Scenario:Zaja and Ludmila - Laughter Echoing Down

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Laughter Echoing Down

Ludmila stops by a village where her unstoppable laughter incites resentment. Zaja then tries to come up with a way to help her stop laughing. In return, Ludmila tells Zaja that perhaps his missing friends are the ones looking for him, so he should laugh as loudly as possible to let them know he's okay.

In a remote village terrible things are happening one after the other.
Child: Waaaah! The present my grandma bought me just broke!
The precious toy the boy often played with lies before him in pieces as he cries.
Young Woman: But... why... Why did he leave me... and run off with that other woman...
Sadness consumes the woman as she reads a letter from her lover that has arrived to inform her that their relationship has reached its end.
Boat Engineer: Blast it all... That boat construction deal was all but mine...
Sadly the job that the engineer should have received was stolen by a rival.
Then they hear a devilish sound...
???: Ahahaha!
Boat Engineer: Hm?
A woman with a gun appears, laughing uncontrollably. She stops in front of the unfortunate three.
Ludmila: Ahaha! Is there a weapon shop around here? I need bullets... Hehe...
Poisoned by a mushroom she ingested long ago, Ludmila is cursed with laughter that will never end.
Boat Engineer: Are you a traveler?
Ludmila: Hehehe... Yeah. Ahaha! I've come with my crew to get some shopping done. Hehe.
Boat Engineer: Why are you laughing at us? I'm not in the mood to be ridiculed by anyone.
Ludmila: Ahahaha! Right... I don't mean to do that... Tehe... Sorry... I don't mean any disrespect... Hehehe! Gahaha!
Boat Engineer: Why you! You think what happened to me is funny? Is what happened really a laughing matter?
Ludmila: Ahahaha! S-sorry... I can't control the laughing... Hehe! But I'll try!
Ludmila: ...!
Ludmila forces her stomach to contract, causing the air in her body to stop flowing and ceasing the laughter.
Ludmila: I can't... I'm really sorry! Bahaha!
Young Woman: Are you laughing at me as well? Do you think less of me for being thrown aside by my love!
Ludmila: Hehehehe! I really don't! I just can't help it! Gahaha!
Child: Then you're laughing at me! Because my very special toy broke, aren't you!
Ludmila: Hehehe! I'm not! Ahahaha!
Boat Engineer: How dare you! Get outta here! We won't stand for garbage like you laughing at us in our misery! Don't show your face here again!
Ludmila: Ahahaha! I'm sorry!
Ludmila's condition creates a terrible impression of her.
On a cliff some distance from the village, a large figure stands.
Zaja: My friends...
Zaja gazes past the clouds below in hopes of one day finding his missing friends.
He hears strange laughter and turns his head to see a small person cradling themselves.
Ludmila: Oh man... Hehe... Sigh... Why does this happen to me... Ahaha...
Zaja: What's wrong, Ludmila?
Ludmila: Gasp!
Oh, it's just you. Why aren't you with (Captain)?
Although the two are part of the same crew, they seldom exchange words.
Zaja: The others said they would be heading into a cramped cave, and as you can see I am quite large, so I would only get in the way.
Ludmila: Pahaha!
Zaja: Did I say something strange?
Ludmila: Hehe! Giggle! No... I couldn't go with them for a similar reason.
Ludmila: Haha! There are monsters they need to get rid of that are sensitive to sound... And since I laugh so much...
Ludmila: Ahaha! I decided it's best to stay behind! I'd do much worse than just get in the way! Hehe! The monster would have a field day with me!
Zaja: Then... why not stop laughing?
Ludmila: Tehe! I would if I could... It's a long story...
Ludmila goes into detail about eating a new species of mushroom, and how it's plagued her with unstoppable laughter ever since.
Zaja: I see. I always thought your ability to find everything so funny was a bit strange, but I never would have guessed a mushroom was behind it...
Zaja: But that you laugh so much always makes you seem like you're enjoying yourself.
Ludmila: Heehee! It does cause me trouble though... A second ago I was laughing when it really wasn't appropriate, and I made some people really angry... Ahaha!
Zaja: That does sound difficult...
Ludmila: Wheeze... Wheeze... At least you get it...
Zaja: What's happened now? You seem in pain...
Ludmila: Wheeze... Hahaha! I... can't breathe... from all... the laughter... Hehe!
Ludmila: Sigh... Hehe... I wish I could be as relaxed as you are, Zaja. What can I do... Hehe!
Zaja: Hmm... I wish I could help.
Zaja: But all I ever do is search for my friends at the bottom of the sky. What use could I be to you...
Ludmila: Hehe! Huh? Bottom of the sky? What are you talking about?
Zaja tells Ludmila about his quest for his friends and about his delusions.
Zaja: My friends are alive... At the bottom of the sky... I just want to see their happy faces at least once...
Typically anyone who listens to Zaja's tragic tale of his departed comrades is lost for words.
Ludmila: Hehe! I'm sorry! Haha! I don't mean to laugh...
Zaja: I understand. My past is what it is. But I want to help you with your present.
Zaja: If I understand correctly, you can't control the laughter. When I was a leader...
Zaja: I learned that a person in charge must always remain calm. That is why I do not often seem moved.
Ludmila: Wheeze! Hehe! You might not believe this, but at the moment, I'm pretty relaxed.
Zaja: Hmm... What if you try to recall painful memories? It may make you sad, but perhaps the pain will help.
Ludmila: Ahaha! Just a second ago... Haha! Was a pretty painful experience... but no tamale!
Zaja: Right... What if I pinch your arm?
Ludmila: Gaha! I've tried everything. I can't even stop laughing when I'm fighting! Ahaha!
Ludmila: Cough! Hehe! Thanks for thinking of so many ideas just for me.
Zaja: But of course. We're a part of the same crew. Helping each other is the obvious course of action.
Ludmila: Wheeze... Wheeze... You're a good guy, Zaja...
Zaja: I just want to help my comrades. Wouldn't you do the same?
Ludmila: Ahahaha! I would. But I'm just so annoying. I'd think people would stay away from me... Haha!
Zaja: I don't think that's the case. None of our comrades would say such a thing.
Ludmila: Hehe! Yeah... You're probably right... Hehehe!
Zaja: Hm... Still can't get that laughter under control...
Ludmila: Ahaha!
Zaja: Right...
Ludmila: Bahaha!
Zaja: Hmm...
Ludmila: Gahaha!
Zaja: Heh heh!
Ludmila: Hehe... Huh? What's wrong?
Zaja: I'm sorry... Hearing your laughter for so long... It's infectious...
Zaja: Heh heh heh!
Ludmila: Ahaha! What's with that laugh! Bahaha! Hahahahaha!
Zaja: Heh heh heh! Your laughter continues to escalate...
Ludmila: Hehehe! But this is a real laugh! The sounds you make are just too funny!
Zaja: Heh heh heh... Who would have thought I could make you laugh even more... Heh... Or that you would think my laughter is strange...
Ludmila: Hehehe! You make a good point! Hehe! Hahaha! I'm so sorry!
Ludmila: Hehe... Zaja... I thought of something after hearing your story...
Zaja: Hm?
Ludmila: Giggle... If you think your friends are happily living at the bottom of the sky, then maybe they're the ones searching for you...
Zaja: What do you mean?
Ludmila: Hehe! If you try this hard to help me, your friends must love you.
Ludmila: Haha! So who would want to leave you behind? I bet they're trying to find you too.
Zaja: ...
Zaja recalls, for a just a moment, the time he spent with his friends.
Ludmila: Hehe! Zaja... Laugh a little now and then... To let them know you're okay, got it?
Zaja: What?
Ludmila: Ahaha! I bet your laughter could reach all the way to the bottom of the sky. Just let them know where you are! Hehe!
Ludmila: Hehe! I want to help you...
Ludmila: Haha! But my laughter isn't really that useful... so... Haha!
Zaja: Heh heh...
Ludmila: Hehe... Laughable, ain't it?
Zaja: Heh heh heh...
Ludmila: Hehe!
Zaja: Hahaha!
Ludmila: Gahaha!
Zaja: Bahaha!
Ludmila: Gahahaha!
Ludmila and Zaja pass their time laughing into the great blue.
Little do they know that they are being watched.
Vyrn: What the heck? A long day's work, and then we find these two laughing their heads off...
Lyria: I wonder what happened...
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Haha! Who knows. But looking at 'em makes me laugh too!
Lyria: Hehehe! It does! I feel like all my funny bones are being tickled.
Zaja & Ludmila: Bahahaha!
Anyone who hears those two laughing is drawn in to laugh themselves.
Even (Captain) and the others are not immune. Together, their laughter echoes even to the bottom of the skies.