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Slayers Omega - Opening

After accepting a request to investigate strange occurrences on an ancient battlefield, (Captain) and the crew team up with Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev. Suddenly, a horrendous laugh interrupts them, and its owner declares herself to be Naga the Serpent, Lina's rival. After they bicker, Naga disappears off somewhere, and a concerned (Captain) splits the crew in two. One group helps Lina with the investigation, and the other goes to keep an eye on Naga.

(Captain) and the crew accept a request to investigate an Astral Battlefield where strange things have been happening.
When they arrive, they meet a pair of allies Sierokarte recommended, and introduce themselves.
Lina: Nice to meet you. I'm Lina. Lina Inverse.
Gourry: And I'm her protector, Gourry Gabriev. I look forward to working with you, (Captain).
Lina: So that's where these strange things have been happening, Miss Sierokarte?
Sierokarte: That's right. The number of people injured at the ancient battlefield has seen an unusual increase lately.
Sierokarte: I hear it's been getting harder to keep the local monsters in check as well.
Vyrn: They've been getting closer to the town, and the residents are worried.
Lyria: I heard some of the skyfarers ended up losing a fight to the monsters. It's a bit scary, to be honest.
Vyrn: I heard from Sierokarte that our new allies are pretty famous in certain circles, so I'm sure we'll do fine.
Lina: Gourry knows his way around a sword, and not to boast, but I'm pretty good with magic and a sword myself.
With the introductions finished, the crew leaves the inn and heads for the ancient battlefield.
Lina: Strange things happening on an old battlefield, huh? And a decent reward, too. Let's get to work!
Gourry: You're looking unusually enthusiastic about this.
Lina: Mwahaha… There's a nice reward waiting for us, but more importantly… I'm on a treasure hunt!
Lina: Revenant Weapons from the War hundreds of years ago… The so-called legendary weapons, y'know.
Lina: Maybe one of them got stuck in a monster around here! So if we just stir up a little trouble, sooner or later…
Woman's Voice: Oho ho ho!
Thanks for the intel, Lina Inverse!
Lina: Huh? Oh no, I'd know that laugh anywhere…
???: Oho ho ho ho!
Vyrn: W-whoa! Where'd she come from? That's an… interesting choice of clothes.
Lina: Long time no see, Naga.
Lyria: Are you a friend of Lina's?
Naga: What's that? You don't know? I'll just have to introduce myself!
Naga: I am Lina Inverse's greatest and strongest rival, Naga the Serpent!
Naga: Oho ho ho ho!
Lyria: R-right…
Lina: What have you been doing, Naga? I thought you'd disappeared on us, but now you turn up again here?
Lina: I bet you were fooled by another get-rich-quick scheme, and you're back here to beg food money from me again.
Naga: You're as sharp as ever, Lina. A deduction worthy of my rival.
Lina: That's not something to be proud of…
Naga: Anyway, moving on…
Naga: Legendary weapons sleeping on an ancient battlefield… I bet they'll fetch quite the price!
Naga: I, Naga the Serpent, mighty rival to Lina Inverse, will claim the treasure! Oho ho ho ho!
Lina: Not if I get there first! Dill Br—
As Naga sets off at a run, Lina begins an incantation.
Naga: Eeeeek!
The next moment, Naga trips on a crack in the ground and falls flat on her face.
Lina: Huh?
Gourry: Hey, are you all right, Naga?
Lina: She's always like this. A little scrape isn't going to kill her. Enough of this nonsense, let's get going!
Vyrn: H-hey, wait a minute! It's dangerous to just leave her like this!
Lyria: I-I agree! There might be monsters… (Captain), someone has to help Naga.
Vyrn: Yeah, I'm getting a bad feeling about leaving Miss Modesty here to fend for herself…
(Captain) listens to Vyrn's plea, and takes in the scene before them, feeling uneasy about leaving Naga be.
In the end, the crew splits into two groups, one to go with Lina, and the other to help Naga.
And so the crew gets caught up in the rivalry between Lina and Naga.

Slayers Omega - Ending

The culprit behind the strange phenomena turns out to be the demon Lazindor, who was feeding off the terror of the skyfarers gathered on the ancient battlefield. Lina mocks Lazindor's plan, and attacks him together with Naga and Gourry. With the job finished, Lina and Naga set off to blackmail the lord, who they discovered who Lazindor had threatened into cooperating with him.

Lazindor: Humph… Not bad.
Vyrn: Whoa! That creepy demon came out, just like you said he would!
Lazindor: What's this? "Just like you said"?
Lina: You played right into our hand, small fry!
Lazindor: And which "small fry" would that be?
Lina: You, of course. Only a petty thug would be satisfied with going around scaring people.
Lazindor: Why you little—
Lina: Anyway, you've been injuring skyfarers…
Lina: You've been threatening the lord, telling him "this town is done for!" and "bring me sacrifices and I'll let you live!"
Lina: That's why you summoned the lesser demons, and set traps to trip up confused skyfarers.
Lina: You've done such a good job scaring the skyfarers and townsfolk that I'm almost impressed.
Lazindor: Ugh…
Gourry: Sounds like this guy has been busy.
Naga: Yeah, I've never seen a demon work so hard before.
Lina: But I guess we shouldn't really be praising him…
Gourry: By the way, Lina, how did you figure it out?
Lina: It wasn't hard! We weren't frightened by the lesser demons, so he came out to threaten us himself, remember?
Lina: He must have thought even we'd be terrified at the sight of a big true demon.
Lina: Looks like you miscalculated. Sorry about that, Mr. Demon!
Lazindor: Grr… I'm gonna shut that big mouth of yours!
Lina: Humph. Who do you think I am?
Lina: Shadow Snap!
Lina throws a knife as she recites the spell, and it pierces the demon's shadow. The demon stops, unable to move.
Lazindor: Argh! W-where did a kid like you learn a move like that?
Lina: Gourry, Naga, help me out! I won't be able to keep this up for long!
Gourry: You got it!
Naga: Oho ho ho ho! I suppose I can help you out, Lina.
Naga: Supreme king with the frozen soul, grant me the power of your icy rage!
Naga: Dynast Breath!
Gourry: Light come forth! Haaaaaah!
Lazindor: Waaargh! Why yooouuu!
To stop Lazindor as he escapes from the shadow trap, Gourry and Naga attack him.
Lina recites a spell as she runs, calling on the power of one of the highest-level demons.
Lina: Heed me, who is darker than dusk,
Heed me, who is more red than blood…
Lina: In the name of those buried in the passing of the eons,
I make this vow to the abyss…
Lina: Mark all fools that stand in our way,
Let your strength merge with mine…
Lina: So that we may deliver doom to all alike!
Lina: Dragon Slave!
Lazindor: Aaaaaaghhh!
And so, the demon that had led a reign of terror on the Astral Battlefield is destroyed in a crimson flash.
Vyrn: Whoa… That was incredible. The island… That spell just…
Lyria: T-that was unbelievable! The island changed shape…
Lina: Ha ha ha… Yeah, it tends to do that.
Naga: Aw, and we never even found any Revenant Weapons.
Lina: Well of course not! Legendary weapons aren't gonna turn up that easily!
Lina: Anyway, I've had an idea, Naga.
Naga: Oh? What would that be?
Lina: We should go pay that lord a visit, tell him we defeated the demon. And then we can use what we found out…
Naga: Yeah, if we tell the lord we know he was cooperating with the demon, we won't just get the reward, we'll get hush money, too!
Naga: What a great idea! Let's go, Lina!
Lina: H-hey, wait up!
Lyria: Um… Gourry, I think Lina and Naga are up to no good. Shouldn't you have stopped them?
Gourry: Oh, sorry, I wasn't listening. What are we having for dinner?
Vyrn: (Sigh…) Well, we have ourselves some interesting new allies…
And so, the crew solved the mystery of the strange phenomena on the ancient battlefield, with help from Lina, Gourry and Naga.
However, this is only the beginning of the chaos their strange new allies will cause across the Sky World.
But that's a story for another time.

Slayers Omega - Eyes Peeled on the Battlefield

Lina: OK, let's go take out some monsters on the ancient battlefield!
Gourry: That's… not really what we came here to do.
Lina: Huh? What sort of investigation is this gonna be if we don't fight the monsters and see these strange phenomena for ourselves?
Lina: What I'm saying is, we have to search for the treasure! Mwahaha!
Naga: Oho ho ho ho! I see you're taking your time today.
Lina: Ugh, you perked up as quickly as ever, I see…
Naga: While you were standing around daydreaming, we took out ten lesser demons on the ancient battlefield!
Naga: Carry on like this, and I'll take all those Revenant Weapons for myself. Oho ho ho ho!
Lina: Humph. Who cares if you fought ten or twenty lesser demons? Hey, wait up, Naga!
Vyrn: A "lessa"? What kinda monster is that?
Lina: Forget Naga, what are lesser demons doing here?

Slayers Omega - A Commotion in the Ocean

Gourry: Hmm…
Vyrn: Hey, Mr Big Head, is something wrong?
Gourry: Oh, no. By the way, I've never seen a talking lizard before.
Vyrn: H-hey, I'm not a lizard! I'm a—
Lina: You're a baby dragon, or something like that, right? There are a few species that can use human speech.
Gourry: Wow, I had no idea dragons could be this cute.
Vyrn: Wahaha! Hey, don't tickle my belly!
Naga: Hmm… This certainly is an interesting creature…
Vyrn: Wah! S-stop that! No more, please!
Lina: Huh? Hey, Naga, what are you doing here?
Lina: Are you here to interfere with our work?
Naga: Me? No, I thought I'd come and see if you were feeling sorry for yourself.
Lina: Don't you mean you were feeling sorry for yourself?
Naga: Trash talk all you like… The only things I feel sorry for around here are just below your neck and shoulders. Oho ho ho ho!
Lina: Hey, wipe that smile off your face! Bigger isn't always better, you know!
Vyrn: H-hey, calm down!

Slayers Omega - Clues Appear; They Interfere

Vyrn: So these "lesser demons" are some kinda monster, right? Something we haven't seen before?
Lina: They're demons, the lowest ranking kind.
Lina: The sort of thing you can summon as a familiar, y'know?
Vyrn: A familiar is a creature you control, right?
Lina: Well, sorcerers who need a boost summon them to throw their weight around, that sort of thing…
Lina: Anyway, it looks like the cause of the mysterious things the request mentioned is someone using demons.
Gourry: Huh, I guess you're thinking seriously about this job after all.
Lina: Of course I am! What, you think I can't fight monsters and think at the same time?
Naga: Oho ho ho ho! Haven't you found any Revenant Weapons yet?
Lina: Ugh, shut up! You don't have a clue where they are yourself, right?
Naga: Hm? It's no fun to go running off ahead when your rival gets stuck, you know.
Lina: Is that so? Well sorry, but we have other things to do, so you go on ahead without me.
Naga: Aw, you're no fun when you're like this…
Lyria: Naga, are you saying that if you wanted to, you could find a Revenant Weapon right away?
Naga: Hm? Um…
Naga: Oho ho ho ho! But of course!
Lyria: Wow, that's amazing!
Naga: Oho ho ho ho! My reputation as Lina Inverse's greatest and strongest rival isn't just for show, you know!
Lyria: Hee hee… I guess not!

Slayers Omega - A Phenomenon to Stump the Brawn

Lesser Demon: Grrraaaaaghhh!
Lina: Gourry, over there!
Gourry: Light come forth!
As Gourry shouts, he removes the hilt from his sword, and light pours from it to form the shape of a blade.
Gourry: Haaaah!
Lesser Demon: Gaaarghhhh!
Gourry: There's another one!
Gourry turns to strike the lesser demon with his sword.
Gourry: W-whoooah!
Gourry trips over his own feet and is thrown off balance.
Lina: Elmekia Lance!
Lesser Demon: Gaaarghhhh!
Lina: Hey, what are you doing, Gourry?
Gourry: I… I felt something strange underfoot. Maybe the terrain was bad where I stepped.
Lina: That's weird… You spend too much time fighting to make a mistake like that.
Naga: Oho ho ho ho! Nice strategy, Lina. Take out your allies, and you'll get a bigger slice of the reward!
Lina: Don't be ridiculous!
Gourry: Lina, you should have told me you were having money troubles. I would have offered you a bigger percentage.
Lina: Hey, don't tell me you believed that!
Lina: You think I'd stoop that low? I only hurt the bad guys!
Naga: Oh, then you're the type to tease the people you like? That's a little mean, Lina…
Gourry: Hey, Lina, this is no time for pranks!
Lina: I already told you it wasn't me! And Naga, stop confusing him!

Slayers Omega - A Demon a' Schemin'

Lina: Losing your footing, huh? I guess this place has more tricks up its sleeve than just lesser demons.
Vyrn: Hmm… This place is pretty dangerous. We'd be in trouble on our own.
Gourry: What do you think is going on, Lina? Show us those sharp instincts of yours.
Lina: Sorry, I don't have the materials to do a divination.
Lina: I guess whoever is behind the lesser demons must be pretty powerful. I wonder who it could be…
Naga: What a drag… There's no treasure, and I'm feeling pretty tired.
Lina: You again? Quit showing up and following us!
Naga: Oho ho ho ho! Don't you understand what an honor it is to have me around?
Lina: No, I have no idea.
Gourry: Huh?
Lyria: Is something wrong, Gourry?
Gourry: Get down, Lyria!
As he shouts, Gourry uses a pin to remove the blade from the hilt of his sword.
Vyrn: So this is the Sword of Light? Why do you have to—
???: Gahahahaha! Not bad at all!
Lina: Fireball!
???: So that's how you greet people? You should know that a little trick like that won't work on me.
Vyrn: H-hey, your magic didn't work!
Seeing the creature could take her spell without even blinking, Lina realizes something.
Lina: What are you, and why are you here?
Lazindor: You can call me Lazindor. As for why I'm here, can't you tell, little girl? To spread fear!
Lazindor: I'm going to teach a lesson to all those blinded by greed. I'll leave them trembling in terror!
Lazindor: Well, today I'm just here to say hello. See you again soon! Gahahahaha!
Naga: Oho ho ho ho! What sort of ridiculous laugh was that supposed to be?
Naga: Huh? Where did he go?
Gourry: Lina, wasn't that a…
Lina: A demon, yeah. It must be the one controlling the lesser demons.

Slayers Omega - When Arms Do No Harm

Vyrn: Hey, what was that demon we saw yesterday? It was different to the "lesser" ones.
Lina: It's a higher rank than the lesser demons. A nasty creature.
Lina: Unlike lesser demons, they have to be destroyed from the Astral Side, so they're tricky to defeat.
Lyria: The Astral what?
Lina: Basically, weapons like a sword, or elemental magic won't work.
Lina: To defeat one, you need a spell that borrows power from a stronger demon, or you need to use Gourry's Sword of Light.
Vyrn: What? How'd a creature like that end up here?
Lina: I don't think it's a very high-ranking demon, but still not something I want to tangle with. Hmm… what to do…
Naga: What's that? Afraid of a demon, Lina?
Lina: I mean it's not worth it! What kind of idiot would take on a creature like that for the reward we're getting?
Vyrn: Hmm… Must be a pretty powerful enemy if Miss Dragon Spooker here doesn't want to fight it.
Lina: Well, you can't take it out with a regular weapon, and it uses powerful magic.
Vyrn: I guess it doesn't sound like something I want to fight either.
Naga: How low you've fallen, Lina Inverse! Frightened of a demon.
Lina: Just shut up already! I've fought plenty of demons before!
Lyria: OK, let's all just calm down for a minute.
Vyrn: For now, let's just hope this creature doesn't show up…

Slayers Omega - Strike How You Like

Vyrn: If this demon can't be hurt by weapons or magic, then I think we're out of our depth here.
Gourry: Hm? Not at all. Put enough willpower into your swing, and even an ordinary can do something.
Vyrn: Really? So it's just a question of trying hard enough?
Lina: Yeah, if someone has a strong enough will and a pure enough heart, then it's possible they could damage a true demon.
Lina: But taking on a true demon with an ordinary weapon would be a tough fight.
Vyrn: I guess you just can't defeat it by normal means…
Naga: What's wrong, little lizard? If you're scared, I can protect you.
Vyrn: So you could take on a creature like that?
Naga: Of course I can, silly! I can use spells that borrow power from higher demons.
Vyrn: Well, I'll leave it up to you then, Miss Modesty! Although, I'm not sure how I feel about relying on you…
Naga: Hee hee, I'm going to blush if you keep complimenting me like that!
Vyrn: That wasn't quite what I was going for…
Lina: Vyrn, if I can offer a little friendly advice… I think you're better off coming with me.

Slayers Omega - The Last of Days: A World Razed

Lina: OK, so it looks like the demon and the strange things happening on the ancient battlefield are connected somehow.
Gourry: Have you figured something out, Lina?
Lina: Well, it's just a theory. Still, today I think we can sort this mess out once and for all.
Gourry: Well, let's get moving, then. We're going to carry on fighting as we have been up to now, right?
Lina: Yeah, go for it. I bet our opponent is getting impatient, so he's sure to turn up.
Naga: Oho ho ho ho! Don't expect to get any Revenant Weapons! Watch me get them first, Lina!

Slayers Omega - Recover the Revenants

Lina: We still haven't found any treasure…
Naga: Come to think of it, I don't even know what a Revenant Weapon is supposed to look like.
Vyrn: Hmm… Sierokarte only said that they're amazing weapons gilded with gold.
Gourry: Gold gilt, huh? It's been bothering me for a while, but what's that thing sparkling over there?
Vyrn: Hm? You must have sharp eyes. I can't see anything.
Gourry: It looks like there's something golden buried in the ground just over there.
Lina: Could that…
Naga: Possibly be…
Lina & Naga: A Revenant Weapon?
Naga: Ha! It belongs to me, Lina!
Lina: Hey, Naga! Gourry found it, so that means it's mine!
Naga: Don't be naive, Lina! At a time like this, it's first come, first served!
Lina: You're not having it! Fireball!
Naga: Why you… Freeze Brit!
As the two spells met, they cancelled each other out and disappeared with a crackle.
Naga: So it's come to this. Let's settle things once and for all.
Lina: Humph. Fine by me. Let's do this, Naga!

Slayers Omega - Recover the Revenants: Scene 2

Lina: Ha… ha… Not bad… Naga…
Naga: Ha… ha… Only my… rival… could put up a fight like this…
Vyrn: Hey, sorry to interrupt your show-down, but that gold gilt thing? Look, it's just an ordinary helmet.
Lyria: Maybe one of the skyfarers who fought here dropped it.
Lina: An ordinary helmet? Ah, it really is. There's a gilded dragon carving on it. How tacky…
Naga: Hm? It's not bad at all, actually. I guess you have to be a grown up to appreciate it.
Lina: There's gotta be something wrong with anyone who can wear that awful thing and keep a straight face!
Gourry: OK, that's enough fighting. Can't you see that monster over there?
Hastily putting aside their fight, they look up to see a monster from the ancient battlefield.
Lina: All right! Now's my chance to get some treasure! Garv Flare!
Naga: Oho ho ho ho! Not if I get there first… Demona Crystal!
Monster: Grrraaaaaghhh!
Vyrn: So, um… They're friends again? Just like that?
Gourry: (Sigh…) Looks like it.
Lyria: Ha ha! I guess we should go and help them out…