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This article is about the non-party character. For the other similarly named NPC (spoiler warning), see here.

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RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Harvin
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Male
Voice Actor Yuko Sanpei
NameJP フュリアス
Voice ActorJP 三瓶由布子
ID 3990017000
Release Date
Chapter 4 Story: The Storm Guardian

A major general in the Erste Empire army. Prideful and callous, this Harvin has a complex about his own height. Like Pommern, Furias also uses dark essence containing sinister magic.

Official Profile

Age 23
Height Unknown
Race Harvin
Hobbies Raising monsters
Likes Being disliked
Dislikes Getting his hands dirty
A major general in the military of the Erste Empire, Furias comes from noble background and looks down on everyone, enemy and ally alike. Despite his frivolous attitude, he quickly becomes infuriated by the tiniest of details, and would execute his own men if they happened to get on his nerves. After first being tasked with commanding the empire's forces at Port Breeze, Furias repeatedly clashes with you and your allies during the course of your adventures.
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Main Quest

Voice Lines


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