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Event Story

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Event cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the plot and characters. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Auld Lang Syne 2017 - Year's End - Early Bird

The morning sun shines bright on the grounds of a solemn, secluded sanctuary.
It reveals a giant bell known as the Joya, and a group of uneasy monks.
Young Man: That's the last sunrise before the new year... We've got a big day ahead of us.
Village Elder: So far so good... But don't rest easy yet.
Young Man: Right! As the watchers of the Joya, it would be most embarrassing to fall through for the third year in a row.
Village Elder: Yes, it's been a tumultuous few years.
Worldly desires pervade the skies.
While they can instill hope and faith in many, without due caution they can all too easily lead to utter destruction...
Since time immemorial an implement known as the Joya has been used to gather all worldly desires to maintain the balance.
Joya: ...
Elder: Hrm? What's this?
Young Man: What in the skies? The flow of worldly desires shouldn't be this strong!
The Joya has gone out of control almost every year of late.
To resolve this crisis, one of the Twelve Divine Generals always descends to seek (Captain) and company's help restoring the equilibrium.
Joya: Gong... Gong...
Anila: I have nothing against you, but I've got a job to do.
Rackam: So how do we clear this thing of worldly desires?
Anila: Did I not say ding-dong?
Anila: We bash it, and bash it, then bash it again!
Joya: Gong... Gong...
Andira: So this is the Joya... It's engulfed in so many worldly desires!
Joya: Gong... Gong...
Gong... Gong...
Andira: It's not your fault. The worldly desires just made you forget who you are.
Andira: But that's why we're here... To save you!
Young Man: We've been saved year after year by the Joya Keeper and that crew.
Village Elder: Indeed we have. I'd like to thank them in a more official capacity someday.
Young Man: I've already prepared a year-end gift. A whole truckload of Maize Amaze fresh from the farm!
Village Elder: Ohoho, Maize Amaze? Splendid. That'll be sure to please them.
Village Elder: Truth be told, I absolutely love the stuff. In fact, my grandmother used to buy it all the time...
Young Man: Yes, I'm aware. That's why all of us men in the village chipped in to send a shipment to your home as well.
Village Elder: Y-you don't say?
Young Man: It should be arriving soon enough. We just wanted to show our appreciation for everything you do for us.
Village Elder: You're too kind... I am truly blessed to have such a thoughtful successor.
Joya: ...
Village Elder: Ah! It's acting up again!
Young Man: The Joya can't take this many worldly desires! They're going to overflow into the atmosphere!
Village Elder: By Jove! Another year, another incident...
Young Man: Please evacuate, Elder! I hate to bother the Joya Keeper every time, but...
???: Zoom!
Young Man: Did you see a shadow fly by just now?
Mahira: I'm here. And right on time, it seems.
Mahira: Now to just shift the angle a bit and set it to autopilot...
Mahira: There!
Mahira: It's all yours, Clucky!
Joya: Gong!
The miniature airship collides with the Joya head-on, rocking the sanctuary on its foundations.
As the dust begins to settle, Mahira can be seen inspecting her cherished vessel.
Mahira: Mission accomplished.
Mahira: No malfunctions, just as I calculated. Rackam's shock absorber did wonders.
Mahira: Aah, the blue skies are as clear as ever.
Village Elder: J-Joya Keeper? Lady Mahira, is that you?
Mahira: You must be from the village. Yes, I'm Mahira. Please forgive my rough handling of the situation.
Young Man: Not at all—that was some incredible maneuvering! Though I didn't expect the Joya to be quelled with only a single strike...
Mahira: But it wasn't me alone.
Mahira: Andie and Anila told me so much about the troubles you've had with the Joya in recent years.
Mahira: And the people of the Grandcypher had lots of advice too, giving me ample time to prepare.
Village Elder: Ah, how lucky we are to have so much assistance...
Young Man: We couldn't have done it without your help! Now to let everyone else in the village know that the emergency is past—
Joya: Gong... Gong...
Mahira: Hm? It's starting up again?
Young Man: Ack! Looks like it's not over yet! Elder, you need to evacuate!
Village Elder: ...
Young Man: Elder? What's wrong? If you don't get a move on—
Village Elder: Bwahahaha! I won't let any of you get in the way of the Joya!
Young Man: Urgh! He's being corrupted by worldly desires again!
Mahira: I thought this might happen... I heard all about how it happened last year.
Village Elder: Humph, you think you've got the Joya all figured out? One of the Twelve Divine Generals you might be, but you're still just a little girl!
Village Elder: Heed me, disciples of desire! Round up these naysayers for the sacrifice!
Young Man: This is bad! You'd best get out of here, Mahira!
???: Infinite diversity in infinite combinations... Transform!
Mahira: Andie!
Andira: Leave the villagers to me, Mahi! I'll wipe away their worldly desires!
Andira: Wa-chao!
Village Elder: Aaargh!
Village Elder: Huh? L-Lady Andira? What am I doing here?
Young Man: Elder! Thank goodness you're back to your senses!
Joya: Gong!
Mahira: I knew the Joya had a few tricks up its sleeve, so I had Andie on standby just in case.
Andira: Hah-hah-hah! Mahi was right on the money! The villagers are all back to normal now.
Andira: Hope you've settled down, Joya.
Joya: ...
Joya: Gooong!
Mahira: Ah!
Andira: This aura...
Andira: Watch out! It's not done yet!
Joya: Gooong! Gooong!
Village Elder: How can this be? I've never seen it so out of control!
Young Man: The skies will fall to worldly desire at this rate!
???: The truth of all creation is within my grasp!
Anila: Do not falter! We must take a stand!
Mahira: Anila!
Andira: Good going, Anila! You made quick work of the Joya's aura!
Anila: I used a talisman I created with Mahira's advice. Good thing I came prepared.
Joya: Gong!
Anila: It's been too long, Joya. I certainly didn't expect it to take three of us year spirits at once this time.
Anila: But your outburst this year is unprecedented. And therefore, we Twelve Divine Generals must adapt!
Village Elder: Ah, what a sight for sore eyes! Three of the Divine Generals before our very eyes!
Young Man: We should be able to put a stop to the Joya's outbursts once and for all this year!
Mahira: As the spirit of this year, allow me to do the honors.
Mahira: Here we go!
Guardian of the West, Mahira!
Andira: Guardian of the West-Southwest, Andira!
Anila: Guardian of the South-Southwest, Anila!
All Three: To battle!

Auld Lang Syne 2017 - Year's End - Early Bird: Scene 2

Joya: ...!
Just before the battle concludes, the Joya suddenly revs up for liftoff.
It gives off an intense heat and a brilliant light before launching itself into the skies with a deafening roar.
Mahira: ...
Mahira: Um... Can I ask you two a question?
Mahira: Do you have any idea what happened just now?
Andira: Beats me... Looks like it went on a little trip through the skies. How about you, Anila? Know anything we don't?
Anila: I... do not know... This may very well be unprecedented in the long history of the Twelve Divine Generals.
Mahira: Hm, I kinda figured.
Mahira: Oh, what to do... I'm not sure how to react.
Andira: Ahaha, good point! I mean, I can't even tell if we won that battle or not!
Andira: But hey, it looks like we did get rid of the worldly desires. We deserve a pat on the back for that at least.
Anila: True enough. We have fulfilled our duties as year spirits.
Anila: Splendid work this year, Mahira.
Mahira: Ahaha... You're making me blush...
Mahira: But you're welcome! And thanks for your help!
Village Elder: Oy, is everyone okay?
Young Man: What in the skies just happened to the Joya?
Andira: We're over here, everyone!
Andira: Looks like the villagers are safe. What worries me is what'll happen with the worldly desires from next year onward.
Anila: I understand the concern. Without a vessel in place, things could get bad.
Anila: But our only recourse for now is to wait it out. Let us enjoy the remainder of this year in peace.
Mahira: Well said. Now we just need something to do until nighttime.
And thus end Mahira's duties as this year's spirit.
Upon returning to the Grandcypher, Mahira gives thanks to all for helping her accomplish her task.
Relieved, the crew begins preparations for New Year's.
Sierokarte: Good morning. Are you in here, Mahira? I'm here with the items you ordered.
Sierokarte: Helloo?
What's this device here?
Siero has come with a parcel for Mahira, a regular customer of hers. The crew's favorite knickknack retailer enters Mahira's room, only to find a mysterious device.
The device consists of a heat source beneath a table, which is covered with a blanket.
Mahira: Ah, thanks for the delivery. Now my heater's complete. I call it a kotatsu.
Sierokarte: Oh, so that's what it was? You made it yourself?
Mahira: Mm-hm, just followed the instructions in a book. Now to take that clamp you just gave me and fasten the panel.
Sierokarte: Here, I'll give you a hand. Can you lift up the futon for me?
Lunalu: Ngh, such brightness... But I will not allow anyone to obstruct the consummation of that which pulsates in the darkness.
Melissabelle: Power outage imminent... Consider me defunct until the next corn harvest...
Sierokarte: Oh my, my... Talk about a double surprise.
Mahira: Ahaha, they call themselves the Citizens of the Kotatsu. They were helping me make it, and before I knew it, they ended up underneath it.
Mahira: Would you like to become a citizen yourself? I'll pour you some tea.
Sierokarte: Yaaay. I'm done with deliveries today, so I can hang out for a while.
Mahira: Here, relax... Hm, since you don't have any other work for the day, do you think you might be able to help with a personal goal of mine?
Sierokarte: I'm intrigued. Tell me more.
Mahira: I want to be awake until the date changes. I'm usually an early bird, but this is the last day of the year, so...
Sierokarte: Ooh, so you want to be a night owl for a change! Why, I'd be more than glad to help you!
Mahira: Yay, you just made my year! Now to try to stay awake...
Thanks to the efforts of the three Divine Generals, this has turned out to be one of the more peaceful years the sky has seen in recent memory.
But only time will tell if the Queen of the Roosters will be awake when the new year hits.

Auld Lang Syne 2017 - Year's End - Late Bird

With her duties resolved, Mahira takes it easy under the kotatsu.
She whiles away the time with the other Citizens of the Kotatsu, eagerly waiting for the date to change.
Sierokarte: Phew... It sure is comfortable in here.
Melissabelle: I see you've been drawn in by the siren call of Kotatsu Land. Glad to have you.
Melissabelle not in crew

Melissabelle is known as the long-haired princess for her beautiful golden locks, imbued with magical power.
She has joined the crew as a means of protecting herself against the endless onslaught of knaves in pursuit of her hair.
Sierokarte: Ahaha. Why, thank you. I'll admit I didn't expect it to be so nice and warm in here though.
Melissabelle: Oh, it's so good. I could stay here forever...
Sierokarte: Forever? But wouldn't it start getting hot in the spring?
Melissabelle: I can bear with it until the next winter...
Sierokarte: You'd go that far for the kotatsu? Looks like it's a big hit with everyone, Mahira.
Mahira: Mm... These numbers look off...
Melissabelle: She's lost herself in orbital calculations again.
Melissabelle: Hey, wake up. So, Mahira, do you know where the Joya went?
Mahira: Hm, how do I put this... Such results shouldn't be possible...
Mahira: Unless the initial premise was faulty to begin with. After all, a lot of supposition went into this...
Sierokarte: Okay, consider our interest piqued. Can you tell us more?
Lunalu: Aaagh! It's already noon!
Melissabelle: You just noticed? Nice to see you out of the kotatsu once in a blue moon.
Lunalu: Urgh... This'll be the end of me...
Lunalu: I promised myself to finish this manuscript within the year... But here I am with only half a day left and an incomplete mess!
Lunalu: Gah! Lunalu, you bumbling idiot!
No version of Lunalu in crew

Artist Lunalu is rather well-known in the publishing industry for her beautiful illustrations that adorn monster guides all over.
But her true calling is to become an established storybook author.
She has a particularly strong interest in the depiction of male camaraderie, and she hones her craft daily.
Sierokarte: You look pooped, Lunalu. Wanna talk about it?
Mahira: We don't know the details either. Only that she's writing some kind of historical storybook about... cuckoos, was it?
Melissabelle: No, what she said was she'll go cuckoo if she doesn't finish the storyboard... But she got stuck halfway through anyway.
Sierokarte: Really? I wonder why... I mean, Lunalu always beats the deadlines for her monster illustrations.
Lunalu: Don't know...
Lunalu: I had the story set early on. But the more I drew and drew, the more ideas I had...
Lunalu: Over time, I couldn't tell if my work was good or not anymore, and I kept going back and forth... Again and again...
Lunalu: And before I knew it... Here we are on the last day of the year...
Mahira: Ah, so that's what you were doing inside the kotatsu the whole time.
Mahira: I know the feeling. Because I draw
too—things like airship blueprints. If only there were some way I could help...
Lunalu: I appreciate the kind words, Mahira. But I've already given up...
Lunalu: It's too early for me to make my debut in storybooks... There's too many kinks in my work I need to iron out first.
Mahira: Lunalu. Why don't you show me what you have so far?
Lunalu: Huh?
Lunalu: B-but why? Why do you want a peek?
Mahira: When I showed Rackam my blueprints, hearing his candid assessment turned out to be a big help.
Mahira: So I thought hearing my feedback might do the same for you.
Lunalu: Feedback?
Melissabelle: I want to read it too. You're always hiding what you draw. Makes me so curious.
Lunalu: A public execution!
Lunalu: Erm... I appreciate your willingness to help, but I must refuse.
Lunalu: There's the age limit, ethics, and the last bastion of common sense before the floodgates can open...
Sierokarte: Huh? Age limit? Ethics? Common sense?
Sierokarte: Aha! You must be talking about romantic storybooks—
Lunalu: Eeep! R-r-romantic storybooks? Wh-what are you even saying, Siero?
Lunalu: Fine, I'll show you! But only the first half! Because that part is safe for minors!
Lunalu: And that's as far as I'll go!
Mahira: Oh my...
Melissabelle: Is this long-haired person a man too?
Sierokarte: So it's based on Popol Saga, huh...
Lunalu: Oh, must I bear the agony of it all? The slow torture of having my precious baby read in public...
Lunalu: I want to hide under that kotatsu again, but I'm curious what they think...
Mahira: Okay. I finished reading, Lunalu.
Lunalu: Ah! Um, thanks!
Lunalu: So, erm... How was it?
Mahira: How should I put this...
Lunalu: All right, I get it! Your face says it all!
Mahira: It does?
Well, I was expecting something a little
more—what's the word...
Melissabelle: You went cuckoo over this? Hm, from the dialogue and the overall tone, I can see what you're going for.
Sierokarte: At the early state it's in right now, there's not much we storybook amateurs can say.
Lunalu: That's a good point you bring up...
Lunalu: Hm... I don't know if I'm more relieved or disappointed...
Mahira: Oh, but just one thing... I really like this line from Popol here.
Melissabelle: Yeah, that's beautiful. His personality really shines through.
Lunalu: No way... Are you serious?
Sierokarte: Hey, I like it too! And this line here really makes you think. Let's see...
Sierokarte (Popol): In the end, love is nothing more than a pipe dream.
Lunalu: ...!
Mahira: Wow! You pulled that off so well, Sierokarte.
Melissabelle: Definitely! Have you done stage work before?
Sierokarte: Hee-hee! Maybe, maybe not.
Lunalu: Popol...
Sierokarte: Lunalu... What's with the tears in your eyes? Is everything okay?
Lunalu: I'm fine! It's nothing... Nothing at all.
Mahira (Mikhail): Tell me how you really feel. Because I know damn well that I ain't no pipe dream.
Lunalu: Eeep! You too, Mahira?
Melissabelle: Shksshhh...
Lunalu: Oh my gosh...
Lunalu: Who are you playing, Melissa?
Melissabelle: I'm not sure. I was trying to read this line.
Lunalu: Ah, it's an onomatopoeia for ocean waves. Not really dialogue.
Melissabelle: So it takes place in Auguste, huh? What's up with the text in this rectangle?
Lunalu: That's for what's known as the narrator.
Sierokarte (Popol): Hahaha, you're a strange one. I'm Popol. I travel far and wide for adventure.
Mahira (Mikhail): And I'm Mikhail, a seasoned traveler just like yourself. Never seen that type of armor before though. Whereabouts you from?
Lunalu: Aaah!
Sierokarte (Popol): Wait, you're hurt. C'mon, let me see your arm—no need to hide it.
Mahira (Mikhail): Hey, cut that out. It's just a scratch...
Mahira (Mikhail): Rgh!
Melissabelle (Nar.): The warm breath from Popol's supple, pink lips very gently caresses Mikhail's deep red wound.
Melissabelle (Nar.): The scenery around the two men suddenly seems much more vibrant, as if colored by the onset of spring.
Lunalu: What... is happening before me? Am I dreaming?
Lunalu: A flash of inspiration just hit me...
Lunalu: What's important isn't how I envision everything to be...
Lunalu: I have to put myself in their shoes and consider what makes sense in their world! As if they're real people!
Lunalu: They're alive!
Lunalu: You're all alive!
Mahira: Lunalu? What's this about us being alive?
Lunalu: Erm... Never mind the incoherent ramblings of my evil eye...
Lunalu: Thanks a ton, everyone! Now I'm all pumped up and ready to continue working on it!
Sierokarte: Yeah? Well, we're glad we could help!
Melissabelle: Hooo... Flssh... Glorp...
Lunalu: I know it's already past noon, but I've still got time before the new year.
Lunalu: I won't give up just yet! I'm gonna romance this manuscript so hard!

Auld Lang Syne 2017 - Year's End - Late Bird: Scene 2

Lunalu's unremitting diligence does her credit, as she manages to complete her storyboards within the year.
Mahira and the others breathe a sigh of relief and sip their tea.
Lunalu: Can't thank you all enough. Now I can just relax and take the new year in stride.
Melissabelle: Hee-hee. I'm just glad everything turned out okay. Being an artist sure is tough.
Sierokarte: Definitely seems that way. As a merchant, I think I need to deepen my understanding of what storytellers do.
Lunalu: I'm still an amateur in this field, so I can't exactly call myself a storyteller yet. Maybe after releasing this next year...
Mahira: Hm, hm... What are these men doing to—
Lunalu: Ack! Th-that's the second half!
Mahira: I found it lying around under the kotatsu. So, Lunalu, what's happening in—
Lunalu: No, no, no, stop it! Minors aren't supposed to read that!
Mahira: Hm? But I want to deepen my understanding too.
Lunalu: You don't need to understand these things at your age! I can't take responsibility for anything that might happen!
Lunalu: Say something, Siero!
Sierokarte: Um, sure. Let's see...
Sierokarte: Ah, I almost forgot to mention I put a crate of New Year's food in the dining hall. A delicacy known as Maize Amaze.
Melissabelle: Maize Amaze? Is that the legendary corn said to be harvestable only in the winter?
Melissabelle: Amazing! Quick, everyone! We need to get to the corn before the sugar concentration drops!
Lunalu: She went off fast...
Lunalu: We should hurry too, Mahira!
Sierokarte: Since supplies are limited, we should all go together!
Mahira: Huh?
Though Mahira is still confused, she follows the other Citizens of the Kotatsu to the dining hall. And so the last afternoon of the year comes to an end.

Auld Lang Syne 2017 - Year's End - Night Owl

With her duties resolved, Mahira takes it easy under the kotatsu.
Night fast approaches with an exhausted Lunalu already sound asleep and Melissabelle still in the dining hall.
Mahira: Hm? This calculation gives me the same result every time...
Mahira: That can only mean Joya's destination is... No, that can't be...
Mahira: Could it truly travel beyond the skies?
Sierokarte: Yoo-hoo, Mahira. You're up next.
Sahli Lao: Here's the dice. Roll a three or above, and you'll land on payday!
Mahira: Ah, right. I forgot we were in the midst of this board game about life.
Sahli Lao: Heh-heh. You're so close to taking the lead, Mahira. Do your best!
Milleore: Let's not forget luck is the name of the game when it comes to dice, Lao.
Sahli Lao: No one's arguing that, Milly. But a game is still a test of wits, so let's just try and have some fun here.
Milleore: A test of wits, eh...
Milleore: Fair enough. I've never played a board game, but I'm here for Mahira, so count me in on the fun.
Mahira: Milly, Lao... Thank you.
Milleore not in crew

Milleore is a top-class archer who served in the military as an agent back in her hometown.
Although she usually seems rather cold, she is deeply compassionate at heart—a trait that led her to join the crew.
Sahli Lao is a crew member

Sahli Lao: We're the ones who should be saying thanks. You help us with bow maintenance, after all.

Sahli Lao not in crew

Sahli Lao once served together with Milleore in the army. Nowadays she spends her time polishing her martial prowess.
In her quest to better herself, she came to know the crew and was reunited with Milleore.
Sahli Lao: We're the ones who should be saying thanks. You help us with bow maintenance after all.
Continue 1
Milleore: Imagine my surprise when I heard you even made your own heating device. Melissa was telling me all about it in the dining hall.
Sierokarte: You two coming by and suddenly immigrating to Kotatsu Land was quite the surprise too!
Mahira: Ahaha. Turns out your board game was perfect for kotatsu play, Sierokarte.
Mahira: Onward with the game. Let's roll the dice!
Sierokarte: Hm, hm, what'll it be...
Sierokarte: Whoo, your salary just tripled with this special bonus!
Sahli Lao: Wow! The luck just never runs out for a Divine General!
Mahira: Ahaha. Trust me when I say that I don't get extra luck for being a year spirit.
Mahira: Okay, Milleore. Your turn.
Milleore: Thanks.
Milleore: ...
Milleore: L-let's roll the dice...
Milleore: A four, huh... "Silver sword purchased. Pay ten thousand rupies."
Sierokarte: Oh, what a shame. I'm sure it'll come in handy for the monster tiles though!
Milleore: I'm an archer. I'm not going to buy a sword.
Sahli Lao: Sorry, but rules are rules. So you'll have to follow the instructions for this tile.
Milleore: ...
Milleore: Whatever. So I should just put the toy rupies back into the bank box?
Sierokarte: Mm-hm. Boy, this game sure is heating up. It's your turn, Lao!
Sahli Lao: Okay, let's roll the dice!
Mahira: A casino tile? If you manage to roll an even number...
Sierokarte: You'll get ten times your savings!
And the dice landed on...
Sahli Lao: A two!
Sahli Lao: An even number! Woo-hoo-hoo, that brought me all the way up to number one!
Mahira: Congratulations, Lao. You're loaded with rupies now.
Sierokarte: Hip, hip, hooray! Let's see if you can make it all the way to the goal like this.
Sahli Lao: Are you seeing this, Milly? I've got enough rupies to fill up this kotatsu and more!
Milleore: Mm...
Sahli Lao: M-Milly?
Milleore: Your turn, Siero. The match isn't over just yet.
Sahli Lao: Ah, right. Of course!
(Good, Milly's getting into it too!)
Mahira: Good going, Lao! You built up ten castles in total.
Sierokarte: I've never seen anything like it! This might be a new record for all the skies!
Sahli Lao: Really? Now you're making me blush!
Milleore: ...
Sahli Lao: You okay, Milleore? You look like you're trying to choke the dice out.
Milleore: Quiet... I need to focus with every nerve in my body.
Sahli Lao: You're going all in...
Milleore: Dice roll now!
Mahira: Huh? "Primal beast defeated. One million rupies acquired"?
Milleore: Heheh... Game's not over yet, Lao.
Sierokarte: Ahem, I hate to break it to you... But I believe it's my turn after Lao...
Milleore: ...!
Milleore: Oh, right. What do the rules dictate for such a case?
Mahira: Hrm... A penalty of ten thousand rupies, it says.
Milleore: Another ten thousand?
Sahli Lao: Well...
Sahli Lao: Is it really that big of a deal?
Sahli Lao: Can't we just forget about the penalty? Not like it's all that important of a rule anyway...
Milleore: No, I'll pay. We've gotta do this fair and square.
Milleore: Fourth place, huh... If I can just find a plot of empty land, I'll be able to make my comeback...
Sahli Lao: Rgh...
(We've created a monster!)
Milleore: "Players on blue tiles get ten thousand rupies pilfered by bandits"...
Milleore: ...
Sahli Lao: Yikes! Hey, none of this is my—
Sierokarte: Seems pretty clear who the winner's going to be. Are you gonna keep playing?
Sahli Lao: Well, considering that the date's about to change soon...
Sahli Lao: Why don't we go to the dining hall? The crew members on kitchen duty prepared soba for—
Milleore: Hold on, Lao. This game's not over yet.
Sahli Lao: ...!
Sierokarte: Hmm?
Milleore: I'm an agent first and foremost. Retreating when I've still got a fighting chance is out of the question.
Sahli Lao: A fighting chance? Don't you see how close the rest of us are to the finish line?
Milleore: You see this tile right here?
Milleore: "Rainbow Treasure." If I can roll three ones in a row...
Milleore: I'll get a hundred times the rupies I have now!
Sierokarte: That tile would certainly turn the tables...
Sahli Lao: But a hundred times doesn't...
(Your savings dropped to zero just now!)
Milleore: Worried? Let's ask Mahira then. If she doesn't tell us to stop—
Mahira: Zzz...
Milleore: M-Mahira?
Sierokarte: Ah, looks like she fell asleep a while ago.
Sahli Lao: That's too bad! Can we call it quits already?
Milleore: ...!
Mahira, wake up!
Mahira: Cluck?
Milleore: Weren't you gonna stay up tonight? At least until the date changes? I've taken it upon myself to make sure you accomplish that goal.
Milleore: So wake up already! This game has to go on!
Mahira: Mmn... Cluck, cluck...
Sahli Lao: No, just leave her be! You'll just end up getting hurt if we keep going!
Milleore: What's that supposed to mean? If I have even the smallest chance of winning, then I'm gonna take it.
Sahli Lao: Milly! You have zero rupies! And zero multiplied by anything is zero!
Mahira: Ah... Milly? Lao?
Sierokarte: Good morning there. All awake now?
Mahira: Sierokarte... Sorry for dozing off... I need to stay awake until the date changes...
Mahira: Hrgh...
Mahira: With so many of you helping me out, I can't afford to be going to roost so early!
Mahira: Cock-a-doodle-dum. Wing-a-doodle-fly! Sleepiness, begone!

Auld Lang Syne 2017 - Year's End - Night Owl: Scene 2

Mahira: I did it... I got the better of those z's...
Mahira: Thanks to everyone's—
Mahira: Zzz...
Sierokarte: She sure fell asleep fast... Looks like she's already in dreamland.
Milleore: We probably shouldn't push her any harder to stay up. She might be one of the Twelve Divine Generals, but she's still just a kid.
Sahli Lao: Good point. I'll put away the dice and board!
Despite her brief awakening, Mahira fell fast asleep when the date changed...
The Citizens of the Kotatsu put an end to their game and welcome in the new year.
Lunalu: Ouch, cricked my neck...
Happy New—
Melissabelle: I brought us some soba along with some Maize Ablaze.
Sierokarte: Happy New Year! Ah, fried corn, is it?
Sahli Lao: That smells wonderful... Thank you!
Milleore: All right, I'm gonna move over to your side, Mahira.
Mahira: Zzz... Cluck...
Milleore: Rgh! Wh-what are you—
Sierokarte: Tee-hee-hee... She's using your lap as a pillow.
Sahli Lao: Ha-ha! That is quite the heartwarming scene, Milly!
Melissabelle: That looks so warm and comfortable... Can I sit over there too, Milly?
Milleore: Three of us practically on top of each other under the kotatsu? What are you even thinking?
Melissabelle: Here I come.
Milleore: Ngh! M-Melissa!
Lunalu: Oooh...
Mahira: Zzz... Zzz... Happy New Year, everyone.
Although Mahira was half-asleep much of the time, one could argue that she did manage to accomplish her goal.
The sun rises in the world of the skies again, welcoming in the new year.
???: ...
???: The new year's here, but something doesn't feel right.
???: Could it be a coincidence? Am I simply overthinking it? Can't forget what happened with the Joya though...
???: Hm?
???: Rgh, what a mess! But I'll sort it out soon enough!
???: Let's go, Gar!