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Menu Voice Lines
Japanese EnglishThis is an unofficial, amateur translation. Notes Play
Recruit 俺は和泉守兼定ってんだ。華のある活躍を見せてやるぜぇ!
Home Page この羽織はな、俺が生きてきた時間の証なんだ。これを身に着けてると気合が入るっつーか…




H-Hey, Captain, your hair looks like you just got out of bed. Ah- Not there, just a little to the left- Haah.. It's fine, I'll fix it for you. Jeez... You're this crew's leader.. I know you're skilled, but please take more care of your appearance.

 俺達をこの艇に乗せてくれたこと、礼を言うぜ。  この艇での旅はなかなかおもしれえよ。でも、心配かけるのも悪いし…

Haahh~ I wonder what those guys back at the Citadel are doing right now... Ah, Captain. Let me thank you for letting us ride this ship. This journey has been pretty interesting. But... it's not good to keep worrying... so I've really got to go back soon.
Add to Party まかせな! Leave it to me!
この俺を選ぶたぁ、いい目してるぜ To be choosing me, you've got a good eye.
殴り込みだな It's time for a raid.
Uncap 強いうえにカッコいい。俺のファンが増えちまうかな? Strong, and also cool. I wonder if I'll get more fans~?
Journal 俺は和泉守兼定、カッコよくてつよーい最近流行りの刀だぜ I am Izuminokami Kanesada. I'm cool and strong! Recently, I'm a popular sword.
まさか、俺に見惚れてる? Could it be... that you are charmed by me?
EM Lvl Up ますますカッコよくて、強くなっちまうな I became cooler and stronger all of a sudden, huh?
EM Perk Lvl Up 使えればいいって連中と俺は違うからな I'm not like those other guys who think "It's fine as long as it can be used".
いいねえ、…滾る! Not bad... my blood's boiling!
Battle Voice Lines
Action Japanese EnglishThis is an unofficial, amateur translation. Notes Play
Normal Attack せいっ
はあ! Ha!
Enemy Defeated いっちょあがり!
Skill 1 くらいやがれ!
Skill 2 斬って殺すのはお手の物 Killing by cutting is my forte.
Skill 3 覚悟はできてんだろーな? Are you able to steel your resolve?
C.A. Ready さーて、そろそろ本気で行くか! Alright, it's about time I get serious!
Charge Attack ひとーつ!士道に背くまじき事、終わりだぜ! Number one! Don't do anything that breaks the Samurai code! You're finished! The voice file for his charge attack is split into 2 files, and is thus uploaded as such.
Skip Charge Attack 終わりだぜ You're finished!
Damage Taken ぬぁ…っ
Red HP くっそ…俺としたことが
Knocked Out 負けるのか、俺は… Lost, did I...?
Debuffed やってくれるぜ… You've really done it now...
- -
Healed ぼろぼろじゃあ様にならねえよなぁ
Join Battle よーし、いっちょやってやろうじゃないか! Alright, let's get started!
Victory へへっ、当然だろ? Heheh! Naturally, right?
Turn Start 気合いれろよ!
MC Defeats Enemy よしよし、いい感じだぜ Good, good, nicely done.
MC C.A. Ready 面倒だからまとめてこいよ!
MC Red HP この野郎…! You...!
MC Knocked Out てめえ…! You bastard...!