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Journal Entry

Hiro Ryugasaki
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RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Male
Voice Actor Gakuto Kajiwara
NameJP 竜ヶ崎ヒイロ
Voice ActorJP 梶原岳人
ID 3991837000
Release Date 2020-09-14
Shadowverse: Beyond the Sky

A second-year student at Tensei Academy, and an avid Dragoncraft player in Shadowverse. He grew up being infatuated with the game, even before he got his own smartphone. While competing in the Shadowverse Grand Prix, a strange voice suddenly called out to him, transporting him to the Sky Realm. Shadowverse has taught him that it's never too late to turn the tables; Hiro's unwavering conviction is his greatest strength.




Special Cutscenes

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Fate Episodes

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A Man's Promise

The crew and the boys return to the inn, but Rackam is nowhere to be found. Everyone heads for the Grandcypher after Kai requests to see the ship. Rackam racks his brain on how to get the ship up and running again. Hiro and his friends are moved by Rackam's passion for the Grandcypher, and he invites them inside for a tour.

Hiro: Phew! Inn sweet inn!
(Captain) opens the door, and Hiro makes his way into the inn.
Thelonim: Hey! You're back!
Kazuki: Sup? Things cool on your end?
Hiro: Cool? I think you mean wild! Yo, just on the way back, I must've had, like, a thousand matches!
Vyrn: He's only half-exaggerating. There were a bunch of people askin' him to play Shadowverse, and man... Somebody needs to teach this kid how to say no.
Kai: But then, he'd no longer be Hiro. Though it wasn't okay to overdo it, by the way.
Kazuki: Dude, aren't you tired? Even I'm woozy, and that never happens.
Thelonim: Woozy from being awesome! You didn't run from a single fight, Kazuki!
Kazuki: Heh. Well, Thelonim, my bro... That's 'cause you had my back.
Hiro: Man. Sounds like you played just about everyone... but me.
Kazuki: You wanna go, Hiro? 'Cause I think it's time for... a clash of fates.
Hiro: Aww yeaaah. You got a duel with destiny!
Kai: Hiro! Cease and desist! Kazuki Shindou, that means you too. We should be resting, not—
Hiro & Kazuki: Shadowverse! Showdown!
Vyrn: Aaand they ignored you.
Kai: Sigh... Only a miracle can stop them now.
Hiro: My turn! I summon Dragon Warrior and evolve him! Wham! 3 damage to one enemy follower!
Kazuki: Whoo! Look at you go! But I'm not beat yet!
The captain (and everyone else in the lobby) watch as Hiro and Kazuki duke it out. But then (Captain) realizes: Rackam isn't back yet.
Vyrn: Rackam? Yeah, I don't see him. Know what? He's probably still messing with the ship. Wanna go check on him?
Kai: When you say ship... you wouldn't happen to mean your "airship," by any chance?
Vyrn: As a matter of fact, I do happen to. That thing's our ride off of this island.
Kai: Vyrn. Can I ask a prodigious favor of you?
Kai: I know. We're barely friends, and it's terrible manners to just start demanding things. But I... I'm desperate!
Vyrn: Uh... Okaaay?
Kai: Please! Show me your airship!
Vyrn: D'ah! You're getting kinda intense there, buddy.
Kai: You see, as a genius among geniuses, my curiosity knows no bounds. You can't tell me about a flying ship... and think I won't want to inspect every inch of it!
Vyrn: Y-yeah, feel free to come along, but, uh... if you see monsters on the way, you let (Captain) know, okay?
Kai: Oh! Of course! Thank you, Vyrn! And thank you, (Captain)!
(Captain), Vyrn, and Kai are packing up when a voice calls out them.
Thelonim: Wait! I'm coming too!
Thelonim: Kazuki, Hiro. You guys want to come see our ship too?
Hiro: Hey, Kazuki. Kiss that follower goodbye!
Kazuki: No! My beautiful Ward baby! He died so young!
Thelonim: Hiro? Kazuki?
Kai: They're not going to hear you. At times like this, it's best to use physical force... in the form of a poke.
Kazuki: Eep! What the... Yo, Kai! I'm dueling here!
Kai: Well, we're going to check on Rackam. Are you two coming or not?
Hiro: Oh... He's still plugging away, huh?
Kazuki: Welp. Guess we better lend him a hand.
Hiro and Kazuki rise to their feet, but their eyes are glued to their phones.
Kazuki: Whoa!
Kazuki: Holy mackerel... Almost tripped and dropped my phone.
Kai: And that, kids, is why you shouldn't walk and text. Or walk and play Shadowverse, for that matter. And by kids, I mean you, Kazuki Shindou.
Kazuki: B-but I knooow... I tell my brothers and sisters that all the tiiime!
Hiro: Haha. Well, Kazuki. Guess this match is going to have to wait.
Sheepishly, Kazuki pockets his phone and follows (Captain) out of the inn.
They walk under the hot sun, talking about Shadowverse. (Captain) watches a gleam in the distance grow bigger and bigger as they approach, until...
Thelonim: Hiro, Kazuki, Kai! Look! That's our ship! The Grandcypher!
Hiro: Whoa... That's an airship?
Kazuki: It's frickin' huge...
Kai: It's beautiful!
Kai: Is it... an electric vehicle? But it's all wood. And I see no generator, no solar panels...
Kazuki: Kai. Your nerd's showing.
Hiro: Haha! But you know what? I'm curious too. How does this thing fly?
Rackam: All right. Who's making that ruckus? Hey, kids! What do you—
Kai: Sir! Are you the manager of this ship?
Rackam: Manager? Uh, well, I guess?
Kai: In that case, I'd like to ask you some questions—not too many, ten or twenty at most. Ahem. First, what exactly powers—
Rackam: Whoa! Hold on to your glasses! First, you tell me who you are.
Vyrn: Uh, Kai? You're kinda scarin' me.
Rackam: Huh? Hey, (Captain)! You know this kid?
Kai flushes a dark red. (Captain) placates him, then introduces the whole gang—Hiro, Kazuki, and Mr. Glasses himself—to Rackam.
Rackam: Of all the strangest... They can't even tell you what skydom they're from? Well, hearing that, guess I'm not surprised they've never seen an airship.
Hiro: Dude! Kazuki! Look at the front! It's like a giant dragon head!
Kazuki: I see it! Awesome!
Thelonim: And, and! When it flies, those giant wings over there? They spread way out!
Hiro & Kazuki: Whoa!
Kai: Air chambers, propellers, wings... But that's scientifically impossible.
Rackam: You kids, uh, seem to have taken a shine to her.
Hiro: Yeah! Your ship's the bomb! I can't believe that it flies!
Rackam: Hah. Well, wish I could've shown you what she looks like cutting through the clouds.
Rackam: But something's grounded her. And I want to figure out what it is before dawn.
Vyrn: Dawn? You plannin' to spend the night here?
Rackam: Yeah. I can't leave her like this. So an all-nighter on board it is.
Vyrn: Just don't wear yourself out. But man... Didn't think things were so serious.
Thelonim: Right? Rackam's been here all day. If he can't find the problem, no one can.
Rackam: Whoa, whoa. Why the long faces? I'll have her flying again before you know it.
Vyrn: Heh. That's our Rackam! Can't keep him down!
Rackam: Well, yeah. I wouldn't abandon ship here, not for a million skydoms. Anyway, I've got a few ideas, and if I test them all out...
Hiro: ...
Thelonim: Uh, Hiro? You're zoning out.
Hiro: Yooo! The Grandcypher's awesome, but Rackam! You're on a whole 'nother level!
Rackam: Wh-what? Calm down. You're acting like a kid on his first trip to Auguste.
Hiro: I mean, there's, like, a massive wall in front of you now. But you keep your cool. You keep looking for toeholds, and man...
Hiro: I can just tell! You've never given up! Not once in your life!
Rackam: Oh. Uh... Well... I like ships. And taking care of the Grandcypher's my job. So I'm kind of stuck here, you know?
Hiro: Dude, working at a job you like... If that's not cool, I don't know what is!
Vyrn: Looks like you earned yourself a fan, Rackam.
Kai: If we were to turn hobby into duty ourselves... I guess we'd all be pro Shadowverse players.
Kazuki: Well, when you put it like that, mad respect for the grown dude!
Rackam: That's, uh... not the response I was expecting. So...
Thelonim: Haha. Looks like someone's getting self-conscious.
Vyrn: Can't blame him. Those kids are holdin' nothing back.
Rackam: I, uh... just remembered! Was planning on doing an inspection—you know, look around inside the ship. You kids want to come?
Sparkly-Eyed Boys: Yeah!
Rackam: All right then. Follow me. Stick close, okay?
Rackam: (Sigh... Hope I don't have a dumb grin on my face...)
Rackam turns and leads the three ducklings into the ship. (Captain) follows behind, trying not to smirk.

A Man's Promise: Scene 2

Hiro, Kazuki, and Kai follow Rackam for a tour of the Grandcypher. Afterwards, Rackam decides to forgo dinner and head straight for the engine room to continue his inspections. Inspired yet somewhat worried, Hiro, Kazuki, and Kai think of ways they can help Rackam.

Hiro: Whoa... So this is where you steer the ship?
Rackam: You got it. See those levers? Took me months before I figured out how to use them.
Kazuki: Wait. This is a kitchen? It's, like, five times the size of my room!
Rackam: Beautiful, isn't she? Sometimes, we're stuck in flight for weeks on end. But there's crew who know their way around these stoves, and they keep the rest of us alive.
Kai: The power source... Can you believe it? This is what keeps the whole ship afloat!
Rackam: She's been running for hundreds of years, but you wouldn't know it from the looks of her. Afraid I can't tell you about the physics behind it though—this here's Astral technology.
Rackam: Next, we've got the crew quarters. Here's where we kick back and relax—at least, when there's no trouble.
Thelonim: This room's mine! You all can stay here, once we're flying again!
Kazuki: Ohh yeah! We're gonna play Shadowverse all night long!
Rackam makes his way through the rest of the ship.
The three friends follow behind, drinking in their surroundings with wide-eyed wonder.
Kai: Wow... The ship looked big enough from the outside, but this... It's practically a floating town.
Hiro: So, Rackam... You run inspections on this huge thing by yourself?
Rackam: Pretty much. Repairs, tune-ups... I do all that stuff alone, when there aren't any mechanics around.
Kazuki: You serious? Dude, I can't even tell different kinds of screwdrivers apart.
Rackam: Well, the Grandcypher and I have been together since I was a kid. We can smooth over problems pretty quick.
Thelonim: Did you know Rackam found the Grandcypher when she was all broken down and left to rot in a field? And he spent twenty years fixing her!
Rackam: True story. Guess you can see why I'm so attached now.
Kazuki: Yo...
Kai: I...
Hiro: Twenty years?
Rackam: Well, I, uh... I've never been someone who can just throw in the towel, you know? And, uh... neither has Thelonim!
Rackam: This kid dreams of being a hero. He's been training his whole life, fighting monsters and conquering his fears. If anyone deserves recognition, he does.
Rackam: Actually, his ancestors are legendary. 'Course, people around him used to laugh and say it was all lies, but he never let it get to him. And then, he ended up saving a village.
Thelonim: Aww... You're exaggerating.
Rackam: Says the guy who charged a dragon. Alone.
Thelonim: That's 'cause I want to save the world! And you don't do that by hiding onboard every time a dragon-hunting mission comes up!
Kazuki: I can't even... You all put the "big" in dream big!
Kai: Indeed. You've certainly earned my respect.
Thelonim: Aw, thanks. But we're nothing compared to (Captain)!
Thelonim: So, in our fairy tales, there's an island that's said to be at the very end of the skies... That's where (Captain)'s headed! And you're gonna find your dad there, right, Captain?
Hiro: So your dad's somewhere far, far away too...
  1. Yeah. It's why I'm on this adventure.

Choose: Yeah. It's why I'm on this adventure.
Hiro: ...
Hiro: Oh... Haha. That's so awesome!
Hiro: I'm super invested in this adventure now! I hope you find him!
There's no jealousy, no disbelief, no false flattery in his words. Suddenly self-conscious, (Captain) breaks eye contact.
Hiro: But, man... We really need this ship up and running, huh?
Rackam: Pronto. (Captain) and Thelonim have a lot riding on her. We can't stay here forever.
Rackam: Oh right. Earlier, you said this "Shadowverse" you're into... might be part of the problem?
Rackam: Wish I could learn more about it, but I've got my hands tied up here. Do me a favor and teach Thelonim, won't you? That is, if you don't mind, Thelonim.
Thelonim: Not at all! I'll save you, Grandcypher!
Rackam: That's what I like to hear. All righty then...
Rackam: I best get back to my inspections. Still a few spots I haven't looked over. And, kids, make sure you get back to the inn before dark.
Thelonim: Oh. Wait, Rackam. What are you going to do about dinner?
Rackam: Don't worry about it. Got some jerky somewhere I can gnaw on.
Rackam smiles and, after clapping a hand on (Captain)'s shoulder, disappears into the engine room.
Hiro: ...
Kazuki: Hiro? You seem kinda out of it.
Hiro: Oh, I was just thinking about the ship. You know, if there was anything I could do... I bet Rackam could use the help.
Hiro: But... I don't know anything about machines.
Kazuki: Ditto. Give me a wrench, and I guarantee I'll break more stuff than I fix.
Kai: Well, this ship's a mystery, even to me. I couldn't figure out anything! About how it's structured, how it generates power, how it flies...
Hiro: Yeah, same...
Kazuki: Hey. That doesn't mean we're totally useless.
Kazuki: Sure, we can't hammer in nails or whatever. But there's stuff we could do from the sidelines.
Hiro: Yeah... I get what you're saying! See? Always knew you had more than one brain cell, Kazuki!
Kazuki: Heck yeah! There ain't nothing the three of us can't do!
Kai: Excuse me. I don't remember agreeing to this endeavor.
Hiro: Come on, Kai. Help us out here.
Kai: Of course! All you needed to do was ask, Hiro!
Kazuki: Man, what's wrong with you?
Hiro: All right! Operation "Make Rackam's Life Easier"... underway!

A Man's Promise: Scene 3

Rackam is at his wit's end as he can't seem to figure out what is wrong with the ship. Hiro, Kazuki, and Kai cook up a lunch box for Rackam to help lift his spirits. Rackam enjoys the meal and joins the boys for some matches of Shadowverse to blow off some steam. Night falls and the boys bid farewell to Rackam. Moved by Hiro's passion for life, (Captain) is inspired to aim for even greater heights.

Rackam: Agh... The hell is going on?
Vyrn: Hey, Rackam. Everything okay?
Rackam: No. I've searched this ship from stern to stem, but it doesn't look like anything's out of order... I'm starting to suspect foul play.
Vyrn: You talkin' primal play? Didn't Lyria's beast sensor go off near this island?
Rackam: Eh, it's a possibility, but you'd think there'd be traces—something, somewhere acting up. Or, at least, that's what I thought, but...
Vyrn: Not anymore? Wait. You're done with all the inspections?
Rackam: Pretty much. Checked all the obvious places, at least. Ah, shoot... I was in such a hurry, I forgot to eat.
Rackam: Anyway, you think a card game really is what's keeping the Grandcypher down? Wow. Can't believe I just said that...
Thelonim: I could ask Hiro. See if there's any cards that stop ships from flying!
Vyrn: Speaking of, where are those kids? They didn't get lost, did they?
(Captain) looks across the deck and sees, against the sky, a shock of bright red hair.
Hiro: Rackam! We've got a surprise for you!
Hiro holds out a lunch box, his joy both palpable and puppylike in its innocence.
Rackam: What? Is this... food? For me?
Hiro: Yeah! I mean, you're so busy and all. So me and Kazuki and Kai thought you could use a pick-me-up! I made the patty!
Kazuki: I made the stir-fry! It's Mom's special recipe!
Kai: I added a few side dishes and calculated for overall nutritional balance. You won't find a healthier meal anywhere.
Rackam & Vyrn: ...
Vyrn: Heh. My mouth's startin' to water. Lucky you, Rackam.
Rackam: Huh? Oh... Yeah. But, uh... You kids didn't have to...
Vyrn: Gahaha! What are you getting all shy for, Rackam?
Rackam: What? I'm not! Hey, thanks. Seriously. I appreciate it.
Hiro: Anytime. We might not know the first thing about this ship but... I think we know what kind of person you are, Rackam.
Hiro: And, well... we look up to you and wanted to help out!
Rackam: Hah. Is that right? All right then. Don't mind if I help myself.
Sparkly-Eyed Boys: Heh.
Rackam: So, (Captain)... The engines, the propellers, they're all in working order. But I think, excluding the heart, there are still a few other spots we could—
Rackam: Huh? I made a checklist in my journal, but uh... where is it?
Vyrn: You mean this thing? Found it up on the eaves over the door.
Rackam: Why the heck would I leave it there? Sigh... I can't think straight anymore.
Kai: Sounds like you need a break. Everything in equal measure—that includes work and rest.
Kazuki: Yep. Just like Mom always says, "Good rest is half the work!" Gotta take your mind off things, you know?
Rackam: Sure. But just how am I supposed to...
Hiro: I got you!
Rackam: Huh?
The Shadow Chorus: Shadowverse! Showdown!
Rackam: Did I, uh... get the chant right?
Hiro: Yeah! Sounded like you've been Shadowversing your whole life! Next, we draw our hands and...
Kazuki: Thelonim, you ready to dominate?
Thelonim: You bet! Here's where I kick butt... with everything you taught me!
And so a tag-team match begins. Hiro and Rackam face off against Thelonim and Kazuki.
Rackam: Oh, I see. So if I tap the cards, I can summon units to the field.
Hiro: Yep. That's a pretty good hand you got there, so feel free to play some followers. We have to start off with the low-cost stuff though, 'cause...
Thelonim: Finish him!
Thelonim's follower, Ruthless Assassin, deals Rackam's card a brutal blow.
Rackam: Hold up! That thing only has 1 attack! My follower was stronger! How'd Thelonim destroy it?
Kazuki: Card effects. Since Ruthless Assassin's got Bane, it can take out any follower in one hit!
Hiro: Not bad, not bad. Rackam, I guess it's time to use our winning card!
Rackam: Way ahead of you! Come on out! Ignis Dragon!
Thelonim: Ahhh! He wiped out all our followers!
Kazuki: Oh snap... Ignis Dragon's no joke! But I've got the perfect counterattack!
The deck of the Grandcypher becomes a raging battlefield.
Rackam: Damn! I'm not losing, Thelonim! You hear me?
Thelonim: Right back at you!
A win for Team Rackam, then a win for Team Thelonim... The group plays match after match as the sun sinks slowly from the skies.
Rackam: Would you look at that? Nighttime already. Time sure does fly when you're having fun.
Hiro: Oh shoot! Sorry, Rackam. I know you were kind of in a hurry...
Rackam: Nah, I was getting pretty stressed before you all came along. I needed the breather. And the food.
Rackam: All right, kids. If you leave now, you can make it back to the inn before it gets too late.
Hiro: Let's do this again, Rackam!
Rackam: Yeah, you got it.
Hiro and his friends file off the ship one by one.
Rackam: Hey, (Captain). You have a minute?
Last in line, the captain turns and walks back to Rackam. The two stand alone on the wide deck of the Grandcypher.
Rackam: When it comes to Shadowverse, those three are a force to be reckoned with... but I don't think they've ever been in a fight—the life-or-death kind. Look out for them, okay?
Rackam: They're good kids. Don't want anything happening to them.
Rackam: Oh, and... thanks. You were worried about me, right? But getting to talk with you all really cleared my mind. Now get going. They're waiting for you.
(Captain) smiles at Rackam and steps lightly from the ship.
Hiro: Whoo! That was epic! I could get used to battling it out on an airship deck.
Kazuki: Yo. Rackam memorized the rules in, like, two seconds flat! I think his brain's made of magic.
Kai: Why are you so surprised? The Grandcypher is a very complex instrument. He must be intelligent if he can maneuver it.
Hiro: I'm still pumped! I want to play the crew again!
Hiro: That includes you, (Captain)!
The captain laughs and nods.
Hiro: You can't ask for better friends than these. I'm glad we came to this world.
Kazuki: So am I, but uh... You didn't forget we're in the middle of a Grand Prix, did you?
Hiro: Oh yeah...
Kazuki: Oh, Hiro...
Hiro: But I mean, this world is what matters now! Right?
Kai: Right. First things first. We take care of business here.
Hiro: Watch out, skies! 'Cause this show's just getting started!
This is who Hiro is. He puts his whole being into all that he does and lives life with full-throated passion. Watching him, (Captain) starts to think that that's the only way to live.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
せっかくだからルシアも連れてきたかったなー Man... Wish I could've brought Luca.
団のみんなともバトルしてみたいなー! I want to play against the whole crew!
俺の父さんと母さんもずっと前からいないんだ You could say my mom and dad are also at the end of the sky...
シャドバが好きな奴に悪い奴はいない!ってな! If you like Shadowverse, you're all right in my book!
これが終わったらシャドバしようぜ! Hey, once we're done, what do you say to some Shadowverse?
イグニスドラゴンに乗って空飛べたらいいのになー! Imagine if I could soar around on Ignis Dragon...
じいちゃん元気にしてっかな…… Hope Grandpa's doing okay...
すげーいい景色!写真撮っとこ! Whoa... This place is lit! Better take some pictures!
イグニスドラゴンが一緒なら大丈夫だ! Long as Ignis Dragon's with me, I have nothing to fear.
(主人公)の仕事ってすごいんだな! (Captain), your job's awesome!