makes them smaller and weaker than you.
Wulf: Listen to me, Renie.
Wulf: I want you to try a little harder to talk to those two.
Renie: No. I don't need them.
Wulf: Don't say that. They're your kind...
Renie: I said no!
Wulf: Renie...
Renie: Just leave me alone!
Wulf: Renie...
Renie: Why don't you go make friends with all of those people!
Wulf: Wait! Renie!
Renie leaves Wulf's side and the ship. Then she sets off to the closest village.
Villager 1: Hello there, little one. What's wrong? Are you alone? Where's your mother?
Renie: ...
Renie shakes her head softly at the kind villager.
Villager 2: Are you lost? You must be scared.
Villager 1: Who lets an adorable, little girl like you wander around on your own? Are you hurt, sweetie?
Renie: I'm fine...
Renie slowly begins to rub her tummy and looks down at the ground.
Villager 2: Hm? Something wrong?
Renie: No...
Villager 1: Sweetie, are you hungry?
Renie: I...
Villager 1: So that's it! Then let's get you something to eat.
Renie: Really?
Villager 1: Hehehe. Of course. Anything for a cutie-pie like you. Come on.
Renie smiles as she is taken by the hand.
Renie: Thank you.
Villager 2: No need for thanks. You just eat to your heart's content.
The kindness of the villagers here reminds Renie of the villagers she used to live with.
Fellow Villager 1: Morning, Renie! You heading out?
Renie: Morning! Just going to get some water for everybody.
Fellow Villager 1: That's a good girl, Renie.
Renie lost both of her parents at a young age and so was raised at an orphanage in her village.
Fellow Villager 2: Renie, it's a little chilly today, so why don't you put on my scarf.
Renie: Really? Thank you.
Renie convinces herself that she has found a way to stand out from the other children.
Fellow Villager 2: That looks nice on you. You really are cute.
Fellow Villager 1: Don't go too far, okay? It's not safe.
Renie: (They care for me because I'm cute.)
From then on, Renie played the role of the sweet, little girl willing to work hard for her village.
Renie: Thank you. I'll be back soon.
Renie: (I just need to be cute all the time. I just need to be what everyone wants me to be.)
As an orphan, Renie felt that she had to do whatever she could to survive.
Renie: Over there...
Renie enters the forest to draw water for the village and happens upon medicinal herbs.
Renie: (If I take these home, then everyone will say what a good girl I am.)
Renie: The sun is out, so I can probably get a lot of these.
Renie puts the pail down, gets on her knees, and begins picking the herbs one by one.
Renie: Phew... I've got so much... Oh, but maybe I could get just a little more...
Renie: I haven't looked over there yet...
Renie: Ah!
In search of the herbs, Renie loses her footing and slips off a cliff.
Renie: Ahhh!
???: !
Renie: Ah...
Just as she falls, a large figure appears and saves her.
Renie: I...
Wulf: ...
Renie: Agh!
Renie is petrified by the werewolf that now suddenly holds her.
Wulf: Are you all right?
Renie: I...
The village's struggle with the werewolves occurred when Renie was but a child.
While Renie has no memories of her own, she has heard terrifying stories of what werewolves do to people.
Renie: (Don't scream... Don't fight... Or he'll eat you...)
Renie squeezes her shaking hand as hard as she can to stop it.
Renie: I'm fine...
Wulf: Good...
Renie: T-thank you...
Wulf: ...
Renie: (I have to pretend I don't know what he is.)
Renie: W-who are you...
Wulf: You're scared of this werewolf, aren't you?
Renie: !
Renie: (What do I do...)
Wulf: You can cry if you want.
Wulf gently places Renie on the ground.
Renie: Huh?
Wulf: A small, adorable child like yourself doesn't need to hold back her tears.
Wulf slowly runs his hand over Renie's head.
Wulf: Right?
There was a calm smile on his face.
Renie: Sob...
Wulf: Hm? Did you get hurt?
Renie: Sob...
Renie: Waaa!
Renie grabs onto the fur before her and begins to cry herself a river.
Wulf: You... okay?
Wulf is puzzled but decides to pat Renie on the head once more.
Renie: Mng...
After crying herself to sleep, Renie awakens when she feels Wulf's warmth leave her side.
Renie: Huh?
Wulf: You awake? Better not move for now.
Renie: Hm?
Monster: Grrr!
Renie: Ahh!
Wulf: Don't worry. Just stay put.
Renie: No!
Renie grabs onto Wulf.
Wulf: All right. Don't let go.
Wulf: I won't let anything happen to you. I promise.

It's a Small World: Scene 3

After a stroll down memory lane in which the nature between Wulf and Renie's relationship becomes clear, Renie walks through a forest and finds Wulf's favorite berry. Over a cliff, she tries to reach for it and slips.

Monster: Grr...
Renie: Wow...
Wulf finishes the monsters so quickly that Renie cannot contain her surprise.
Wulf: Now, human child...
Renie: I'm Renie.
Wulf: I see. Renie...
Wulf: You've seen how dangerous it is with the monsters that dwell here. Now go home quickly.
Renie: No.
Wulf: What?
Renie: No. I don't want to. I'll stay with you.
Wulf: But...
Renie: You're strong. You can protect me from monsters. I'm safer with you.
Wulf: What are you saying? Your parents will worry.
Renie: I don't have parents. They're dead.
Wulf: I see.
Renie: Even if I don't go back to my village, no one will worry about me.
Wulf: ...
Wulf: No. I will take you to the outskirts of your village, and you will go home.
Renie: ...
Renie: (I want to be with him...)
Renie: (He's stronger than anyone in my village, and he said I could cry. No one's ever said that to me before...)
Renie: (He's stronger and kinder than anyone I've ever met. With him, I don't need to act...)
Renie: If you take me home, I might tell on you. I'll say there's a werewolf in the woods.
Wulf: Hmm...
Renie: That's not good for you, right? Plus it would be better for you to keep me around anyway.
Wulf: Why?
Renie: If any villagers ever find you, I can come in handy.
Renie: I can defend you.
Wulf: ...
Renie: Right? This works for both of us.
Wulf: Are you...
Wulf lets his shoulders fall with a sigh and gets on one knee to peer into Renie's eyes.
Renie: (What did Wulf say after that?)
Renie: (I can't remember. Oh well.)
Renie lets out a small sigh of her own as she recalls how she came to live with Wulf.
Villager 1: How does that taste?
Renie: Good.
Renie: (It's not really good though...)
Villager 1: Glad to hear it. You can have as much as you want.
Renie: Thank you.
Renie: (I forgot how tired I get living in a village...)
Renie: Pant...
Renie leaves the village after realizing how out of place she feels. She decides to wander in the forest alone.
Wulf: This is nothing. Just a scratch.
Wulf: You don't have fur like me, so you must be cold, right?
Wulf: Look, Renie. I dyed this red. What do you think?
Renie: We didn't need anyone else. We were fine all by ourselves...
Renie: ...
Renie: As long as I had Wulf, the cold and all the monsters in the world couldn't hurt me...
As she continues walking aimlessly, the sun begins to set.
Renie: Hey. That's a berry that Wulf likes. We even made jam from it together one time...
Renie approaches the red berry on the tree, but...
Renie: Ahh!
Before she realizes it, she is falling from a cliff once again.
Renie: This is it...
Renie: (I guess you're not going to save me this time.)
Renie surrenders to her circumstances, closes her eyes, and waits for it all to end.

It's a Small World: Scene 4

Renie slips, but (Captain) saves her in the nick of time. Unfortunately this only angers Renie further, prompting her to tell Wulf to stay with the crew and leave her alone. Wulf explains how important she is to him and calms the wrathful little girl.

Renie: (Wulf... You dummy...)
Renie: Huh?
This time it's (Captain) who saves Renie.
Renie: Why?
Lyria: Renie! Are you okay?
Vyrn: That was close! (Captain) grabbed her right in the nick of time!
Renie: ...
Renie tries her best to slap (Captain)'s hand away.
Renie: No one asked for your help!
Vyrn: What!
Renie's sudden shout surprises (Captain).
Renie: Get away from me!
Lyria: But... You're in danger!
Renie: I... I...
Vyrn: Stop fighting!
Renie refuses to calm down until...
Monster: Grrr!
Lyria: Ah! Monsters!
Monster: Grooar!
Wulf: Graaar!
Vyrn: Whoa! Wulf!
Wulf: Renie!
After defeating the monster with one fell blow, Wulf swiftly picks up Renie.
Renie: ...
Wulf: Are you all right?
Renie: ...
Tears well up in Renie's eyes, and she hides her face.
Wulf: I'm glad you're safe.
Renie: You're just glad they're safe...
Vyrn: Renie...
Renie: Why don't you just go on and leave me. Be with them!
Wulf: Renie, do you know how important you are to me?
Renie: I'm just useful to you. You're a big scary werewolf.
Renie: You need a cute little girl like me with you is all...
Wulf: Renie, that's not it...
Wulf shakes his head and gets on one knee to be closer to Renie.
Wulf: I was all alone in those woods until I met you. You saved me...
Wulf: You took care of my wounds all by your little self, and I was so touched by your kindness. Do you know how hard I fought to keep my tears back?
Renie: I... don't remember that...
Wulf: All right. That's fine, Renie.
Wulf puts one large hand on Renie's little head.
Renie: I wish we could have lived in that forest together forever...
Wulf: Renie...
Wulf sadly moves his head.
Wulf: We couldn't do that. You know why.
Wulf: They were after us. We couldn't stay there any longer.
Wulf: I should have brought you back to your village...
Renie: How can you—
Wulf: But I wanted you to stay with me. Thank you for being by my side, Renie.
Renie: ...
Renie finally turns to face Wulf and clutches him once more.
Renie: You're strong. That's why I wanted to be with you. I'm safer with you.
Renie: That's all.
Then Renie buries her face in Wulf's fur.
Wulf: I know, Renie.
Renie: I'm so tired. I can't walk anymore.
Wulf: Well, then...
Wulf gently picks Renie up.
Wulf: Renie...
Wulf: If you want, we can leave the Grandcypher. Just the two of us...
Lyria: What! No...
Renie: Hm...
Renie glances at (Captain).
Renie: That's okay.
Vyrn: Really? You sure, Renie?
Renie: You guys make for good cover.
Lyria: Cover?
Renie: (Wulf stands out too much, so being with these people is safest.)
Lyria: Renie?
Renie: ...
Renie shakes her head as she always does and buries her face once more into Wulf's fur.
Vyrn: Right... She's still not up to talking with us.
Renie: I'm so ti—
Yawn... Tired...
Wulf: Let's go home.
Wulf makes sure Renie is comfortable before shifting his gaze to (Captain).
Wulf: Let's go back to the ship.
Vyrn: Yeah! I'm starving.
Lyria: Hehe. I'm glad we're going home together!
Wulf: (Captain), thank you for saving Renie.
(Captain) returns Wulf's soft smile, and together they make their way back to home, sweet home.