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Fate Episodes

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Conan and Shinichi

As the group proceeds down the hallway, Conan decides to get more intel on his new allies and so approaches (Captain). As Conan gathers information, the crew begins to pry into his relationship with Shinichi which he deftly avoids.

Barawa and Kogorō: Haaah!
Ran Mōri: Dad, stop it! This is not the place!
Sarya: Detective, you too! No more fighting!
Conan Edogawa: (Great... They're going at it again...)
Kogorō grabs Barawa and slides him over his back.
Kogorō Mōri: Haaah!
Barawa: No waaay!
Kogorō uses all his force to throw Barawa.
Sarya: Eep!
Barawa: Hats off to the former policeman... I can't believe you were skilled and strong enough to throw me!
Kogorō Mōri: I didn't intend to use all my strength, but you forced my hand.
Barawa: Hmm... I knew from the moment I saw you that you were something else.
Kogorō Mōri: I can't believe you could tell how amazing I was from the moment you saw me. Your eyes are really sharp!
Barawa and Kogorō: Gahaha!
Conan Edogawa: (Ahaha... Great, now we've got two loose screws...)
Ran Mōri: Enough! I don't care how much Barawa-san said he wanted to see your judo moves! You can't go around lifting and throwing people!
Sarya: Ahaha... You don't have to worry about Barawa. His greatest attribute is his resilience.
Ran Mōri: I apologize for my father, Sarya-san.
Sarya: Oh, don't worry. This is all Barawa's fault anyways.
Sarya and Ran: Ahaha...
Conan Edogawa: (Oh look, more peas in a pod.)
The group talk among themselves as they move through the mansion.
Conan watches the four from behind.
Conan Edogawa: (I think it's almost time for this case to get started. I've got to put together all the information I've got so far.)
Ran Mōri: What's up, Conan-kun? You thinking about something?
Conan Edogawa: Hm? Yeah. I was just wondering if the case was going to begin any time soon.
Conan Edogawa: Before it does, I want to get to know everyone we're going to be working with.
Conan Edogawa: In all my detective books, the case usually begins with some kind of clue.
Ran Mōri: I see. Good thinking, Conan-kun.
Ran Mōri: Let's see what we know about...
Conan Edogawa: First, we have Barawa-san. He used to be in the military, and he's chasing Chat Noir.
Ran Mōri: His assistant's name is Sarya-san and she really looks up to him.
Conan Edogawa: They're really good friends and they believe in one another. They're a great pair.
Ran Mōri: Yeah. Then we have the crew.
Conan Edogawa: We really haven't talked much with any of them, have we? I'll start with (Captain)-san.
With that Conan approaches (Captain).
Conan Edogawa: (Hmm... I'd estimate 14 to 15 years of age. Though somehow I don't think this is your average teenager.)
Conan Edogawa: Say, (Captain)-san! You're all on a big trip, right? Where to? What for?
Vyrn: Us? We're skyfarers on a mission to find (Captain)'s dad. Estalucia is where he's at.
Conan Edogawa: Skyfarers?
Vyrn: Kiddo, don't tell me you don't know what a skyfarer is.
Lyria: A skyfarer is an adventurer who sails on an airship!
Conan Edogawa: Uh... Sailing on ships... Like pirates?
Vyrn: What! Don't lump us in with those guys!
Lyria: Ahaha... Well, some skyfarers do end up being pirates...
Lyria: But we're the kind that helps others. Right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Yeah! We're a team that fights pirates, if anything!
Conan Edogawa: Oohh. So you're the good guys! Like superheroes!
Lyria: Right! (Captain) is strong, and kind, and really dependable!
Vyrn: A true-blue partner!
Conan Edogawa: (This bunch seem like straight-arrows.)
Vyrn: Your turn, Kiddo. Tell us about you.
Conan Edogawa: Huh? Me?
Vyrn: Haha! For Chat Noir to send you a calling card must mean you pack a mean punch.
Lyria: That's right. The Phantom Thief loves to stand out and only sends those letters to famous individuals.
Conan looks at (Captain)'s questioning eyes and begins to squirm.
Conan Edogawa: I... Uh... Kogorō is the famous one!
Ran Mōri: Hehe, but Conan-kun's stopped Kid the Phantom Thief. Conan-kun's good at that sort of thing.
Conan Edogawa: R-Ran...
Barawa: Gasp! Is that true, Conan-kun? Give me all the details!
Ran Mōri: Conan-kun was able to protect a lot of treasure from falling into the thief's hands.
Vyrn: Really! That's amazing!
Barawa: Hmm... Conan-kun, you've caught a phantom thief before? Teach me your ways!
Barawa: What did you use as bait? What kind of tools did you need? At exactly what time was it done?
Sarya: Detective, your questions sound an awful lot like the ones in your beetle-catching guides...
Barawa: Gah... Sorry about that! I got so wrapped up in talking about beetles with Kogorō...
Kogorō Mōri: We're real chatterbugs when it comes to beetles! Chatterbeetles!
Barawa and Kogorō: Gahaha!
Conan Edogawa: (Where did they find so much time to bond...)
Vyrn: But y'know, the two never said anything about actually catching their thief.
Barawa: Whoops. Sorry, I guess I got ahead of myself there.
Sarya: But, you have been able to stop Kid, right?
Conan Edogawa: Y-yeah... But that was only thanks to what Shinichi taught me.
Vyrn: Shinichi? Who's that?
Ran Mōri: He's a local detective where we're from, and a... really close friend of mine.
Lyria: Oh, really? He must be a great detective then.
Ran Mōri: Not really. He's just a big mystery geek. Sticks his head into every little thing and turns it into his own whodunnit.
Ran Mōri: But when you go out of your way to make something really obvious to him, he'll just... Oh, never mind.
Ran Mōri: Anyway, he's not all bad. He's always there to save the day. At least he's good at that.
Vyrn: Ohh. So that's how it is. Heh heh.
Lyria: Hehe... So Shinichi-san means the world to you, doesn't he?
Ran Mōri: What? I-I...
Barawa: Hm? Conan-kun, why's your face getting all red?
Conan Edogawa: I-it's just...
Conan Edogawa: It's kinda hot here... Ahaha...
Conan Edogawa: (Tch...)
Vyrn: Now I really wanna meet this Shinichi guy.
  1. Me too.
  2. Shinichi is with us now!

Choose: Me too.
Barawa: I'd like to meet him too.
Barawa: It's not like I just want him to teach me how to catch a phantom thief or anything though...
Sarya: He's piqued my interest too.
Vyrn: How about we just ask the kid about him?
Vyrn: Since Shinichi taught him, he's like mini-Shinichi, right?
Conan Edogawa: What?
Vyrn hits on a truth that Conan does not want revealed. Conan hesitantly looks over at Ran.
Ran Mōri: Like a mini-Shinichi...
Conan Edogawa: ...!

Choose: Shinichi is with us now!
Conan Edogawa: Gah!
At Conan's outburst, everyone's eyes meet his.
Ran Mōri: Conan-kun... What's gotten into you?
Conan Edogawa: Ahaha... N-nothing...
Vyrn: Really? Cause you're acting kinda fishy.
Ran Mōri: Why are you panicking? Wait! Is Shinichi really here?
Conan Edogawa: N-no!
Conan Edogawa: I-I know what (Captain) means. Shinichi taught me all he knows, so...
Conan Edogawa: In a way, he's here through me! That's what you meant, right, (Captain)?
Ran Mōri: I guess...
Vyrn: Umm... What just happened, (Captain)?
Vyrn: (Captain), you just wanted to say something detectivey, didn't you?
Barawa: Really? Well, you're off to a great start, (Captain)!
Sarya: The Detective's always practicing lines like that in the mirror. Haha.
Barawa: A detective's gotta stay prepared, that's what I say.
Barawa: I'd like to meet him too.
Barawa: It's not like I just want him to teach me how to catch a Phantom Thief or anything though...
Sarya: He's piqued my interest too.
Vyrn: How about we just ask the kid about him? Since Shinichi taught him and all.
Continue 1
Barawa: I guess you're right. Conan-kun, teach us your ways!
Conan Edogawa: Why are you bowing? Come on...
Conan Edogawa: (I can't let them pry any further or things will get messy...)
Conan Edogawa: ...
Conan reaches out to touch Barawa's horns.
Conan Edogawa: W-whoa!
As Barawa raises his head, one of his horns catches Conan's sleeve and Barawa pulls him up unexpectedly.
Vyrn: Dude! What are you doing?
Barawa: Oh, whoops. Looks like he got caught on my horn.
Conan Edogawa: Wow! I'm so high up! Barawa-san, can you give me a piggyback ride?
Barawa: A piggyback ride? Hahaha! Sure!
Barawa: All right! You better hold on tight!
And just like that, Barawa releases Conan's sleeve and swings him onto his back.
Conan Edogawa: Yay! Thank you, Barawa-san!
Ran Mōri: Hehe! Conan-kun, you're such a little rascal...
Vyrn: Hm? What? (Captain), you think the kid got stuck on Barawa's horn on purpose?
Lyria: Really? I think that's a stretch...
Conan Edogawa: (Phew... Managed to redirect their attention...)
Conan Edogawa: (At least now I know that they're all really dependable. I'm looking forward to working with them.)
Barawa: Hahaha! Wanna go for a run? Or should I spin you? Just say the word!
Conan Edogawa: Y-yay... I'm so happy!
Having met (Captain) and crew, Conan vows to protect any treasure from the Phantom Thief.
With the coming of another mystery, Conan feels his chest swelling with anticipation.

The Junior Detective Squad

Doctor Agasa calls on Conan to once again play the VR game. This time Haibara accompanies him, and in the game they find three children: Lani, Al, and Renka. The self-proclaimed Junior Detective Squad tell Conan and Haibara that they are searching for a spring that shines with the colors of a rainbow hidden within a cave.

It's been a week since Conan played the virtual reality puzzle game.
Now Doctor Agasa asks Conan to once again enter the VR world.
Conan Edogawa: So let me get this straight. Now that you've fixed the machine, you want me to try using it again?
Doctor Agasa: Yes. You and Ai-kun will go on a test run.
Conan Edogawa: All right...
Ai Haibara: This time you won't be solving a case, instead you'll be exploring.
Doctor Agasa: I just need you to check a few things. That should be easy enough.
Conan Edogawa: Exploring, huh? Have you played this game before, Haibara?
Ai Haibara: No, it's my first time playing this...
The doctor finishes preparing the VR set and hands both Conan and Haibara some VR goggles.
Doctor Agasa: In this game you will be exploring an area with some children!
Doctor Agasa: When it begins, make sure to talk to them first!
Conan Edogawa: Got it...
As soon as Conan and Haibara put the goggles on...
Ai Haibara: !
The floor is disappearing...
Conan Edogawa: Just like last time...
Conan and Haibara begin to fall into the darkness.
The pair end up in a forest they've never seen before.
Conan Edogawa: Ouch... Why does this always hurt?
Ai Haibara: I wonder if the pain is programmed purposely into the game.
Conan Edogawa: Hey, look! The kids are waiting for us.
Directly in Conan's line of sight are two children who appear to be in a pickle.
Cheery Lad: Hmm... We can't find Renka anywhere.
Clever Lad: Yeah. I wonder where she's hiding...
Conan Edogawa: Something wrong?
Cheery Lad: We're in the middle of playing hide-and-seek, but we can't find our friend.
Clever Lad: Her name is Renka and she's about this tall...
Ai Haibara: Judging from this place, there's nowhere to hide except behind or in a tree.
Lani: But we've looked in all the trees around here. Maybe she hid in the dirt somewhere!
Conan Edogawa: (So first we need to find Renka-chan.)
Ai Haibara: Calm down. We need more information.
Ai Haibara: Who was the first person to be it?
Clever Lad: I was. I put my head on this tree, closed my eyes, and started counting to 30.
Clever Lad: When I asked if everyone was ready, Lani and Renka both called out that they were.
Clever Lad: Then I started looking for them.
Lani: I hid in the top of that tree over there. Al found me right away.
Ai Haibara: Then you both started looking for Renka-chan.
Al: Yeah.
Conan Edogawa: ...
Conan looks at the gigantic tree before him and thinks pensively while stroking his chin.
Conan Edogawa: Al-kun, you put your head on this tree and counted, right? Did you check the top of this tree when you searched?
Al: No... Because there's no way she could be up there.
Ai Haibara: Why do you believe that?
Al: Well... while I was counting, if Renka had tried to climb this tree, then I would've heard it.
Conan Edogawa: That's it.
Lani: What is?
Conan Edogawa: This is simple.
Conan Edogawa: Renka-chan used that belief against you in order to hide in this tree.
Al: I-in this tree?
Conan Edogawa: Right. When Renka-chan shouted she was ready, she was hiding near a tree close by.
Conan Edogawa: After you went to search for Al-kun, she came back and...
Conan Edogawa: As soon as the coast was clear, she made her move!
Conan Edogawa: There's more evidence. Look at this tree. It's got nicks in unusual places.
Conan Edogawa: These specific marks can only mean that someone climbed this tree recently!
Lani: So you mean Renka has been right above our noses this whole time?
Lani screams just as something from above comes flying down.
Renka: You found me!
Lani: Renka! So you were in this tree!
Renka: Yeah! Everything he said was true! You're pretty good.
Al: That was really something! You're like a detective or something!
Conan Edogawa: That wasn't really that difficult to figure out.
The five then introduce themselves to one another.
Lani, Al, and Renka are known as the island's Junior Detective Squad.
Lani: We're kind of a big deal around here!
Conan Edogawa: (So the doctor is borrowing things from the real world...)
Renka: Lani! Let's have Conan-kun come with us to explore the cave!
Lani: Good idea! We could use two smarty's like these!
Conan Edogawa: A cave?
Renka: Yeah! There's a cave in the woods that has a special spring! The water shines the colors of a rainbow.
Al: We were just about to go after we finished this game.
Conan Edogawa: That sounds fun! We'll tag along too!
Renka: Great! Follow us!
The squad dashes ahead and leaves Conan and Haibara in their wake. Conan begins whispering to Haibara.
Conan Edogawa: Seems like we're doing everything we need to.
Ai Haibara: I agree.
Vyrn: Hey! Kiddo! Thought I saw a familiar face!
Lyria: Conan-kun! So you live on this island?
Conan Edogawa: (I've met these people before... In the last game I played...)
Conan Edogawa: Nice to see you all again. What are you doing around these parts?
Lyria: We're on a mission!
Vyrn: How about you?
Conan Edogawa: Well... We're...
Lani's Voice: Hurry, Conan! Or we'll leave you behind!
Conan Edogawa: Sorry, gotta run! They're calling!
Conan Edogawa: See you again some time!
Lyria: Okay! I hope it's soon.
Ai Haibara: Who were those strange people?
Conan Edogawa: You mean the crew? They helped me solve a mystery the first time I played in the VR world.
Conan runs into (Captain) and his crew here in this game as well.
He ponders whether they will be seen later while giving chase to Renka, Al, and Lani.

The Junior Detective Squad: Scene 2

Once they reach the cave, the group realize they need light to explore any further. Renka suggests they empty their bags, and Conan uses their goods to make a torch.

After walking through the forest for some time, everyone arrives at the cave entrance.
Conan Edogawa: This cave looks pretty dark.
Ai Haibara: Looks like we won't be going anywhere without a source of light.
Al: We thought we'd be okay if it was only noon. So we don't have anything to light our way...
Renka: Everybody, take out all the stuff in your bags. There might be something we can use.
With that everyone empties their bags at once.
Renka: Okay... We've got water in a flask, a small knife, wire, cloth, and a glass bottle.
Renka: So... can we make anything that lights up with this?
Conan Edogawa: (So I have to use these materials to make something...)
Conan Edogawa: With these objects, we can make a torch!
Al: R-really? How?
Conan Edogawa: I'll need a thick tree branch.
Conan Edogawa: I'll tie the cloth to it. Then I'll keep it in place with this wire. Last we light the cloth on fire.
Conan Edogawa: I think there's a pine tree outside. We can use the sap to fuel the flame.
Ai Haibara: Using the sap from a tree because of its high flammability... A well-known survival tactic.
Conan Edogawa: Yeah, can't say for sure if it'll work. But, that's probably what these supplies are hinting at.
Conan takes the knife to a tree, and from the wound of the tree drips sap.
Renka: But how are we supposed to light this?
Conan Edogawa: With the glass bottle!
Lani: D-don't break it! We need this to get the rainbow water!
Conan Edogawa: Don't worry. I won't break it.
Conan takes the water-filled flask and pours its contents into the glass bottle.
Then he places the glass near the branch that has the cloth wrapped around it.
Conan Edogawa: Now we wait...
Al: Wow! Look at that smoke!
After waiting for only a short period of time, a flame begins to form.
Conan Edogawa: Great. Now we have a torch!
Renka: Conan-kun, that was amazing! You did it!
Al: But how?
Conan Edogawa: I focused the sun on one point using the water in the bottle.
Ai Haibara: It's the same logic that allows a magnifying glass to catch things on fire.
Al: R-right...
Lani: Makes no sense to me, but cool!
Renka: Whatever! Now we can go inside!
Conan Edogawa: All right... Let's get to it!
The Three: Yeah!
And so the five step foot into the cave of darkness.

The Junior Detective Squad: Scene 3

Within the cave Conan realizes they are being followed. He keeps a watchful eye as they proceed only to find the corpse of a monster. The group decides to proceed further only to be attacked by a monster.

Within a cave, Conan and company search for a spring that shines like a rainbow.
Renka: It's so dark...
Lani: And hot and scary... I wonder if ghosts will pop out!
Renka: Ghosts! Don't even say that, Lani!
Conan Edogawa: Hey! Renka-chan, that's dangerous! Don't just grab me like that while I have the torch.
Conan Edogawa: ...!
Lani: Conan, why did you stop?
Conan Edogawa: Someone is following us.
Al: What! Y-you don't think it's a ghost, do you?
Conan Edogawa: Be rational!
Conan Edogawa: When the torch moved in my hand I saw other human shadows!
Conan Edogawa: (Something's off...)
Conan Edogawa: (We've been walking in a straight line in this dark and narrow cave for some time...)
Conan Edogawa: (If anyone wanted to hurt us, they could have done so sooner.)
Ai Haibara: Let's just keep going. If we turn back now we might run into the shadow people from before.
Conan Edogawa: You have a point.
Conan and the others are on high alert as they proceed forward.
Renka: Aghhh! L-look!
Al: It's... It's a dead monster. It's so big!
Conan Edogawa: (The body's still warm. Must have been killed recently...)
Ai Haibara: This is so life-like.
Conan Edogawa: Haibara, this doesn't bother you?
Renka: This is so gross. Let's go back.
Al: Yeah! This is too dangerous.
Lani: W-wait! Look! Is something shining over there?
All five turn to look at what Lani is talking about.
Al: Why is there light coming from there? That's weird.
Lani: Let's check it out!
Renka: But I wanna go hooome...
Al: Renka, be brave! You're part of the Junior Detective Squad!
Ai Haibara: We're at a crossroads. What should we do?
Conan Edogawa: ...
Conan Edogawa: Let's see what's over there. If it's nothing special, then we'll go home. What do you say, Renka-chan?
Renka: O-okay... I'll be brave...
The group moves deeper into the cave to investigate the strange light .
Eventually they reach their destination.
Lani: L-look...
Lani: It's the spring!
Al: I thought it was supposed to shine like a rainbow?
Conan Edogawa: The ceiling of this cave is made of what seems like crystal.
Conan Edogawa: It allows light to pass through from above...
Renka: It might not look like a rainbow, but the water sure is pretty!
Conan Edogawa: (If I'm right, I know why the rainbow phenomenon occurs.)
Gigantic Mushroom: Grooar!
Renka: Aaagh!
Al: A m-monster!
Conan Edogawa: Lani, hold the torch!
Lani: W-wait! You're gonna fight the monster alone?
Ai Haibara: He can handle it.
Gigantic Mushroom: Grooar!
Conan Edogawa: ...!

The Junior Detective Squad: Scene 4

The monster is none other than (Captain) in disguise. The crew had received a request to protect the children while simultaneously scaring them to teach a lesson. The group finds the rainbow spring and the game ends.

Conan Edogawa: Go!
Conan's ball hits the monster with incredible force right in the face.
The mushroom's cap falls off, revealing a person inside.
  1. I-I give!

Choose: I-I give!
Conan Edogawa: What! (Captain)-san?
Lyria: Aah! Are you okay, (Captain)?
Vyrn: You almost gave me a heart attack. And why's Kiddo Specs here?
Conan Edogawa: Sorry, I didn't know it was you, (Captain)-san.
(Captain) smiles.
Ai Haibara: Wait, someone explain what is happening. Why did they attack us?
Conan Edogawa: Well, you see...
Al: Who are you people?
Lani: Are they bad? Is that why they tried to hurt us?
Conan Edogawa: Everyone, calm down. That's not what happened here.
Conan Edogawa: The crew protected us!
Conan Edogawa: Right?
(Captain) is shocked that Conan knows what they were doing, but nods in agreement just the same.
Lani: Protect? They did the opposite...
Renka: Yeah! They really scared me!
Conan Edogawa: (Captain)-san is here because of a request they got from your parents.
Conan Edogawa: They wanted to protect their children who go into caves where monsters live.
Conan Edogawa: On top of protecting you, they also had to scare you so that you never go to another cave again.
Ai Haibara: That's why they dressed up as a monster and attacked us.
Renka: Ooh. So the dead monster we saw earlier was...
Conan Edogawa: Right. The crew got here first and defeated it.
Conan Edogawa: The monster had died recently and its wounds seemed to match the weapons (Captain)-san uses.
Al: But what about the weird shadows we saw earlier?
Conan Edogawa: They were following us just in case anything dangerous happened.
Lyria: A-amazing... Everything he said is right!
Vyrn: Whoa! You and Bearded D sure are good at this kinda stuff!
Conan Edogawa: I-I just got lucky... Ahaha...
Lani: Still... our parents worry too much...
Al: They're too overprotective! We should at least be able to explore things by ourselves! Sheesh!
Renka: We're the Junior Detective Squad after all. We wouldn't stop just because of a monster or two.
The children continue to complain. (Captain) tries to speak, but is abruptly cut off.
Ai Haibara: Ridiculous... You fail as detectives the moment you make others worry about you.
Al: Haibara-san?
Ai Haibara: Being a detective is dangerous work. That's why you must always be prepared for the worst possible outcome.
Ai Haibara: When we asked you to empty your bags earlier and you showed us what you had brought with you...
Ai Haibara: There was nothing in your possession to protect you from monsters... No wonder your parents worry.
The Junior Detective Squad reflects quietly over Haibara's words.
Al: You're right... We should've been more prepared and explained what we were doing to our parents.
Renka: Haibara-san is right. If (Captain) hadn't been here, we might have been in real danger.
Lani: We need to think more carefully.
Ai Haibara: Good. Make sure you all stay out of harm's way.
The Three: Okay.
Vyrn: Ai-chan really set them all straight...
Lyria: Your families are worried sick! Let's all get out of here.
Conan Edogawa: Hey, wait!
Conan Edogawa: (Captain)-san, could we stay just a little longer?
Lyria: Hm? Did you lose something?
Conan Edogawa: No, it's not that...
Lani: Well, then why? Hurry up and spit it out.
Al: Yeah. We wanna know.
Conan Edogawa: Did you seriously forget why we came all this way?
Renka: To find a spring that shines like a rainbow...
Conan Edogawa: Here it is! The magical spring you've been looking for.
Renka: Huh?
Conan looks at the spring with a smile on his lips.
Vyrn: What? What? Let us in on this!
Lyria: Even if monsters come out, we can protect everyone. So let's stay a little longer, okay, (Captain)?
(Captain) agrees after assessing that the level of danger is relatively low.
Conan Edogawa: Thanks, (Captain)-san!
The crew gathers around the spring as Conan instructs.
Moments later something happens.
Al: Huh? The spring is...
Renka: That's amazing! It's sparkling like a rainbow!
Vyrn: That's a shocker. Why's that happening?
Conan Edogawa: The position of the sun. When it hits the crystals above in a certain direction...
Conan Edogawa: When light passes through the prism, it refracts and looks like a rainbow.
Lani: But the water hasn't changed colors.
Ai Haibara: That's right. The water's color isn't affected by the prism.
Lani: What! But that's why we brought the glass bottle...
Renka: At least we can tell everyone that we found the spring that shines like the rainbow!
Al: Yeah! We really owe Conan-kun and Haibara-san for all they've helped us with!
Renka: Yeah! Thank you!
Conan Edogawa: No problem. I had fun doing all this.
Thus the Junior Detective Squad return home happily after their rainbow-spring adventure.
Conan and Haibara say their goodbyes and the game ends.
Conan and Haibara: Phew...
Doctor Agasa: Oh, you're back! How was it?
Ai Haibara: That was something. It was very life-like, and the conversations were fluid.
Conan Edogawa: A spring that shines like the rainbow seems pretty kid-friendly to me.
Doctor Agasa: A rainbow-spring? Was that part of this game?
Ai Haibara: How did the testing go? Did you get viable data?
Doctor Agasa: Oh, about that...
Doctor Agasa: I was trying to eat some taiyaki while watching the screen, so I used the microwave, but...
Conan Edogawa: Are you serious? Don't tell me you caused a blackout.
Doctor Agasa: Sorry... That's exactly what I did.
Doctor Agasa: I think I had too many monitors on at the same time and the microwave was the straw that broke the camel's back...
Doctor Agasa: The reason you were able to stay online was that I have the VR set plugged into a different source of power...
Ai Haibara: Who eats taiyaki while doing research?
Ai Haibara: You're only getting half of your usual portion of rice tonight.
Doctor Agasa: Ohoho...
Conan Edogawa: (Strict as ever...)
Doctor Agasa: Oh! My phone's ringing!
The doctor runs away from Conan and Haibara with the phone in his ear.
Later the doctor returns with a grim look.
Conan Edogawa: What was that about?
Doctor Agasa: The uh... game company just called.
Doctor Agasa: They told me this project is over.
Ai Haibara: What? How is that possible?
Doctor Agasa: As you know, they were trying to add action elements to a puzzle game.
Doctor Agasa: That caused the production costs to skyrocket beyond expectations, so now they have no choice but to cancel everything.
Ai Haibara: How awful.
Doctor Agasa: And after all that trouble you went through... Sorry, Ai-kun...
Ai Haibara: Wait! Are you saying I'm not getting my designer purse?
Ai Haibara: Why did I even bother helping you!
Conan Edogawa: I was wondering why you were so willing...
Ai Haibara: You wouldn't understand! This new design is special!
Doctor Agasa: Sorry, Ai-kun...
Conan Edogawa: (Ahaha...)
Perhaps because of how defeated and sorry Doctor Agasa looked, Haibara decides to leave him alone.
Conan stares at the game that will no longer see the light of day.
Conan Edogawa: (A spring that shines like the rainbow... No one would believe that beautiful sight was something from a video game.)
The Junior Detective Squad of the skies may have existed for a moment in time, but their memory shines on within Conan as brightly as the rainbow of the spring.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ゲームの中ってことを忘れそうになるぜ… I forget I'm in a game sometimes...
キザな怪盗といえば…あいつを思い出すな… A flashy Phantom Thief, huh? Reminds me of...
灰原、なんでゲーム作り張り切ってたんだ? Haibara, why were you so interested in this game?
ここは安室さんに合わせておくか… I guess I'll just have to follow Amuro-san...
蘭を怒らせると…いや、なんでもない… When Ran gets angry... Brrr, better not think about it.
バロワさん、でっけーな… Barawa-san's huge...
あれれ~?この道、前に通ったよね? Huh? Didn't we already come this way?
小五郎のおっちゃん、ノリノリすぎだろ… Looks like the old man's getting too confident again...
(主人公)さんが協力者なら心強いぜ… As long as we've got you, (Captain)-san...
(主人公)さん、すっごく強いんだね! (Captain)-san, you're really strong!