Violet Trial

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Stamp301.png This page or section is old and contains information about game content that has been removed.

Violet Trial.jpg

It is said that decorating your body with primal crystal shards grants you mysterious powers. Countless trespassers scour the ancient battlegrounds of the War in search of these relics. Lately, however, the primal crystals' tendency to attract monsters has grown into a serious problem.

Violet Trial is a Special Quest. Higher difficulties have an increased chance of dropping more and/or better loot.

Violet Trial - Very Hard usually drops 1 Rainbow Prism square.jpg Rainbow Prism each run.

Violet Trial.jpg Violet hard.jpg Violet veryhard.jpg
8 AP
?? RP
?? EXP
15 AP
?? RP
?? EXP
25 AP
1049 RP
1209 EXP


Type Normal Hard Very Hard
Prism Chip square.jpg Prism Chip ? ? ?
Flawed Prism square.jpg Flawed Prism ? 3-5 2-3
Flawless Prism square.jpg Flawless Prism ? ? 0-?
Rainbow Prism square.jpg Rainbow Prism ? 0-1 1~80% Chance without drop rate Buffs