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Journal Entry

Erica Fontaine
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RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Noriko Hidaka
NameJP エリカ・フォンティーヌ(私服)
Voice ActorJP 日高のり子
ID 3990459000
Release Date
Sakura Wars: Skyblazing Maidens

When not performing at the Chattes Noires, Erica fights with the Paris Assault Force . Her innate powers allow her to heal wounds instantaneously as if by magic, and her actions are often referred to as miracles. Underneath her cheerful exterior lies someone who often acts like a ditz but sensitive to her surroundings, especially when it comes to her own mistakes.




  • Erica's in-game charge attack and skills are currently misspelled or mistranslated in English.
    • Evangel ⟶ Évangile (meaning "gospel")
    • Sacre de Lumiere ⟶ Sacre de Lumière (meaning "coronation of light")
    • Grasse au Suieru ⟶ Grâce au Ciel (meaning "thank heavens")

Special Cutscenes

This character does not have special holiday cutscenes.

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Red-Clothed Nun

A brief lull in battle allows the crew time to resupply. Erica can't bear to see the multitude of injured people in the street and she begins to heal them with her powers, regardless of whether they are good or bad. Through a strange series of events, she inadvertently coerces a criminal to reform his ways. The crew is reminded that in addition to her pure smile, Erica can also be terrifying.

(Captain) and crew have come to a town to replenish their supplies for the fight against the Koumas.
This town has not been spared from the demonic invasion.
Ogami: Look at this place. How many people did those demons injure in just this one town?
Erica: ...
Erica looks distraught as she surveys the scene. She then runs off all of a sudden.
Erica: Don't worry, I can heal your wounds.
Townsperson 1: Ugh... You're...
Erica: My name is Erica Fontaine. I'm a nun. Now please, just close your eyes, and relax...
Townsperson 2: Thank you, sister...
A light appears in Erica's palm. The warm light wraps around the injured man, and his wounds slowly heal up.
Townsperson 2: What...
Erica: Heheh, looks like the gods smile down upon you.
Erica: It is no doubt for your hard work. They know you are a good person.
Erica: If you ever find yourself in need, just pray to them for help. They'll be only too happy to help you.
The healed man leaves with many a thank you for Erica.
Vyrn: Wow, impressive. That looked a bit different to the magic we use, too.
Erica: This is a power bestowed upon me by the gods. A miraculous power meant to save people...
Ogami: But Erica, wasn't that power meant to be kept a secret?
Erica: Heehee. Look around, magic is all around us here! I don't think they'll mind if I tell these people about it.
Erica: Ah! There are more injured people over there!
Fear not, I am here!
Vyrn: Wow, she just never stops, does she? I guess we should help her!
(Captain) and the crew help out the townsfolk where they can. As they do they witness a strange scene.
Hard-Faced Man: Ugh...
Ogami: That man, he's severely injured! Why has no one tended to his wounds yet?
Erica: Oh no! I'll be right there!
Townsperson 2: No, don't bother. He doesn't deserve any help.
Ogami: What! Why would you say such a thing?
Townsperson 2: He's trouble. He's a thief and a scoundrel.
Townsperson 2: Ugh! He took my property! There's not a single person in this town who hasn't fallen victim to his sticky fingers!
Townspeople: ...
Ogami: Do you think that is enough to deal him a death sentence?
Townsperson 2: I do. It's for the greater good.
Townspeople: ...
The expressions on the townspeople's faces show that they agree. The crew step back from the man. However...
Erica continues toward the injured man.
Erica: Please, tell me where you're hurting.
Hard-Faced Man: Wha! What are you doing? D-don't touch me!
Erica: Please, just calm down! You're only making your injuries worse.
Townsperson 2: What are you doing? He doesn't deserve your help!
Erica: I am a servant of the gods. They demand that I help everyone, regardless of their past deeds.
Erica: I’m sure this man had reasons for doing the things he's done.
Erica: The gods accept all who wish to join them. They will absolve this man of his sins.
Townsperson 2: ...
The people are silenced by Erica's compassionate smile.
Erica places her hands over the man the townsfolk called a scoundrel, and once again they light up.
Erica: Does that feel better? Now, there are other people who need my aid, farewell.
Hard-Faced Man: You...would heal someone like me...
Erica flashes him a warm smile, then leaves. The warmth touches the hard-faced man's heart, and tears start forming in his eyes. However...
Hard-Faced Man: (...I wonder how much money that girl's carrying...)
Hard-Faced Man: (...Heheh, I'm sure I could make a pretty penny off of her...)
Hard-Faced Man: Hey, miss! I got somethin' I wanna say to ya...
Erica: Hmmm? What is it?
Erica: Owie! Ah, I hit my head again...
Erica hits her head on a shop sign, and she begins to cry as she rubs her forehead. The sign that she hit starts to come loose and fall.
Hard-Faced Man: AAAAAAGH! My foot!
Vyrn: Ouch. Looks like the sign hit his little toe, that's gotta smart.
Erica: Ah! Are you OK? I wonder what made the sign fall down like that...
Erica: But don't worry, the gods are always happy to help those in need. Come here, let me heal you up.
Erica places her hands over the man's foot and once again her hands light up with the miraculous healing power.
Erica: Heehee, there you go. OK, now I really must see to the other wounded people.
Ogami: What is it this time? A pot!
Hard-Faced Man: Gaaaaaagh! Watch out! You almost got me soaked in boiling water!
The man, who had rushed to save his skin from danger, lies on the floor panting heavily.
Erica: Huh? What's going on?
Erica: Ah, look at that, you scratched your leg when you fell over.
Hard-Faced Man: Don't worry, it's nothing.
Erica: It's OK, the gods are happy to heal any hurt, no matter how big or small.
Hard-Faced Man: Hmmm? Any wound, you say?
Hard-Faced Man: (...Wait, she keeps trying to injure me and "treat" me... She's an assassin!)
Hard-Faced Man: Gah! S-somebody help me! Don't let that woman anywhere near me! I'll stick to the straight and narrow!
Erica: If you keep wriggling like that I can't heal you. Tell him, (Captain)!
  1. Help him!
  2. Let 'em have it!

Choose: Help him!
Erica: Of course! Now, show me where it hurts. I can keep doing this all day.
Hard-Faced Man: Waaah! Someone help me! I'll give you your money back! I'll take any punishment!
The townsfolk have never seen this ruffian look so panicked.
The crowd seems moved by his pitiable situation, and they slowly approach him.
Hard-Faced Man: I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I've seen the errors of my ways...

Choose: Let 'em have it!
Erica: (Captain), don't even joke about things like that!
Erica: You're going to make me cry, and that makes the gods sad too!
Hard-Faced Man: Wh-what? I knew it! You guys're assassins the townspeople hired to kill me!
Erica: Assassin? What's that?
Hard-Faced Man: You... You keep healing me then hurting me... You're doing it on purpose!
The townspeople look to each other. They have no memory of ever hiring an assassin.
This mention of assassination actually rallies the townsfolk to start protecting the ruffian.
The man is moved by their actions, and promises to change his ways.
Continue 1
Erica: I wonder where they took him.
Ogami: He got the wrong end of the stick, right up to the end there.
Erica: Heehee...
Vyrn: Hmmm? What are you so happy about?
Erica: Well before those people were calling him thief, scoundrel, the worst. Now look at them protect him. He's cleaned up his act. That's what I'm happy about.
Erica: It is the gods at work, bringing their flock back onto the righteous path!
Vyrn: Well, I guess that guy did say he was gonna change his ways, but I dunno if the gods had anything to do with it.
Though she may fail from time to time, Erica will never stop trying to save people's souls.
(Captain) and the others feel a certain trepidation about that fact, despite the girl's ever-present smile.

Miraculous Food

A peppy Erica heads into town to buy food to make lunch for the crew. The crew waves goodbye, blissfully unaware. Upon hearing Erica's intentions, Ogami remembers the first time he tried her cooking. The crew scrambles to intercept Erica after hearing Ogami's food review.

Early one afternoon, Erica calls on the crew, seemingly in good spirits.
Erica: Hey, (Captain)! I'm gonna make lunch for you guys today!
Vyrn: Huh? Are you sure? Aren't you wiped out from taking out all those Koumas?
Erica: Hehehe, you don't need to worry 'bout me.
Erica: Y'see, the thing is, apparently there's this huge market in the next town...
Erica: And I've heard that the pudding they sell there is just to die for!
Erica: So if I'm making lunch for you guys, I wanna pull out all the stops!
And with those words, Erica rolls up her sleeves and sets out to gather all the things she needs to make lunch.
Ogami: Huh! Erica's making lunch?
Vyrn: Yup. She just went out to buy the things she needs. she's in a really good mood. Why, what's eating you?
Ogami: Nothing, it's just that Erica's cooking is... I mean she cooks from the heart and all, but...
Vyrn: Is it bad? I mean, it can't be as bad as that time the monster ate the food and keeled over, can it?
Ogami: Agh, how can I put this...
Ogami's thoughts return to the memory of the last time Erica cooked for him.
Erica: How is the deep-fried fish? When folks eat this they usually start foaming at the mouth it tastes so good!
Ogami: Well the flavor is stunning. I mean, it could literally knock a guy out (belch).
Erica: Oh I'm so happy that you liked it, Ogami! You're the first person who managed to actually finish something that I cooked!
Ogami: You don't say...
Ogami's words trail off. Sensing from his expression that there is cause for alarm, the crew starts drawing up countermeasures.
Vyrn: Hmmm... I mean, this is just in case, but maybe it'd be a good idea if someone helped her out?
Ogami: Yeah... Besides, I feel bad about leaving everything—from the shopping to the cooking—up to her.
Vyrn: You're right! She can stand on her own two feet, but it's mean to abandon her like this.
Vyrn: All righty! We'd better get after her, fast!
Ogami: Right. I've got some things to get ready, so lets meet back here soon.
The crew decides to intercept Erica's shopping expedition to the next town.

Miraculous Food: Scene 2

Ogami catches up to Erica and the two wander the market. Erica haggles for some meat without realizing it, and the shopkeeper remarks that Ogami's wife is skilled at the negotiation game. Erica, flustered but happy at the mistake, runs off and hits her head on a signboard. Ogami has no time to rest around the energetic Erica but he doesn't seem to mind.

Erica: Huh? Ogami, (Captain), is everything OK?
Ogami: Well, we thought you might get lonely on your shopping trip.
Erica: So you decided to keep me company? That's so nice!
Ogami: Wow, you've already bought so much. Here, let me help you with that.
Erica: Really? Thank you! Just keep your hands off the desserts, OK? Though actually I haven't bought them yet...
Erica: Hee hee.
Ogami: What's so funny?
Erica: Walking along like this, just the two of us, doesn't it feel like a date?
Ogami: A d-d-date? Hahaha!
The two friends walk through the town chatting merrily.
Vyrn: Man, those two are in a world of their own. They're completely ignoring us!
Erica: Ah! That meat looks sooo delicious!
Erm, excuse me! I don't suppose you could give me a deal on this meat?
Ruffian: What! We gotta make a livin', you know! There's no way I can sell it for any less than this!
Erica: Ah! Oh, I'm sorry! It just looks so good I couldn't help myself...
Ruffian: Huh? Y'know, I don't think I like the way you're talkin' to me.
Ogami: Please, wait! I'm sure she didn't mean to offend...
Ruffian: Tch! Fine, if it'll get you outta my sight I'll give ya 30% off, final offer!
Erica: You will? Really?
Ruffian: Dammit! Yer wife is gonna bleed me dry at this rate!
Erica: What? W-wife? Hahahahahaha!
We're not married!
Erica: Ha...Hahahahaha!
Erica runs off still laughing maniacally.
Ogami: Ah! Erica! Wait!
...She's gone.
Erica: Owie... Boy, these signs are all hung so low...
Vyrn: Jeez, I guess even Casanova here can run out of luck sometimes.
Ogami: Ahaha, I'm just glad that things are peaceful enough that Erica can run off like that safely.
Vyrn: Hmm, I guess you're not wrong.
Erica: Ogami! What are you doing just standing around like that? Let's get back!
Vyrn: Does she have an off switch?
The crew finish up their shopping trip. Following Erica they reach the town where they have stopped for the night.

Miraculous Food: Scene 3

Erica returns from shopping and begins preparing lunch with Katalina's help. The kitchen reverberates with the sounds of doom. In spite of their trepidation, the crew actually enjoys the food, but this turns out to be nothing more than the hallucinatory powers of the combined culinary skills.

Erica: Tra-la-la! Tro-lo-lo!
Erica's singing echoes out from the kitchen.
Ogami is seated at the dining table listening to it and waiting patiently for the food.
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, Casanova, didn't you say you were gonna help with the cooking?
Ogami: Haha... Well, I was going to, but she's banned all men from the kitchen.
Ogami: But don't worry, Erica's not alone. I sent Katalina in there to help her out in my stead.
Vyrn: Wh-wh-what! Why didn't you tell us earlier? I've got a bad feeling about this...
Ogami: Huh? Did I do something wrong?
Vyrn: You're damn right you did! Prepare yourself, there's no knowing what's gonna come out of that kitchen...
Erica: Heeheehee! Katalina, you've been such a big help!
Erica: I got so excited about cooking for Ogami that I'm afraid I might have bitten off more than I can chew.
Katalina: I'm glad I could help, this way I can learn some new recipes from you.
Erica: Heehee, well thank you anyway! OK, what's next...
Erica: The meat's been marinated, now we need to coat it in the breadcrumbs, make sure the oil is hot enough and... Voila!
Katalina: Wow, I never thought of cooking like this. You're a great teacher.
Katalina: Heheh, you're really showing me up here! I guess I need to up my game!
(Captain) and the others sit at the table with bated breath as they hear the voices coming from the kitchen.
And then...
Erica: Ogami! (Captain)! Everyone! Time to eat!
Katalina: Hahaha. Captain Ogami, you must be so grateful to have a feast like this made in your honor.
Ogami: Haha, you have no idea.
Vyrn: (...Hmmm, it looks better than I expected...)
Ogami: (...Wait... Could it be...)
Ogami: (...Have their separate shortcomings combined into something that is actually edible?)
Erica: Please, everyone, eat up!
Ogami: OK, here goes nothing!
Vyrn: We're all prayin' for ya!
Ogami: ...This is...
Ogami: Delicious! Hahaha! Erica, Katalina, this is the best thing I've ever tasted!
(Captain), not convinced by Ogami's enthusiasm, slowly reaches out to the food on the table.
On the first bite a shiver runs through (Captain)'s body. Though perhaps not quite restaurant quality, it does taste good.
Vyrn: What is this... It's a miracle! Your weaknesses line up in just the right way to make it work! This is yummy!
Erica: Heehee, please, stop it! You're making me blush!
Katalina: Heheheh, I'm glad I've finally been able to make something you actually like, Vyrn.
Erica: Erm, Ogami? Would you like a second helping?
Ogami: Hahahah! There's more? I wouldn't say no!
Vyrn: I'll take some more too!
And so the crew peacefully finish their meal...
Ogami: ...
Vyrn: ...
Erica: Hmm? Ogami? (Captain)? Little lizard?
Erica: Hmmm, Everyone froze up after taking their first bite.
Katalina: Huh? Oh, that. Don't worry, it happens all the time.
Erica: It does? But they really didn't seem to be enjoying it. No one was foaming!
Katalina: Hahaha. I know how you feel. My cooking sometimes smells so strong it knocks passing monsters out of the sky.
Erica: Really? That's amazing! Katalina, you have to teach me how to make your recipes some time!
Katalina: Oh, of course. Hahaha!
Several hours later the crew regain consciousness and discuss what had happened.
They all recall the same pleasant evening of delicious food and interesting conversation, despite all having been unconscious.
They come to the terrifying realization that Erica and Katalina had made food so bad that it caused a mass hallucination.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
神さま……どうか見守っていてください Please watch over me.
ええーっ!プリンじゃないんですか? Huh? Isn't this pudding?
天罰です! This is divine judgment!
霊子力を節約しないと I have to conserve spirit power.
(主人公)さん!急いで!落ち着いて! Stay calm, (Captain)!
大神さん♪大神さん♪ Hey, hey, Mr. Ogami!
プリンが大好きなんですよ I looove pudding.
さ、一緒にお祈りしましょう Let's all count our blessings.
祈りなさいっ! Say your prayers!
(主人公)さん、ザンゲしますか? Do you have a confession, (Captain)?