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Official Profile

Age 12 Height 145 cm Race (N/A)
Hobbies (N/A)
Likes (N/A)
Dislikes (N/A)
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Age 12歳 Height 145cm Race (N/A)
Hobbies (N/A)
Likes (N/A)
Dislikes (N/A)
Character Release


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Special Cutscenes

This character does not have special holiday cutscenes.

Fate Episodes

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What She Reached For

Elize is in the kingdom of Windor when she is separated from Teepo and swallowed by a black rift. As she is being kidnapped by a pair of suspicious men, she begins to call out for her missing friend. When a voice rises to meet her call, it will lead to an encounter with (Captain)'s crew.

Somewhere in Windor—home to the capital city of Barona—a girl and her friend stand on the bank of a certain lake.
Teepo: Jude sure is late. Don't you think, Elly?
Elize: He sure is.
Elize and Teepo are traveling with Jude, searching for the cause of the Crystallization Anomaly as well as a way to reunite with their friend, Milla.
Elize and Teepo wait for Jude to come back from surveying their surroundings.
Teepo: Maybe we should have gone with him...
Elize: He said he'd be right back!
Teepo: Sure, but do you really think Jude will be okay without us?
Elize: He's strong and smart. I think he'll be all right.
Teepo: Yeah, you're right.
Elize: Let's keep waiting.
As the two engage in casual conversation, an unexpected fate closes in from behind.
Elize: Hmm?
Teepo: What's that black thing?
Sensing something disturbing, they turn to see a fissure tearing in the air, its great maw opening wide.
Elize: What is that!
Teepo: Get away from it, Elly! It's scary!
Elize: C'mon! We have to go find Jude!
Elize: Eeek!
Teepo: Nooo! We're gonna get sucked in!
Elize: Aaaah! Teepo!
The black rift begins to swallow its surroundings, drawing Teepo inside.
Elize: Teepoooo!
Teepo: Ellyyyyy!
Elize stretches her fingertips toward Teepo, grasping fruitlessly at the air.
Elize: Aaaah!
Suddenly Elize is lifted into the air.
Elize & Teepo: Eeeek!
Elize: Hm... Tee... po... Where... Teepo...
Elize: Teepo? Teepo!
Elize: It's so dark and scary... I don't want to be alone... I'm so scared...
Elize: Teepo... Don't leave me alone!
In a darkness deep and pure, Elize earnestly stretches out her arms.
Soon a single light appears before her.
Elize: What? A light?
Elize: Nnh...
???: That's... Since... she's here...
Elize: (Who's that? Teepo? Jude?)
???: Yeah... For... time being...
Elize: Hmm?
???: Hey, she's wakin' up!
???: You all right, missy?
Elize: Hmm? I, uh...
Shifty Goon 1: What are you doin' in a place like this? Where's your mommy and daddy?
Elize: I, uh... I don't have any...
Shifty Goon 2: No parents, huh? How about that.
Shifty Goon 1: Sure sounds tough...
The men exchange glances in front of Elize, who has yet to comprehend what happened to her.
Shifty Goon 2: All right, kid. What say you come with us?
Elize: What? I, uh... Eeek!
Elize: No, I don't want to! Teepo! Where are you?
Elize resists, but the men grab her arms and begin to drag her off.
Elize: Eeek! Stop!
Shifty Goon 1: Simmer down, brat!
Elize: Teepo! Jude! Help me!
Shifty Goon 2: You damn brat! Calm down already!
Elize: N-no... Teepo... Where are you? Oh, Teepo!
???: Elly! Elly!
As she continues to cry out her friend's name, a voice answers.
Elize: T-Teepo!
Teepo: Elly!
At long last the girl's hands grasp her treasured friend.
Their reunion will bring with it a new encounter, this time with (Captain)'s crew.

Teepo Versus Vyrn

Vyrn seems ill at ease with the talking toy known as Teepo—a situation Teepo responds to by calling Vyrn a weirdo lizard. This battle of words and wits quickly devolves into an argument about which of them is cuter.

Vyrn: Hmm...
Teepo: ...
Vyrn: Um...
Teepo: You're making me blush with all this staring!
Vyrn: I'm not staring! And even if I am, how can I help it when you're so weird?
Teepo: Who are you calling weird!
Elize: Teepo is not weird!
Teepo: If anyone is weird here, it's you, weirdo lizard!
Vyrn: How dare you! I ain't no lizard! And I ain't weird!
Teepo: What's weird is that you get so defensive about it!
Vyrn: No, what's weird is... Okay, maybe that last bit's kinda true.
Elize: Teepo is very reliable.
Teepo: I sure am!
Vyrn: Shoot, this is a two-on-one! It isn't fair!
Katalina: Calm down, Vyrn.
Vyrn: But I feel like I need to say something back!
Elize: (Captain)? Lyria? Katalina? You all seem to get along with Vyrn.
Katalina: It sounds embarrassing when you say it out loud, but, yes, he's a valued crew mate. Plus he's cute.
Elize: Cute...
Elize: But Teepo is cute too!
Teepo: Hmm...
Katalina: He is?
Elize: Yes!
Teepo: I sure am!
Katalina: I'm not going to pretend I completely understand any of this, but sure. I suppose he's cute!
Elize: She said you're cute, Teepo!
Teepo: Yes! I did it! I beat Vyrn!
Vyrn: Beat me at what? When were we in a competition? I don't remember losing!
Elize: I also think Vyrn is cute. But there's no doubt that Teepo is the cutest.
Vyrn: Naaah, I'm not really cute.
Teepo: Then you admit defeat? Ha! Victory is mine!
Vyrn: What are you talking about! I haven't lost at anything!
Katalina: Oh, Vyrn! You're in too deep...

Teepo Versus Vyrn: Scene 2

The wordy battle of Elize and Teepo versus Vyrn continues apace. As both sides insist that they are not only cute, but also strong and reliable, monsters arrive on the city's outskirts. Desperate to prove each's own worth, everyone rushes to the scene.

After Elize insists that Teepo is the cutest, Teepo decides to continue agitating an increasingly heated Vyrn.
Teepo: I'm Elly's best friend, and we're aaalways together!
Vyrn: So what? (Captain) and I are the same! We're partners! Together forever!
Elize: Teepo's not just cute—he's also super strong and reliable!
Vyrn: Humph! I'm pretty reliable myself! Right, (Captain)?
Lyria: Shouldn't we stop them?
Katalina: Hehe, it's not like anyone is getting hurt. I think it's kind of cute.
Elize: You're pretty good at this, Vyrn.
Teepo: You sure do love to run your mouth, don't you!
Vyrn: Oh, that's rich, coming from you!
This heated yet somehow peaceful exchange of retorts continues to unfold.
???: Eeeeeek!
Suddenly, a scream followed by sounds of commotion are heard nearby.
Vyrn: Ack! What's going on!
Townsperson: Aaaahh! Monsters!
Monster: !
Townswoman: Eeek!
Katalina: Did you hear that? We need to take them out!
Elize: Let's go, Teepo!
Teepo: I'll show 'em what I'm made of!
Katalina: Hold on! Don't run ahead!
Vyrn: Argh, we can't let ourselves fall behind. Let's move, (Captain)!

Teepo Versus Vyrn: Scene 3

Despite disposing of the monsters without incident, Elize and Teepo are scolded by Katalina for jumping into danger on their own, even though she's pleased that everyone is safe. However, the previous argument about who's better soon rears its head once again when Teepo asks (Captain) to decide if the captain is on Team Teepo or Team Vyrn.

The crew handily disposes of the monsters that infiltrated the city.
Elize: We did it!
Teepo: You saved the day, Elly! You're a hero!
Elize: So are you, Teepo.
Teepo: Don't I know it!
Katalina: Ah, now I understand how strong and reliable you two actually are.
Katalina: Though I can't say I approve of how excited you seemed when the monsters appeared.
Elize: Er...
Teepo: We didn't mean it like that!
Elize: I'm sorry.
Teepo: It's my fault! Please don't blame Elly!
Katalina: Sigh... I'm not blaming anyone.
Katalina smiles warmly and stretches out her hand, gently ruffling Elize's hair.
Elize: Katalina?
Katalina: Anyway, are you two all right?
Elize: We're both okay, thank you.
Katalina: Good. And it seems like the townspeople were unharmed as well.
Katalina: It's all thanks to you, Elize. And you, Teepo.
Elize: Katalina!
Teepo: Yaaaay! Katalina was nice to us!
Vyrn: Sheesh. You've sure got a way with kids, Katalina.
Lyria: Heh. Well, I suppose that settles that.
As the crew members exchange smiles and sighs of relief, Elize runs toward them.
Elize: Did you see Teepo working his magic out there, (Captain)?
Teepo: Wasn't Elly super cool too?
Teepo: Hee hee! So, (Captain), are you ready to give up on Team Vyrn and join Team Teepo?
Vyrn: For the love of...
Elize: Well, (Captain)?
  1. I'm all about Team Teepo.
  2. I'm gonna stick with Vyrn.

Choose: I'm all about Team Teepo.
Vyrn: What! You can't mean that, (Captain)!
Elize: Really? Yay! You did it, Teepo!
Teepo: Yes! I knew (Captain) would understand!
Vyrn: Argh! What's happening! Why is Teepo eating (Captain)!
Lyria: Gya! He's chomping on (Captain)'s head!
Elize: That's how Teepo shows affection.
Vyrn: Stop it! Let go of (Captain)!

Choose: I'm gonna stick with Vyrn.
Elize: Really?
Teepo: That's mean, (Captain)! You're a dumb jerk! Or derk for short!
Vyrn: Um, I don't know what you mean by sticking with me, but I'll take it. (Captain) is my partner, buster!
Lyria: Ha ha! I don't think I've ever seen Vyrn so happy.
Teepo: Curses! I refuse to lose!
Elize: That's right, Teepo! Never give up!
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Katalina: We may have just crossed the line between being lively and making a scene.
Teepo and Vyrn's grueling battle doesn't seem ready to end anytime soon.
But there's no doubt the presence of Elize and Teepo is making the crew's journey much more lively.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
無理しないでくださいね Don't push yourself too hard, okay?
みんな一緒ならこわくありません Nothing's scary so long as we're together.
ダッシュです! Dash!
わたし、強いのかな? Am I really strong?
こわくなんかないです! I'm not scared at all!
これなら勝てます! I can do this!
おつかレイアー Good work out there!
術で決めます! I'll finish it with a spell!
(主人公)、しっかり働いてくださいね Be sure to pull your weight, (Captain).
まだいるの……? Are there more?