Violet Trial

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Violet Trial.jpg

Violet Trial is a daily Special Quest that is available on Mondays and Thursdays. The Very Hard difficulty only appears on Thursdays. Higher difficulties have an increased chance of dropping more and/or better loot.

Violet Trial - Very Hard usually drops 1 Rainbow Prism square.jpg Rainbow Prism each run.

Violet Trial.jpg Violet hard.jpg Violet veryhard.jpg
8 AP
?? RP
?? EXP
15 AP
?? RP
?? EXP
25 AP
1049 RP
1209 EXP


Wooden Chest
Prism Chip.jpg Prism Chip
Silver Chest
Flawed Prism.jpg Flawed Prism
Flawless Prism.jpg Flawless Prism
Gold Chest
Rainbow Prism.jpg Rainbow Prism