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By Any Other Name - Opening

On their previous trip to Verona, the crew helped resolve the conflict between the Capulets and Montagues. The wall dividing the two houses was due to be torn down, but now it stands as tall as ever. Dark clouds loom over the lands controlled by Princess Juliet and Romeo, new lord of the Montagues.

Lyria: We should be arriving at Verona soon.
Vyrn: Yep, won't be long now!
The Grandcypher is on course for the hallowed city of Verona.
They are returning to Verona because of a letter from Princess Juliet.
Lyria: Oh, I can see it! But...
A long, thick wall divides the city.
Vyrn: It's just like Juliet wrote in her letter.
Vyrn: They were supposed to keep tearing down the wall after Oxymoron was beaten, though. What happened?
Lyria: Shouldn't the Capulets and Montagues have settled their differences by now?
Vyrn: Juliet didn't say it was going to be smooth sailing.
Vyrn: But still, the wall actually looks stronger than before. What's the deal?
Lyria: I wonder what could've changed?
Vyrn: And to top it off, we can't get into the Montague side either.
The Montague district is currently in a state of lockdown. No one is allowed entry without permission.
Vyrn: Romeo, what have you done?
Romeo (Event) is a crew member

Romeo: Sigh. I can't keep putting this off.
Vyrn: Hey, Romeo! What's the matter?
Lyria: Oh? Has another letter arrived?
Romeo: Yes.
Vyrn: You look kind of pale. Is it bad news?
Lyria: You can always talk to us if something's bothering you!
Romeo: No, I'm all right. But...
Romeo: Would you mind if we paid a visit to Verona?
Lyria: Sure! Is there something you need to do there?
Vyrn: You bet there is! You're gonna visit Juliet, right, lover boy?
Romeo: Actually it has nothing to do with the Capulets. I want to pay a visit to the Montagues.
Romeo: I think it's time for me to return home.
Lyria: I wonder what Romeo's doing right now.
Vyrn: Beats me. There's no way for us to know.
The party gazes uneasily on the wall running through Verona that divides the place in two.
Romeo (Event) not in crew

Lyria: He's back in the Montague district, isn't he?
Vyrn: He should be.
The party gazes uneasily on the wall running through Verona that divides the place in two.
Vyrn: Well, our first order of business is to go see Juliet!
Putting their worries aside for the time being, the crew heads for the Capulet district.
Meanwhile at Castle Montague...
???: ...
A young lord sits on the throne.
Montague Top Elite: That's all I have to report about yesterday's unrest, my lord.
Montague Top Elite: In the last few days alone, there have been several riots and demonstrations across the region.
???: Yes, I know. That will do. Dismissed.
Montague Top Elite: Yes, my lord!
???: Sigh.
He exhales deeply into the still air.
???: Even though we've isolated ourselves, we're still in this situation. If this continues...
Once upon a time, Capulets and Montagues started to walk forward hand in hand.
But now another shadow has been cast over the two houses.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 1: The Towering Wall - Episode 1

The crew reunites with Paris and Juliet in the Capulet district. They discuss the tense state of affairs between the two houses as well as Lord Montague's decision to isolate his part of the city for reasons yet unknown.

???: At last. I've been expecting you for some time.
Vyrn: Hey! It's Paris!
Paris: It's been a long time, (Captain).
Count Paris greets the crew when they arrive on the Capulet side of Verona.
Lyria: Thank you for coming out just to meet us, Paris. It's very kind of you.
Paris: Think nothing of it.
Paris: Now if we may? Juliet's waiting for you. Follow me.
Juliet: I've been waiting for you, everyone!
Lyria: Juliet! So nice to see you again!
Paris has brought the crew to Juliet so that they can have a discussion.
Vyrn: You're looking well, Juliet!
Juliet: Thank you. And you all haven't changed a bit.
Juliet and the crew happily exchange pleasantries.
Paris: Juliet, I think it's time we discuss the matters at hand.
Juliet: Yes, you're right. (Captain). Everyone.
Her expression tightens as she looks from crew member to member.
Juliet: Did you notice the wall on your way into Verona?
Vyrn: Yeah, we're pretty confused about that.
Lyria: What's happened, Juliet?
Juliet: Well, the truth is...
According to Juliet and Paris, both sides worked together in peace after the war ended.
But before long, pockets of insurgence emerged and demonstrations sprang up everywhere.
Juliet: The unrest spread throughout all areas of Capulet and Montague territories.
Lyria: That's scary.
Juliet: Yes, it is. Everyone feels the same way.
Paris: Different viewpoints festered, and some people became disillusioned with their governments. They became hostile toward neighboring regions.
Juliet: As instability took hold, the Capulet-Montague relationship became severely strained.
Lyria: What a shame. And after all the hard work you and Romeo put in to mend things between the two sides and end the war.
Juliet: Romeo...
Vyrn: You okay, Juliet? We didn't mean to bring down the mood.
Juliet: No, excuse me. I'm fine.
Juliet: The thing is, Romeo has taken the throne as Lord Montague.
Vyrn: What? You mean, he's like the king of the Montagues?
Lyria: That makes sense considering Romeo's father lost his life in the conflict.
Vyrn: But that's what I don't get. He's the king now, but we can't go into the Montague side.
Paris: The Montague side went into lockdown after Romeo, er, I mean Lord Montague, took over.
Lyria: But why would he do that?
Juliet: That's why I called you here today. I'd like to hear about what happened to him before he came back to Verona.
Juliet: Did you notice a change in him at all? Please tell me everything you know, no matter how small or trivial it might seem.
Lyria: A change? Hmm...
Vyrn: He got a bunch of letters from home, and he looked pretty serious while he was reading them.
Lyria: Looking back, those letters were probably full of bad news about the things happening at home.
Vyrn: Other than that, there isn't anything else I can think of.
Juliet: I see. As I thought, he did return for the sake of House Montague.
Lyria: Um, does that mean you don't know anything about the lockdown either, Juliet?
Juliet: That's right. It's not just our citizens who are worried.
Juliet: The Capulet court has also expressed anxiety about not knowing what goes on in Montague.
Vyrn: Hmm... What's that guy thinking?
Juliet: I don't know. But I'm sure he has some reasons for his actions.
Juliet: I have no doubt that he's thinking about his people first and foremost.
Juliet: I have complete faith in him.
Juliet speaks softly, but she is firm in her conviction.
And yet she's unable to hide the look of concern on her face.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 1: The Towering Wall - Episode 2

Emotions are running high in the Montague district due to fear and anger at their government and the neighboring Capulets. A scuffle suddenly breaks out among Montague citizens, which prompts the city soldiers to get involved.

Merchant: I can't reduce the price any more. I've got practically no margin left!
Townswoman 1: It's still too much. Can't you do anything at all?
Merchant: Hey, I'm not the one you should be complaining to.
Residents are lamenting the sudden jump in prices in the central market of Montague.
Townsman 1: Well, at least things are a little more stable now that Romeo's back, don't you think?
Townswoman 2: Yeah, that's true. I suppose it's not like before when the price of wheat would double in a day.
Townswoman 1: You say that now, but if things go on like this, we won't be able to afford to live, ya know?
Townswoman 2: All we can do is endure it, okay? Romeo will fix things in the end.
Townsman 2: Bah! Some lord he is, leaving his own land in it's greatest time of need. He's unreliable.
Townsman 1: Hey, don't say things you can't take back.
Townswoman 1: Speaking of which, did you hear the rumors about his affair with Princess Juliet Capulet?
Merchant: Huh? What's that all about?
Townsman 1: Get outta here. That's gotta be wrong... Right?
Merchant: It's those Capulets that are to blame for everything! It's their fault life's so hard for us!
Townsman 2: Our lord's selling us out to the Capulets. That's what he's doing.
Townswoman 2: Oh, don't be ridiculous! Just listen to yourself!
Townsman 1: What if he is though? Then what would happen to us, huh?
Townswoman 2: I'm telling you to knock it off!
Townswoman 1: Oh, I see. You're on their side, you Capulet sympathizer!
Townswoman 2: No, I'm not! I just think Romeo is—
Townsman 2: Didn't you hear what I said before? That Romeo's a backstabber!
Montague Escort: Hey! What's all the ruckus?
Townsman 2: Oh look, here come the guards. If you were any good at your jobs, we wouldn't be suffering so much!
Montague Escort: What was that? If you're looking for trouble, then you can come with me right now!
Townswoman 1: Oooh, what a big shot! All you got are your muscles to keep us in line!
Townsman 1: If you think we're just going to sit back and take it, then you're sadly mistaken!
Montague Escort: Tch! Talking will get us nowhere. Call for reinforcements!
Romeo goes over some documents in his castle chambers.
There's a quiet knock on the door.
???: Lord Montague.
Lord Montague: Balthasar? Come in.
Balthasar: Excuse me, my lord. I've come to inform you that it's time for the meeting.
Lord Montague: Ah, is it that time already? I'll be there in a moment.
Balthasar: Um, my lord?
Lord Montague: Yes? What is it?
Balthasar: Were you unable to get a good night's rest? You appear quite pale.
Lord Montague: It's nothing serious.
Balthasar: Of course. However, I implore you not to overexert yourself, my lord.
Lord Montague: Thank you. There just aren't enough hours in the day.
Lord Montague: Anyway we can't keep everyone waiting. Come.
Balthasar: Yes, my lord.
Balthasar lowers his head with a worried look on his face and follows behind his lord.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 1: The Towering Wall - Episode 3

The continuing unrest from the citizens convinces the Montague council to suggest going to war with the Capulets, but Lord Montague refuses to entertain such thoughts. Meanwhile an emissary for the Capulets arrives at Castle Montague.

Councilor: The unrest has even spread to the capital, it seems.
Advisor: Dear me. No, this cannot be allowed to continue.
Councilor: I concur. This calls for swift action.
Tensions are high at the meeting following the spate of civil unrest.
Councilor: Just isolating ourselves was a halfhearted measure in the first place.
Councilor: My lord, the problem has to be dealt with at its roots.
Lord Montague: No.
Advisor: But—
Lord Montague: I'm not waging war. Stop making me repeat myself.
Lord Montague: Isolation was just a temporary measure to stabilize the region.
Lord Montague: Once the situation has settled, we'll start to rebuild our relationship with the Capulets.
Councilor: When you do think this situation is going to settle down?
Councilor: Granted, inflation is coming under control, but the riots and demonstrations aren't abating.
Councilor: Personally I think we need to abandon the current measure and take a more radical approach.
Advisor: I agree. Aren't you being too lenient, my lord?
Councilor: Let's remember that Lord Montague has not been in power for very long. We must be understanding.
Councilor: That's why I believe you can entrust the important matters to us.
Lord Montague: You've all made your positions clear. I heed your advice because you are more well-informed than I am.
Lord Montague: However, I absolutely refuse to change my stance on this.
Lord Montague: War only serves to harm the people and impoverish the land. We must avoid it at all costs.
Councilor: Sigh... You're truly a kind-hearted soul, my lord. However, that quality alone...
The assembly hall ripples with voices of frustration and irritation.
Lord Montague's gaze doesn't waver amidst the discontent.
After the meeting Lord Montague is about to retire to his chambers.
Balthasar: My lord! An urgent matter!
Lord Montague: What seems to be the trouble?
Balthasar: An envoy from the Capulets has arrived!
Lord Montague: ...!

By Any Other Name - Chapter 1: The Towering Wall - Episode 4

Juliet's hard work bears fruit in the form of a peace treaty to be signed by Lord Capulet and Lord Montague.

(Captain) and company are staying as guests at Castle Capulet.
Lyria: Juliet and Paris seem really busy, don't they?
Vyrn: Yeah, it's all hustle and bustle around the castle. It must be a huge mess.
There's a knock at the door, and Juliet comes in.
Juliet: (Captain)! Everyone!
Lyria: Oh, Juliet!
Vyrn: We were just saying how busy you were. Is everything okay? You look jumpy.
Juliet: I'm fine! Father! Father has relented!
Lyria: You mean, Lord Capulet?
Vyrn: Okay, why don't you catch your breath first.
Juliet: Oh, right. Sorry. I was just so excited.
Juliet takes a number of deep breaths in an effort to curb her excitement.
Juliet: I've been discussing this with my father for a long time now, and he's finally agreed.
Juliet: He's decided to propose a peace treaty to the Montagues!
Vyrn: Really? That's awesome!
Juliet: Yes, it's wonderful! But, of course, the treaty hasn't been signed yet.
Juliet: An envoy is visiting Romeo—I mean, Lord Montague—as we speak.
Juliet: It all hinges on his response. I'm not sure how he'll answer though.
Lyria: Don't worry, it'll be fine!
Juliet: Lyria?
Lyria: Well, it's Romeo we're talking about, isn't it?
Lyria: He's not going to reject a proposal he knows you've worked so hard on!
Juliet: Lyria...
Vyrn: Yeah, Lyria's right. Just chill out, and wait for the answer to come back!
Juliet: Thank you, both of you!
Juliet: This peace treaty has to be signed!
Juliet's expression tightens, and her eyes take on a serious look.
Juliet: The root of the problems between our two lands is a deep-seated, mutual mistrust.
Juliet: Even if there's a willingness to compromise, suddenly removing the wall would worry people.
Vyrn: I guess so. Of course you'd be nervous if you lived next to someone you didn't trust.
Juliet: Exactly. The first task is to reassure the hearts of the people.
Juliet: This treaty will be the first step in the road to change!
Vyrn: Whew. You've gotten tougher, Juliet!
Juliet: Huh? Me?
Vyrn: Sure! You were just a naive little princess before, you know!
Lyria: Ack! Vyrn! Don't be rude!
Juliet: Haha. It's all right, Lyria. I'm not offended. Vyrn is absolutely right.
Juliet: I really didn't have any idea back then. But now, I'm trying to learn as fast as I can!
Juliet: There's still much I don't understand. Military affairs, for example. I rely on Paris for that.
Juliet: But I know I must answer the call of my land and its people. One can't be ignorant forever.
Lyria: Haha, listen to you, Juliet. You're wise beyond your years!
Vyrn: Yeah! We can count on you!
A short while passes before the moment of truth.
Paris: Juliet! The envoy has returned!
Paris comes up to Juliet and the crew.
Juliet: Really?
Vyrn: You mean the one who took the treaty to the Montagues?
Paris: Yes, that's right.
Juliet: Well? What's their answer?
Paris: Lord Montague has agreed to Lord Capulet's proposal.
Juliet: You mean—
Paris: Yes. The Montagues are willing to sign the peace treaty with us.
Lyria: Oh wow! That's fantastic!
Vyrn: Way to go, Juliet!
Juliet: Yes, this is great news!
Looking relieved, Juliet clasps her hands to her chest and smiles softly to herself.
Juliet: We've taken the first step at last.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 2: Shattered Peace - Episode 1

Lord Montague accepts a peace treaty with the Capulets despite vehement objections from his council. He plans to explain his position to the people in order to assuage their doubts.

A meeting has been called at Castle Montague.
Councilor: My lord! How could you make such an important decision on your own?
Councilor: You failed to consult me or any of the other advisors!
Advisor: A peace treaty with the Capulets? Are you insane?
Councilor: Surely we don't need to remind you of the strong anti-Capulet sentiment among the people?
The Montague court is livid about Romeo's solitary decision to enter into a peace accord with the Capulets.
Councilor: My lord, people are suggesting we're selling out to the Capulets. This isn't the time to be doing as you please!
Advisor: I can't imagine how the public will greet the news. How can we mitigate the fallout?
Lord Montague accepts their verbal assaults without saying a word.
Lord Montague: I understand your frustrations.
Lord Montague: And yes, I'm well aware of the resentment people have for the Capulets.
Councilor: Then why?
Lord Montague: Do any of you know what lies at the root of these anti-Capulet feelings?
Councilor: Huh? No, not really...
Lord Montague: Fear. They're scared that their neighbors will infringe on their peaceful lives.
Lord Montague: If we don't address that, then we can't progress. That's why this treaty represents such an unprecedented opportunity.
Councilor: But do you really think the people will get behind such an extreme turnaround?
Lord Montague: No one's talking about changing in a single day. We're not ripping down the entire wall tomorrow.
Lord Montague: There's an even greater wall that we can't see standing in the hearts of the public.
Lord Montague: This peace treaty is the first step toward breaking both down.
Lord Montague: The Capulets are not our enemy.
Councilor: That's all well and good, but...
Advisor: Will the public accept it?
Lord Montague: The decision is final. There's nothing more to discuss.
Councilor: Tch.
The court is stunned into silence by Lord Montague's no-nonsense attitude.
Lord Montague: This is the decision I have taken as lord of the land. I'll hear no arguments henceforth. I alone shall bear the responsibility for my actions.
Lord Montague: I will explain my position to the people directly. That is all.
Lord Montague leaves the assembly hall with a flap of his cape.
The other members can only look upon the back of the dignified man in silence.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 2: Shattered Peace - Episode 2

Lord Montague gives a stirring speech in which he declares that the Capulets are not the enemy and promises to protect the land of Montague. But amid the cheers of approval, agents of dissent lie in wait.

Balthasar: It's time, my lord. Everything's ready.
Lord Montague: Yes, thank you. I'll leave immediately.
With a brooding expression, Balthasar follows a few paces behind Lord Montague down the corridor.
Balthasar: Um, my lord?
Lord Montague: Yes?
Balthasar: I believe the isolation policy I advocated was ill-conceived.
Lord Montague: Why are you saying this now, Balthasar?
Balthasar: I can't help but think that we could have achieved peace sooner were it not for that.
Balthasar: I sincerely apologize.
Lord Montague: You have nothing to apologize for. The decision to close the borders was mine.
Lord Montague: The truth is it was the best way to combat the unrest we were seeing at the time.
Balthasar: Yes, I suppose it was. I have been noticing a slow but steady improvement in the situation.
Lord Montague: Well, we haven't reached peace yet.
Balthasar: True, my lord.
The pair arrive at the doors leading out to the large balcony at the front of the castle.
Balthasar: I will be waiting for you here, my lord.
Lord Montague: Thank you. Here I go.
The castle grounds are filled with members of the public who've come to hear Lord Montague's speech.
He stands before them on the balcony and begins his address.
Lord Montague: People of Montague, I thank you for coming here today.
Lord Montague: I hereby announce the signing of a peace treaty with our neighbors, the Capulets.
Citizen 1: Huh? With the Capulets?
Citizen 2: Did he just say peace treaty? Is this some kind of joke?
Lord Montague: Believe me, I understand your concerns very well. But please, hear me out.
Lord Montague: We have opposed each other for so long. As a result our economy has suffered. Our lives have suffered.
Lord Montague: History keeps repeating itself as we push the Capulets further away. They're our neighbors, and that's a fact that will never change.
Lord Montague: We must stop denying the facts, and stop hurting each other because we refuse to listen. We must change!
Lord Montague: The signing of this treaty sends a message; you need not fear the Capulets! You need not hate them!
Lord Montague: And remember that whatever happens, I will protect the people of Montague.
The castle grounds erupt in thunderous applause at Lord Montague's rousing speech.
Citizen 1: I'm not ready to accept all of this, but I can see where he's coming from.
Citizen 3: If Lord Montague thinks it's a good idea, I believe him!
Citizen 4: Yeah, if he swears to keep us all safe, then that's good enough for me.
Citizen 2: I think it's great. Lord Montague has clearly thought carefully about what's best for us.
Citizen 5: Three cheers for Lord Montague!
Citizen 3: Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!
Citizen 5: Hip hip hooray!
Excitement over Romeo's speech grows into a frenzy throughout the castle grounds.
The cheering is fainter in the backstreets, where shadowy figures talk in low voices.
???: He's more popular than I thought.
???: According to my source in the castle, the council had no say in the matter.
???: It doesn't matter. Public opinion is very easy to sway.
???: So is everything in place for our plan?
???: We're all set. Signing day is going to be unforgettable.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 2: Shattered Peace - Episode 3

A dissenter attacks and wounds Lord Capulet on the day of the peace treaty signing before aiming for Juliet. Paris and the crew snatch Juliet from danger and flee the scene.

And so the day of the peace treaty signing finally arrives.
(Captain) and company are serving as Juliet's bodyguards.
Vyrn: Wow, look at all these people.
Lyria: Hehe. That's because everyone's pinning their hopes on this treaty!
The two sides have come face to face to sign the treaty at the neutral site of Verona Cathedral.
The huge numbers of people coming to witness the event are spilling out into the surrounding area.
Paris: So many people have such high hopes for this treaty. But there are also many who oppose it.
Paris: We must be extremely vigilant in guarding the princess and Lord Capulet.
Vyrn: You got it!
Lyria: This crowd reminds of me of the time when we stopped the assassination attempt on Juliet.
Vyrn: Yeah, when we crashed your wedding parade, Paris!
Paris: Yes. That was quite a day...
Paris: You went to incredible lengths to save her.
Vyrn: Nah, that was all Romeo's idea!
Paris: You don't have to tell me twice.
Paris: We're approaching the cathedral. This is where you assailed the carriage last time. Stay alert.
???: Your time has come, Capulet scum!
Lord Capulet: What?
A man lunges out of the crowd at Lord Capulet as he climbs out of his carriage.
Juliet: Father!
Lord Capulet: Augh!
Juliet: No! Father!
The man viciously attacks Lord Capulet before turning toward Juliet.
Radical 1: Now it's your turn, princess!
Juliet: ...!
Paris: No you don't!
Paris sprints to Juliet's side and yanks her away by the arm.
Juliet: Aaah!
Juliet narrowly escapes the assassin's blade, but the attacker shows no sign of stopping.
Radical 1: Ergh! You can't run from me!
Paris: We have to get out of here! This way!
Juliet: But what about Father and the treaty?
Paris: Your safety comes first! Please, we have to hurry!
Lyria: Juliet! Paris!
Vyrn: Over here! Quick!
Juliet: Father! Romeo!

By Any Other Name - Chapter 2: Shattered Peace - Episode 3: Scene 2

The violence spills into the streets, ensnaring the citizens into the chaos.

The party rushes Juliet away from the scene, but the attacker is not working alone.
Radical 2: I've found her! I've found Juliet! The Capulets must pay!
Capulet Citizen 1: Aaah! What are you doing?
Radical 3: Destroy the Capulets! For Lord Montague!
Capulet Citizen 2: You're Montagues? Aaah!
Radical 4: Out of the way! You'll get no mercy from us!
Capulet Citizen 1: Yeeek!
More and more dissenters spill out from the shadows, plunging the city into terrified chaos.
Following Paris's lead, Juliet, (Captain), and the crew manage to slip away to safety.
Juliet: Paris! We have to do something, or else more innocents will suffer!
Paris: I know how you feel, but you have to endure it!
Paris: If anything were to happen to you, there would be no going back.
Juliet: I don't want to hear that. Why is my life so important?
Radical 5: There she is! You've got nowhere else to run!
Vyrn: Ack! We're surrounded!
Radical 6: In the name of Romeo Montague, your life ends here!
Lyria: Eek! They're even behind us!
Juliet: I...
Vyrn: No time to think now, (Captain)! Let's take 'em out!

By Any Other Name - Chapter 2: Shattered Peace - Episode 4

The Capulets decide to go to war because the attackers were chanting Lord Montague's name throughout the attacks. The crew will join Paris on the front line in order to question Romeo directly.

One of the radicals is captured after the fighting.
Radical 5: Curses!
Paris: Stop struggling! You've got a lot to answer for.
Radical 5: I got nothin' to say to you! All hail, Lord Montague!
Lyria: Eek! What just happened?
Paris: He bit his own tongue.
Vyrn: Unbelievable...
Juliet: ...
Before long the Capulet soldiers have the uprising under control.
However, many people were caught in the violence, and the city is in a terrible state.
Capulet Citizen 3: Ow, that hurts. Those despicable Montagues!
Capulet Citizen 4: Why did they do this? It's all their fault...
Cries of anger and resentment toward the Montagues sweep across the city.
Juliet: I can't believe what's happened...
Vyrn: Those guys from before were definitely Montagues, right?
Lyria: They kept saying they were doing it for Romeo.
Paris: We can't trust a word those criminals say.
Vyrn: Yeah, I'm sure you're right!
Juliet: ...
Woman: Lady Juliet!
A woman throws herself at Juliet's feet.
Capulet Escort: Huh? Who are you?
Woman: Please grant me an audience with my lady!
Capulet Escort: How dare you—
Juliet: It's okay. Please, stand down.
Juliet: And you, please calm yourself. I will listen to you—oh?
Juliet: Wait a minute. This child is injured!
Juliet peers at the small child the woman is cradling in her arms.
Woman: No, this child has already... Sob.
Juliet: It can't be...
Woman: Please, Lady Juliet, I'm begging you!
Woman: Think of this child's sorrow, and take revenge!
Woman: Don't let the Montagues get away with this!
Juliet: I...
Woman: Please! Please do something!
Juliet casts her eyes on the floor while the woman wails bitterly.
All she can do is hold the hand of the grief-stricken woman.
The crew returns to Castle Capulet with Juliet and Paris.
Lyria: I wonder what's going to happen now. Do you think that's the end of the peace treaty?
Vyrn: Who knows. Juliet's dad is in pretty bad shape.
The castle is bustling with activity, but the crew can only watch.
Lyria: Do you think they might even go to war?
Vyrn: They'd never do that! I mean, I'm sure they wouldn't...
Paris stops by in the middle of their conversation.
Paris: Sorry for interrupting.
Lyria: Paris!
Vyrn: So, what's the situation between the Montagues and Capulets?
Paris: We're preparing to invade.
Lyria: No!
Vyrn: Isn't there some other way?
Paris: The peace talks have broken down, and Lord Capulet has sustained life-threatening injuries.
Paris: We can't avoid war any longer.
Vyrn: Wait, there's still Romeo! He's the big cheese over there, so you should go talk to him!
Vyrn: We'll go with you too!
Paris: Don't forget that the Montagues have a lockdown in effect.
Paris: I doubt even you people would get a chance to talk directly to Romeo.
Vyrn: Shoot! Is there really nothing we can do to help?
Paris: Why don't you come with me?
Lyria: Huh? To where?
Paris: When the war starts, I'll be leading the charge. You may join me on the front lines.
Vyrn: You mean we'd be going to war against the Montagues? I don't know...
Paris: It may be the only way for you to meet with Romeo face-to-face.
Vyrn: You've got a point. What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. We'll go with Paris.
  2. I hate war.

Choose: We'll go with Paris.
Vyrn: Okay. If you're in, then I'm in too.
Lyria: Me too. Let's go see Romeo together.

Choose: I hate war.
Paris: I see. Then I won't push it any further. I'm sorry you've been caught up in all this.
Lyria: Um, wait a minute!
Lyria stops Paris before he can leave.
Lyria: This war is unavoidable, right?
Paris: Yes. The decision has been made.
Lyria: In that case we have to do whatever it takes to talk with Romeo!
Vyrn: Lyria...
Lyria: I want us to go with Paris so that we can get a chance to see Romeo. Is that okay?
(Captain) nods at Lyria's resolve.
Vyrn: You're right, Lyria. We'd regret it if we didn't even try!
Vyrn: All right, Paris! We're going with you!
Continue 1
Paris: Very well. I'll explain the details to you later.
And so, the crew decides to join Paris in invading the Montague district.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 3: Point of No Return - Episode 1

With both sides busy mobilizing for war, the crew is unable to ask Juliet about her true feelings should they meet Romeo in battle.

Lyria: Sigh. It looks like the war has begun.
Vyrn: Yeah. It's finally starting to hit me.
Everyone is busy preparing for the invasion of Montague.
Although they have resolved to stand alongside Paris on the front lines, everyone in the crew bears heavy hearts.
Lyria: I wonder how Juliet's feeling about all this.
Vyrn: Poor Juliet.
Vyrn: Her dad's still unconscious, and she's been so busy that we haven't been able to talk to her at all.
Lyria: I'm worried about her father too, but I'm even more worried about Juliet.
Lyria: A war with the Montagues means a war with Romeo.
Lyria: Is Juliet really okay with that?
Vyrn: It doesn't matter how she feels. Paris said this war's gonna happen anyway.
Lyria: So she's going to fight Romeo even though she doesn't want to?
Vyrn: How would I know?
A heavy silence falls over the group.
Vyrn: Look, we already told Paris we'd stick with him.
Vyrn: We're doing this so we can meet Romeo.
Lyria: I know. I just wish we had a chance to talk to Juliet about it beforehand.
Meanwhile at Castle Montague...
Councilor: I want our troops stationed along the entire border. Those are your orders.
Montague Top Elite: Yes, sir! Understood!
Councilor: Now, as for the additional supplies...
The Montagues are also preparing for war with the Capulets.
Montague Top Elite: Very well. I shall carry out my orders.
Councilor: Any objections, my lord?
Lord Montague: No. Do it.
The clashing of the two houses draws nearer with each passing second.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 3: Point of No Return - Episode 2

Lord Montague is working late into the night when a book containing Bill the Bard's notes causes him to reminisce about the night he met Juliet. Balthasar's unexpected appearance interrupts his thoughts, and he decides to stop for the night.

The hour is late at Castle Montague.
A faint light glows in the library, far removed from the hectic war preparations.
Lord Montague: ...
Lord Montague sits alone with a troubled expression on his face. He's surrounded by stacks of papers.
Lord Montague: Phew. I'm tired.
He lets out a deep sigh and pinches the bridge of his nose.
He stands to loosen up his aching joints from the hours lost to all the paperwork.
Lord Montague: ...
He walks beside the bookshelves with a candle in his hand.
Lord Montague: What's this?
His eyes settle on a particular tome, and he picks it off the shelf.
Lord Montague: Bill the Bard's notes? I remember the first time I read this precious book.
He was passionate as a youth and had a secret love for the theater.
Lord Montague: This takes me back.
As he turns the pages, a long-lost look of tranquility washes over his face.
Lord Montague: That's right. We were going to see a play that night.
Romeo: Good... evening...
Juliet: Good evening...
Moonbeams fall softly over the young pair, as if directed by matchmakers in the heavens.
Their eyes are locked, but not a single word is spoken.
Juliet: It's you!
Romeo: Quick! This way!
Juliet leaps into Romeo's outstretched arms without a moment's hesitation.
She loses herself in Romeo's embrace.
But those are just distant memories of better times.
Romeo suddenly stops on one of the pages.
Lord Montague: Hm? This is the play that we were supposed to see that night.
The page is full of research that was used to write the script.
Lord Montague: A tale of two guardian spirits passed down through the generations of Verona?
His mind races, when he feels a presence behind him.
Lord Montague: Who's there?
Balthasar: Excuse me...
Romeo's close advisor, Balthasar, appears in the candlelight.
Lord Montague: Oh, it's you. What do you want?
Balthasar: I do apologize, my lord. I thought I'd seen a light, so I decided to come and investigate.
Balthasar: It was my lord, after all. What are you looking for at such a late hour?
Lord Montague: War is upon us. I have a mountain of things to do and decisions to make.
Balthasar: Yes, of course. But you must also get your rest.
Lord Montague: Yes, you're right. I suppose I should retire.
Balthasar: Shall I tidy up things for you?
Lord Montague: Please, if you would be so kind.
Balthasar: Um, my lord?
Lord Montague: Yes?
Balthasar: Are you quite sure that going to war with the Capulets is what you want?
Lord Montague: ...
Romeo studies Balthasar with eyes that are impossible to read.
Balthasar: Forgive me. I spoke out of turn.
Lord Montague: No, don't worry about it.
Balthasar: My lord.
Lord Montague: This war is the best option I have for protecting my people. That's all there is to it.
Balthasar: Of course. As you wish.
Turning his back to the bowing Balthasar, Lord Montague leaves the library.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 3: Point of No Return - Episode 3

Lord Montague prays before the graves in the catacombs on the eve of war. He promises to protect his land, when the sound of approaching footsteps forces him to hastily leave the catacombs.

Some days following the collapse of the peace agreement, Juliet comes to see the crew in the evening.
Juliet: I'm sorry to disturb you at such a late hour. I have a favor to ask you.
Lyria: What can we do for you?
Vyrn: We'll do whatever we can!
Juliet: Thank you. There's somewhere I must go, and I was hoping you would escort me.
Lyria: Now?
Vyrn: You know it's pitch black outside, right? Can't this wait until morning?
Vyrn: Plus, it's kinda dangerous to be walking outside as a princess right now.
Juliet: Yes, I'm well aware of all those things. But it's now or never.
Lyria: Juliet...
Juliet's serious expression soon puts an end to the crew's objections.
Vyrn: Okay, I get it! I don't know where you want to go, but we'll get you there safely!
Juliet: Thank you!
A man kneels quietly in private prayer in the catacombs of Verona Cathedral.
Lord Montague: Father... Mercutio...
Opening his eyes for a moment, a wry smile creeps over Romeo's lips.
Lord Montague: What would you say if you saw me now?
Lord Montague: (Mercutio...)
Lord Montague: (Now that you're gone, there's no one in this land I can turn to. There's no one to help me through these trying times.)
Lord Montague: I know I only have myself to blame for my lack of friends.
Lord Montague: Still, I can't help but wish that you were here with me.
In the silence of the catacombs, Romeo's long-suppressed inner feelings start to surface.
Lord Montague: Pathetic, isn't it? Go ahead, laugh at me.
Romeo's old, gentle smile returns to his face for a moment.
Lord Montague: But you know I can't just sit back and do nothing.
Lord Montague: (After all, it's my fault for letting things get this far. I abandoned my responsibility when I was needed the most.)
Lord Montague: So I will do whatever I must to protect the people of this land.
Romeo closes his eyes again and prays once more to the old lord and his best friend.
Lord Montague: I have to go.
Lord Montague: We go to war tomorrow. I'm sure not even the catacombs are safe from—
Just then, Romeo hears the sound of several footsteps echoing into the catacombs.
Lord Montague: Tch.
He hurries into a passageway leading out the back of the catacombs and disappears.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 3: Point of No Return - Episode 4

The crew finally has a chance to ask Juliet about her state of mind regarding Romeo, but she's unable to give a definitive answer. War arrives the next day.

Lyria: Is this where you wanted us to take you, Juliet?
Vyrn: Hey, it's...
Juliet and the crew arrive at the catacombs moments after Romeo has left.
Juliet: Yes, the catacombs. We've all been here before.
Vyrn: Yeah. Mercutio, Tybalt, and Romeo's dad are resting down here.
Juliet: Yes.
Lyria: Let's say a short prayer.
Juliet: That would be nice, thank you.
The crew stands by Juliet's side in front of the three graves and prays.
Juliet: Ahh...
Juliet lets out a heavy sigh as she opens her eyes.
Juliet: Romeo's father, Mercutio, Tybalt... So many have sacrificed their lives already.
Juliet: We were so close to embarking on the road of friendship too. And now?
Vyrn: Juliet, there's something I've been meaning to ask you for a while now.
Vyrn: Are you really prepared to go to war with the Montagues? To fight against Romeo?
Juliet: That—
Vyrn: I mean, come on! You and Romeo are—
Juliet: Even now, I still believe in Romeo.
Juliet: But I'm the princess of Capulet. It's my duty to see that my people are safe.
Juliet: So I...
Juliet: I...
Juliet can't bring herself to finish her sentence.
(Captain) and company don't have the heart to ask anymore questions, and they all leave the cathedral in silence.
The war begins.
Paris: Are all units ready?
Capulet Guards: Yes, sir!
The Capulet forces under Paris's command form ranks in front of the border wall.
Lyria: It's finally come to this.
Vyrn: Yeah. We just want to see Romeo, but a fight is a fight.
Paris: It's time. Bring down the wall!
Capulet Guards: Yaaah!
Capulet Guards: Haaah!
Lyria: Wah! It's coming down!
Paris: All units, stand by!
The wall cracks and crumbles. Something awaits them when the dust settles.
???: ...!
Vyrn: Huh? Is that some kind of golem?
Capulet Guard: It's huge! Is this Montague's newest weapon?
Paris: Don't falter! There's only one of them! First Battalion, advance!

By Any Other Name - Chapter 4: Heart's Gamble - Episode 1

With the wall broken and Montague's golem destroyed, the Capulet forces, along with Paris and the crew, march further into the city.

Paris and the crew succeed in destroying the Montague golem that was waiting for them beyond the wall.
Paris: Gotcha! Now we advance!
The Capulet forces press forward.
Paris: Left Battalion, proceed to the east quarter! Right Battalion, take the west! Center Battalion, straight ahead!
Capulet Guards: Yaaah!
The city fills with the sound of clashing soldiers.
Lyria: Do you think Romeo is leading a battalion somewhere?
Vyrn: I don't know. He's the leader, after all. I bet he's staying as far away as possible.
Vyrn: Let's just keep following Paris!

By Any Other Name - Chapter 4: Heart's Gamble - Episode 1: Scene 2

Walking through the war-torn streets reminds the crew of happier days. Paris senses their heartache and asks them if they wish to turn back, but the crew remain steadfast in pressing on.

Vyrn: It feels like ages since we were in the Montague district.
Lyria: Yes. I remember this area.
They follow Paris through the central part of the city, craning their necks as they go.
Lyria: Remember this? We took this exact same road the first time we came to Montague.
Vyrn: The time we went to see the play at the Globe.
Lyria: Yes. There were street stalls and people everywhere. It was so lively.
Vyrn: Like a real festival atmosphere.
Lyria: But it's all gone now.
Instead of the rush of a festival night, the streets are empty and deserted.
The fear of an ambush has everyone on edge.
Vyrn: It's like a totally different place.
The stark difference leaves the party with a bad taste in their mouths.
Lyria: Is this what war is all about?
Lyria trails off with her head hanging in sorrow. She wrings her hands together tightly.
Paris: Do you want to turn back?
Lyria: What? But...
Paris: This is Verona's problem, not yours. I dragged you into a mess that you have no reason to be in.
Paris: No one will think any less of you for wanting to leave.
Vyrn: If we go now before we get a chance to talk to Romeo, then we'll only regret it.
Lyria: I agree.
Lyria: We're not Capulets, and we're not Montagues. But you, Juliet, and Romeo are our dear friends.
Lyria: So we're going to see this through!
Paris: I see.
Vyrn: All right! Let's quit yakking and find that Romeo!
Lyria: Yes! Come on, (Captain), let's go!

By Any Other Name - Chapter 4: Heart's Gamble - Episode 2

While Paris and the crew make their way toward Romeo, Tybalt appears in Juliet's dream. She confesses that she doesn't want to fight Romeo, and Tybalt tells her to follow the path she believes in.

The sun sets before the Capulets can take control of the city, so they set up a defensive shelter.
Paris: You must be tired. Let the sentries do their job while you get some rest.
Lyria: Thank you, Paris.
Vyrn: But where the heck is Romeo?
Paris: He's probably—
Capulet Guard: Count Paris! A word, if I may?
Paris: I'm listening.
Vyrn: I guess he's going to be busy all night.
Lyria: Well, his goal is to win the war.
Lyria: We just want to find Romeo.
Vyrn: Hmm. Makes you wonder why he asked us to come in the first place.
Lyria: Wasn't it so that we could meet Romeo?
Vyrn: That's part of it, maybe.
Vyrn: I'm also wondering why we should be in the thick of it if the war's got nothing to do with us.
Lyria: That's true, but...
Vyrn: Ah, there's no point in second-guessing ourselves now!
Vyrn: We should rest up for tomorrow.
Juliet, who had remained behind at Castle Capulet, is sound asleep after an exhausting day.
Juliet: Unh...
Juliet: What is this place?
Juliet: Romeo?
Juliet: (Oh. This is the night we first met.)
Romeo: Good... evening...
Juliet: Good evening.
Moonbeams fall softly over the young pair, as if directed by matchmakers in the heavens.
Their eyes are locked, but not a single word is spoken.
Romeo: Juliet...
Romeo smiles and reaches out his hand toward her.
Juliet: Romeo...
Juliet returns the smile and takes a step toward Romeo.
Juliet: Eek!
Romeo suddenly pulls out a sword and brandishes it in Juliet's direction.
Juliet: Romeo! What are you—
Romeo: ...
He lunges toward her, thrusting the sword forward.
Juliet: No, don't! Romeo!
Juliet: Huh?
Juliet: Why, Romeo?
As she's about to crumple to the floor, someone steadies her.
Juliet: Huh?
Juliet: Tybalt? How can you be here?
Tybalt: ...
Juliet: Sob...
The sight of her dear childhood friend finally opens the floodgates of Juliet's heart.
Juliet: I can't take this anymore! I hate it! All of it!
Juliet: I don't want war! I don't want to fight Romeo! I love him!
Her throat grows hoarse from her bitter screams.
Juliet: I just want to be with him! To feel his touch! To see his gaze! I want him to embrace me!
Juliet: I can't stand it! If I could throw away my duties as the princess, I would!
Tears stream down her cheeks.
Juliet: Sniff. Why? Why does it have to be like this?
Tybalt: ...
Tybalt gently rubs Juliet's back as her body is racked with sobs.
Juliet: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But I...
Juliet: I love this land too. I love everyone here. I just don't know what to do.
Juliet: I can't forsake them for anything.
Wiping the tears from her face, Juliet looks up at her friend.
Juliet: I'm sorry, Tybalt. I shouldn't indulge in my emotions like that.
Tybalt: Juliet...
Tybalt: Do you want me to tell you that you don't have to fight anymore?
Juliet: No.
Tybalt: That's what I thought. Then you already know what must be done.
Juliet: Yes.
Tybalt: I'm sorry I can't stay by your side to support you.
Juliet: No. No, Tybalt! Please don't apologize. You—
Tybalt: I have complete faith in you.
Tybalt: Just as you have faith in Romeo.
Juliet: Tybalt...
Tybalt: Do what you believe is right, Juliet. It's going to be fine.
Tybalt: I'll always be watching over you!
Juliet: Unh...
Juliet opens her eyes in the dark, still chamber.
Juliet: I...
She wipes the tears from her cheeks and clasps her hands tightly.
Juliet: I...

By Any Other Name - Chapter 4: Heart's Gamble - Episode 3

On the second day of the war, Paris leaves the Capulet forces behind and leads the crew on a shortcut through the city.

The following day, Paris leaves his battalion at first light.
Vyrn: Uh, Paris? Are you sure it's a good idea to leave the battalion in someone else's hands?
Lyria: Shouldn't we go together with them?
Paris: It's not a problem. You don't have to worry.
Paris leaves the main force behind and leads (Captain) and company through Montague territory.
Paris: It'll be quicker if we go this way.
Vyrn: Well, that's fine with us if you think that's best.
Paris: Just don't let your guard down.
Paris: Smaller groups tend to move faster, but if the enemy spots us first, then we're in big trouble.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 4: Heart's Gamble - Episode 3: Scene 2

The crew has trouble keeping up with Paris, who is convinced that Lord Montague will be at the castle. Paris walks with a purpose: to be the first one to confront Romeo.

The crew struggles to keep up with Paris on their way to the castle.
Lyria: Haa... haa... Paris is really steaming ahead.
Vyrn: Hey, Paris, slow down!
Paris: Oh, sorry. Are you all right?
Lyria: Whew! Sorry. Yes, I'm fine.
Vyrn: Why are we in such a hurry?
Paris: I won't rest until I'm the first one to slap that idiot.
Lyria: Idiot? Are you talking about Romeo?
Paris: ...
Vyrn: Anyway our goal is the castle. Do you think he'll be there?
Paris: There's no doubt in my mind that he's in there.
Vyrn: I hope you're right, but don't you think it's dangerous to be rushing around like this?
Vyrn: We're kinda outnumbered here.
Montague Guard: There!
Vyrn: Ack! See what I mean?
Paris: Let's go! Brace yourself, (Captain)!

By Any Other Name - Chapter 4: Heart's Gamble - Episode 4

Lord Montague examines his father's old statuette, which was also mentioned in Bill the Bard's notes. Romeo's powerful resolve awakens the guardian spirit within the statuette, and it bestows Romeo with its power.

Montague Top Elite: That's the situation in the east. There's little change in the central district, however.
Lord Montague: So they're forcing us back.
Montague Top Elite: I'm sorry, my lord! But...
Lord Montague: Yes?
Montague Top Elite: My lord, I don't mean to make excuses, but morale is low, and there have been several reports of desertion.
Lord Montague: I see.
Montague Top Elite: ...
Lord Montague: Is that everything?
Montague Top Elite: Yes, my lord. That's my full report.
Lord Montague: Keep the offensive pressure on. Under no circumstances are you to retreat.
Lord Montague's terse orders leaves the soldier looking troubled.
Montague Top Elite: U-understood!
Romeo returns to his chamber alone.
Lord Montague: ...
He reaches into the back of a closet and pulls out an exquisitely-made statuette of a man wielding a sword.
Lord Montague: I never got to ask you about this statuette, Father.
Lord Montague: I'm guessing it's the same one mentioned in Bill the Bard's notes—the statuette that harbors the power of the guardian spirit.
He puts the statuette down and picks up the playwright's notes.
Lord Montague: Bill was researching the power that protected Verona from a crisis long ago.
Lord Montague: In the script the guardian manifests itself in times of need and lends its power to the heroes.
Lord Montague: Hrm.
Lord Montague: Even if that were true, there's no chance the guardian would lend me any of its power.
With a self-mocking smirk, Romeo places the book back on his desk.
Lord Montague: But this is the best course of action I can take.
Lord Montague: It's the only way to protect my land and my people from the ravages of an unavoidable war.
Lord Montague: As their leader, I'll keep the promise I made to protect them. Even if it costs me everything.
Lord Montague: No more hesitation.
His eyes flicker with determination as he reaches for the statuette.
His fingertips touch the white figure.
Lord Montague: Huh?
???: I sense the unmistakable resolve of one determined to protect his land.
???: To that resolve I bestow my power.
Lord Montague: Who?
Lord Montague is enveloped in a blinding light.
It's rapidly absorbed into his body.
Lord Montague: What was that?
Lord Montague: Gasp! This power!
He puts his hand to his chest as the power wells up from within.
Lord Montague: So this is the power of Verona's guardian spirit.
Lord Montague: How ironic.
Lord Montague: At least now I can be sure the path I've chosen is the right one.
He sighs through a hint of a smile and casts his eyes to the floor.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 5: Gazing Across the Way - Episode 1

As (Captain) and company near Castle Montague, they note that resistance has been light and morale has been low.

Paris and the crew have finally made their way into Castle Montague.
Vyrn: Something's been bugging me for a while now.
Vyrn: Didn't it seem like the closer we got to the castle, the less soldiers we ran into?
Lyria: Yes, now that you mention it. That's kind of the opposite of what you'd expect.
Paris: It's not just their numbers that are low. Their morale is suffering as well.
Vyrn: Something doesn't feel right. It's been too quiet since we entered the castle.
Lyria: It feels too sad and lonely for a castle.
Vyrn: You still think Romeo's holed up here?
Paris: Yes, he's here. He's probably waiting for us deep inside.
Vyrn: What do you mean he's waiting—
Montague Escort: Who goes there? Are you Capulets?
Vyrn: Ack! They're still here! Looks like this place wasn't empty after all!
Montague Escort: Urgh, has the invasion already made it this far?
Paris: Let's do it, (Captain).

By Any Other Name - Chapter 5: Gazing Across the Way - Episode 2

Paris interrogates a Montague soldier, and what he learns causes him to pick up his pace. Meanwhile Lord Capulet regains consciousness and leaves a statuette, the people, and the land in Juliet's hands.

Montague Escort: Agh! It's no use!
Paris: Halt!
Paris grabs the soldier as he attempts to flee from the fight.
Montague Escort: No! Spare me!
Vyrn: Uh, you don't have to freak out.
Montague Escort: I surrender! I was just following Lord Montague's orders! Please have mercy!
Paris: It's just as I thought.
Lyria: Paris?
Paris: That will do. You're free to go.
Montague Escort: Aaaah!
The soldier runs off as fast his legs can carry him.
Vyrn: What was that all about?
Paris: Let's hurry.
Lyria: Paris! Wait for us!
Deborah: My lady! My lady!
Juliet: Deborah? Why are you in such a panic?
Juliet's nursemaid, Deborah, runs in out of breath.
Deborah: I'm sorry, my lady, but you must come quickly!
Deborah: Lord Capulet has awoken!
Juliet: Father's awake? I shall go at once!
Juliet: Father? Father!
Lord Capulet: Juliet? Is that you?
Juliet: Yes, Father, it's me. I'm here.
Lord Capulet: My Juliet... Thank goodness you're safe.
Juliet: Yes, I'm fine. Don't worry.
Lord Capulet: I'm afraid I've caused you nothing but heartache.
Juliet: Father, I...
Lord Capulet: I want you to have this, Juliet.
Juliet: Father?
Lord Capulet hands an exquisitely-made white statue of a woman to Juliet.
Juliet: What is this?
Lord Capulet: It's a treasure of Verona that is simply called the Queen's Figure. House Capulet has guarded it for many years.
Lord Capulet: Ergh... Ugh...
Juliet: Father! Please don't push yourself!
Lord Capulet: I'm fine. Sorry, my dear.
Juliet: Oh, Father...
Lord Capulet: Listen carefully, Juliet.
Lord Capulet: When the land is on the brink of extinction, the heartfelt plea for one's land will awaken the figure's incredible power.
Juliet: An incredible power? What could that be?
Lord Capulet: Ugh... That I don't know.
Lord Capulet struggles to talk through his coughs and sputters while grasping his daughter's hand.
Lord Capulet: But I'm giving it to you now. Juliet... this land is in your... hands...
Juliet: Father!
Lord Capulet loses consciousness once again.
Juliet: Father, I...
She clutches the Queen's Figure as she looks at her father's face, whose eyes are closed.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 5: Gazing Across the Way - Episode 3

Juliet's impassioned cries for her people awakens the guardian spirit within the statuette, and Juliet is granted its power.

Juliet leaves her father's bedside and returns to her own chamber.
Deborah: Are you all right, my lady? Shall I bring you something to drink, perhaps?
Juliet: Thank you, Deborah, but I'm fine. I'd like some time alone, if you wouldn't mind?
Deborah: My lady...
Deborah: I understand. If there's anything you should need, please call for me at once.
Juliet: Thank you.
Juliet takes another look at the Queen's Figure once Deborah is gone.
Juliet: An incredible power is bestowed upon one who makes a heartfelt plea for one's land...
Juliet: I don't really know what that means, but I know what I must do.
Juliet: I have to protect—no, I want to protect this land.
Juliet: Not because Father entrusted it to me, but because it's my will and desire.
Juliet: I won't cry anymore. I won't be led astray. Romeo...
Juliet: Huh?
???: I sense the unmistakable kindness of one who cries out for her land.
???: Let that resolve bear my strength.
Juliet: Unh...
Juliet: I feel so much warmth...
The light enveloping Juliet is absorbed into her body and disappears.
Juliet: Yes, I understand now.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 5: Gazing Across the Way - Episode 4

Paris and company exchange words with Lord Montague from across different castle balconies. Juliet catches up to the crew, and she finally has an exchange with Lord Montague.

Vyrn: We've gone pretty far inside the castle.
Lyria: We're definitely running into fewer and fewer people.
Vyrn: Fine by me. That means less fights for us.
Paris: Hm? Wait!
Paris stops in his tracks and scans the area.
Vyrn: What is it? Bad guys?
Paris: I heard something. Over there.
Lyria: Paris! Please wait!
(Captain) and the crew chase after Paris who runs off into a nearby room and out onto the balcony.
Paris: ...!
Lyria: Look!
Lord Montague: ...
Vyrn: Romeo?
They can see another balcony connected to a tower across from them.
Standing on that balcony is Lord Montague—Romeo himself.
Vyrn: Romeo! We came here to—
Paris: Romeo!
Paris takes a step forward.
Then he inhales deeply.
Paris: New flames burn from the ashes of old conflict. Who's the one that reignited these fires?
Lord Montague: Who knows given that the blaze has hidden the first spark.
Lord Montague: But it must be put out before Verona is razed to the ground.
Both men are too far apart for their swords to touch.
For now, they can only exchange words and glares.
Paris: And how do you propose to douse these flames, Lord Montague?
Lord Montague: There's no way to return this land to tranquility without getting myself burned.
Paris: The little bird that you love has already been burned.
Lord Montague: The little bird has been me all along.
Lord Montague: I can no longer sing, for my beak is broken, and my feathers are scorched.
Lord Montague: It's too late now for the lovebirds to return to their cage.
Paris: I see...
Paris: Let me ask you one final thing. Do you remember the promise we made long ago?
Lord Montague: As long as you remember it, all is well.
Paris: ...
???: Everyone!
Juliet: Thank goodness I managed to find you!
Juliet runs onto the party's balcony, breathing heavily.
Paris: Juliet! What are you doing here?
Juliet: I—
Her eyes fall on Romeo who stands on the adjacent balcony.
Lord Montague: ...
Juliet: ...
They gaze at each other from across the way.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 6: The Final Curtain - Episode 1

Lord Montague informs the party that he has buried his emotions and discarded the name Romeo, to which Juliet responds with equal determination. Lord Montague exits the balcony, and the party hurries to confront him once more.

Romeo and Juliet simply stare at each other for the moment.
Lord Montague: Princess Capulet...
Juliet: Romeo...
Lord Montague: No. Please, don't call me that anymore.
Lord Montague: That name belonged to a young man of Verona who once found love. But that love is now buried, and that name discarded.
Lord Montague: Take it away for me.
Lord Montague: And then burn it. Tear it to pieces. Do what you will with it.
Juliet: No, the only thing that's being torn to pieces is my heart by your words.
Juliet: But I walked through the sycamore grove to arrive here.
Lord Montague: And what do your eyes show you?
Juliet: I don't know yet.
Juliet: These eyes are not meant for crying, but for looking to the future.
Juliet: Don't you feel the same way?
Lord Montague: What I see are remnants of old promises, and dreams built on dreams.
Juliet: That's—
Lord Montague: Tears shed and prayers uttered can't atone for the crimes committed. However, those dreams remain etched in my heart.
Juliet: I see.
The crew can only watch the exchange in silence.
Juliet: I understand, Romeo—no, Lord Montague.
Juliet: I will no longer move forward with doubt.
Lord Montague: ...!
Vyrn: Whoa! What's that?
Lyria: Is that an angel behind her?
Lord Montague: ...
Romeo's expression softens ever so slightly at the appearance of the guardian spirit behind Juliet.
Lord Montague: Your feelings are clear to me now. Come then, I'll be waiting for you here.
Juliet: Gasp!
Paris: That was...
An ice-blue aura lingers behind Romeo for an instant before vanishing.
The crew and Juliet return to the interior of the castle to search for Lord Montague once more.
Juliet explains about her own aura as they walk.
Juliet: It appears to be a guardian spirit of Verona.
Juliet: It dates back to when Verona was founded by the very first king and queen.
Juliet: They became guardian spirits to ensure that Verona would flourish and prosper for all eternity.
Vyrn: Wow! That's some awesome power.
Juliet: Father said that when the land is on the brink of destruction, an incredible power will answer the heartfelt plea for one's land.
Juliet: I learned about their origins when I made a pact with the spirit of the guardian queen.
Lyria: The spirit told you everything?
Juliet: Not quite. It doesn't have individuality, nor a clear sense of will.
Juliet: It's more basic than that. I think it's just a mechanism for protecting the land.
Vyrn: Hmm. That's kind of a letdown.
Juliet: Well, in any case it's still a very great power.
Lyria: Um, it was only for a second, but something also appeared behind Romeo. Do you think he has the same thing?
Juliet: That was most likely the spirit of the guardian king.
Paris: Of course...
Paris: Protector of the land... A heartfelt plea...
Lyria: Is something wrong, Paris?
Paris: No, forget it. Come, we must press on.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 6: The Final Curtain - Episode 2

It's revealed that Balthasar belongs to a group that plans to restore the land to the control of the Escalus family line. The party arrives to face Lord Montague with Paris charging in to deliver the first blow.

The air is deathly still deep within Castle Montague.
Lord Montague: Can I help you?
Balthasar: Gasp! No, I was just looking for you, my lord.
Lord Montague: I see. And then you would finish me off once I'm alone?
Balthasar: What?
Lord Montague: Do you take me for a fool? I know you're part of a group that seeks to fulfill the dying wish of King Escalus.
Balthasar: How?
Lord Montague: How did I know, you mean? Honestly, I never trusted you from the start.
Lord Montague: There's not a single soul in this castle that I can trust.
Balthasar: That's not an answer!
Lord Montague: Well, there were many giveaways, but I know you use the library passageway to contact your conspirators.
Lord Montague: I used to sneak out of the castle that way when I was a boy.
Balthasar: No, it can't be...
Lord Montague: Mercutio was the one who was always using it actually. I was always admonishing him about it.
His eyes dip in remembrance of his fallen friend.
Lord Montague: Using the passageway with such regularity was your mistake.
Balthasar: Damn you!
Lord Montague: Your group has been the one fanning the flames around Verona and causing all this chaos. Am I right?
Lord Montague: It was your group that organized the attack on the day of the treaty signing.
Lord Montague: And the low morale of the Montague forces is also due to your schemes.
Balthasar: You knew that much and still did nothing? What are you planning to do?
Lord Montague: It's too late for plans.
Lord Montague: So I will ask you a question instead. What do you hope to achieve?
Balthasar: Hah! As if you didn't know already. We're going to return this land back to its rightful descendants of King Escalus!
Balthasar: The Montagues and Capulets must be removed for that to happen!
Lord Montague: I can't say that I don't understand your motives.
Lord Montague: But you embroiled the public in conflict and turmoil. Your methods are unforgivable.
Balthasar: Don't you dare patronize me! I don't know how you can be acting so calmly.
Balthasar: You're all alone, and the Capulet army continues to advance on you!
Lord Montague: Yes, I know.
Balthasar: What?
Lord Montague: I always intended to fight this war alone from the very beginning. It's all going according to plan.
Balthasar: You accursed—
Guardian King: ...
Balthasar: Ah!
Lord Montague: I'll interrogate you and flush out the rest of the Escalus zealots later. But for now I need you out of the way.
Balthasar: You can't stop it... Montagues are... finished...
Light from the guardian spirit hits Balthasar, and he falls to the ground.
Lord Montague: Yes, indeed.
The sound of approaching footsteps echoes through the empty halls.
Lyria: There, there!
Vyrn: It's Romeo!
Juliet: Lord Montague...
Lord Montague: You're here.
(Captain) and company stand face to face with Romeo. It's Paris who takes the first step.
Vyrn: Paris?
Paris: Romeo. I've decided to be the first one to smack you.
Paris lunges toward Romeo with his sword.
Lord Montague: So be it.

By Any Other Name - Chapter 6: The Final Curtain - Episode 3

Even though Lord Montague refrains from using the full power of the guardian king, he is able to best Paris. Juliet manifests her power of the guardian queen to signal the start of the final showdown.

Lord Montague: Ugh...
Vyrn: Did Paris win?
Paris: No.
Romeo clutches his chest in pain as Paris limps over with a grim expression on his face.
Paris: Your restraint says it all. You're trying too hard to hold back.
Paris: Why don't you use the power of the guardian spirit?
Lord Montague: Because it'd be a waste on someone like you.
Paris: Why you!
Lyria: What do you mean? Is Romeo not using its power?
Juliet: I'm not sure, but it looks like he's deliberately not using the guardian spirit to fight.
Paris: Did you think you could best me while distracted by other things?
Lord Montague: Yes, I was pretty confident.
Paris: How dare you!
Paris makes another lunge at Lord Montague.
Lord Montague: Ugh!
Guardian King: ...!
Paris: Huh?
The guardian king manifests itself and repels Paris's sword.
Vyrn: Whoa! There it is!
Juliet: So that's the spirit of the guardian king.
The crew instinctively readies for battle, but Juliet steps in front of them.
Juliet: There's no other way now, is there?
Her voice wavers ever so slightly, but Juliet stares directly at her adversary.
Lord Montague: Do you still need to ask after coming this far?
No one speaks a word while they watch the terse exchange.
Juliet: Very well.
The spirit of the guardian queen materializes behind her.
Juliet: I am the princess of the Capulets.
Lord Montague: I am the lord of the Montagues.
Juliet: Let us settle this age-old destiny between Capulets and Montagues.
Lord Montague: Yes. Come!

By Any Other Name - Chapter 6: The Final Curtain - Episode 4

Juliet runs over to the reeling Lord Montague, but he uses the guardian king to stab the guardian queen, causing Juliet to lose consciousness. He stands up to face Paris again under the influence of the guardian king's power.

Lord Montague: Aaagh!
Juliet: Romeo!
Juliet runs to Romeo's side as he falls to his knees.
Lord Montague: Juliet...
Juliet: Romeo, I...
The guardian king's sword pierces the embodiment of the guardian queen.
Juliet: Gyaaah!
The guardian queen vanishes, and Juliet falls to the floor.
Juliet: Why?
Paris: Juliet!
Juliet: No... Romeo...
Lyria: Juliet!
Paris: Damn you, Romeo! What have you done to Juliet?
Lord Montague: She's just unconscious.
Lord Montague: That will do.
Paris: What are you saying?
Lord Montague: Now, Paris.
Lord Montague slowly rises to his feet.
Lord Montague: Defeat me and the spirit. Show me I can entrust this land to you.
Guardian King: ...
The guardian king seems even more powerful, as if it had absorbed the power of the guardian queen.
Paris: Fine. This is the final battle. Let's finish this.

By Any Other Name - Ending

Lord Montague has lost, and he entrusts his people to Paris and Juliet before offering his life as a means of taking responsibility. Paris acknowledges Romeo's love for his people and Juliet, and then brings his sword down on Romeo's neck. Both lands come together in the aftermath of the war, and Juliet stares out at the recovering city with a broken heart.

Guardian King: ...
Lord Montague: Argh! Haa... haa...
The guardian king is destroyed, and Romeo falls to his knees in agony.
Paris: It's over.
Lord Montague: Yes. The Montagues have lost, and the Capulets have won.
Lord Montague: I take responsibility for thrusting my people into useless conflict. Therefore I shall pay for the transgressions with my life.
Vyrn: No!
Lord Montague: Please treat my people well.
Lyria: What are you saying?
Lord Montague: Please.
Paris: Tch.
Paris points his sword at the nape of Lord Montague's hanging head.
Paris: You planned for this to happen from the start, didn't you?
Lyria: No! How could you think like that, Romeo?
Lord Montague: The die has been cast. Now that we've gone to war, we can never go back to the way things were.
Lord Montague: I have a responsibility to ensure there are as few casualties as possible.
Lord Montague: If I can end this war by sacrificing only myself, then that's the best option.
Lyria: No! You can't take the blame all on your own! Sacrificing yourself is not the best option!
Vyrn: Yeah! And what's gonna happen to all the people of Montague who'll be left behind?
Lord Montague: I have faith in Paris and Juliet. I know my people will be in good hands.
Paris: Then...
Paris's sword twitches ever so slightly.
Paris: Then what will happen to Juliet!
Lord Montague: Juliet...
Lord Montague: Oh, my beloved Juliet!
Romeo caresses Juliet's cheek as she lies unconscious next to him. His voice trembles with anguish.
Lord Montague: I've buried my love for you, and yet it still burns within me.
Lord Montague: Come, blade! Sever this bond of devotion woven into the fabric of my soul!
Lord Montague: Oh, my soulmate. There are no words to express the depth of my love for you.
Lord Montague: Not the smell of a flower in summer's bloom, nor the radiance of the summer's sun could compare to the beauty you possess.
Lord Montague: But what is the point of sweet nothings now, for my words can't reach your ears.
Romeo lovingly strokes her face.
Juliet: ...
Juliet's eyelids quiver slightly.
Lord Montague: The time for goodbyes has come.
He releases Juliet's hand and lowers his head once more.
Lord Montague: Paris. Please.
Paris: ...
Lord Montague: The longer this war goes on, the more everyone will suffer. End it now.
Paris: Yes, you're right. Allow me to take your life, Lord Montague.
Paris: Goodbye, Romeo. I'll catch up to you someday.
Lord Montague: Yeah. Thank you, Paris.
Paris slowly lifts his sword and swings it down toward Romeo's neck.
Paris: I've been waiting for you.
Lyria: Paris! Thanks for coming to meet us.
Several months have passed since the end of the war, and (Captain) and company have returned for a visit.
Paris: Juliet awaits you at the castle.
Lyria: I can't wait to see her!
Paris: I'll show you the way. I'm afraid the city is still being rebuilt, so you may see some unpleasant sights along the way.
The death of Lord Montague brought an end to the war, and left Montague territory under Capulet rule.
In reality the two lands have become one, with everyone working together to create a single, peaceful land.
Juliet leads the people from the heart of Verona.
The party now stands with Juliet on a castle balcony overlooking the city.
Vyrn: You can see the whole city from here!
Juliet: Heehee, isn't it grand? This has become my favorite spot.
Juliet: It's wonderful to watch the city being rebuilt little by little with each passing day.
Lyria: The people in the streets are looking more cheery now too.
Juliet: Yes. Of course the friction won't disappear overnight.
Juliet: Even so, everyone is looking forward and working toward a brighter future.
Vyrn: Oh yeah, what happened to those Escalus guys?
Paris: We've haven't finished dealing with them yet, but arrests are being made.
Juliet: Lord Montague captured Balthasar for us.
Juliet: His findings from his own investigation into the group has proven to be invaluable.
Vyrn: I see...
A gloomy expression comes over the party at the mention of Lord Montague's name.
Vyrn: ...
Everyone casts worried glances at Juliet, but in the end no one can think of anything else to say.
The crew departs after promising to make regular visits to see Juliet.
Juliet gazes up at the clear blue sky.
Juliet: The truth is...
Juliet: The truth is I'm so lonely without you. I miss you so much that it's killing me inside.
Juliet: Why didn't we choose to face the future hand in hand?
Her voice trembles as she mutters to herself, and she buries her face in her hands.
Juliet: Oh, Romeo!
Her shoulders shake from her sobs. Finally, she wipes the tears from her face.
Juliet: But you gave your life to protect this land, and I swear I will continue to protect it.
Juliet: I want to make this a land where no one cries because of war. A land without hatred.
She gazes out over the city spread before her.
Juliet: Then we can witness the same dream forever.
Her words are picked up by the breeze, and pure white flower petals dance onto the streets below.
By Any Other Name

The End