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SideM Fantasy: To the Sky Realm for Some Reasons - Opening

The members of DRAMATIC STARS, Teru Tendo, Kaoru Sakuraba, and Tsubasa Kashiwagi, have travelled abroad to film a commercial for the movie Granblue Fantasy. They are magically transported to the Sky Realm by a sudden flash of mysterious light. However, they don't notice that they are in a different world, and upon meeting (Captain) and the crew, they assume that they're still filming the commercial.

The members of DRAMATIC STARS had traveled abroad to shoot a commercial for the film: Granblue Fantasy.
Teru Tendo, Kaoru Sakuraba, and Tsubasa Kashiwagi were excited about doing a large-scale foreign shoot.
Teru: Woah, look! The landscapes here are so different from back in Japan!
Tsubasa: Haha, Teru, you're too excitable! If you rush around like that you'll get dirt on your costume!
Teru: I know we're always traveling to do shoots like this, but this is something special!
Teru pulled out his smartphone and proudly showed the incredulous Tsubasa the screen.
The game screen from Granblue Fantasy appeared.
Teru: I've been playing a bunch to get ready for this shoot. I've gotten to Rank 50 already and I've only been playing for a month!
Kaoru: ...
Teru: What's with the sour face, Sakuraba? Don't tell me you haven't been playing it to study for the role?
Kaoru: Hah, of course. It goes without saying.
Kaoru swiped the touchscreen on his smartphone. His game screen showed that he was Rank 103... But he kept that to himself.
Kaoru: Learning the context and plot thoroughly is just another one of an actor's jobs. It's nothing to boast about.
Teru: Oh, I'm getting fired up now! I'm gonna perform better than you, for sure!
Tsubasa: Now you're both getting overexcited! Come on, if we don't get a move on, we'll be late!
Staff Member: Ah, DRAMATIC STARS! Right this way, we can apply the finishing touches over here.
Teru: Dude, look at this sword! It's all red and glowing... It looks awesome!
Kaoru: You'll be much too hot in that gear. My costume, on the other hand, is both stylish and cool. What a wonderful design.
Tsubasa: Huh? As long as you can move and they're clean, what's the problem? Though it is rare to see you praising anything, Kaoru.
Kaoru: It's not like I'm praising them! They just have a nice attention to detail. You can see the work that has gone into them. That's all.
Tsubasa: All right, you keep telling yourself that.
Kaoru: Kashiwagi, like I said, that's not—
Teru: It's all right, Sakuraba. Everyone likes their Granblue costumes. They're very nice.
Teru: Yours too, right, Tsubasa? I like the airy image of your outfit.
Tsubasa: Yeah... Pretending to be a skyfarer from the game makes me kind of nostalgic about being a pilot.
Monster: Graaaargh!
Tsubasa: Woah! What on earth is that?
Kaoru: W-what a strange monster... I didn't even realize the cameras had already started rolling.
Tsubasa: Huh, we're already filming? But we haven't even rehearsed!
Kaoru: Wait... I don't remember a scene like this being in the script...
Teru: Hehe, I get what's going on. The director wants to test us!
Tsubasa: What do you mean, test us?
Teru: He wants to test how well we can improvise a scene, obviously!
Teru: Woohoo, I'm gonna get first place for sure!
Tsubasa: Wait, Teru!
Teru leapt forward like an arrow loosed from a bow, slashing his sword at the monster.
At that very moment...
Kaoru: What's this light? Some kind of special on-set spotlight?
Tsubasa: Woah, Teru, awesome! It looks like you're using real magic!
Tsubasa: Huh?
Froggly...?: ...
Tsubasa: (Huh, that looks kind of like a plushie of Pierre as Froggly... But what's it doing here?)
Tsubasa: !
Tsubasa: It feels different all of a sudden, doesn't it? The wind's gotten a lot stronger...
Kaoru: Agreed. The air feels different. And hasn't the terrain changed from before?
Teru: Where are the cameras? Where's the equipment? Where are the staff? Everything's disappeared!
Vyrn: What's this? You three, who are you?
Teru: That voice... Isn't that—
Teru looked around in surprise after hearing a voice that he recognized...
Vyrn: What are you looking at? Why are you staring?
Teru: Woah! Look at this! It looks just like Vyrn!
Tsubasa: I read in a magazine the other day that they've got really good robots to act in films nowadays.
Teru: So it's like a lizard-bot? I mean, a Vyrn-droid.
Vyrn: Hey! I ain't no lizard!
Teru: Woah, it even does Vyrn's classic "I ain't no lizard" reaction line! They were so thorough!
Lyria: Erm, so you guys have met Vyrn before?
Teru: Hey, Lyria was really well-cast too! I can't even tell it's a wig! Wow.
Lyria: Huh? "Well-casted"? "Wig"? What are you talking about?
Teru: Oh man, they're wearing the real job clothes from the game... It's so realistic!
Tsubasa: Hey, Teru?
Teru: What is it, Tsubasa?
Tsubasa: These kids, they're really something, aren't they?
Teru: Huh, what do you mean?
Tsubasa: Well, they're so young, but they already embody the part entirely!
Tsubasa: They're on another level compared to other child actors... It's pretty intimidating, but we can't lose to them! We've got to try harder!
Teru: You're right. They're trying so hard to get famous, if we're not on top of our game it'll make us look bad.
Teru: We've got to act our hearts out as their co-stars!
Teru started acting the part of a skyfarer, talking directly to the crew.
Teru: Listen, everyone! We're the DRAMATIC STARS, and we're here to protect your ship!
Lyria: Oh, I see! You're skyfarers too!
Vyrn: Ohhh. I get it now. Why didn't you say so earlier?
Kaoru: (Are we really filming? Something feels very strange...)
Pierre: Huh, Teru? That's strange... I thought I heard Teru and the others' voices...
Pierre: Didn't you, Froggly?

SideM Fantasy: To the Sky Realm for Some Reasons - Chapter 1: Surprise, Surprise - Episode 1

The members of DRAMATIC STARS have started to notice that something is a little off. They still believe they're on a film set, with hidden cameras to keep the acting realistic. They ask (Captain) about this, but it only adds to the confusion when (Captain) doesn't understand the showbiz words they use!

Teru: Ah, I've got it! Hidden cameras! That's what it must be!
Tsubasa: Hidden cameras? What do you mean?
Teru: Y'know, for the "making of" things that go on the DVD! Where you see the actors just acting normal and stuff?
Tsubasa: Oh, I see... Even the commercials have a marketing campaign behind them...
Kaoru: You really think so? Something still feels off to me...
Teru: Well, we're gonna start filming soon, so act natural for the hidden cameras. It's boring if we seem like we know they're there.
Teru: I'm gonna pretend I don't even know they're there!
Teru: Whoa, that's weird, even if I just wave the sword a little bit, fire comes out! Awesome special effects!
Tsubasa: My gun shoots out green light and smoke too! Modern effects are so realistic!
Kaoru: This is strange... This is so far beyond props... or even the latest technology. It's just too advanced.
Teru: Okay then, smarty-pants, if it's not the latest technology, then what is it?
Kaoru: I... I don't know.
Tsubasa: I did see something on TV where they were talking about adding machinery to film props. Surely this is just the same?
Teru: Tsubasa's right! Look at the Vyrn robot! That's some crazy advanced technology right there!
Kaoru: ...
Vyrn: Huh? You guys talkin' 'bout me?
Seeing the boys looking worried, Lyria, Vyrn and (Captain) came over to see them.
Steeling himself, Kaoru approached (Captain) with a blunt question.
Kaoru: The director seems to be hiding something from us, so answer me. What on earth is going on with this shoot?
Vyrn: Huh? Dye-recta? What's that?
Kaoru: What?
Tsubasa: Stop it, Kaoru!
Kaoru: ...
Tsubasa: No one can work on getting into their roles if you keep getting in their face!
Tsubasa: Just stay calm... If you get all flustered here, everyone will think we're unprofessional...
Monster: Groargh!
Tsubasa: Woah! Don't spring things on me like that!
Kaoru: What, so now we've got to fight that?
Teru: Hahaha! That's why they've got hidden cameras! To capture reactions like your face right now! Well done.
Teru: I'm not gonna let those guys steal the show though! Let's dance!

SideM Fantasy: To the Sky Realm for Some Reasons - Chapter 2: The Green Dude - Episode 1

In a strange turn of events, the members of DRAMATIC STARS end up travelling with (Captain) and the crew. They are worried about being a burden on the crew, and ask if they can help out. It turns out that (Captain) and the crew need help fighting some mysterious green monsters which have appeared on the island, and they ask for the boys' help.

The members of DRAMATIC STARS had been magically transported to another world.
Teru, Kaoru, and Tsubasa had ended up joining the crew of skyfarers due to a strange misunderstanding.
Tsubasa: Where are they leading us?
Tsubasa: We just tagged along with them... I hope we're not causing trouble for the person playing the captain...
Teru: Well, let's keep going until someone says, "Cut!"
Kaoru: Yes... Normally when people join the crew, there's some kind of fight or adventure before they end the scene.
Teru: Oho, you're getting into the role now, Kaoru!
Kaoru shot Teru an angry glance, as if to say, "The cameras are still rolling, be quiet!"
Seeing Kaoru's glare, Teru laughed heartily, trying to keep the mood light.
Teru: Haha! It'll be fine! We'll prove ourselves to the captain, and then we'll be part of the crew and it'll all be cool!
Kaoru: It must be nice to be so carefree. I'm still not convinced.
Teru: Who are you calling carefree? You saying that I don't think about anything?
Tsubasa: Hey, Teru, Kaoru, settle down. They're looking at us.
Lyria: What's going on? You shouldn't fight with your friends like that.
Tsubasa: Sorry for worrying you like that. This kind of thing happens a lot...
Tsubasa explained why the DRAMATIC STARS were arguing to (Captain) and the crew.
The crew gave an unexpected answer...
Vyrn: Oh, that's what you were worried about? It's okay—we actually had something we wanted to ask you to do!
Teru: Something for us... to do?
Vyrn: It's the bounty on this island... We've got to go and take care of the monsters that showed up unexpectedly...
Lyria: Yes... But the monsters are much more numerous than we thought they would be... So we were wondering if you guys could help?
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain), you've got to come out and ask them too!
  1. Can you help us, DRAMATIC STARS?
  2. I don't want to pressure you...

Choose: Can you help us, DRAMATIC STARS?
Tsubasa: Heh, that's the least we could do for you!
Teru: Of course! If it's okay with you, we're happy to help!

Choose: I don't want to pressure you...
Tsubasa: Heh, don't worry, we'd be happy to help you! Right, Teru?
Teru: Sure thing! Bring on the monsters, I'll take 'em out!
Continue 1
Kaoru: A side quest, huh... I don't know what the recommended level is, but let's give it a go.
Teru: Kaoru, stop breaking the fourth wall, man.
Tsubasa: What are these monsters that have appeared unexpectedly?
Vyrn: Huh, didn't we say? It's those slimy green monsters, y'know, the—
Green Monster: Ribbiiit!
Kaoru: Wha—
Vyrn: Woah! Exactly what I was talking about! The green monsters!
Kaoru: (I can't shake the feeling that I've seen those monsters before...)
Kaoru: (I have a really bad feeling about all of this...)

SideM Fantasy: To the Sky Realm for Some Reasons - Chapter 3: So About Those Reasons - Episode 1

The members of DRAMATIC STARS get into the fight against the green monsters, forgetting about filming and sets, and finally start to get used to life in the Sky Realm. However, Lyria says something which drags them back down to earth, and reminds them of their lives in the real world. Realizing what they have to do, the DRAMATIC STARS advance into their final battle!

The members of DRAMATIC STARS had gotten into the rhythm of living in the Sky Realm at this point.
Forgetting that they were being "filmed," they were excitedly fighting the green monsters and having fun with the crew.
Vyrn: Hey, you're pretty good at this, Sparkly Dudes.
Lyria: Yes! You're true skyfarers now!
Vyrn: Oh yeah, you've been saying it for a while now, but what's a "dramatic star"?
Teru: Well... Do you know what a pop star is?
Lyria: Oh, I know what that is! Someone who makes crowds of people happy by entertaining them!
Teru: That's right, Lyria! We're here to make everyone smile!
Teru: DRAMATIC STARS is like... the name of our family!
Lyria: Huh? Family?
Tsubasa: It's just like your airship crew! One big family that you're part of with your friends.
Vyrn: Ohhh. Like a family... So how many members are in your "dramatic star" crew?
Kaoru: Tendo, Kashiwagi and myself. Just the three of us. Oh, and our producer, who's like the backbone of the group.
Lyria: Oh, just like (Captain), right?
Kaoru: Yes. The producer helps to lead us all toward our goals, just like the captain.
Lyria: I see... So you're all doing your best for the producer's sake too.
Lyria's unexpected words brought the members of DRAMATIC STARS back down to earth.
Teru, Kaoru, and Tsubasa all fell silent, as if they were remembering something.
Lyria: I'm sorry... I said something weird, didn't I?
Teru: No, that's not it. I just remembered something...
Tsubasa: The producer... They're probably worried about us.
Kaoru: Stop it, Kashiwagi. It can't be helped either way.
Tsubasa: I'm sorry, I just—
Teru: Woah, stop being such downers! Stop frowning like that.
Teru: We're pop stars, right? We're supposed to make people smile! How are you gonna do that with such grumpy faces?
Tsubasa: Teru...
Kaoru: Huh. Turns out you do sometimes say useful things.
They regained their composure, but suddenly the area was enveloped by a blinding flash of light.
Shielding their faces, they looked toward the source of the light. They gasped in astonishment.
Teru: Wh-what's that?
Green Monster: Ribbiiit!
Tsubasa: Hmm. It's different from the green monsters we've been fighting recently...
Kaoru: This... It must be the thing I unconsciously sensed earlier...
A gigantic green mass was blocking the sun, casting a dark shadow over the entire group.
Green Monster: Ribbiiit!
Teru: Hey, this is no time to be scared!
Teru: I get it now. I get why we were chosen for this role!
Teru: No... rather... I understand why we were called to this world!
Tsubasa: Teru...
Kaoru: I hate to admit it, but Tendo is right. Together, we're the DRAMATIC STARS. We won't let the crew's smiles disappear.
Teru: It's been fun, (Captain). Take care of yourself.
Tsubasa: As someone who used to be a pilot, it's been really exciting meeting all of you. I'll see you again sometime.
Kaoru: We may have the chance to meet again in the future... but until then...
Teru Tendo, Kaoru Sakuraba, and Tsubasa Kashiwagi stepped into the bright light.
With the smiles they pledged to protect at their backs, they readied themselves for battle.

SideM Fantasy: To the Sky Realm for Some Reasons - Ending

Before they know it, the DRAMATIC STARS find themselves back on set at their commercial shoot. They realize that they can't recall their adventures in the Sky Realm now that shooting has wrapped. As they puzzle over this, Pierre suddenly turns up in front of them with a very important message.

Director: Aaand... Cut!
Staff Member: Well done, DRAMATIC STARS! Excellent work!
Teru: Huh? Oh, we're done already?
Staff Member: Yup, that's a wrap! Thank you all!
Teru: Hmm... Does anything seem strange to you guys?
Tsubasa: I know what you mean, Teru. Shooting this was so much fun—it went by in a flash!
Teru: No, that's not... Well, yeah, it was fun. But... I feel like something really important happened, but I can't remember what...
Kaoru: You too, Tendo?
Teru: You get it, right, Kaoru?
Tsubasa: Now that you mention it... I guess I kind of feel like we forgot something important...
In the midst of this confusion, all three stars heard a voice they recognized...
Pierre: Hello! This place is huge! I got a bit lost...
Teru: Pierre! What are you doing here?
Pierre: The producer told me to come here! I was told I should study acting by watching you guys.
Tsubasa: Really? So how was our acting? Did it help you with your studying?
Pierre: It helped me so much! The producer was so happy.
Pierre: But...
Kaoru: Huh? But what? Is something wrong, Pierre?
Pierre: The big producer got really angry!
Pierre: Oh yeah, they sent me here! To get you guys and take you there!
Teru: Huh, where?
Pierre: To the big producer!
By "the big producer," Pierre meant the person in charge of the movie commercial shoot.
Pierre: The big producer was gonna surprise you by dressing as a monster...
Pierre: His plan really backfired, I guess.
Teru: Whoa, wait a second. Do you mean that the monster we beat up earlier... was him?
Pierre: Yes! It was the big producer!
Kaoru: Kashiwagi and I didn't touch him. It was just you beating on him with that red sword, Tendo.
Teru: Man... why are you saying that? I thought we were friends!
Tsubasa: He's right, Kaoru! We didn't stop Teru, so we've got some of the responsibility, too. We've got to face the music.
Pierre: It's okay! Me and Froggly will come along with you!
Pierre: Shall we all go and apologize?
And so, the three pop stars were thoroughly chewed out by an angry, big-shot producer...
But all was forgiven in the end because the whole shoot had gone surprisingly well.
Pierre: Huh?
Pierre noticed something in the corner after Teru and company had left and picked it up.
It was a grubby soft toy that looked exactly like Froggly...
Pierre: Froggly's... look-alike?
Pierre: Hmmm... What shall we do, Froggly?
Froggly: ...
Pierre: Hmm, you're right! He must be lonely!
Pierre held the look-alike to his chest and grinned.
Pierre: Isn't that nice, Froggly? You've made a friend!
Pierre skipped away, holding Froggly in one hand and the look-alike in the other.
He fancied that he could see a smile forming on the face of the look-alike, but surely must have been a trick of the light.