Scenario:Yngwie - Full Metal Man II: Risky Rendezvous

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Full Metal Man II: Risky Rendezvous

Yngwie and the crew attempt to free the kidnapped daughter of a wealthy aristocrat. They successfully rescue the house nanny, but are forced to watch as the kidnappers flee with the aristocrat's daughter in tow.

Twisted laughter echoes through a house on a faraway island.
Kidnapper 1: Bwahaha! We're gonna get a cool mil from this!
Kidnapper 2: Pft, more like three! Our little darling here is some fat cat's only daughter.
Kidnapper 1: You sure about that? What if she doesn't have anything?
Kidnapper 2: She's loaded! Hey, you've got three million rupies on you, right?
No one answers.
Kidnapper 1: Hey, you okay in there? You been keeping that princess under meticulous surveillance like I asked you to?
Kidnapper 2: Damn right! My surveillance is super ridiculous! Not like it matters what happens to her, anyway.
Kidnapper 1: Aaaaah! What's an airship doing opening fire on us?
Kidnapper 2: You think I know? Quit your blabbin' and grab a weapon!
Yngwie: Pardon the intrusion.
Kidnapper 1: Who the hell are you?
Yngwie: My name is Yngwie, and... Hey, are you even listening?
Kidnapper 2: You're donezo, bozo!
Yngwie: Hasta la vista.
Kidnapper 2: Arrgh!
Yngwie: The living room is secured. Now for the second floor and basement.
Vyrn: Whoa, that's a big hole you left in the wall!
Eugen: Bwahaha! Save something for the endgame, Yngwie!
The crew has been hired to rescue the daughter of an aristocratic family from a notorious band of kidnappers.
After successfully locating the kidnappers' hideout, they strike with lightning-fast efficiency.
Yngwie's overwhelming show of strength quickly quells what little resistance remains.
Vyrn: Way to go, Yngwie! You cleaned this place up in no time!
Yngwie: Bravo, babies. Now let's free our hostage.
Yngwie: Pardon, sweetheart. We're the crew your family hired to save you. You can come out now. The bad guys won't give you any more trouble.
Older Woman: What do you think you're doing in here?
Eugen: Aah! The stress has aged you decades, Miss! Are you really the aristocrat's daughter?
Older Woman: Of course not! More importantly... Oh, forget it!
Vyrn: What was that all about?
Yngwie: Hold on. I hear hooves outside... Now I get it. So that's their game.
Lead Kidnapper: Bwahaha! So long, suckers!
Older Woman: Oh no! The mistress!
The leader of the kidnappers has arrived in a horse-drawn carriage to steal away the aristocrat's daughter.
Yngwie: Their leader was lying in wait back at the barn. They're more clever than I gave them credit for.
Older Woman: What are you doing, you codger! Dawdle any longer, and the mistress is lost!
Yngwie: I know. After them, (Captain)!

Full Metal Man II: Risky Rendezvous: Scene 2

The crew comes under attack while pursuing the leader of the kidnappers. When the house nanny valiantly attempts to stand in their way, Yngwie surprises her (and everyone else) with a sudden proclamation of love.

The crew clears out the monsters and heads after the lead kidnapper.
Vyrn: Huff... You okay? We better get you back to town quick!
Older Woman: Wheeze... Don't mind me. The mistress' life hangs in the balance!
Eugen: There's a cave over there with wagon tracks leading inside.
Yngwie: You're right. Clean, too. Straight lines. Which means—
Yngwie: Everyone, get down!
Kidnapper 3: Damn, we got a real pro on our hands! And here I was planning to take you out in one shot!
Eugen: Argh, looks like we missed a few.
Kidnapper 3: We're the main force! How'd the others get wiped out by a brat and some geezers?
Vyrn: Quiet, you! Leave this to us! We'll take care of these jerks in—
Kidnapper 4: Bwahaha! No, I think she's coming with us!
Older Woman: Gasp!
A kidnapper grabs the woman and puts a blade to her slender neck.
Yngwie: ...
Vyrn: You dirty rotten goons! Let her go!
Kidnapper 4: Fat chance! Drop your weapons or the old lady gets it!
Eugen: Let's not be hasty, kiddo. You don't want to spend the rest of your life in a prison cell.
Kidnapper 4: Shut up! Drop your weapons, now!
Older Woman: I'm not going to slow you down.
Yngwie: What?
Older Woman: I've lived long enough! Take care of the mistress for me, Yngwie!
Older Woman: Wraaah!
Kidnapper 4: Settle down or you're gonna regret it!
Older Woman: Mistress, I pray for your safety!
Vyrn: What are you trying to do!
Eugen: Don't try to fight them! Run!
Yngwie: Not yet, sweetheart! There's always time for love!
Older Woman: Huh?
When Yngwie shouts, everyone stops in their tracks. It's almost as if time has stopped.
While the kidnappers look on in confusion, (Captain) runs over to the older woman and pulls her back to safety.
Kidnapper 4: Gwah! Oh no!
Vyrn: Here's our chance! I think!
Eugen: Right! Wipe them out in one shot!
Yngwie: Au revoir, Bucko!

Full Metal Man II: Risky Rendezvous: Scene 3

With nowhere left to run, Yngwie convinces the leader of the kidnappers to free the aristocrat's daughter. When monsters once again put the nanny's life in danger, Yngwie unleashes his true power to save the day.

The crew have used extraordinary means to escape extraordinary danger. They now follow the wagon tracks deep into the cave.
Yngwie: I've been to this island before. The night view from the top of the lighthouse is something to behold.
Older Woman: And?
Yngwie: You feel it between us too, don't you? The magnetism between us.
Older Woman: This is no time for pickup lines!
Yngwie: What about after we solve this mess?
Older Woman: I'll answer you in my will!
Older Woman: Sigh. Some people...
Vyrn: Hey, check it out! There's a wagon ditched over there!
Eugen: We're getting warmer. But why did they stop in a place like this? Doesn't look like a trap.
Yngwie: They're practically inviting us in. Let's answer the call.
Lead Kidnapper: Of all the rotten luck! My perfect plan! My perfect team! Ruined!
Vyrn: Hold on! He's acting strange!
Eugen: Unfortunate. He's stopped running, but won't turn himself in. Holding out until the bitter end.
Daughter: Help!
Older Woman: Hold on, Mistress! I'm coming to save you!
Lead Kidnapper: Better not, Grandma! I'm about to send every last one of you losers to the great hereafter!
Yngwie: I heard you were a notorious band of kidnappers. How the mighty have fallen.
Lead Kidnapper: What'd you say?
Yngwie: I've chewed through my fair share of bad guys before, and the big ones always knew when to call it a day.
Yngwie: So you've got a question to answer. Have times changed? Or were you always this pathetic?
Yngwie: Well?
Lead Kidnapper: Rgh...
Lead Kidnapper: Waaaah! Fine, fine! I give up!
The frustrated kidnapper fires a salvo into the cave's depths and then silently tosses his gun aside.
Yngwie: Feeling better? That's a good boy. Now let her go.
Lead Kidnapper: Right...
Daughter: Oh, I was so scared!
Older Woman: Mistress, I'm just glad you're safe!
Eugen: What is it now?
Yngwie: Watch it. Something's coming from the depths!
Monster: Grooooar!
Lead Kidnapper: Huh? Arrrgh!
Vyrn: Did the monster just swallow him?
Monster: Grooar...
Daughter: Aieee! No, don't you dare!
Older Woman: Cursed beasts! I'm the one you should be aiming for!
Yngwie: Miss, you do not want to tangle with this one!
Older Woman: Now! This is your chance to save her!
Monster: Groooar!
Older Woman: Goodbye... Yngwie.
Daughter: No, don't do it!
Eugen: She's not gonna make it!
Yngwie: Full Metal Transformation!
Yngwie: Ngaaaah!
Monster: Rrrgh!
Older Woman: I... I'm still alive?
Yngwie: Huff... Huff... Goodbye, Yngwie?
Yngwie: No. I know what's going in your will. It's "I love you, Yngwie!"
Monster: Groooar!
Vyrn: That thing's still alive! Both of you need to get out of here!
Yngwie: All right, big guy. Time to call it a day.

Full Metal Man II: Risky Rendezvous: Scene 4

Having saved the day, Yngwie and the crew return to town. There, Yngwie convinces the nanny to join him for a night out at the nearby lighthouse, leaving the crew in awe.

The crew saves the aristocrat's daughter and returns to town before sundown.
Daughter: I can't thank you enough for everything you've done!
Yngwie: No worries. It's our job, after all.
Daughter: Skyfarers really are incredible. But you must be in a league of your own, Yngwie.
Daughter: Um... Are you leaving already?
Yngwie: We're planning to stay at an inn for two, three nights tops.
Daughter: Then... how about going out to dinner with me tonight? I know the nicest restaurant in town!
Older Woman: Hee hee... So very like the mistress.
Older Woman: ...
Daughter: Oh, sorry! You all must be exhausted. How about tomorrow night then?
Yngwie: My apologies, but I've only got eyes for one woman in this town. You remember our promise, sweetheart?
Older Woman: What?
Yngwie: To look out from the lighthouse. After we ended the crisis. Remember?
Older Woman: Don't be ridiculous! The mistress invited you out to dinner! Why waste time with a mere commoner like me?
Yngwie: There's nothing common about the woman I love.
Yngwie: So. Your response?
Older Woman: ...
Daughter: It's all right. Go on ahead, okay?
Older Woman: But dear...
Older Woman: Oh, fine! I'm paying, though. It's only fair, considering what you did for me!
Yngwie: Thank you, sweetheart. Just let me lead the way.
Older Woman: Humph!
Vyrn: Haha! Now that's a legendary skyfarer if I ever saw one!
Eugen: He always played by his own rules, even back then. Still makes rookie mistakes now and again, but he knows when to make it count.
Eugen: Hm? Wait. What are these dark splotches on the ground?
Vyrn: Uh, Eugen? You okay? You look like you saw a ghost!
Eugen: It's... nothing. Now let's get a round of drinks for a job well done!
In more ways than one, the crew now understands the power of Yngwie's legend.
The drops of blood scattered in his wake, however, go unnoticed in the darkness.
This will be Yngwie's final voyage. And no one knows that better than the man himself.