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Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Opening

One day, Sutera receives a letter telling her to return home. Having traveled so far away, she's unsure of how to get back, but (Captain) suggests that they all go there together.

In the midst of their travels, (Captain) and crew met an Erune archer named Sutera.
Hard-working and kind, yet a bit stubborn at times, Sutera soon took a liking to (Captain) and the crew.
In order to continue funding their adventures together, they have come to the Knickknack Shack to take on work.
Sierokarte: Sutera! Just the person I wanted to see. I have something for you.
Sutera: Oh? Really?
Sierokarte: Indeedy! It's a letter addressed to you.
Sutera: A letter? Ah! Could it be someone requesting a duel?
Vyrn: Why'd your mind jump to that of all things? It could be from your sister. You know, the one you're looking for?
Sutera: My sister? If it is, then I must prepare myself.
Sierokarte: Hmm. Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that someone from your hometown delivered it by hand.
Vyrn: Wow, they brought it all the way here?
Sierokarte: Hehehe. Everyone knows that if you need something done, you come to the Knickknack Shack!
Sierokarte: Sierokarte always delivers! In this case, literally!
Sutera: Thank you, Siero. Now let's see... Huh? This is my father's handwriting!
Sutera: What could have happened? Hmm... Oh! I see.
Lyria: What is it, Sutera? Is there trouble back home?
Sutera: No, nothing like that. In my hometown we have an altar that enshrines what we call the Forbidding One.
Sutera: Those from the village who are deemed worthy are chosen to be guardians of the altar.
Sutera: Only guardians and those in training are allowed to carry bows. This bow is proof that I'm a guardian.
Lyria: Oh, really? I didn't know you were a guardian!
Sutera: Indeed I am. Of course, I'm nowhere near as good as my sister, but I'm proud to call myself a guardian of the altar all the same.
Vyrn: So what was the letter about? You said it wasn't bad news, right?
Sutera: Correct. In fact, it's good news! You see, in order to become a guardian, you must first undergo certain trials.
Sutera: It seems a young girl named Aster is about to take them.
Sutera: According to this letter, she has requested that I be the one to lead her through the trials.
Vyrn: Wow! Does that mean you'll be heading back to your hometown?
Sutera: Well... This girl has gone to a lot of trouble to ask for me, so I would certainly like to accept her request.
Sutera: But since my hometown doesn't do much trade with other islands, there aren't any airship flights there.
Sutera: What am I to do? I've wandered so far from home that there's no easy way back.
  1. We'll all go with you!
  2. Sounds like an interesting place.

Choose: We'll all go with you!
Sutera: My village is a long way from here. I wouldn't dare ask you to go to all the trouble!
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! Besides, you didn't ask us to go—(Captain) suggested it! So it's all good!

Choose: Sounds like an interesting place.
Lyria: It sure does! I want to see where you grew up, Sutera!
Sutera: But it's a tiny village. There's not really much to see there.
Lyria: I'd still love to visit! And (Captain), you want to see it too, right? So let's all go together!
Continue 1
Sutera: Well... I'd hate to be an imposition. Are you sure you don't mind making this trip with me?
Vyrn: Of course we don't! Come on, let's get going! Next stop, Sutera's hometown!
Sutera: Thank you so much, everyone! I can't promise it'll be much to look at, but I can guarantee you the warmest of welcomes!
Having decided to take Sutera home, (Captain) and the crew prepare to set sail.
What will happen when they arrive? Only time will tell.

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 1: Guardians of the Island - Episode 1

The crew arrives on the island and is greeted by Aster—the young girl mentioned in Sutera's letter—and together they start to make their way to the village. Though guardians traditionally use bows, Aster admits that she has trouble with them and created a crossbow instead. Suddenly a monster appears, giving Aster a chance to show off her skill.

(Captain) and crew arrive at Sutera's home island, where lush woods encompass the land.
Vyrn: Now that's what I call a forest! It won't be easy gettin' to your village through all this!
Sutera: These woods cover almost the entire island. As a matter of fact, my hometown is the only settlement here.
Vyrn: Wow. This is a pretty big island though!
(Captain) and the crew disembark from the Grandcypher. As they happily chat away, a young girl approaches.
???: Sutera! Welcome back!
Sutera: Aster! You came to greet us?
Aster: Of course! It's so good to see you again, Sutera. I'm sorry for calling you here like this. I know you must be very busy.
Aster: But when I found out I was ready to take the trials, I knew there was only one person I wanted to oversee them!
Aster: Oh, I'm sorry. I got a little carried away. Um, who are all these people?
Sutera: I met these kind souls on my search for Metera. They were gracious enough to bring me here on their airship.
Aster: Airship? So you're all skyfarers then! It's nice to meet you. My name is Aster.
Aster: I'm sorry for not introducing myself sooner. Thank you for bringing Sutera here for the trials.
Lyria: It's our pleasure! We wanted to see what her hometown was like anyway. Isn't that right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: So you're gonna take those trials to become a guardian, huh? Well, don't sweat it! Just do your best!
Aster: Thank you! I'm going to complete them with flying colors!
Sutera: That's the spirit! Now stay on your toes, everyone. Monsters like to attack people on the road to the village.
Aster: Follow me. I'll lead the way!
Sutera: Say, Aster... Where is your bow?
Vyrn: Oh yeah. I remember you sayin' somethin' about guardians havin' bows.
Aster: Um... Well, you see, I'm not that strong, and I've never been very good with a bow.
Aster: So I read a bunch of books from outside the island to find a weapon I could use.
Lyria: So that's why your bow doesn't look like Sutera's! Did you have it delivered from another island?
Aster: My crossbow? Um... Actually, I made it myself.
Vyrn: You made it yourself? Wow, it looks great!
Aster: I-I mean, I got help from the village blacksmith, so it's not like I did it all by myself!
Sutera: Aster, you faced your weakness head-on and found a solution. You should be proud of yourself!
Aster: You're right! Thank you, Sutera! And you too, Vyrn!
Sutera: And here's your chance to show off your handiwork!
Aster: What?
Monster: Groooar!
Aster: A m-monster! We have to take it down!
Sutera: Stay calm, Aster. I'm here with you. I know you can handle this!
Aster: I-I'll try! Okay, time to show you what I can do!

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 1: Guardians of the Island - Episode 2

Though previously worried about Aster, Sutera is impressed by the her prowess with a crossbow. Sutera explains to the crew that guardians are responsible for teaching archery to interested youths. When Lyria and Aster praise her as a teacher, she blushes profusely.

Aster: Phew. Is everyone all right?
Lyria: Yes, we're fine! It's very kind of you to ask, Aster.
Sutera: Aster, you were amazing! That crossbow is a good fit for you.
Sutera: Hehe. It's hard to believe you used to be so frail when you were younger.
Sutera: I was a little worried when I heard you were taking the trials, but I obviously had nothing to be concerned about.
Aster: Sutera! I can't tell you how much that means to me!
Aster: And I'm flattered that you even remember me from when I was little.
Aster: After all, I was always so sick that I never had the chance to learn archery from you.
Lyria: Sutera, what's this about you teaching archery?
Sutera: Oh, yes. It's tradition for guardians to teach archery to those in training.
Lyria: How interesting! I can definitely see you being a great teacher, Sutera!
Sutera: What? No, I still have much to learn myself...
Aster: Sutera was always the first to arrive at the training grounds and the last to leave.
Aster: I never had the chance to train with her, but I was always amazed by her dedication!
Sutera: Aster, stop it. You're making me blush.
Lyria: Hehehe. Sutera, your face is bright red!
Sutera: Oh, don't tease me, Lyria!
Even as they chat away happily, (Captain) and the others remain on guard for monsters along the way to the village.

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 1: Guardians of the Island - Episode 3

The guardians protect the altar that seals the Forbidding One, a being said to have the power to corrupt the hearts of all living things. Aster tells the crew that on top of becoming a guardian, she wants to make the elders recognize that knowledge from the outside world would be useful to the village.

Vyrn: Since guardians are supposed to carry weapons and all, does that mean they fight a lot of monsters?
Aster: Yes. The duty of a guardian of the altar is to fight monsters called forth by the Forbidding One!
Lyria: What! It can summon monsters? What exactly is the Forbidding One anyway?
Sutera: Not even the village chief knows its true nature.
Sutera: It was sealed in the altar long ago. All we know is that it has the power to corrupt the hearts of men and monsters alike.
Lyria: The power to corrupt hearts? Sounds terrifying.
Sutera: Indeed. It is said that merely entering the cave to the altar is enough for the weak of heart to fall under its influence.
Vyrn: Wow. Guess that's why you gotta take those trials to become a guardian!
Vyrn: Aster, didn't you say you used to get really sick as a kid?
Aster: Yes, I did. It's sort of embarrassing, really. I was constantly falling ill.
Vyrn: Why'd you wanna be a guardian then? Sounds like a dangerous job even for somebody healthy.
Aster: I wanted to do my part to help the village, so I started by going to archery classes.
Aster: But now, simply becoming a guardian isn't enough for me anymore.
Aster: While I was reading books to find a weapon I could use in place of a bow, I ended up learning about the world outside the island.
Aster: I discovered there's a lot of knowledge out there that doesn't exist on this island. And I just know some of it would help the village!
Aster: The elders don't approve of items from the outside world, so they're not exactly thrilled about me using a crossbow...
Aster: But if I make it through the trials, they'll have to admit that all this knowledge is worth something after all!
Aster: ...!
Oh, I'm sorry! I drifted off into my own little world for a second.
Sutera: No need to apologize, Aster. I admire your dedication to the village.
Sutera: In my quest to find my sister, I too have learned a lot about the outside world.
Sutera: I've seen things that you couldn't even imagine. But I've also come to appreciate what we have here in the village.
Sutera: It's not a matter of one being better than the other. We can look at the good in other places and use it to make our village even better!

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 1: Guardians of the Island - Episode 4

Sutera reveals that she has always idolized her older sister, Metera, who is known as a prodigy. Upon reaching the village, (Captain) and company are greeted by the village chief and one of the elders. Lyria asks if the crew can join Aster in her trials, and the chief allows them to accompany her on the way to the grounds.

Aster: Sutera, did you ever find Metera?
Sutera: Well... Not yet...
Vyrn: Haha! Didn't you say she ran off with your dad's savings?
Sutera: Yes. She did. That's why I want to find her so badly. I have to make her apologize to Father for what she's done.
Aster: M-Metera really did that?
Sutera: I'm afraid so, Aster. The truth is, Metera's always been a bit of a free spirit. Sigh...
Aster: I guess I shouldn't be surprised. She's always been on a whole other level. I could never hope to understand how her mind works.
Vyrn: Is Sutera's sister really that amazing?
Aster: Amazing doesn't even begin to describe her! Metera became a guardian when she was even younger than I am now.
Aster: Archery skills, magic, scholastic ability—she has it all. She's known around our village as somewhat of a prodigy.
Sutera: I've always looked up to her and wanted so much to be like her.
Sutera: But no matter how hard I chase after her, I can't seem to catch up. Maybe I never will.
Lyria: Sutera...
With Aster leading the way, the crew has no trouble reaching the guardians' village.
Aster: Chief! Sutera has returned! And she's brought her skyfarer friends along with her!
Village Chief: Sutera! Aster! Welcome back. You haven't been hurt, have you?
Sutera: Father, it's so good to see you again. I only regret that I've come here without Metera.
Village Chief: Metera, that incorrigible girl... Not to worry, my dear Sutera. We'll find her eventually.
Village Chief: For now I'm just happy that you are here. And that Aster will be in safe hands during her trials.
Sutera: I'm happy to be here, Father.
Lyria: Your father must be very kind. He doesn't seem the least bit mad that Metera stole his money!
Sutera: I wouldn't be so sure. My father is slow to anger, but once enraged, he's a force to be reckoned with.
???: Sutera. Why are you speaking like that? A guardian ought to know better.
Sutera: ...!
Elder! What a pleasure to see you again.
Elder: Humph. I wouldn't be so cheerful if I was a guardian that abandoned my post.
Sutera: A thousand apologies, Elder. But you should know that when I left, I did not make the decision lightly.
Elder: Guarding the altar is only part of your duties. You are also expected to protect our way of life. If you cannot, then you do not deserve to be a guardian.
Elder: And Aster, that goes for you as well. A guardian has no need for knowledge from outside our borders.
Aster: ...
Village Chief: Elder, have you not already given Aster your blessing to take part in the trials?
Elder: The trials are not for the weak. I simply do not wish for us to lose any of our brave, young villagers.
Elder: But now we have a guardian bringing back such raucous outsiders. These are surely the end of times.
Vyrn: Ugh! What a crotchety old geezer!
Sutera: I must apologize for his behavior. That gentleman is one our oldest and most staunch protectors and guardians. He's very set in his ways.
Sutera: Aster, if you've been allowed to enter the trials, that means you have the strength to pass.
Sutera: Keep that in mind, as it will keep you going when the going gets tough.
Aster: ...!
I will!
Village Chief: I welcome you to our village, skyfarers. Though I regret we may not have given you a very good first impression.
Village Chief: I'm afraid our village doesn't have much to offer, but please make yourselves at home here. I must show my appreciation to you for looking after my daughter.
Lyria: Um, excuse me! Is there any way we could join Aster in her trials?
Sutera: Lyria!
Lyria: It's just... there are a lot of monsters around here... Ah! It's not like we don't have faith in her though!
  1. There's a lot to worry about.
  2. We want to help however we can!

Choose: There's a lot to worry about.
Lyria: Right! We ran into so many monsters on our way to the village...

Choose: We want to help however we can!
Vyrn: Yeah, we'd feel a lot better if we went with her instead of sittin' around expectin' the worst!
Continue 1
Village Chief: The Forbidding One beckons monsters forth, so we send the guardians out at regular intervals to hunt them.
Village Chief: We're about due for another hunt, so it's no surprise that there are more monsters than usual.
Village Chief: Hmm. What do you say I request for your crew to head out there and defeat as many monsters as you can?
Sutera: But father, what about the elders? Won't they disapprove?
Village Chief: There is no denying that we are short on capable hunters. As long as you don't enter the trials themselves, you should be fine.
Village Chief: Remember, skyfarers. These trials are to determine Aster's skills, not your own.
Lyria: Okay! We'll wait for her outside the cave. I can't imagine Sutera would let us interfere with the trials anyway!
Village Chief: Haha, an excellent point. Sutera, you have some splendid friends here. Make sure you don't lose them.
Sutera: Of course, Father!
(Captain), I apologize for the trouble, but I gratefully accept your offer to help.
Village Chief: You all must be weary from your travels. Come, I insist that you spend the night in the village.
Aster: This way, everyone! I'll show you around!
Lyria: That would be wonderful! Thank you!
And so the crew receives permission to accompany Aster to the cave where her trials will soon take place.
Thanks to the warm hospitality shown by Sutera's and Aster's families, (Captain) and the crew soon recover from their travels.

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 2: Unexpected Guests - Episode 1

The following morning, Aster leaves for the trials with the crew in tow. Lyria suggests that they chat to help Aster relax, so (Captain) and the crew tell her stories from their adventures. Aster is thrilled to hear about the outside world, but their conversation comes to an end when they spot a mysterious stranger.

The following morning, (Captain) and the crew depart from the village with Aster and Sutera.
Aster: The trials will take place in the cave that houses the altar where the Forbidding One is sealed.
Vyrn: So if we went in, that thing's power might start affectin' us?
Sutera: Exactly. If a person cannot keep themselves from being influenced within the cave, they are not fit to be a guardian.
Aster: I-I'll do my best! After all, you came all this way, Sutera. And everyone, you've been so helpful!
Lyria: Aster, you should try to calm down. At this rate, you'll tire yourself out before we even get there.
Aster: You're right.
Okay, Aster, calm down. Just calm down.
Lyria: Hehe. Maybe if we chat a bit as we walk, it'll help you relax!
Aster: Oh! If we're going to talk, I'd love to hear more about the world outside the island!
Vyrn: No problem! We've picked up a ton of good stories on our adventures!
Aster's eyes sparkle as (Captain) and the crew recount a number of thrilling tales from their journey thus far.
Aster: Wow! The outside world is even more fantastic than I imagined!
Aster: There are so many things that you can't just read about in a book!
As Aster excitedly muses over the crew's stories, she suddenly comes into an abrupt halt and peers into the distance.
Aster: Look, Sutera! There's someone over there.

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 2: Unexpected Guests - Episode 2

The stranger turns out to be a young woman named Mariah who has come to research the altar of the Forbidding One. Sutera warns her not to go to the cave, but Mariah refuses to be discouraged. Sutera reluctantly offers to take her as far as the entrance, where she hopes Mariah will change her mind.

???: ...
Lyria: Is it another guardian?
Sutera: That's unlikely. Our village is the only settlement on this island, so there should only be Erunes living here.
Sutera: Excuse me! What are you doing here? There are monsters about, so you should probably head to safety!
???: Oh, hello! Are you from that nearby guardian village?
Aster: Yes, we are. And who might you be?
Mariah: The name's Mariah. I'm here to do some research for a scholar who studies historical landmarks.
Mariah: I was worried the villagers might try to stop me, so I snuck onto the island. But I guess you found me anyway.
Sutera: Historical landmarks... You aren't here about the altar of the Forbidding One, are you?
Mariah: That's the one. The doctor was going on about it having an interesting design or something.
Mariah: But the Forbidding One's power can drive the weak of heart mad if they get too close, so I came alone.
Sutera: I'm surprised you're aware of that. The Forbidding One is indeed not one to be taken lightly.
Sutera: You should leave this island and forget you ever heard about the Forbidding One before you find yourself in serious danger.
Sutera: Believe me, it's for your own good. This isn't just a warning from me—it's warning from all guardians.
Mariah: Oh, so you're one of those guardians, huh? Well then of course you'd say that. But I'm afraid I can't just go back empty-handed.
Mariah: So... See you later!
Sutera: Aaah! Hey, wait!
Sutera: Stop right there! We have you now, so don't get any more ideas!
Mariah: Geez, you're pretty quick. But then again, I guess I didn't have much chance against a local.
Sutera: Don't you realize that you're putting yourself in danger? You should be more careful.
Mariah: Hmm. I guess I should, but there's no time for that. I have work to do.
Sutera: I keep trying to tell you—that place isn't safe! Your very life will be in danger if you go there!
Mariah: You're really worried about my safety, aren't you? I always thought the guardians would be mindless brutes.
Sutera: The guardians exist not only to protect the altar, but also the people. That includes you.
Mariah: Interesting. But as I said before, there's something I have to do here.
Sutera: ...
Sutera: Very well. If you insist on going, you'll be safer if we accompany you.
Sutera: We'll take you as far as the entrance to the cave. Maybe by then you'll change your mind about all this.
Mariah: Oh. I was kinda hoping you'd take me all the way to the altar...
Sutera: This is the most I can offer. Nothing more.
Mariah: Hmm. Okay, I'll take what I can get! You've got a deal.
Sutera: The Forbidding One's power is strongest within the cave, but even at the entrance it can be overwhelming. If you sense any danger at all, please evacuate the area.
Mariah: All right, all right.
Mariah grudgingly agrees to Sutera's stringent conditions, and the group heads toward the cave where the altar is located.

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 2: Unexpected Guests - Episode 3

After seeing Sutera and the crew go to such lengths to help someone they don't even know, Mariah concludes they must be good people. She then explains how she got into her line of work, traveling to unusual places as a researcher's assistant.

Mariah: Oh, so Sutera and Aster are from the village, but the rest of you are skyfarers?
Mariah: And you brought Sutera here to help Aster complete her trials?
Mariah: You seriously came all this way for a complete stranger? Er... Sorry, that came out wrong. What I'm saying is, you've come a long way.
Mariah: It's hard to tell if you're kind or just crazy.
Lyria: But Aster's not a stranger anymore. We're all good friends now!
Mariah: But you didn't know each other before you came to the island, did you? Oh, there's no point trying to explain this to you.
Mariah: In any case, you must be good folks. I mean, here you are helping me, and I'm just another stranger.
Mariah: Even Sutera's letting me tag along, and she's a guardian!
Sutera: I still don't like that you're going. But I feel like you'll find a way to get there with or without me.
Mariah: Ahaha. You're right about that.
Sutera: This is hardly the place for laughter!
Mariah: I know, I know. But I have my own reason for being here.
Aster: What kind of reason?
Mariah: Oh, never mind! Come on, there's still quite a ways until the cave. We should pick up the pace!
Mariah: Uh, I think we go this way.
Lyria: Huh? Mariah, you don't have a map, right? How do you know the way?
Mariah: What? Oh, uh... I looked over the maps a bunch before coming here. Ahaha...
Vyrn: Wow! That's some crazy memory you've got!
Mariah: I guess. At least for things that interest me. I'm terrible at anything related to studying though.
Vyrn: Really? Since you're workin' for a professor, I figured you liked learnin'.
Mariah: Ahaha. Not at all!
Aster: So did you take this job because you have an interest in historical landmarks and ruins?
Mariah: Hmm, not really. But I mean, I don't hate them or anything.
Mariah: I started out as an assistant to a relative of mine, a scholar. By doing that I found I really enjoyed traveling.
Mariah: And now I'm more like a skyfarer. I go around protecting and assisting scholars. They have me accompany them to all kinds of exotic places.

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 2: Unexpected Guests - Episode 4

Mariah, Sutera, and Aster continue chatting as they make their way through the forest with the crew. Sutera tells Mariah that she has a talented older sister, to which Mariah replies that she knows how tough that can be. Sutera asks what Mariah's sister is like, but it turns out that she passed away.

As (Captain) and company continue on their way through the forest, Mariah gazes at the sunlight filtering through the trees and stretches contentedly.
Mariah: This is a really nice forest. If it weren't for the monsters, I'd be tempted to have a little nap here.
Sutera: A nap? I wouldn't mind one myself. But I've never been able to take naps. Once I fall asleep, I'm out for the night.
Mariah: I know what you mean! It feels so good, you never want it to end!
Sutera: I'm ashamed to say I've never been very good at waking up in the morning.
Aster: What, really? But you were always the first one at the archery range.
Sutera: Well, I am a guardian. I had to train hard to become the best I could be!
Mariah: Wow, you're really serious about your work, huh. That's some impressive willpower you've got.
Mariah: And Aster, you seem like you're on the way to becoming just like Sutera. I guess you have to be like that to become a guardian.
Mariah: So Aster, you and Sutera seem pretty close. Are you sisters?
Aster: Wh-what! No, though that would be wonderful! Not only is Sutera a talented guardian, but she's the chief's daughter too!
Aster: She already has a real older sister who's strong and beautiful, unlike me.
Mariah: You have a big sister, Sutera? You're so well put-together, I'd have assumed you were the older one.
Sutera: Yes, I have an older sister named Metera, but I could never hope to compete with her. She's the kind of prodigy that comes once in a generation.
Mariah: I see. I know how hard it is living in the shadow of an older sister like that.
Mariah: I hated being compared to my sister. I think she felt really bad about it.
Sutera: Oh? So you have an older sister too, then!
Mariah: Well... I did. But she passed away.
Aster: Oh no...
Sutera: I'm so sorry, Mariah.
Mariah: Ah, don't worry! I'm the one who brought up sisters in the first place.
Mariah: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to kill the mood.
Mariah: So your sister... Metera, was it? What's she like? Did you two used to fight a lot?
Sutera: (Mariah... She's trying to make me feel better...)
Sutera: Well... I wouldn't say we fought, per se, but there was a lot of friendly teasing. Oh, that reminds me of the time when...
Mariah and the crew continue to make their way through the forest toward the trial grounds.
They walk along enjoying each other's company, unaware of the dangers that lie ahead.

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 3: In the Cave of Trials - Episode 1

(Captain) and company reach the cave where the Forbidding One is sealed, and Sutera and Aster enter to begin the trials. Aster faces a battle of wills with a shadowy apparition that tries to incite her to anger, but she resists, instilling Sutera with great pride.

Aster: This is the cave that houses the altar of the Forbidding One.
Lyria: I sense something... It's overwhelming! It feels like a primal beast!
Aster: Lyria, you can sense primal beasts?
Lyria: Yes, that's right.
Aster: But are you sure it's a primal beast? The only thing sealed here is the Forbidding One.
Sutera: The villagers are not allowed to pry into the nature of the Forbidding One.
Sutera: But if Lyria can sense its power, then it may very well be a primal beast.
Vyrn: That thing's supposed to be pretty powerful, so it'd make sense if it was a primal!
Sutera: Well, everyone, as we agreed, you must let Aster and me continue alone.
Aster, are you ready?
Aster: Yes! Of course!
Lyria: Good luck with your trials, Aster! Be careful in there!
Aster: Thank you! I'll be back before you know it!
Mariah: And... they're gone. Man, I really want to go in and take a look at that altar.
Lyria: But you can't go in there! Aster's trials are for those two only!
Mariah: I know, I know. I wouldn't want to get in the way. I realize how important those trials are for Aster.
Aster: Eek!
Vyrn: That scream! Wasn't that Aster?
Mariah: Something must have happened! (Captain), we have to go and help her!
???: ...
Aster: U-urgh...
???: From the moment you were born, you have brought nothing but hardship to the village. You are weak and worthless.
Aster: I... No! You're wrong!
Sutera: ...
Lyria: Aster! Is everything okay?
Sutera: Lyria! And (Captain) too...
???: ...
Aster: No! Stay away from me!
Vyrn: This cave's pretty big! Let's go after her to make sure she doesn't get lost, (Captain)!
(Captain) and the crew venture deeper into the cave in search of Aster.
???: You were born weak. And you loathe the injustice of it. You hate this world, do you not?
Aster: U-urgh...
Sutera: (Aster. Don't let the Forbidding One into your heart.)
Sutera: (Maybe she's not yet ready for the trials... No, I know she can do this!)
???: I sense anger within your heart! You desire war and destruction!
Aster: No... No! That's not what I want!
Aster: It's true that I'm not as strong as other people. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't resent that.
Aster: But nothing comes from being envious of others! I can't let myself be fueled by anger or hatred!
Aster: I believe... I believe that I have the strength in my heart to overcome any obstacle!
???: Fool. Do you truly believe they will accept you? You, who delves into heretical knowledge?
Aster: It's not heretical! Everyone will understand someday! It'll just take time!
Aster: I'm leaving! There is no wisdom in your words!
???: Grrr...
???: Groooaaar!
Aster: Huff... Huff...
M-monsters! I have to fight them!
Sutera: Aster! Well done. I'm so proud of you!

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 3: In the Cave of Trials - Episode 2

Aster overcomes the trials and is granted the title of guardian, but celebrations are cut short when (Captain) and company realize Mariah is missing. While searching for her, Lyria is beguiled by a ghostly apparition until (Captain) and Vyrn get her to snap out of it. The apparition then turns into a monster and goes straight for the captain.

Sutera: Aster.
Aster: Sutera...
Sutera: Well done! You did it! I can confirm that you have successfully passed the trials.
Sutera: You are now a guardian. From this day forth, your duty is to protect the altar, as well as the lives of all people.
Aster: Thank you, Sutera. I'll do my best for the sake of the village and everyone in it!
Lyria: Congratulations! I'm so glad you made it through the trials safely!
Aster: Thank you, Lyria! Um... But what are you doing here? You're not allowed to be in this cave.
Aster: Now that I'm a guardian, I should tell you to leave this place, right? So, um...
Vyrn: Sorry, but when we heard you screamin', we couldn't just stand there and do nothin'.
Aster: Oh, I'm sorry. It's all my fault you came in here then...
Sutera: The important thing is that we're all safe. I'm grateful for your concern, everyone, but you shouldn't risk your lives like that.
Sutera: I don't see Mariah with you. Did she wait outside? We should hurry and meet up with her.
Lyria: Huh? Now that you mention it, where did she go?
Sutera: She ran off on her own? This is bad. We have to find her, quickly!
Lyria: Mariah! Where are you? Please answer us!
Wait, look over there!
???: ...
Lyria: ...!
You're... You're me!
???: Why are you here?
Lyria: Um... What do you mean?
???: Your existence has put so many lives in danger. And yet you stand there smiling. Why?
Lyria: W-well...
???: There is one life in particular you have harmed. (Captain). (Captain) would have been much better off without you.
Lyria: I...
???: You use your innocence as a shield. Tell me. Whose life do you intend to endanger next?
Lyria: It's not like that. I never intended to—
???: There is a word for creatures like you. You are a demon! Your journey ends here. You shall pay for your sins with your life!
Lyria: It's... It's all my fault. Because of me, (Captain)...
  1. Lyria, snap out of it!
  2. And I would do it all again.

Choose: Lyria, snap out of it!
Lyria: Oh, (Captain)...
Lyria: I get it now. This is the power of the Forbidding One, isn't it?

Choose: And I would do it all again.
Lyria: (Captain)?
Vyrn: (Captain) was just waitin' for a chance to leave that island. When you appeared out of the blue, it was like destiny!
Vyrn: Meetin' you and goin' on adventures was the best thing that's ever happened to us!
Continue 1
Lyria: But if it hadn't been for me, (Captain) would have never been injured when we met on Zinkenstill!
Vyrn: (Captain) wouldn't have survived without you! Sure, things changed a little, but still!
Vyrn: (Captain)'s never once regretted helpin' somebody in need! That goes for you too, Lyria!
Lyria: ...
???: Why... won't... you... fight me!
???: Roooaaar!
Vyrn: Whoa, a monster! Where'd it come from?
Lyria: Th-that's where the other me was standing! (Captain), watch out!

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 3: In the Cave of Trials - Episode 3

Sutera explains that the Forbidding One preys on people's insecurities as a way into their minds. (Captain) and company finally find Mariah in front of the altar, and she reveals that she lost her sister to the Forbidding One years ago and has come seeking vengeance. Mariah goes to break the seal on the altar, but Sutera rushes in to stop her.

Lyria: I'm sorry I lost my head for a moment there.
Lyria: I'm really happy to have met you, (Captain). But I've always wondered how you felt about it...
Lyria: So when that thing suddenly started voicing my own worries to me, I got all mixed up.
Sutera: That's how the Forbidding One gets its victims. It destroys their self esteem and fills them with anger.
Sutera: It can turn even the kindest, most peaceful person into a raging maniac.
Sutera: And that's why we need to find Mariah as soon as possible.
Aster: Sutera, I think the only place left to search is... the altar.
Sutera: Do you think she could have made it there already? If that's the case, then we need to hurry! (Captain), this way!
With Sutera in the lead, (Captain) and the crew hurry toward the altar.
Mariah: Sister. The time has finally come for me to avenge your death!
Mariah: Forbidding One! No—Marduk! Arise and fight me!
Sutera: Mariah! What are you doing? Get away from there immediately!
Mariah: Hyaaah!
Aster: Is she trying to break open the altar? I don't think she can hear us!
Sutera: Ugh. This calls for desperate measures!
Sutera's arrow strikes the ground inches away from Mariah's feet, and Mariah finally turns to face the crew.
Mariah: ...
Sutera, how could you! What if you had hit me?
Sutera: Step away from the altar! You're under its thrall. We have to get you out of here!
Mariah: No, you're wrong. I'm here of my own will.
Mariah: I came here to avenge my sister's death by destroying the Forbidding One!
Sutera: ...!
What are you talking about, Mariah? You're not making any sense!
Mariah: The Forbidding One—Marduk—is the one responsible for my sister's death!
Sutera: What!
Mariah: My sister was a historian. She was researching a swathe of destruction left behind by a ridiculously powerful primal beast called Marduk.
Mariah: And she ultimately determined that the Forbidding One sealed in this altar is none other than Marduk itself.
Mariah: My sister and I managed to slip past the guardians and came here into this cave, up to this very altar.
Mariah: But we were overcome by Marduk's power and started attacking each other like wild animals!
Mariah: My sister snapped out of it just in time to save my life, but it was too late for her. Her injuries were just too severe.
Sutera: How awful. We... the guardians should have spotted you. We should have stopped you before you even came here!
Mariah: I appreciate the thought, but saying that now won't change anything. My sister is dead and she's never coming back.
Mariah: But there's one thing I can still do. I can destroy Marduk and avenge my sister! I have to, or I'll never be able to move on!
Sutera: You plan to fight Marduk? The Forbidding One? There's no way you can win!
Sutera: Mariah, you have to stop this madness! Your sister wouldn't have wanted you to do this!
Mariah: Quiet! I will destroy Marduk! Nothing else matters!
Mariah: I won't let you get in my way, Sutera. If you try anything, I'll have to take you out too!
Sutera: There's no doubt about it. Mariah is under the influence of the Forbidding One!
Sutera: If she breaks the seal on that altar, there's no telling what kind of damage the Forbidding One will cause! We must stop her!
Mariah: Stay out of my way!
Sutera: We have no choice but to fight her! Watch out, (Captain), she looks like she can handle herself!

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 3: In the Cave of Trials - Episode 4

(Captain) and crew finally manage to stop Mariah, but the Forbidding One has already been released. Sutera thinks that she might be able to reseal the beast with the same magic bow that was used so many years ago, but she is unable to activate it. The Forbidding One starts moving toward her, forcing (Captain) and the crew to spring into action.

Mariah: Ugh... But... my sister!
Lyria: Mariah!
Aster: She's okay! She's just unconscious.
Vyrn: I never thought she'd do something like that! Is this all because of the Forbidding One?
Sutera: Aster, take care of Mariah. I have to check on the alter. If she damaged the seal, then...
Sutera: ...!
Lyria: Ah! I just felt its power surging!
???: ...
Aster: Oh no! That's... the Forbidding One!
Sutera: That must mean the seal is broken!
The Forbidding One: ...
Lyria: I sense... anger? No... blood-thirst. The Forbidding One wants us to fight?
Sutera: Hurry! We can't let it out of this cave!
Sutera: It was first sealed in the altar by a magic bow all those years ago. Maybe I can use that!
Vyrn: Got it! Let's kick a path through all these monsters and get that bow!
Alongside fighting the monsters, (Captain) and crew heads toward the altar.
Sutera: This... It's the Great Bow of Sealing!
Sutera: (Only those who are worthy can use this bow. Can I really do this?)
Aster: Sutera! The Forbidding One is on the move!
Sutera: (This is no time to hesitate! I'm a guardian. I must do my duty and protect everyone.)
Sutera draws back the string on the magic bow.
Sutera: What! No arrow came out! But I'm sure this is how you use it.
The Forbidding One: ...
Vyrn: It's going for Sutera! (Captain), we've gotta stop it!

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 4: Those Who Must Fight - Episode 1

The crew is separated from the Forbidding One when its rampage causes the cave roof to collapse. They return to the village at Aster's suggestion, where the elder is greatly upset to learn that the Forbidding One is free. Vyrn suggests that Lyria try to absorb its power, but the elder refuses to entrust the safety of the village to an outsider.

The Forbidding One: ...!
Vyrn: Whoa! It's goin' so crazy, it's gonna bring down the roof!
(Captain) and company leap out of the way and narrowly avoid being crushed by a crumbling section of the ceiling.
But now a pile of rubble separates them from the Forbidding One, preventing them from pursuing it.
Aster: This is bad. If we let the Forbidding One run wild, who knows what will happen!
Sutera: ...
Aster: Sutera, we should head back to the village and tell the chief about this right away!
Sutera: You're right. And that will give us a chance to tend to Mariah's wounds. Let's hurry!
(Captain) and company set off into the forest toward the guardians' village.
Sutera: Aster and I have returned!
Village Chief: Oho, you're back! There have been all sorts of noises coming from the forest. What happened?
Sutera: The seal on the altar has been broken. The Forbidding One has escaped.
Elder: What! That can't be! Sutera, how could you let this happen?
Elder: Who was it that broke the seal? Did you do it, Aster?
Aster: N-no!
Village Chief: Everyone, calm down! We all know Aster would never do anything like that. Right now we need to focus on planning our next move.
Village Chief: Now that the Forbidding One is loose, it will likely beckon a horde of monsters. Our village will soon be overrun.
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria, can't you just absorb its power?
Lyria: Well... If I can get close to it, I can certainly try!
Elder: I still cannot believe it. Our people have guarded the altar of the Forbidding One for generations.
Elder: Sutera. As a guardian, you have inherited that duty. You must be the one to seal the beast away once more!
Sutera: I understand. I will do whatever it takes!

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 4: Those Who Must Fight - Episode 2

Sutera and company speak with Mariah about the seal, and she berates herself for breaking it. Mariah then sneaks away to make amends by fighting the Forbidding One alone, but she is quickly defeated. Monsters approach as she lies on the ground injured, but (Captain) and the crew rush in to save the day.

Village Chief: Sutera, Aster. That red-headed girl you brought to the village has just woken up.
Aster: She has? What a relief!
Village Chief: Her wounds are healing, but she seems to be emotionally unwell.
Sutera: I'll go speak with her. (Captain), could I ask you to join me?
Mariah: ...
Sutera: Mariah, have you had a chance to calm down?
Mariah: ...
Aster: I'm glad your injuries weren't any worse. How are you feeling?
Mariah: ...
Vyrn: Hey, you better start talkin'!
Mariah: What am I supposed to say? The villagers devoted their lives to protecting the seal on that altar, and I broke it.
Elder: ...!
What did you say?
Sutera: Elder! I had no idea you were there!
Elder: Do you have any idea what you've done? Our effort—the very lives of our people—all of it has been for naught.
Elder: The Forbidding One will not be sated with this island. He will move from one to another until the whole sky is in flames.
Elder: This is exactly why outsiders cannot be trusted!
Sutera: Elder, please. She is still badly injured.
Elder: You are not entirely without blame, Sutera! Not only did you leave the island—you brought outsiders back with you!
Mariah: Wait, this is all my fault! Sutera and (Captain)'s crew had nothing to do with it!
Elder: Enough of this! Sutera, I must speak with you alone about how to reseal the Forbidding One.
Sutera: Very well. I will accompany you.
Sutera: Mariah, I'm sorry about all that. Just concentrate on getting better. We'll talk more later.
While the villagers discuss what to do next, (Captain) and the crew return to Aster's house to rest.
Lyria: The elder doesn't seem to want our help, but there must be something we can do.
Vyrn: Yeah! That primal beast is bad news! We can't just stand around!
Aster: S-something terrible's happened!
Lyria: Aster! What is it?
Aster: It's Mariah! She's disappeared from the chief's house!
Aster: I think she might have gone after the Forbidding One alone!
Lyria: What! Oh no! We have to go look for her!
Aster: We should let Sutera know first. Will you come along too, (Captain)? We're going to need all the help we can get!
The Forbidding One: ...
Mariah: There you are! Marduk, you're going to pay for what you did to my sister!
Mariah unleashes a flurry of relentless attacks upon the Forbidding One, each filled with pure rage and emotion.
Unfortunately the blows bounce harmlessly off the primal beast's body, and it soon readies its own attack.
Mariah: Aaah!
The Forbidding One: ...
Mariah: What's wrong? Go ahead—finish me off! I've been waiting for this since that day...
The Forbidding One: ...
As if suddenly losing interest in the weakened Mariah, the Forbidding One abruptly takes its leave.
Mariah: Marduk thrives off conflict, so I guess it has no use for someone who can't fight... Curse it!
Monster: Grrr...
Mariah: Ha... Hahaha... Not only did I fail to avenge my sister, I put an entire village in danger.
Mariah: I guess this is a fitting end for someone like me.
Having accepted her fate, Mariah begins to close her eyes, when out of the darkness she hears a voice.
Aster: Mariah! Are you okay? We're here to save you!
Mariah: Aster?
Sutera: The monsters are going for Mariah! Hurry, we have to take them out!
Aster: (Captain), please! Help me fight them!

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 4: Those Who Must Fight - Episode 3

Mariah asks Aster why she came to save her, to which Aster answers that it is her duty as a guardian to protect the lives of others. (Captain) and company return to learn that the chief plans to rally the whole village to fight. Sutera protests, saying that the villagers will lose their lives, but the chief will not be swayed.

Aster: Mariah! Thank goodness we found you! Are you hurt?
Mariah: Why... Why did you save me? What I did was unforgivable.
Mariah: I couldn't defeat that beast. All I managed to do is endanger the lives of the people on this island.
Aster: It's true that what you did might be unforgivable. Because of you, the villagers are all in danger.
Mariah: ...
Aster: But I'm a guardian now, and it's my duty to protect the lives of others!
Aster: Let's get back to the village! Your condition will only get worse if you don't rest.
Elder: Sutera, how could you leave the village in our time of crisis! Have you forgotten that you are a guardian?
Aster: It was my fault! She was helping me look for Mariah, and—
Elder: This is unacceptable behavior for someone who has undergone the trials! That girl broke the seal—you should have left her to her fate! The village is your sole concern!
Sutera: B-but our code! Our code as guardians is to protect not only the altar, but the lives of all people!
Elder: You allowed the altar to be destroyed, yet you dare speak of the guardians' code?
Sutera: Please forgive me.
Village Chief: Elder, there's no time for this. I must inform them of our plans.
Listen to me, Sutera. Aster.
Village Chief: We cannot allow the Forbidding One to go unchecked. Our entire village must band together to reseal the beast.
Sutera: What! Father, many of the villagers are not guardians. You have no right to drag them into the fight!
Village Chief: We have been left with no other option. Protecting the seal is the duty of our village.
Sutera: You can't do this! Countless lives will be lost!
Sutera: And many of the guardians have seen too many winters. I have the Arcane Bow of Sealing. It should be me who reseals the altar!
Village Chief: Sutera, where did you get that?
No, we have made our decision. However...
Sutera: Father?
Elder: There is no way someone as inexperienced as you could ever hope to use that bow!
Sutera: But...
Village Chief: The villagers will work together with the elder guardians to weaken the Forbidding One so that it can be resealed.
Village Chief: You are still young. After this battle we will need someone to lead the village. That will become your duty.
Sutera: But Father!
Monster: Groooar!
Vyrn: Hey! The monsters are comin' for the village! (Captain), let's take 'em out!
Sutera: Wait, I'll come with you!
Village Chief: If only Metera were here. Well, there's no use in hoping for the impossible.
Sutera: ...!
Aster: Sutera! We need to hurry and take care of these monsters!
Sutera: You're right! Let's go, Aster!
Aster and Sutera join forces with (Captain) and the crew to defeat the monsters attacking the village.

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 4: Those Who Must Fight - Episode 4

(Captain) and the crew set out to join the search for the Forbidding One while Aster stays behind to look after Mariah. Meanwhile Sutera learns from the elder that the true purpose of sealing the Forbidding One on their island is to protect the rest of the sky, and she resolves to sacrifice herself to keep the crew and the villagers out of danger.

Lyria: The village is eerily quiet. I guess everyone must be hiding inside.
Aster: Some people are, but most adults are out searching for the Forbidding One.
Aster: Nothing will be resolved until we figure out where it escaped to.
Lyria: That's true. We should go look for it too, (Captain)!
Vyrn: It'd be better than doin' nothin'! Come on, Sutera, let's go!
Sutera: (Captain), you all should get away from this island.
Sutera: Otherwise we can't guarantee you'll make it out of here alive.
Sutera: The Forbidding One is our problem. You don't have to throw away your lives for us.
  1. That's what friends are for.
  2. We can't just forsake you.

Choose: That's what friends are for.
Sutera: Thank you. I'm touched to know that you consider me a friend.
Sutera: But I don't know if I'll be able to protect you all.

Choose: We can't just forsake you.
Sutera: You really are a kind person, aren't you, (Captain)?
Sutera: But this is one adventure I can't allow you to join.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Come on, Sutera! If you start talkin' like that, you'll never win!
Vyrn: And (Captain) wouldn't turn away from people in trouble! So let's get movin' already!
Lyria: That's right. The Forbidding One isn't going to wait around for us. Let's go, Sutera!
Sutera: Very well. But promise me that if you feel your life is in danger, you'll make a run for it.
(Captain) nods in agreement and departs with the crew in search of the Forbidding One.
Aster: There doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary here. Should we keep moving?
Lyria: I wish I could sense where the Forbidding One is. I'm sorry.
Lyria: Since the primal beast has been sealed here for so long, its presence is all over the island.
Aster: I'm sure the villagers must have found it by now! Let's head back.
(Captain) and the crew rest in the village as they wait for the others to return from their hunt.
With the children still hiding in their homes, an eerie silence fills the air.
Aster: Mariah, how are you feeling? I brought some medicine for you.
Mariah: Aster, are you sure you want to take care of me?
Aster: Of course I do! Stop worrying about silly things like that or you're never going to get better.
Mariah: But I destroyed everything your people have worked to protect and put the whole village in danger.
Aster: Mariah, I can tell that your body isn't the only thing that's been hurt.
Mariah: Huh?
Aster: Your heart needs healing too. The death of your sister is still taking a toll on you.
Aster: I know it's hard. But you have to allow those scars to heal.
Aster: If you don't, they'll fester and put your very life at risk. Emotional wounds are no less harmful than physical ones.
Mariah: Aster...
Aster: Your sister gave her life to save you. Don't let her sacrifice be in vain.
Mariah: Okay.
Village Chief: Sutera, one of the villagers has located the Forbidding One.
Sutera: Really? So now you'll be taking the villagers to fight it?
Elder: If we do not first weaken the Forbidding One, the Arcane Bow will be useless against it.
Elder: We must be willing to sacrifice our lives to keep that creature from escaping. That is our sole purpose for existing.
Sutera: I can't believe this! How can you speak of the villagers like they're some sort of disposable commodity!
Elder: The Forbidding One was sealed away on this island to attract monsters in the neighboring skies.
Elder: As long as it remains sealed here, the other islands may find some manner of peace.
Elder: We must take pride in our role in all this. And we must be prepared to do anything necessary to fulfill it.
Sutera: ...
Sutera: (So that's the reason our village has been protecting the altar for generations.)
Sutera: (If that's the case, it wouldn't be right to involve (Captain) and the others in this any longer. This is something I have to do myself!)
Sutera: (I can't allow (Captain) or the villagers to sacrifice themselves. This is a job for the guardians!)
Sutera is left reeling at the elder's words, having learned the true purpose of the guardians.
Now knowing the truth, her desire to confront and defeat the Forbidding One grows ever stronger.

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 5: Follow the Forbidding One - Episode 1

To minimize collateral damage to the village, Sutera decides to go after the Forbidding One alone, but (Captain) and the others persuade her to let them come along. Mariah suggests they find the Forbidding One by looking for animals made violent by its presence, and so the crew head toward a swarm of birds they spot fighting in the mountains.

(Captain) and the others successfully fend off the wave of monsters but remain on guard.
Meanwhile the chief and the elder prepare the villagers for the battle against the Forbidding One.
Sutera: Many of our guardians are at an advanced age, so I fear they won't last against the Forbidding One.
Sutera: But I was unable to use the Arcane Bow. Is there nothing I can do to save my people?
Sutera: Either way, I have to try! It is the duty of a guardian to protect the people, the village, and the altar! I must be strong!
Sutera: Now is the time to fight! For everyone's sake!
Sutera starts to leave the village alone, when suddenly a voice calls out to stop her.
Aster: Sutera, wait! I'm coming with you!
Sutera: Aster? (Captain)? And Mariah!
Vyrn: We can't let you hog all the glory! Right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: The chief told us to handle those monsters! And the way I see it, that thing is one of 'em!
Sutera: But as I told you before, I can't ensure that you'll be safe.
Sutera: The Forbidding One is an incredibly powerful primal beast. You may not make it out alive.
Aster: All the more reason why we should work together!
Mariah: It might be too late to make amends, but I have to do what I can to clean up this mess I've caused.
Mariah: I can't take back what I've done. But if I don't go with you, I'll never be able to live with myself. Please...
Sutera: Very well. We'll go together.
Sutera: But you all have to promise me that you'll run if things start to look grim.
Sutera: (If anyone is going to perish from this, let it be me and me alone.)
Vyrn: This ain't the first primal beast we've faced! We'll show you how the pros do it!
Vyrn: Let's go, (Captain)! Before Sutera's father beats us there!
(Captain) and company make their way toward the forest in pursuit of the Forbidding One.
Sutera: According to the information we received, the Forbidding One was last seen around here.
Sutera: Has it already left? Ugh, accursed primal beast! Where are you!
Aster: The forest is quiet. Too quiet.
Mariah: That's because Marduk affects not only monsters and people, but all creatures.
Aster: So the animals must be scared and nervous too.
Mariah: Hmm? Oh, I have an idea! If we spot any animals fighting each other, we'll know that Marduk is nearby!
Aster: That makes sense! If the birds are affected, we should be able to spot them fighting from a distance!
Sutera: Do you mean something like that? Look over there, on the side of the mountain.
Lyria: Well, I do see a dark shadow... Wow, Sutera, you have eyes like an eagle! Let's go check it out, (Captain)!

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 5: Follow the Forbidding One - Episode 2

Lyria announces she can sense the Forbidding One, prompting Sutera to rush off on her own to find it. But in her haste she fails to deliver the finishing blow to a monster she encounters along the way. It lunges after her, but Mariah jumps between them to block the attack.

Lyria: Now that we're getting closer, I can sense the primal beast more clearly. It's this way!
Sutera: Understood! Come on, let's hurry!
Lyria: Huh? Sutera, wait up! It's dangerous to go off on your own!
Aster: These hunting trails can be tricky. I'll take the lead! This way, (Captain)!
Monster: Groooar!
Sutera: Stay out of my way!
Sutera: All right, now's my chance—
Monster: Roaaar!
Sutera: ...!
I was sure they'd all been defeated!
Mariah: Sutera!
Mariah: Ngh!
Sutera: Mariah, you saved me!
Mariah: Don't mention it! Now get ready, here they come!
(Captain) and the crew drive away the monsters while protecting Mariah from further harm.

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 5: Follow the Forbidding One - Episode 3

Sutera apologizes to Mariah for getting her injured, but Mariah brushes it off and tells Sutera that she reminds her of herself. As they close in on the Forbidding One and begin to feel its influence, Mariah feels further remorse for her actions. Aster tells her not to worry for the time being and to focus on the task at hand instead.

Sutera: I'm sorry, Mariah. This all happened because I was behaving recklessly.
Mariah: Haha. What, this? It's just a flesh wound. There's nothing to apologize for.
Mariah: Listen, Sutera. I get that you're worried. But you need to keep your cool.
Mariah: There's a thin line between dedication and obsession. If you're not careful, you might just trip over it.
Mariah: I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but when I saw you rushing in like that, it reminded me of myself.
Sutera: ...
After tending to Mariah's injuries, (Captain) and company resume their search for the Forbidding One.
Lyria: Urgh... The Forbidding One's power is overwhelming...
Aster: It's even putting me on edge.
Mariah: Marduk's influence must have dispersed across the entire island by now. Fortunately it's so widespread that the effects seem diluted...
Mariah: Still, this is all my fault.
Aster: Mariah, that can wait until later! Right now you need to concentrate on the task at hand.
Mariah: You're right. If I don't stay sharp, I might succumb to Marduk's influence again.
Sutera: It's already affecting the animals. It's only a matter of time before we start feeling the effects too. We have to hurry!

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 5: Follow the Forbidding One - Episode 4

(Captain) and company spot the Forbidding One, and Sutera tries unsuccessfully to reseal it with the Arcane Bow. Just as she is about to be attacked, her sister Metera appears and saves her. When the Forbidding One loses interest and leaves the battlefield, Metera chastises Sutera, crushing her fragile self-esteem.

The Forbidding One: ...!
Vyrn: There it is! The Forbidding One!
Lyria: The monsters, the animals—they're all fighting it!
Lyria: But why? They know it's dangerous. Why don't they just run away?
Mariah: Marduk is a primal beast that thrives off conflict.
Mariah: It warps the hearts of all living things and fills them with violence in order to make them fight Marduk itself.
Lyria: That's... That's terrible!
Sutera: And that's why we need to stop it!
The Forbidding One: ...
Vyrn: It's movin'! I think it's lookin' for its next opponent!
Sutera: Forbidding One! Stop right there! This time the bow will work... and I will seal you away!
Aster: Sutera, what are you doing? It's too dangerous to fight it alone! (Captain), we have to go after her!
The Forbidding One: ...
Sutera: Forbidding One! Your power endangers all around you!
Sutera: I will use this bow to seal you within the altar once again!
Sutera: Haaah!
With a mighty cry, Sutera musters all her strength to draw back the string of the Arcane Bow.
Magical energy begins to converge, but it disperses before forming an arrow.
Sutera: What? I'm still not good enough?
Aster: Sutera! What are you doing just standing there?
In response to Sutera's attempt to seal it, the Forbidding One moves to attack her.
Sutera: ...!
???: Hyah!
The Forbidding One: ...!
???: Humph, this is one ugly customer!
Aster: It's Metera!
Mariah: Metera? You mean that's Sutera's older sister? She's totally different than I imagined!
Sutera: Metera...
Metera: I thought something about the island seemed strange, but I never dreamed this thing was the cause! All right, let's get this place cleaned up!
Monster: Grrr...
Metera: Ugh! Stay out of this!
Monster: Groargh!
Vyrn: Looks like Sutera's sister is gonna deal with those monsters! Let's go take down that primal beast!
(Captain) nods at Vyrn and moves to confront the Forbidding One, weapon at the ready.
Lyria: Forbidding One! Give me your power!
Lyria: ...!
It's rejecting me! I can't absorb its power!
The Forbidding One: ...
Mariah: It's completely ignoring us. I guess it wasn't really fighting us earlier—it had just gone berserk!
Sutera: What!
Metera: Did you seriously just let that thing get away? I gave you the perfect chance to attack it and everything!
Aster: Metera, it's so good to see you again. I can't believe you're really back!
Metera: Huh? Who're you? Some kid from the village? Eh, whatever.
Sutera: Metera, that's Aster! Remember? She lives just a few houses down from us.
Metera: Hmm? Well, now that you mention it, I... Nope, can't even pretend to remember. Oh well.
Metera: So, Sutera, what're you doing here? And with a magic bow, no less.
Sutera: This is no ordinary magic bow. This is the Arcane Bow, used eons ago to seal away the Forbidding One!
Metera: Huh... I thought it looked kinda tacky. Guess that explains it.
Metera: But can you really use that thing? You're not a bad archer, but your magic was always kinda sloppy.
Sutera: Well, um...
Metera: You've always been so weak. Did you honestly think you could handle this yourself? You're not me, y'know.
Sutera: ...
Sutera flashes a glare at Metera, but soon her insecurities take over, and the fire in her eyes dies down.
Will Sutera be able to use the Arcane Bow to lock away the Forbidding One?

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 6: Hope for Tomorrow - Episode 1

Sutera is unsure what to do about the Forbidding One. Metera, rather than comfort her sister, simply insults her and leaves to fight the monsters alone. Sutera is wracked with guilt over her failure to reseal the Forbidding One, fearing she has put her village and friends in danger.

Sutera fails to attract the attention of the Forbidding One and is once again unable to use the Arcane Bow.
Metera appears in the middle of battle and saves Sutera, but now has only criticism for her.
Metera: So, anyway, what's all the fuss about?
Sutera: What? Can't you see? The Forbidding One is loose and wreaking havoc all across the island!
Metera: Oh! So that's what that thing was? Y'know, I always thought it'd be more impressive-looking.
Sutera: It doesn't matter what it looks like! If we don't get it resealed, who knows the damage it will cause!
Metera: So that's why you're acting so jittery? You need to loosen up a bit.
Sutera: What!
Aster: Metera, how can you say such a thing at a time like this!
Metera: I just mean you need a plan before going up against something like that. Rushing in recklessly isn't going to help anyone.
Metera: Anyway, I'll leave it to you. I've got places to go and people to see. Later!
Aster: Hey, Metera!
Vyrn: Tch! She talks like that and then goes runnin' off? What a slacker!
Mariah: Wait, look up there. The monsters are running away. Metera must be behind that.
Lyria: Hey, you're right! Those monsters are dropping like flies!
Mariah: I guess she cares more about this place than she lets on. Maybe she's more like Sutera than I thought.
Mariah: It looks like Metera is keeping the monsters busy. Now's our chance to catch up with the Forbidding One!
Sutera: (If I can't perform the sealing, then the village and the rest of the sky will be done for.)
Sutera: (But I'm still unable to use the Arcane Bow.)
Sutera: (And I've put (Captain) and the others in so much danger already.)
Sutera: (Maybe my father was right. Maybe the villagers are our best chance against the Forbidding One.)
Sutera: (This is all my fault! I was never ready to fight it!)
Aster: ...

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 6: Hope for Tomorrow - Episode 2

Mariah sees Aster worrying over Sutera and urges her to speak to her friend. Encouraged, Aster tells Sutera that she doesn't have to be like her sister and is allowed to count on others for help. Buoyed by Aster's words, Sutera asks for her assistance.

Sutera: ...
Aster: Sutera...
Mariah: Aster, if there's something you want to say to her, just say it.
Mariah: Your words really helped me earlier.
Mariah: And besides, you never know if you'll get another chance to speak to her again.
Aster: ...!
You're right.
Her resolve strengthened, Aster squares her shoulders and marches over to face Sutera.
Aster: Um, Sutera!
Sutera: Aster? What is it?
Aster: Sutera, are you still planning to seal away the Forbidding One on your own?
Sutera: Well... I want to try. I can't allow any lives to be lost.
Sutera: But as I am now, I'm not sure it's possible. If only I were more like my sister...
Sutera: (Why am I talking to Aster like this? She's still so young. What kind of a role model am I?)
Aster: Metera is Metera. You are you. You don't have to be like her.
Aster: But, um... What I'm really trying to say is, I want you to let us help!
Aster: You want to protect us, but we want to protect you too. We couldn't bear to lose you!
Aster: You work so hard to fulfill your duty as a guardian, it makes us want to work hard too!
Aster: I just want you to know you don't have to do this alone.
Sutera: Aster...
Sutera: ...!
Aster! Behind you!
Aster: Huh?
Monster: Groooar!
Aster: Eek!
Sutera fires an arrow at the monster, causing it to flee.
Sutera: Are you all right, Aster?
Aster: Y-yes! I'm okay!
Sutera: Don't let your guard down! There are more on the way. Lend me your strength, and we'll take them on together!
Aster: Okay! Let's do it!

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 6: Hope for Tomorrow - Episode 3

Sutera apologizes for going off alone, having realized that even if she can't defeat the Forbidding One on her own, they might still have a chance if they all work together. Lyria thinks that if they can weaken it she might be able to absorb its power, and the crew heads out once again in search of the beast.

Sutera: I'm so sorry, everyone. I was so caught up in my own problems that I couldn't see what was going on around me.
Sutera: I've caused all of you so much trouble. I can't apologize enough.
Lyria: You're always working so hard, maybe you thought you had to do it all yourself.
Lyria: But we're here for you. It's just like Aster said—we can do this together!
Sutera: Thank you! You know, you're right. I may not be able to do this alone, but together...
Sutera: Ah! Is this why Metera was so hard on me earlier?
Sutera: I'm so sorry, Metera! How did I not see what you were trying to say? I guess I still have a lot to learn!
Vyrn: Huh. Do you really think there was some deep meanin' behind what she said?
Mariah: Well, as long as it's helping Sutera, let's just go along with it.
Aster: Exactly! The most important thing is that we've stopped Sutera from putting all the responsibility on herself!
(Captain) nods in agreement, and for a moment the mood among the crew brightens.
Meanwhile Lyria stands with her brow furrowed in thought, until finally she turns to the others with a serious expression on her face.
Lyria: Earlier I tried to absorb the Forbidding One's power, but it was too strong.
Lyria: Maybe if we weaken it first, I'll be able to do it this time.
Mariah: You mean it might not be able to resist if we defeat it?
Lyria: Yes. But it's so powerful, the fight is bound to be dangerous...
Vyrn: Well, we can't chicken out now! We've got to do everythin' we can! Right, (Captain)?
Sutera: Indeed. It has to be done.

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Chapter 6: Hope for Tomorrow - Episode 4

Before they start fighting the Forbidding One, Lyria tries to absorb its power once more, but the situation soon becomes dire. Sutera fires the Arcane Bow of Sealing, weakening the beast and giving the crew a chance to attack.

Sutera: The birds are flocking toward that direction! It must be over there!
Aster: If it keeps going that way, it'll reach the village!
Sutera: We have to hurry. This way! I know a shortcut!
Sutera: There it is! The Forbidding One!
The Forbidding One: ...
Lyria: I'll try to absorb its power one more time before we fight it!
The Forbidding One: ...!
The Forbidding One notices Lyria and moves in to attack.
Sutera: (Oh no! It's moving in to attack Lyria and Aster!)
Sutera: I won't let you. I won't let you hurt them!
Almost without thinking, Sutera readies the Great Bow of Sealing and draws back the string.
Sutera: Aaagh!
The Forbidding One: ...!
The arrow strikes true, causing the Forbidding One to reel from the attack.
Sutera: I... The bow. How did I?
Lyria: It's still too powerful for me to absorb! But wait!
Lyria: The seal is weakening it! Maybe now!
Vyrn: All right! Looks like it can't ignore us anymore, eh, (Captain)?
Mariah: I can take care of the monsters. Just get out there and fight it!
Sutera: Aster, let's bring this fiend down together and save the village!
Aster: Yes ma'am!
Sutera: I'm so glad you're here with me! Okay, (Captain), let's do this!

Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope - Ending

(Captain) and crew return to the village after defeating the Forbidding One and receive a hero's welcome. Several days later, as they prepare to depart, they hear that Metera has once again stolen her father's money, prompting Sutera and the crew to leave in search of her.

Lyria: ...
The Forbidding One: ...!
Sutera: Time to finish this!
Having had its power absorbed by Lyria, the Forbidding One succumbs to the magic of the Arcane Bow and is sealed away with a flash of light that illuminates the skies.
Sutera: ...
Sutera: I did it? The bow worked?
Aster: You did it! The beast is sealed away once more!
Metera: Humph, I guess you didn't need my help after all. What a waste of a trip.
Metera: Hehe. Nice work, Sutera. I should expect nothing less from my little sister!
Metera: Well then, time for me to go. It's too sentimental around here, and I'm allergic to that kinda stuff!
(Captain) and company have succeeded in sealing away the Forbidden One once again.
With their mission complete, the crew returns to the village and is greeted by the chief.
Village Chief: We never could have defeated that beast, even if we gave our lives. You have our most heartfelt gratitude.
Vyrn: No need to thank us! Sutera did all the hard work.
Vyrn: Don't you remember hiring us to deal with your little monster problem? I'd say mission accomplished!
Village Chief: I am grateful for your kind words. And, Sutera, it appears the bow has deemed you worthy after all.
Village Chief: This island would not have survived if you had not experienced the world and found these excellent heroes.
Sutera: Please, I hardly did a thing. All would have been lost if it weren't for everyone else.
Village Chief: I see now. The bow was waiting for you to accept that you couldn't do it on your own.
Sutera: You're right. It wasn't until I gave up the idea of fighting alone that the bow worked for me.
Village Chief: You are a true guardian, from your heart to your hands. Yet you are still my beautiful daughter.
Sutera: Thank you!
Mariah: Um... Chief...
Village Chief: Why the long face? The bow worked, and the beast has been sealed away.
Mariah: Repairing the seal doesn't change the fact that I broke it.
Mariah: I still have no idea how I'm going to make it up to you. But if you ever need anything, just ask!
Aster: Mariah...
Village Chief: The Forbidding One is an extremely powerful beast. Succumbing to its aura is nothing to be ashamed of.
Village Chief: Besides, I doubt there's anything we could do that is worse than what you're putting yourself through.
Mariah: But...
Village Chief: For now, you must rest. There is plenty of room in the village for our heroes!
(Captain) and crew receive a warm welcome as they return to the village victorious against the Forbidding One.
The celebrations are not only for the defeat of the primal beast, but also for Aster who has passed the trials.
Elder: Aster. Our dear sweet Aster. Congratulations on your success.
Aster: ...
Elder: And, of course, you have our thanks for the part you played in recapturing the Forbidding One as well.
Elder: Your skill and knowledge saved our village.
Elder: And so we elders have decided to send you on a quest. Explore the outside world and bring more new knowledge back to us.
Aster: Elder! Is it really okay for me to leave the island and learn more about the rest of the world?
Elder: I am not too old to admit when I am wrong. Now go out and learn all you can, Aster.
Aster: I will! I'll learn so many things! Then I'll use it all to make the village better than ever!
Aster receives permission to leave the island and study the outside world.
(Captain) and crew spend several days resting until the time comes for them to depart.
Vyrn: Man, we were here way longer than I expected!
Lyria: Hehe, but it sure was fun! It's been like a big party ever since we got back! Did you enjoy yourself, Aster?
Aster: Yes! And please, come back again sometime!
Aster: As for me, I can't wait to set out on my mission. I'm getting giddy just thinking about it!
Mariah: I'm sure someone as level-headed as you will be fine, Aster. But you know it's not going to be all fun and games out there.
Aster: I know!
So Mariah, what will you do now?
Mariah: Hmm... Well, I thought I might go on a little trip myself. Maybe I'll find a way to atone for everything.
Mariah: I can't undo what I've done here. That's why I have to learn from it.
Mariah: Thank you, Aster. And thank you, everyone. You helped me realize just how lost I was.
Aster: Mariah...
Mariah: Let's promise to meet again!
Lyria: Of course! It's a promise!
Vyrn: Wait, what about Sutera? Isn't she comin' with us?
Aster: Is she still asleep?
Mariah: What? She'd better not be!
Sutera: Oh no!
Lyria: ...!
Sutera! What's wrong?
Sutera: Metera stole my father's savings again!
Aster: Huh?
Mariah: What!
Sutera: My father's in a terrible rage! He's calling for her arrest so that he can punish her!
Sutera: We need to find my sister before my father does!
Aster: What? Your sister? Do you really think he'll be able to find her?
Sutera: There's no telling what he might do! (Captain), we have to leave right now!
Vyrn: Sutera, wait up!
Hurry, (Captain)! After her!
Village Chief: Huff... Huff... Phew. Oh, they've already left. She's always getting the wrong end of the stick, that one.
Village Chief: I just wanted to tell her to lighten up a bit. Perhaps not as much as Metera, of course.
Village Chief: Sutera is in good company, and she's grown up so much. She makes her father proud.
(Captain) and crew resume their adventure through the skies, flitting about at the whim of the winds.
As long as they still have each other, they can surely overcome any obstacle.


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