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Event Story

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The Sleeping Island Giant - Opening

A few days before (Captain) and crew visit the Menean Empire, the Menean Army has been conducting a search of Midnight Island?home of the goblins. The army is attacked by the goblins in an organized raid, the likes of which have not been seen before. It marks the start of fierce warfare with the goblins.

Events transpire a few days before (Captain) and crew arrive in the Menean Empire.
A scout unit from the Menean Army has just landed on Midnight Island, home of the goblins.
Scout 1: According to the report, the airship was flying over this island when its distress signal was picked up. After that, it vanished.
Scout 2: It can't have been the goblins, though, can it? I mean, it was just a passenger ship carrying civilians.
Scout 1: Yeah, I don't know. It's true that they haven't launched any attacks on that kind of scale before, but…
Scout 2: Huh? Hey, look, there it is! That's the wreckage of the airship right there!
Goblin 1: Bahaha!
Scout 1: Wait, there's a goblin near it!
Scout 2: What? Come on, I think I can handle one goblin!
Scout 1: Oh, yeah. Yeah, sure… OK, let's fight it off and start searching for survivors.
Goblin 2: Bahaha!
Goblin 3: Oh! Humans, huh?
Goblin 4: Let's round 'em up, eh? Bahaha!
Scout 2: Shoot! It's not alone!
Scout 1: Huh? We're… we're surrounded!
Goblin 1: Bahaha! OK, you two! Move in!
Scout 1: What the? They're coordinating an attack?
Scout 2: Come on, they're only goblins. Goblins don't use strategy!
Goblin 2: You underestimate us. But then you're "only" human.
Scout 1: This is starting to make me feel uneasy…
Scout 2: OK, listen. On my mark, we'll make a run for it and go get reinforcements.
Scout 1: What? Get real! We can handle these goons on our own.
???: Such arrogance!
Scout 2: Wha? You're… You're…
Scout 1: Get off him!
Scout 1: Oof!
???: Relax! This is our declaration of war, but you won't be around to see the fallout!
???: Bahaha! And you're in luck. Your fellow men will be joining you very shortly. Very shortly indeed!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 1: An Omen of War - Episode 1

The party visit the Menean Empire in the hope of gleaning information about a primal beast known as the Light Titan. When they arrive, they learn of a war that has broken out between the empire and the goblins. When the goblins unexpectedly attack the island, the party is unavoidably drawn into the conflict.

While on their travels, the party hear of a primal beast called the Light Titan.
They visit the Menean Empire on the eastern edge of the Phantagrande Skydom in search of information. But there's trouble brewing.
The skyfarers and agents walking the busy streets have a bloodthirsty look in their eyes, an omen of the impending war.
Vyrn: Hmph! We should never have listened to that Knickknack Shack owner! There's no sign of any primal beast here.
Lyria: Calm down, Vyrn. Siero said it was called the "Light Titan", right? So let's just see what we can find out about it…
Vyrn: This place is really edgy, huh? I say we get the heck out of here before we get caught up in something we don't want to.
Lyria: Oh! Look over there, (Captain). Someone's about to start making a speech, I think.
Vizan: Brave skyfarers! Courageous agents! I am Commander Vizan, and I have been leading recent operations against the goblins.
Vizan: Firstly, I would like to thank those of you who traveled great distances to help during our empire's declared state of emergency.
Vizan: As you will be aware, of innocent civilians and army personnel were struck down some days ago by goblins on Midnight Island.
Vizan: Incredibly, it appears the goblins are declaring war against us. Against the Menean Empire. In fact, against all humankind!
Vizan: For many years there have been skirmishes between us, but now we must drive them back, or be driven back ourselves!
Vizan: So I implore you! Take up arms! Let us put a stop to this right now! Let us rout this evil from our midst!
Vizan: And it goes without saying that all who step forward to fight will be rewarded handsomely. Glory and honor will be yours!
Menean Soldier: Commander Vizan, I-I have an urgent report! The goblins have breached our defenses and managed to touch down!
Menean Soldier: Hordes of them! And they seem to be adopting a strategy far more sophisticated than we thought them capable of.
Vizan: What! They're making the first move? Right, no time to lose! Dispatch units at once! …ON THE DOUBLE!
Lyria: Unbelievable! We've got to help! Come on, (Captain)!
Vyrn: I knew we were going to get caught up in something, I just knew it! Well, we can't very well leave now. Let's give them a hand!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 1: An Omen of War - Episode 1: Scene 2

Having dispatched the goblins, the party set off in search of information about the primal beast again. On their way, a girl comes to their rescue when they are about to be attacked from behind by a monster. Together, they fight off the enemy.

Vyrn: Whew! Well, it looks like we've taken the last of them out now, huh? I guess we can take our leave.
Lyria: Yeah, they should be fine now. We can carry on trying to find out about the Light Titan.
Vyrn: How, though? Who's going to want to give us information at a time like this? It's chaos around here.
???: Hey! Watch your back, scaly!
Vyrn: Whoa! What the hell? You nearly… Did we miss one of those pesky goblins or something?
Monster: Grrr…
Lyria: Behind you, Vyrn! A monster! That girl just?
Monster: Grrraaargh!
???: Save the chat for later! Let's take care of these guys first!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 1: An Omen of War - Episode 2

The girl who helped the party turns out to be a goblin hunter by the name of Feena. After a brief introduction, she runs off again, having heard the cry of a nearby monster. The party give chase.

Vyrn: Hey, thanks, you saved my hide there, Little "Bow" Peep!
???: Bow Peep? Is that supposed to be a joke? Because it's pathetic.
Feena: I'm Feena and I'm a goblin hunter. So no more cute names, OK?
Vyrn: OK, OK, I'm sorry. So, you're a goblin hunter, huh?
Feena: You kids must be pretty brave, joining the ranks to fight the goblins. Don't see many lizards joining up. Or little girls.
Lyria: Oh, well, it was just by chance really. We showed up here just as things were kicking off.
Monster: Grrraaargh!
Feena: Here we go again! Over that way now, huh? OK, gotta run. See ya!
Vyrn: Hey, wait up!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 1: An Omen of War - Episode 2: Scene 2

Faced with unforeseen enemy numbers, the Menean Empire's Commander Vizan prepares to retreat in order to revise strategy, but he is surrounded by the goblins. Feena, (Captain) and the crew show up in the nick of time to help the army.

Menean Soldier: Commander, we're surrounded! The goblins have outflanked us!
Vizan: Hmph, there are far more of them than we anticipated. We have no choice but to attempt to fall back and regroup.
Monster: Grrraaargh!
Monster: Urrrgh…
Vizan: Huh? Allies?
Feena: Your troubles are over now, Commander! I'll handle things here.
Vyrn: Hey, wait for us! We want a piece of the action, too, you know! Right, (Captain)?

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 1: An Omen of War - Episode 3

The injured Commander Vizan requests that the party escort the heavily injured soldiers back to base. Feena agrees, motivated by a desire for glory, while (Captain) and the crew are more or less just along for the ride.

Vizan: I'm in your debt. With your help, we managed to hold them off.
Feena: Haha, that was nothing! I have armies of goblins that size for breakfast!
Vizan: Ha ha hah! You're a fine fighter.
Vizan: Oof…
Menean Soldier: Commander, you're injured! Your leg…
Vizan: It's nothing. Just a scratch. But there are others among us with more serious wounds.
Vizan: I hate to spring this on you out of the blue, but would you help them get back to the city safely? Be their escort?
Feena: OK, sure. Hehe, we could all be up for medals if we play our cards right. You'll be the most decorated soldiers in the army!
Lyria: Um, you do know that we're not part of the army here, right, Feena? …Feena?
Vyrn: Hey, she just upped and left without waiting to hear what you had to say!
Vyrn: Oh, well, never mind. It looks like the Menean Empire could really do with some help right now, so let's chip in, (Captain)!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 1: An Omen of War - Episode 3: Scene 2

On the road together, the party and their traveling companions start to get to know each other. (Captain) and crew learn that the Light Titan features in legends of the Menean Empire, but before they can ask more, they are attacked by goblins.

Feena: What? So you guys are skyfarers? And you're trying to find Estalucia?
Vyrn: You got it! We just ended up here because we were on the trail of a primal beast we heard about.
Lyria: But actually, I'm not picking up anything at all. There are no primal beasts here as far as I'm concerned.
Vizan: So… you can feel the presence of primal beasts?
Lyria: Yeah. I mean, it depends on the particular primal beast, but when I get near enough, I can kind of sense them.
Vizan: Interesting. And you mentioned the "Light Titan" before, didn't you? That's a name that crops up in legends of the empire.
Monster: Grrraaargh!
Feena: Aha! Goblins! OK, Commander, I'm expecting as many medals as goblins I shoot, OK?

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 1: An Omen of War - Episode 4

An urgent message arrives with (Captain) and crew that another detachment of goblins is storming the city. Obviously shaken by the speed of the goblin invasion, the party hurry back.

Vizan: Well done. You people really know how to handle your weapons.
Feena: Well, you know, when you're a beautiful young woman traveling alone, you've gotta know how to look after yourself.
Feena: It makes you tough. It's kind of unfair for everyone else. I mean, I'm super cute and super strong. How could anyone compete?
Vyrn: Hehe. Yeah, well, we've seen our fair share of battles, too, you know.
Vizan: Really? Well, that's reassuring to hear.
agent: C-Commander Vizan! An urgent message just arrived! A separate detachment of goblins have infiltrated the city!
Vizan: What! They're advancing far too quickly for us! Come on, we haven't a moment to lose! We must get back!
Feena: Tsk, maybe that last bunch of goblins was just a diversion. Things could be about to get serious.

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 1: An Omen of War - Episode 4: Scene 2

On arriving at the city, the party see fallen goblins everywhere they look. It turns out to be the famous goblin hunter siblings Lucius and Teena who have saved the day. When more goblins show up, the party join forces with the brother-sister team and go into battle.

The party arrive on the outskirts of the city to a scene of carnage. Everywhere they look, they see smoldering piles.
Vizan: Ugh! What a stench!
Vizan: Wait, it's… goblins? The goblins have been taken out?
???: Commander Vizan, hello. I'm glad to see you're safe.
Lucius: The city was very nearly overrun, but I destroyed every last one of the disgusting creatures.
???: Oh, whew! Lucius and I were worried your unit had been taken out, Commander!
Vizan: Well, you've really saved the day here. I don't know how to thank you.
Lucius: I don't need anything from you. Just seeing those brutes fall to the ground is all the thanks I need.
Feena: So, you're the famous Lucius, huh? You and your sister travel around hunting goblins, I hear.
Lucius: …Yeah, what of it?
Feena: Oh, well, I was just… Whew! Not the friendliest guy, are you?
Lucius: Give me a break. A kid like you isn't going to get a rise out of me.
???: Stop it, Lucius! Don't glare at her like that!
???: I'm sorry. Don't take it personally. My brother's like that with everyone we meet.
Vyrn: We're all allies on the same side here, aren't we? Let's have no in-fighting, please.
Teena: Well said. Sorry, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Teena. Yes, me and my brother are goblin hunters, like you said.
Feena: Teena, huh? Nice to meet you! I'm Feena. Cool name, by the way!
Teena: Hehe, almost the same as yours, you mean? It's nice to meet you too, Feena.
Lucius: Hmph.
Goblin: Heh heh… Gargh!
Vizan: More of them? I thought the city was clear of goblins. We can't let any of them slip through the net. Come on!
Lyria: Goblins, you are not welcome here!
Vyrn: In for an inch, in for a mile, as they say! Let's go!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 1: An Omen of War - Episode 4: Scene 3

(Captain) and the crew are tending to the wounded when they are taken aside by Commander Vizan to be told that the Light Titan may be sealed away on Midnight Island, the home of the goblins. In order to investigate the Light Titan, the party officially join the ranks of the Menean Army in the fight against the goblins.

Having returned to the city, (Captain) and the crew help tend to those wounded in the battle.
Injured Soldier 1: Teeeena! Please, change my bandages, would you?
Teena: Yes, coming! Just a minute! Lyria, could you give me a hand?
Injured Soldier 2: Ly-Lyria… The… the bandage… around my neck… I… I can't… breathe…
Lyria: Oh! Sorry! Sorry!
Feena: Lyria, you can leave this to me, so go help Teena, OK?
Lyria: Hahh, OK… Wow, I'm really bad at this. Treating the wounded is hard.
Vyrn: Whew, we're really in up to our necks here, huh?
Injured Soldier 3: Feeeena! My throat's kind of sore…
Feena: OK, be with you in a moment! …Oh, scaly, instead of just standing there staring into space, could you give me a hand?
Vyrn: Huh? Sca? Oh, right, yeah…
Vyrn: Hey pal, have some water. Here.
Injured Soldier 3: Huh? What, I get a lizard for a nurse, do I?
Vyrn: Hey, what did you call me? Don't bite the hand that feeds, pal!
Vizan: I really can't thank you people enough, even helping to tend to our wounded like this.
Vizan: But, um, (Captain)… I'd like to discuss something with you and your friends. Could you spare me a moment?
Vizan: The goblins' base is a place called Midnight Island. Legend has it that the Light Titan you mentioned before lives there, too.
Vyrn: Hey, did you hear that, (Captain)? The Light Titan!
Lyria: The primal beast that we're looking for!
Vizan: They say it lies dormant on the island, but it's fabled to be a fearsome beast that burns everything with searing beams of light.
Vizan: After the War, even the Astrals couldn't control its power, so they sealed it away on Midnight Island, where no light could reach.
Vizan: But Midnight Island has long been a taboo place for us, so no one really knows anything more than the legend itself.
Vyrn: So the Light Titan really could be there then, on the island where the goblins are based.
Vizan: It's possible. And when the situation is under control here, we of Menea will help you investigate.
Lyria: Really?
Vizan: Yes.
Vizan: But right now, the goblins have us on the back foot with the unexpected size of their military forces.
Lyria: So you'd like us to join the fight and help see the goblins off first? Is that the idea?
Vizan: Exactly. You're excellent fighters, I've witnessed that with my own eyes. You'd make a fine captain. Well?
  1. We'll join the fight.
  2. We've got to get to Midnight Island.

Choose: We'll join the fight.
Choose: We've got to get to Midnight Island.
Vizan: I can only apologize for dragging you into this messy business.

Vizan: Thank you. Let's hope we'll soon learn the truth about the Light Titan, one of our greatest legends.
Continue 1
Vizan: (Perhaps with this girl's ability to sense the primal beasts, we can see new threats coming…)
Vizan: So then, let's not waste any time. Let's get ready to move out!
Vizan: Oof!
Lyria: Oh dear! Please, don't push yourself too hard, Commander. You should stay here and guard the city until your leg is better.
Vizan: Hmph, I'm sorry to say I think you're right. I'd like to go with you, but like this, I would only slow you down.
Vizan: So it's down to you now. The fate of the empire is in your hands.
Vyrn: Don't worry, Commander! We'll take care of everything!
And so (Captain) and the crew, now officially tasked with striking back at the goblins, set forth for Midnight Island.

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 2: Alighting on the Dark Isle - Episode 1

The counter-goblin unit's airships come within sight of Midnight Island. However, they're met by goblin opposition, and (Captain) and the crew prepare to engage in combat.

The airship carrying (Captain) and the crew navigates a clear course to Midnight Island.
Feena: Alright, there at last! Haha, this is more my style. Attack them rather than waiting to be attacked!
Lucius: Hmph, if you want to get all fired up, that's your business. Just try not to get in the way of the real fighters.
Teena: Lucius! We're on the same side, remember? Try to be nice. Sorry, Feena.
Feena: Oh, it's fine, don't worry about it. He'll soon change his tune when he sees me in action!
Vyrn: Hey, look! Goblins! They're on wyverns and they're coming to attack!
Lucius: OK, let's give them something to think about! Come on!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 2: Alighting on the Dark Isle - Episode 1: Scene 2

The party are separated from their comrades' airships when they come under attack by goblins. With their numbers now massively reduced, they come under further attack with Midnight Island only a stone's throw away.

Feena: Well? How am I keeping up with the "real" fighters, huh? I haven't missed a single shot!
Lucius: I'm still three goblins in front!
Teena: Wait! Look! The goblins are forcing our airships apart from each other!
Vyrn: Uh-oh, I've got a bad feeling about this…
Lucius: We're almost at the island now, but it looks like we're going to be on our own if we touch down here.
Monster: Grrraaargh!
Lucius: OK, you brutes, it's your lucky day! We're going to hand-deliver you right back to your base! Come on, Teena!
Teena: Right behind you, Lucius!
Feena: Hey, hold it! That one's mine!
Lyria: I-I don't think we're going to have any trouble with you guys on our side!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 2: Alighting on the Dark Isle - Episode 2

Now separated from the rest of the strike force, the party set off from the site of their emergency landing on Midnight Island to the agreed rendezvous point. Feena wants to rest there, but Lucius condemns her idea as he seems more and more consumed with his hatred for the goblins.

Under attack by the goblins, the party make an emergency landing on Midnight Island some distance from where they had intended.
Separated from their comrades, the party head for the planned rendezvous point, praying for the safety of their allies.
Feena: We're the first ones on the island, I guess. Let's get to the rendezvous point and have a rest while we wait for the others.
Lyria: I just hope the other units are OK.
Lucius: How about worrying about our own safety first, huh?
Lucius: And Feena, seriously? You want to take a nap on enemy territory? Are you a complete idiot?
Teena: Lucius!
Lucius: This place is those brutes' home turf. All I want to do is fight them. I'm not interested in having any rest.
Vyrn: OK, this guy's kind of starting to worry me now…
Lucius: Oh, what are you stewing about? Come on, Teena, let's get going!
Teena: Oh, coming! Wait up!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 2: Alighting on the Dark Isle - Episode 2: Scene 2

Feena asks Teena why her brother Lucius is so hell-bent on taking out the goblins, and Teena explains that it's a matter of revenge. She confesses that she and her brother live for fighting the goblins now.

Feena: Your brother's got quite an attitude, huh? What gives?
Teena: Haha, yeah, Lucius is just kind of uncomfortable around people he doesn't know. But he's really a great guy.
Feena: Yeah, it's not like he's bothering me. It's just that since we got here, he seems almost… possessed.
Feena: He seems more hell-bent than ever on taking out the goblins. Is something going on that I don't know about?
Teena: The thing is, my brother and I, we… Well, fighting the goblins is our life.
Teena: It's revenge.
Feena: Oh, right, I see… Wow, yeah, that sounds heavy.
Vyrn: Yeah, Feena, what are you asking questions like that for?
Feena: I-I didn't know, did I!
Lucius: Teena, we've got company! Back me up here!
Teena: I'm there!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 2: Alighting on the Dark Isle - Episode 3

Lyria senses the power of the primal beast that lies dormant on Midnight Island, confirming for the party that the Light Titan is here. But it also becomes clear during a skirmish with the goblins that they, too, know of its existence.

Lyria: I'm just starting to get something… A faint feeling… Underneath this island, a primal beast…
Lyria: But it's really very faint. It must have been dormant a long time.
Vyrn: Wahoo, bingo! Now we just have to hope it's going to lead to a piece of the Sky Map.
Feena: Huh? What? Are you talking about that Light Titan?
Goblin 2: Gargh! The Light Titan?
Goblin 3: They're here to take the Light Titan! The humans are here to steal it!
Lyria: Huh? The, the goblins know about it, too?
Goblins 2 & 3: Uuurgh…
Lucius: We don't have time to stop and chat. We've got to push on.

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 2: Alighting on the Dark Isle - Episode 3: Scene 2

Lucius pushes on further into enemy territory, without stopping to wait for their Menean Army comrades. He wants to take down the Goblin King himself, and when Feena concurs, (Captain) and crew agree to help, too.

Vyrn: Hey! Lucius! Hold on a minute. Shouldn't we be waiting for the other units?
Lucius: We can avoid a messy battle here. I'm going straight for the enemy's heart. I'm going to take down the Goblin King.
Lucius: With my own hands.
Teena: Lucius…
Feena: Forget the small fry and take out their leader, huh? I like your thinking!
Feena: OK, then! First we've got to break through that line of goblins over there. Let's do this!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 2: Alighting on the Dark Isle - Episode 4

The party arrive at the arranged rendezvous point, but no one else is there. Lyria recommends waiting for the other troops, and Teena thinks they should take the opportunity to rest, but Lucius won't hear any of it, and plows on ahead.

Vyrn: Well, this is the rendezvous point. But there's no one else here yet, as expected.
Lucius: Come on, we're not stopping.
Lyria: You… you really aren't going to wait for the others?
Lucius: That's what I said, isn't it?
Lyria: But there are so many goblins! We don't know what kind of danger we might be walking into.
Lucius: Then you stay here. Teena and I will go alone. We don't need any gutless baggage.
Lyria: Don't be crazy! You can't take them all on alone, no matter how strong you might be! Right, Teena?
Teena: I-I think she's right, Lucius. Let's just have a breather here, yeah?
Feena: Yeah, come on, let's. We've got a good view of the surroundings from up here. We won't suffer a surprise attack, at least.
Teena: Hey, Lucius! Where are you going?
Vyrn: Come on, (Captain)! After him!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 2: Alighting on the Dark Isle - Episode 4: Scene 2

Determined to avenge his mother, Lucius soldiers on toward the goblins' base, but Teena is worried that he's not thinking straight and implores him to stop and rest. The party make a sweep of the area to clear out any enemies so they can rest safely.

Teena: Lucius, come on! They're right, there's a good chance the two of us won't make it on our own.
Lucius: But we're so close! We're nearly at their nerve center! How can you expect me just to sit still?
Teena: But you're not going to beat them like this!
Lucius: I want them to feel the same pain we had to feel when they destroyed OUR home.
Lucius: My sword won't rest until they're gasping in despair. Until their hearts are well and truly broken.
Feena: What are you guys muttering about? You really hate the goblins, huh?
Feena: I've checked the lie of the land. If we just take out those goblins over there and set up camp, we should be able to rest safely.
Teena: Come on, Lucius, what do you say? We've done a lot of fighting today. We need to get our strength back.
Lucius: You just won't leave it alone, will you, Teena?
Lucius: …OK, fine, you win.
Vyrn: Alright! In that case, let's go take care of that group of goblins over there!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 2: Alighting on the Dark Isle - Episode 4: Scene 3

A lone agent stumbles into the party's camp and explains that his unit was attacked in a night raid by the goblins. Nevertheless, the party decide not to mount a support operation in the darkness, and wait until morning, just hoping that their comrades will be OK.

Feena: OK, we did it! So, this is camp for the night. You're on watch duty, scaly.
Vyrn: Me! Oh, OK then. But someone's going to relieve me later, right?
Darkness slowly falls, and the party camp out while they wait for the other units they were separated from to arrive.
Teena: OK, sorry to keep you all waiting. Food's ready now.
Feena: You better enjoy it! Teena and I pulled out all the stops for this meal. Given what we had, I mean. It's still survival food.
Lyria: Wow, what a delicious-looking soup! You guys are amazing!
Vyrn: Yeah, this is awesome.
Teena: Hehe, OK, well, eat it up before it goes cold, won't you?
Feena: How come Lucius is sitting off on his own, huh? Is he really shy or something?
Teena: Oh, well, I think sometimes my brother just feels happier with his own company.
Teena: But maybe I'll go sit with him.
Vyrn: The others still haven't showed up, huh? You don't think… They couldn't have been ambushed… could they?
Lyria: It's a worry, huh? I don't know where they've gotten to.
Vyrn: Hm? Hey, did you see something move in the bushes over there?
Lucius: Come out, whoever you are!
Feena: Oh no, is it goblins? Did I miss some of them in the darkness?
agent: Aaagh! H-Help! Please, someone! Anyone! Heeelp!
Vyrn: Hey, calm down! What's the matter? What's going on?
agent: The g-g-goblins, they…
Teena: OK, just take it easy. Breathe. What about the goblins?
agent: A g-goblin unit attacked us while we were encamped. They came out of nowhere!
agent: We… we tried to fight them off, but it was pitch black. I couldn't see where they were. I'm the only one who managed to get away.
Lucius: Encamped? Where? This is the rendezvous point. Why didn't you come here?
agent: We got split up along different paths. They set traps to draw us at the back away from the others.
agent: We were exhausted. We had no choice but to set up camp for the night, but… it was a bad move.
Lucius: We can't risk moving around at night on the enemy's home turf. We'd be at too much of a disadvantage. We stay put tonight.
Teena: I agree. But at first light, we'll all search the surrounding area.
Feena: Good call. Scaly and me will keep watch in shifts, so you guys all get some sleep, OK?
So (Captain) and the crew wait for the sunrise in the moonless night, hoping that their comrades are safe, somewhere.

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 3: Penetrating the Darkness - Episode 1

Apart from the party, the majority of their other Menean Army allies have been felled in night raids by the goblins. Vyrn and Feena suggest a retreat, but Lucius continues on to the goblin base with Teena in tow. As the others follow, a little behind, Lyria senses a terrible presence.

At dawn the following day, the party go in search of their comrades who were attacked during the night by goblins.
But they are too late, as by daybreak, the vast majority have already fallen.
And those hired skyfarers and troops who did manage to escape have lost the will to fight, and fled.
Vyrn: So, these are the Midnight Caves, huh? The goblins' base. But maybe we should come back later with reinforcements?
Feena: Yeah, we're seriously outnumbered now we've lost so many soldiers.
Feena: Who knows how many goblins are down inside these caves, right?
Vyrn: The odds are stacked against us now there are so few of us.
Lucius: Yeah, well, we waited for the others, and that got us nowhere. Now it's down to us.
Lucius: There's no way I'm turning back now we've gotten this far. Come on, Teena!
Teena: Oh, yeah, OK.
Feena: Hey, wait! Why won't you listen to?
Feena: Ahhh, why am I wasting my breath? He's gone already.
Lyria: (Captain), I… I'm picking something up. Something ominous.
Vyrn: The Light Titan?
Lyria: Yes, but I don't think it's just a primal beast's presence I'm feeling. There's something else. Something… terrible.
Feena: What do you think we should do, (Captain)?
  1. Go after them.
  2. Scared?

Choose: Go after them.
Feena: I knew you'd say that! Yup, no matter how grumpy and rude he is, I wouldn't leave Lucius and his sis in the lurch!

Choose: Scared?
Feena: What! No! I'm, I'm just trembling with excitement, that's what this is!
Feena: The super strong, super cute Feena isn't scared of anything! No way! Ha ha!
Continue 1
Feena: OK then, that's settled! Let's catch up with those two and get ready to fight!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 3: Penetrating the Darkness - Episode 1: Scene 2

Lucius and Teena march on, fighting off goblins as they go. But eventually, they are outnumbered and surrounded. Just as Lucius prepares to engage the enemy, (Captain) and the crew show up to help.

Vyrn: I can't believe those two, strolling into pretty much certain death like it's nothing!
Lyria: It's definitely coming from inside this cave, that terrible presence I'm feeling. I'm really worried about them.
Monster: Grrraaargh!
Teena: Lucius! I'll take out the one at the front, you hit the caster behind!
Lucius: Got it! Hyaaargh!
Goblin 2: Guuurgh…
Lucius: Hah, that was a piece of cake! If that's the best they can do, we'll be able to pick each unit off one by one.
Goblin 1: There they are!
Lucius: Huh? That was an ambush?
Teena: Wait, Lucius! There are too many of them now!
Goblin 3: Bahaha! We'll skin you alive! Bahahahaha!
Teena: They've… they've got us surrounded! It's too narrow in here to get around them. We're trapped!
Lucius: I'm not losing to these gutless goons! Look how they wield a sword!
Lucius: This is how you wield a sword! And I've sharpened it especially for you brutes!
Feena: Hey, you guys! What are you doing? Didn't I say there were too many of them, huh?
Teena: Feena! You guys!
Vyrn: Come on, (Captain)! We've got to help Lucius and Teena!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 3: Penetrating the Darkness - Episode 2

Despite being saved from a dangerous situation, Lucius's hard-nosed attitude remains unchanged. But Teena somehow manages to persuade her brother to let (Captain) and the others work with them to defeat the goblins.

Teena: Thanks, you guys. You really saved our hides there.
Feena: Hey, don't even mention it. I'm just glad you're OK, girl.
Lucius: Hmph.
Vyrn: Er, we, we were really worried about both of you. And besides, we've got to find out about the primal beast inside these caves.
Lucius: We don't need any help. Teena and I can take care of these goons on our own.
Teena: Lucius! Show a little gratitude! We were really backed into a corner just now.
Feena: Don't worry about it. We're used to your brother by now. Come on, let's see where these caves lead us.
Feena: Like I said, I'm totally on board with the whole "take out their leader" strategy. That's the big prize, right? Ker-ching!
Lucius: Hmph, whatever. Do what you want.
Lyria: Hey, (Captain), the path splits in two up ahead, look. Which is the way to go, do you think?
  1. I think right
  2. I think left

Choose: I think right
Feena: Huh? Seriously? No way, I'm sure we should go left. Just call it women's intuition. You'll see!
Teena: Actually, Lucius and I just went that way before and it's a dead end.

Choose: I think left
Teena: I thought the same as you at first, but it looks like we were wrong.
Feena: Ha ha ha, you think left? OK, then…
Continue 1
Vyrn: OK then, let's go right!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 3: Penetrating the Darkness - Episode 2: Scene 2

As the party push on deeper into the caves, the ominous presence becomes more palpable. Despite being on high alert, the party get caught in a pincer attack, leaving them once again confused at the goblins' unprecedented level of organization.

Lyria: The primal beast's presence is still very faint, but that other thing… That ominous force is getting nearer all the time.
Vyrn: You've never picked up something like this before, huh? It's kind of freaking me out. Better be extra careful, (Captain)…
Teena: Actually, is it just me, or are there less goblins attacking us now?
Feena: We've taken out a stack of them so far, huh? You and your brother have really earned that reputation you've got, Teena.
Teena: Oh, well, yeah, I guess. It's all we think about, so…
Teena: Anyway, it's too soon to get complacent. We've still got to get their leader.
Goblin 4: Gargh! There they are! Get them!
Feena: Here they come again! …Huh?
Goblin 2: Bahaha! Gotcha!
Lucius: Pincer attack, huh? These goons on this island sure have gotten the hang of strategy.
Feena: Come on, let's not waste any time. The sooner we get to the big boss, the sooner we can go collect our reward!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 3: Penetrating the Darkness - Episode 3

As the party penetrate deeper and deeper into the enemy's base, it's not just the primal beast's presence that's becoming stronger. There's another sinister force at play that is more and more tangible. Lyria is frightened by the ominous feeling she's picking up on.

Feena: You're going down, goblins! Down, down, down!
Super cute, super strong Feena's gonna take you down, yeah…
Lucius: Quit making so much noise. Seriously, how stupid can you be, singing in the enemy's base?
Feena: But this place is so dark and dingy. We've gotta do something to brighten it up. Come on, join in! You're going down, goblins!
Lucius: Urgh, my ears…
Teena: Ha ha ha, he's got a point, Feena. It's pretty risky singing like that.
Vyrn: Yeah, the goblins will know exactly where we are.
Feena: Tsk, I was only trying to raise everyone's spirits a little ready for battle.
Vyrn: And you really think that's the way to do it?
Lyria: Ugh…
Vyrn: Huh? What is it, Lyria? Don't tell me you're in a singing mood, too?
Lyria: No. The primal beast and… that other thing I'm sensing… They're both very close now.
Lyria: Just ahead of us. And… so cold…
Feena: That way, right? OK, I'm taking the lead!
Vyrn: Hey! Wait up!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 3: Penetrating the Darkness - Episode 3: Scene 2

More goblins show up to hinder the party's progress. Lucius is convinced the sheer number of enemies attacking is a sign of the party's proximity to something important, and the feeling makes him fight even harder.

Goblin 4: This is as far as you'll get, humans!
Lucius: Whoa, that's a lot of goblins. Looks like we're nearly there.
Lucius: Hey, scumbags, if you wanna live, get outta my way. You don't stand a chance against me.
Goblin 3: I don't think so! Have you seen how many of us there are? You haven't got a hope!
Lucius: That's not what my sword's telling me! It's looking at all you and thinking, that's still not gonna be enough goblins to take us down!
Goblin 2: Bring it on, human! We have Hekatonkheir's protection! You will fall before our might!
Feena: There's so many of them! Just keep fighting them, one at a time, guys!
Teena: Good luck, everyone! Come on, (Captain)!

The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 3: Penetrating the Darkness - Episode 4

The party know from Lyria's special powers of perception that the goblin leader is close. Lucuis leads the way with a cold grin on his face, but as (Captain) and the others start to follow, some hidden goblins jump out into their path.

Lyria: Careful, everyone. I… I'm sensing something terrible beyond here…
Feena: OK, this is it then! The showdown with the big boss at last!
Lucius: Heh heh, yeah, at last. OK, Teena, wish me luck!
Teena: Lucius, wait! I'm coming with you!
Feena: Hey! They both ran on ahead!
Vyrn: Come on, (Captain), after them!
Goblin 1: Grah?
Teena: C'mon Lucious!
Lucius: Hiyaa!
Goblin 2: Guuurgh…
???: It's not easy to watch my children be struck down one by one.

    ???: And it's not easy to decide how best to make you atone for their suffering…
    Lucius: You… I take it you're the Goblin King then? Judging by that outfit and that air of self-confidence.
    Goblin King: Correct, I am the lord of all goblins. My name is Goran.
    Goblin King: And you are…?
    Lucius: Heh heh heh, you don't know how long I've been waiting for this day. The day I get to cut you down with my sword.
    Goblin King: Hmph, too uncivilized even to tell me your name, are you? You humans are a lost cause.
    Lucius: Uncivilized? Hah, look who's talking! I don't introduce myself to monkeys.
    Teena: Someone has to pay for our mom's life! And the lives everyone from our village lost to you goblins!
    Goblin King: Bahahahaha! So, this is revenge, is it?
    Teena: Not against you personally. But your kind have to be held to account for its actions.
    Goblin King: Oh? In that case, you should be held to account for your actions, too. The hundreds of my sons who you've mercilessly struck down!
    Goblin King: Hydra, destroy them! Rid my lair of this uncivilized pair!
    Hydra: Grrraaaaahhh!
    Feena: Hold it! You two can't handle this on your own! Lucky for you the cavalry's here!
    Vyrn: That's the goblin boss? OK, (Captain), you know what to do!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 4: To the Depths of the Abyss - Episode 1

    The party's obvious strength causes the Goblin King to disappear deeper into the caves, promising to hasten the "summoning of the almighty one". As the party battle through the goblin hordes, Lyria is gripped by a terrible sense of foreboding. Lyria concludes the Goblin King means to awaken a primal beast. The party hurry after the Goblin King, determined to prevent even more casualties.

    Goblin King: Hm, impressive fighting. And you, little girl… You've learned to control primal crystals, I see.
    Goblin King: Granted, the boy is a formidable swordsman, but now I understand there's more at play. No wonder my army is in tatters.
    Goblin King: It is time to summon the almighty one! Hekatonkheir's might, this island will?
    Lucius: Enough! It's over now, Goblin King! Prepare for the end!
    Goblin King: Bahaha, no, no, not yet. I need a little more time first.
    Lucius: You'll have all the time in the world soon enough. You'll be spending the rest of eternity in hell!
    Goblin King: Don't get so carried away. Things are about to get much more interesting, you know.
    Goblin 1: Gragh! Protect the king at all costs!
    Feena: Agh! More goblins again? …Whoa! A LOT more!
    Teena: Lucius, forget about the king for the moment!
    Lucius: Tsk!
    Goblin King: I'll hasten proceedings. Goblins! Keep the humans at bay until I can perform the ceremonial summoning of the almighty one!
    Goblin King: Today is an auspicious day for goblinkind! Today, our victory over the humans is assured!
    Vyrn: Hey, the big boss is sneaking out a back way! But we can't go after him until we've taken care of these pesky goons!
    Lucius: Get back here, Goblin King! You're mine!
    Teena: Lucius, we've got to focus on fighting off these underlings of his first.
    Feena: Teena's right. This is it, I guess. The moment of truth, huh? Come on, let's get them!
    Lyria: "Summoning of the almighty one?" I don't like the sound of that…
    By the time the goblin hordes that amassed to protect their king have been defeated, everyone is exhausted.
    But there's no time to rest. Summoning all their remaining strength, the party pursue the Goblin King.
    Feena: Whew, so much fighting… I'm beat!
    Teena: There were so many of them! What are they trying to stop us from seeing, I wonder?
    Lucius: The Goblin King mentioned "summoning the almighty one", right? He's up to something, that's for sure.
    Lyria: The primal beast's presence I've been feeling has been getting stronger and stronger.
    Lyria: I'm sure this summoning must be some kind of ceremony to awaken the primal beast.
    Vyrn: So do you think it's the Light Titan we've been looking for?
    Vyrn: Because that Menean guy said it's a real badass primal beast, right? We've got to stop it before it gets out of control!
    Teena: Come on, everyone, hurry! We've got to stop the Light Titan! We can't afford to let any more innocent lives be lost for nothing!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 4: To the Depths of the Abyss - Episode 1: Scene 2

    As the party get deeper into the caves, the paths become more complex and light levels are even lower. Lyria is scared, so Teena lights a magic torch for her. The sudden illumination reveals a monster lurking nearby.

    Vyrn: Whew, the deeper we get into these caves, the more like a labyrinth it becomes, huh?
    Feena: Yeah, and it's getting narrower and narrower, too. I don't like it.
    Lyria: Brrr… And it's even darker here than before, if that's possible!
    Teena: Hey, wait a minute, Lyria.
    Teena: Hyah!
    Teena: There you go. A magic torch! Now it's not so spooky, huh?
    Lyria: Oh wow, that's much better! Thanks, Teena!
    Monster: Grrr!
    Lyria: Agh!
    Lucius: Hmph, looks like you uncovered a bogeyman in the shadows, too. Way to go, Sis!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 4: To the Depths of the Abyss - Episode 2

    (Captain) and the crew are frozen to the spot momentarily by the sheer volume of goblins surrounding them. Teena suggests luring them to a more favorable spot for fighting, but when Lyria accidentally trips, she gives away the party's location and they are forced to flee.

    Goblin 1: Bahahahaha!
    Feena: Hey, wait, guys. That's a lot of goblins there.
    Lucius: Leave it to me. I'll round 'em up in no time. Teena, cover me!
    Teena: Wait, Lucius! There are too many of them. We should lure them down a narrow passage so we can take them on one by?
    Lyria: Hey, what are you all doing hiding down there? …Agh!
    Teena: Oh, careful, Lyria, you're pushing on me!
    Vyrn: Argh! Who did that? Who just grabbed my tail?
    Lyria: Sorry! I-I just tripped on a stone, and?
    Lucius: Hey! Watch it! You just bumped into me!
    Feena: Agh!
    Goblin 2: Gah?
    Feena: Oops! Heh heh. Um… hi!
    Goblin 3: Bahahaha! Humans! Kill them!
    Feena: OK, time to make a run for it!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 4: To the Depths of the Abyss - Episode 2: Scene 2

    The party have to fight more goblins as they run from the hordes. When they find a suitable spot, they turn around and prepare to battle their way back through.

    Vyrn: We've taken out so many, but they just keep coming!
    Lyria: I'm so sorry! It's all my fault!
    Feena: Hey, forget about it already. It could've happened to any of us.
    Lucius: This'll do, here. It's a good spot for taking out any that slipped through the net while they had us on the run.
    Teena: OK, I'll cover you.
    Feena: Count me in, too! Let's do this, (Captain)!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 4: To the Depths of the Abyss - Episode 3

    Vyrn cannot help but be dazzled by Lucius's sword skills as he slays goblin after goblin. When the party quiz him about what kind of sword master instructed him, he admits with a rueful expression that he's self-taught.

    Vyrn: Whew… Is that all of them at last?
    Vyrn: Lucius, you're on fire, huh? That blade of yours is unstoppable!
    Lyria: You can say that again! You must have had an amazing sword teacher, huh, Lucius?
    Lucius: I taught myself. Honing my sword skills has been a life-long mission ever since… Well, ever since I can remember.
    Feena: Seriously? You taught yourself how to fight like that?
    Lucius: Yeah. It's my own technique. I guess it's… unique to me.

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 4: To the Depths of the Abyss - Episode 3: Scene 2

    When Vyrn wants to know why Lucius and Teena seek revenge against the goblins, Teena's face falls. Lucius offers to explain, but before he can do so, the party come under attack.

    Vyrn: So how come you guys are so dead set on fighting the goblins then, huh?
    Teena: Well, you see, we?
    Lucius: Let me, Teena.
    Teena: Lucius…
    Feena: Guys, we might want to take care of the enemy first, before we settle down for story time, huh? Over there, look!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 4: To the Depths of the Abyss - Episode 4

    Lucius explains the siblings' tragic past?how their home town was destroyed by goblins when they were children, and how their mother gave her life to save them. Lucius's eyes flash with fiery vengeance, but there's an undeniable darkness in his expression.

    Lucius: Before I was even ten years old, our hometown was attacked by goblins and razed to the ground.
    Lucius: Teena and I are… Well, we're the only ones who made it out.
    Feena: Huh? What? Seriously?
    Lucius: Our mom managed to get us out of the village to safety, but at the cost of her life.
    Lucius: And we lost everything. Our family, our friends, and our beautiful home town.
    Lucius: I still dream about it sometimes. There'll never be another place like it.
    Lucius: Ever since that happened, Teena and I have dedicated ourselves to fighting the goblins.
    Lyria: What a terrible thing to have happened to you both.
    Lucius: So the Goblin King's mine, OK? He falls to my blade, and mine alone. Then maybe my sister and I can finally start living again.

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 4: To the Depths of the Abyss - Episode 4: Scene 2

    (Captain) and the others feel awful to learn of the horrific past Lucius and Teena have had to endure. Feena apologies for any thoughtlessness on her part up to now, but Teena warmly declares that she's glad to have Feena with them.

    Vyrn: Wow, what a life the two of you have had.
    Lyria: Oh, it's just too awful to think about.
    Feena: I had no idea that's what was driving you both to fight.
    Feena: I'm… I'm not too good at reading the mood sometimes, you know? Sorry if I said anything that upset you.
    Teena: No, don't be silly! You're always so bright and cheerful, Feena. It's just what we need!
    Teena: If it was just me and Lucius here in these gloomy old caves, we'd probably have depressed ourselves to death by now!
    Teena: No, I love having you guys fight alongside us. Feena, Vyrn, Lyria, (Captain)… You're all great!
    Feena: Teena…
    Goblin: Graaagh!
    Lucius: Hey, pay attention, you guys! Incoming!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 4: To the Depths of the Abyss - Episode 4: Scene 3

    The party spot a light up ahead of them. Lyria senses it's the Goblin King and some other great power. Steeling themselves, the party head toward it.

    Teena: Feena, are you OK?
    Feena: Yeah. I… I'm fine. Thanks!
    Lucius: Now we're even. Don't let your guard down next time, OK?
    Lyria: Huh? Hey, look, everyone! There's, there's some kind of light up ahead!
    Lyria: And… I can sense such a huge energy emanating from it. And I think the Goblin King is there, too.
    Vyrn: So this is the long-awaited appearance of the Light Titan, huh?
    Teena: OK then, we're counting on everyone here. Feena, (Captain)…
    Feena: You got it! So the King's all yours, Lucius, just so long as we go halves on the reward, OK?
    Lucius: Hmph, whatever. All I care about is finishing this. Do what you like with the reward.

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 5: A Struggle on Sacred Ground - Episode 1

    When they reach the source of the light, the party see goblins chanting around a giant statue. Before the party have time to react, they are attack by angry goblins, wanting revenge for their fallen brethren.

    The party advance through the damp caves toward the distant light, and discover an enormous underground cathedral.
    Countless goblins, their arms aloft in prayer, surround a giant statue that throws an eerie light around the chamber.
    Vyrn: Are they… singing?
    Lyria: That huge statue is a primal beast!
    Vyrn: The Light Titan… Looks like the goblins are so focused on praying, they haven't even noticed us yet.
    Lucius: Hey, monkey-brain! There's nowhere left to run now!
    Goblin King: Nowhere left to run? Hm, I agree. There's nowhere left for you to run.
    Goblin 2: Gargh! Humans! In the Grand Cathedral!
    Goblin King: Silence! These are my esteemed guests.
    Goblin 4: Those humans cut down our brothers! They must pay!
    Goblin King: Hm, you want revenge, do you? Very well, have your way with them. But I want them alive!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 5: A Struggle on Sacred Ground - Episode 1: Scene 2

    At their leader's command, the goblins attack (Captain) and the crew, and the ceremonial summoning threatens to be completed at any moment.

    Goblin King: You just won't give up, will you? Well, no matter.
    Goblin King: The summoning is almost complete. Goblins, engage the humans!
    Goblin King: But do not kill them. No, bring them to me with their hands and feet bound. Go!
    Lucius: In your dreams! You and your goblin minions are going the same way as all the others. To hell!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 5: A Struggle on Sacred Ground - Episode 2

    The Goblin King refuses to admit defeat, despite coming under great pressure by the party. He declares a true "man" protects his family to the bitter end, but Lucius is not impressed.

    Teena: Seen enough yet, Goblin King? You and your minions are no match for us!
    Goblin King: It's not over yet. You haven't defeated me yet.
    Goblin King: And even if you had, you think I would just throw up my hands?
    Teena: Huh?
    Goblin King: I will fight you to the bitter end to protect my kind. To protect my children. That is what it means to be king. To be a man!
    Lucius: You're no man. You're a monkey.
    Goblin King: And where do you humans come from, hm? Is there really such a great difference between goblins and humans?
    Lucius: A difference? Hah! We have values! We have decency! We have morals! You… make me sick!
    Goblin King: Hmph, are you really so narrow-minded? You humans… You're beyond salvation.
    Lucius: That's enough chat! It's time for you to meet your maker!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 5: A Struggle on Sacred Ground - Episode 2: Scene 2

    The goblins continue to chant, channeling the negative energy in the Grand Cathedral into the Light Titan. In order to prevent the awakening of the primal beast, the party set about attacking the goblins around the statue.

    Lyria: There's a negative energy building in here. I can feel it.
    Lyria: I think their singing is rousing the Light Titan.
    Lyria: If we can't stop them, it's going to wake up!
    Feena: I don't like the sound of that! We've gotta take out those goblins right now, before things get out of hand!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 5: A Struggle on Sacred Ground - Episode 3

    The Goblin King is attempting to manifest the primal beast Hekatonkheir, known as the Light Titan, as an instrument of hatred toward humans. The party battle the goblins in an effort to stop his plan.

    Lyria: It's no good! The Light Titan is going to wake up!
    Goblin King: Hekatonkheir?what you humans refer to as the Light Titan?is a primal beast of awesome power.
    Goblin King: There is no darkness that the light it commands at its fingertips cannot dispel.
    Goblin King: And now, the hatred we goblins feel for you humans hails its awakening. It is moments away from manifestation.
    Goblin King: The great Hekatonkheir will route out every last ounce of darkness you humans conceal in your hearts.
    Lyria: You can't… You can't rouse a primal beast for such selfish ends!
    Vyrn: We're not gonna let them! Right, (Captain)? Come on, we've got to take out those goblins performing the ceremony!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 5: A Struggle on Sacred Ground - Episode 3: Scene 2

    The Goblin King stands before the party. He shocks everyone by declaring that it is his destiny as a human-turned-goblin to rule over the whole world.

    Goblin King: You will not interfere! With Hekatonkheir's power, I will wreak vengeance on my native land! I will take back my throne!
    Goblin King: And it won't just end here in Menea! All humankind will fall, and the goblins will reign supreme! Over everything!
    Goblin King: That is my destiny! That is why I made the change! Why I gave up being human to become King of the Goblins!
    Lucius: You… what?
    Vyrn: That thing was human once?
    Goblin King: Come, you despicable humans! You're a long, long way from defeating me yet!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 5: A Struggle on Sacred Ground - Episode 4

    In the midst of battle, the Goblin King starts to explain his story. (Captain) and the crew, who are surrounding the king, are stunned when he declares he was once a prince of the Menean Empire.

    Lucius: Hmph, who'd believe that crap anyway? Coming from a low life like you!
    Goblin King: I was once a prince. The tragic loser in a bloody battle for the Menean throne.
    Goblin King: Bahaha! To think I finally get to tell my tale after all these years!
    Teena: You were a prince? What are you talking about?
    Feena: Careful, (Captain)! We better break through these goblins' ranks or they'll have us surrounded.

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 5: A Struggle on Sacred Ground - Episode 4: Scene 2

    The Goblin King explains how he was imprisoned on the island some two hundred years earlier, and how he made a pact with a demon that appeared to him in a dream. As a result of the pact, he relinquished his human form, and became the forefather of all goblins. But even faced with the fact that goblins stem from humans, Lucius's hunger for revenge remains as strong as ever.

    Teena: Quit making up such ridiculous stories. I never heard anything about royalty like that in the Menean Empire.
    Goblin King: Bahahaha! No, I don't suppose you did. It was almost two hundred years ago now that I was banished to this island.
    Goblin King: And from what I heard at the time, the truth was quickly covered up. Now everyone concerned is dead. There's no way to prove it.
    Goblin King: But deep in these caves, I made a pact with a demon that appeared to me in my dreams.
    Goblin King: I don't know what the fiend was, but he granted me eternal life in exchange for my body. I was left with this… hideous appearance.
    Goblin King: So you see, I am the progenitor of all goblinkind. Yet I come from human blood.
    Lucius: You're a long way from persuading me that's true, but even so…
    Lucius: Once humans or not, you goblins are the ones that destroyed my village and slew my mother. That's the undeniable truth.
    Lucius: And I will never, ever forgive you for that. I hope you fester for all eternity in that foul body of yours!
    Teena: Ye-yeah!
    Vyrn: Who knows if he's telling the truth or not? But anyway, we better focus on taking out all these goblins around us.
    Feena: Yeah, you bet. We've nearly got them beat now.

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 5: A Struggle on Sacred Ground - Episode 4: Scene 3

    Tears course down the Goblin King's cheeks as he witnesses the fall of his kin. But despite witnessing the emotional reaction, Lucius is unswerving in his resolve, and the party engage in the final throes of this long battle.

    Goblin King:
    Teena: Are you… crying?
    Goblin King: Who wouldn't weep at a time like this? My children are falling before my very eyes!
    Lucius: Oh, gimme a break, monkey-brain! If anyone should be weeping for their losses, it's us!
    Lucius: Quit trying to make out you actually feel emotion. It's not gonna wash with me.
    Lucius: Look around you! Your minions are nearly all in the ground. And I assure you, you'll be joining them very soon!
    Goblin King: You humans have dark hearts. And while you cut us down, we goblins mourn our losses. So tell me, which of us is in the right?
    Goblin King: No, there is no right and wrong here.
    Lucius: You can talk the talk, I'll give you that. But you're not the only one who's watched your fellow men fall.
    Lucius: It doesn't change anything. Maybe we've both suffered in the same way, but we're never going to see eye to eye, we both know that.
    Goblin King: Yes, only the fittest will survive. Nature's laws cannot be denied. And the winner, of course, takes all.
    Goblin King: So! This is it. A fight to the end! Whoever wins takes honor and glory as his prize!
    The Goblin King's lamentable past has finally come to light.
    And (Captain) and the crew's long battle is finally coming to an end.

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 6: The Light Titan - Episode 1

    Despite his imminent awakening, (Captain) and the crew can do nothing to Hekatonkheir directly. So in order to stop him, they resolve to destroy the remaining goblins.

    Lyria: So all the negative energy I've been feeling here is the accumulation of two hundred years of your hatred.
    Lyria: That's… so sad…
    Goblin King: Bahaha! And it's all been for this day. All for this one moment!
    Goblin King: So, Hekatonkheir, rise from your slumber! Bring your awesome light, to drive the humans and their black hearts from this world!
    Lucius: Let's finish off the remaining minions! And, I don't know, but maybe we should just smash that statue to bits?
    Lyria: No! Never! That's a dormant primal beast!
    Lyria: We have no idea what terrible consequences there could be if we were to attack it during its awakening!
    Feena: So it looks like we've just got to take out the last few goblins, huh?
    Teena: Yeah, OK. And quickly!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 6: The Light Titan - Episode 1: Scene 2

    (Captain) and the crew are getting exhausted from all the fighting. Yet Lucius's hatred remains as strong as ever, and that feeds the awakening of Hekatonkheir, which gets closer every moment.

    Lucius: Get lost!
    Goblin: Uuurgh…
    Lucius: Hahh… hahh… hahh… Nearly… there… The brutes are nearly… all gone…
    Lucius: And then…the prize. You're next, Goblin King!
    Teena: Hahh… hahh… Careful, Lucius! He's got a crazed look in his eye!
    Goblin King: Yes, feel it! Feel the hatred inside you! Let Hekatonkheir soak up all your loathing!
    Goblin King: The great beast's awakening is in my grasp at last! Hate me! Hate me with all your heart!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 6: The Light Titan - Episode 2

    Lucius's hatred of the goblins is actually fueling the awakening of Hekatonkheir. The party realize they need to curb his hunger for vengeance, and set about stopping their comrade.

    Vyrn: Uh-oh, looks like the Light Titan's about to wake up!
    Lyria: It's Lucius's hatred of the goblins! It's feeding the Light Titan!
    Feena: What? So… we've got to stop Lucius, you mean?
    Vyrn: But it runs so deep in him. I don't think it's going to be easy to get him to back down.
    Feena: Lucius, stop! You can't fight any more goblins! It's a trap!
    Lucius: What?
    Goblin King: Hmph, so you think you can interfere, do you?
    Teena: Feena, look out!
    The Goblin King lashes out, but Teena takes the blow.
    Lucius: Teena!
    Goblin King: Perfect.
    Goblin King: So, come, you wrath-filled warrior! Bring your hatred to bear on me! Fill your heart and your mind with nothing but hate!
    Hekatonkheir: Grrrraaaaagh!
    Vyrn: Whoa, look, the Light Titan's on the move!
    Lyria: Teena, are you OK?
    Teena: Yes, I'm OK. It's… it's nothing much. But Lucius…
    Feena: Shoot, the Light Titan is awake! We were just too late.
    Lucius: Hmph, whatever!
    Lucius: This will help me limber up before it's time for the king's end. Primal beast or not, I'll make mincemeat of that thing!
    1. Leave the Light Titan to me
    2. Let's take it on together

    Choose: Leave the Light Titan to me
    Choose: Let's take it on together
    Lucius: I started this. I'll finish it.
    Teena: What are you talking about, Lucius? We need Lyria and (Captain) if we're going to defeat the primal beast.
    Feena: They've fought with us all this way. Just accept help already, would you?
    Lucius: Are you with me, (Captain)?
    Lucius: …What's that look supposed to mean? "Try to stop me", is it? Hehe, OK then, thanks. I appreciate it.
    Feena: Wow, Lucius is actually smiling for once!
    Teena: Ha ha, yeah, that's made him pretty happy, I think.
    Vyrn: OK! Time to join forces then, and put this Hekatonkheir back to bed!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 7: King of the Fiends - Episode 1

    After a hard battle, (Captain) and the crew defeat Hekatonkheir. Finally the time has come for battle with the Goblin King. He and Lucius withdraw deeper into the cave system together.

    Hekatonkheir: Grrr… Graaargh… Aaaaaaaaah…
    Feena: Hahh… hahh… We did it… The Light Titan is… slowing down…
    Goblin King: No… Not Hekatonkheir… You…
    Lucius: OK, Goblin King, no more distractions!
    Goblin King: Very well, let us fight. Come!
    Vyrn: Hey! Lucius and the Goblin King are going off together!
    Teena: Lucius, wait!
    Feena: Here, grab onto my shoulder and we'll go after them together.

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 7: King of the Fiends - Episode 1: Scene 2

    Goblins once again block the party's way, preventing them from chasing after Lucius. Though worried about their comrade, (Captain) and the crew have no choice but to fight the goblins.

    Goblin: Protect the king at all costs!
    Vyrn: Aw man, not again! The goblins aren't going to let us past.
    Teena: But we have to go after Lucius quickly!
    Lyria: Yes, he could be in great danger.
    Feena: Looks like we've got to play one last game of whack-a-goblin before we're going anywhere, huh? Come on, (Captain)!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 7: King of the Fiends - Episode 2

    Ahead of the others, the battle between Lucius and the Goblin King is about to begin. Meanwhile, (Captain) and the crew fight their way through the goblins blocking their path.

    Goblin King: What's the matter with you? You've been grinning like that since you defeated Hekatonkheir.
    Lucius: I'm just looking forward to finishing you off.
    Goblin King: Bahaha! So… this is all because of your mother, is it?
    Lucius: Your kind struck her down without a second thought. So yes, this is revenge for that.
    Goblin King: Very well, may the best man win!
    Goblin: Gragh! Out of options…
    Feena: Teena! If we can just take these goons out, we'll be able to catch up with them!
    Teena: OK, Feena, I'm with you!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 7: King of the Fiends - Episode 2: Scene 2

    Teena stops Lucius from taking on the Goblin King alone. Then the Goblin King, apparently unfazed by being totally outnumbered against (Captain) and the whole party, attacks.

    Teena: Lucius! Are you OK?
    Lucius: Teena? I'll handle this on my own.
    Feena: Stop trying to be a hero! We agreed we were all gonna fight together, right?
    Lucius: That was about the primal beast, not this scumbag.
    Teena: Lucius, don't try to do this alone. Let me back you up. Let's do it like we always do.
    Lucius: Teena…
    Goblin King: Hmph, is the performance over now? Come, all of you! I'll gladly take you all on!
    Goblin King: You're all going to meet your fate sooner or later. It's simply a matter of whether you choose now or later to accept it.
    Feena: Come on, you seriously think you have a chance against all of us? There's only one of you!
    Goblin King: Bahahahaha! Hekatonkheir was nothing more than a plaything of the Astrals. A toy that fed off hate and loathing.
    Goblin King: But I come from more serious stock. I have a military background. And yes, I do think I have a chance against all of you.
    Goblin King: I will rend your group asunder. And as long as I can still move, I will not stop!
    Lyria: Enough! No more bloodshed. Too many have been hurt already. Besides, without Hekatonkheir, you have no hope of victory.
    Goblin King: Fight!
    Vyrn: It's no use. He's already moving in! Come on, (Captain)!

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Chapter 7: King of the Fiends - Episode 2: Scene 3

    The injured Goblin King is carried away, deeper into the caves, by his goblin kin. Just moments before they have a chance to defeat him, the Goblin King slips through the party's grasp.

    Goblin King: Uuurgh…
    Goblin 3: Nooo! The king! The king!
    Lucius: Brutes… They'll do anything to protect their leader.
    Goblin 4: Uuurgh…
    Lucius: Stop! Why are you carrying on with this madness?
    Goblin 1: We must protect the king! Retreat to protect the king!
    Vyrn: What the? Goblins are coming from all over the caves!
    Teena: They're desperate to save their king!
    The crew chases after the injured Goblin King.
    And so, here ends the story of siblings who lived with a heart full of revenge...
    And a goblin king with a heart full of animosity.

    The Sleeping Island Giant - Ending

    War with the goblins comes to an end with the unexpected demise of the Goblin King. Freed from their mission of vengeance, Lucius and Teena set off on a new journey, cradling hopes of peace.

    Goblin: Gyuuurgh…
    Lucius: OK, we've got you this time! There's nowhere left for you to run. You might as well give up.
    Goblin King: I won't run. I won't hide… Finish this now, humans.
    Lucius: This is it, Teena. We can finally avenge our mother, and everyone in the village.
    Teena: Yeah… It's been a long road.
    Goblin King: Come, then. Here I am, finish me off!
    Lucius: I hope you rot in hell! Even though… I imagine I'll be joining you there when my time comes.
    Teena: Lucius, wait!
    Lucius: What?
    Teena: It's just…when I saw those goblins desperately trying to help their king escape…
    Teena: Well, it reminded me of Mom, and how she was so desperately trying to get us out of the village to safety.
    Lucius: What are you trying to say, Teena?
    Teena: I'm trying to say, don't you think it's time we stopped all this? It's not going to bring her or any of the others back.
    Lucius: You've got to be kidding me! You're saying this now of all times? How long have we both waited for this day, huh?
    Teena: I know we have! I know better than you, even. But still… Do you really think Mom would have wanted this?
    Lucius: I don't know. But I do know I can't live with this hatred inside me.
    Teena: Do you know we haven't laughed once since it happened? How do you think Mom would feel if she saw how this is ruling us now?
    Teena: Has harboring this hatred brought us any happiness? Is revenge going to make us feel any better?
    Goblin King: A nice speech, little girl.
    Goblin King: But your brother's wrath will not be allayed until he has taken the breath from my lungs.
    Teena: No, I won't let him do it!
    Lucius: What did you say? Teena? Are you out of your mind?
    Teena: I'll never forgive you for what you did. Which is why I want you to live, and bear the guilt of your sins.
    Goblin King: Bahaha! Little girl… It's not a matter of forgiveness.
    Goblin King: The die is cast. There have been too many casualties on both sides.
    Goblin King: Even if we make a truce now, what of my brethren, whose homes were destroyed, whose families met the same fate as yours?
    Goblin King: They'll come. They'll seek you out. They too will want revenge. You cannot escape it. None of us can.
    With that, the Goblin King falls upon Lucius's sword.
    Lucius: Huh? NO! You, you can't…
    Goblin King: We… cannot break free… from the chains of hatred… that bind us together now…
    Goblin King: There… is no going back… See you… in hell…
    Menean Soldier: …That's the end of (Captain) and crew's report.
    Menean Soldier: According to scouts dispatched some days later, the goblins have dispersed from Midnight Island now they've lost their leader.
    Menean Soldier: And the Light Titan that inhabits the island, the primal beast Hekatonkheir, appears dormant again.
    Vizan: Hm, I see. Thank you for the report.
    Vizan: You've been a very great help during this conflict. Decorating you won't do justice to your contribution.
    Feena: Hey, what's with the long faces? The war's over! You should be happy.
    Feena: The Menean Empire is at peace. Isn't that something to smile about?
    Vyrn: Feena's right. Sure, we've been through a lot, but in the end, we managed to appease the primal beast.
    Vyrn: OK, so it didn't lead us to a piece of the Sky Map, but we still came out on top, right? Good beat evil.
    Lyria: Yeah… I still can't believe there's a primal beast that feeds off negative emotions.
    Lyria: We can't allow any more fighting. We can't allow any more people to feel the pain that war brings.
    Vyrn: You said it! We've got to be super vigilant, and make sure no one uses the primal beasts for ill-gotten gains.
    Vyrn: So anyway, what do you two plan to do with yourselves now, huh, Lucius? Teena?
    Lucius: Well, we want to go visit our mom's grave. And then I think we'll carry on with our journey.
    Teena: Yeah, me and brother have talked about it a lot and, well…
    Teena: We want to do something to make sure no one else gets born like us. We don't know what exactly, but something.
    Feena: Great idea! That's the spirit!
    Lucius: Yeah, it looks like our goblin-hunting days are over anyway.
    Teena: Which is kind of weird, seeing as that's all we've ever done. It's all we know, really.
    Feena: Ah ha ha! Well in that case, how about I help you find jobs as agents?
    Teena: Agents, huh? Yeah, I bet Lucius's sword skills wouldn't go to waste in that job!
    Teena: I mean, that's really all he's good at.
    Lucius: Hmph.
    Feena: Yeah, well, if I'm honest, I'd be happier if no one had swords at all.
    Vyrn: What are you talking about?
    Feena: The Menean Empire might enjoy peace now for a while, but it probably won't last forever.
    Feena: I mean, all nations have their problems. There's the Erste Empire, the legacy of the Astrals… We're a long way from world peace!
    Feena: Still, hopefully not impossibly far. We must strive for a world without war, for our children, and our children's children.
    Feena: Just like you said, Teena: "To do something to make sure no one else gets born like you."
    Vyrn: Wow, what's gotten into you? How come you're the envoy for world peace all of a sudden?
    Feena: Nothing's gotten into me! I am capable of making a point, you know!
    Lucius: Pfft!
    Feena: Hey! I heard that snort of laughter, Lucius!
    Teena: Ha ha ha! Well, Lucius, I guess we should get going, huh?
    Lyria: Ha ha ha! Everyone's smiling at last. Right, (Captain)?
    Vyrn: Exactly! So, time for a new chapter in our lives, huh? Everyone's heading for new and exciting things!
    And so the party, having saved the Menean Empire from ruin, set off on their travels again with renewed vigor.
    Before them stretches a clear blue sky that makes the battles in the Midnight Caves seem like dim and distant memories.