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RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Ami Koshimizu
Voice ActorJP
ID 3991416000
Release Date 2019-06-14
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion - The Blue Reckoning

A half-Japanese, half-Britannian student at Ashford Academy and Lelouch's classmate. She acts timid and feeble at school in order to conceal her activities as a member of the Black Knights. Having earned the approval of Zero himself, she also has a deep admiration for him. As the pilot of Guren Mk-II, she fights ambitiously to create a country where she can live in peace with her mother.



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Fate Episodes

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In Hot Pursuit

(Captain) and the crew make use of a post-mission respite to enjoy the local hot springs. However, things go awry when a stray cat runs off with Kallen's activation key for the Guren Mk-II.

(Captain), Lelouch, and friends have completed a request to rid a certain island of monsters.
On the way back from their mission, they decide to visit a small village to regroup and replenish their supplies.
Lyria: Whoa, there's steam rising out from all kinds of places here!
Kallen: Huh... So there are hot springs here in this world as well.
Near the village entrance is a guidepost pointing toward what appears to be a nearby hot spring.
Vyrn: You mean you guys have hot springs in your world too?
Suzaku: Yes. Our home country of Japan is known for its abundance of natural hot springs.
Suzaku: They've been a familiar part of life there since ancient times.
Lyria: Kallen, Suzaku... You're both from Japan, right? So does that mean...
Kallen: I do like them... How they calm your nerves, almost as if they're melting your fatigue away.
Suzaku: Some say the waters have healing properties too. I'm also quite fond of them.
  1. How about we all go for a dip?

Choose: How about we all go for a dip?
Kallen: Can we really?
Vyrn: We've already wrapped up our monster business, so why not?
Lelouch: Hmm. Our report will be slightly delayed, but we do have a reasonable amount of time left.
C.C.: Oh? Not the answer I expected from you.
Kallen: Yeah... I thought for sure you'd want to return to Nunnally's side more than anything else.
C.C.: He'd go to the moon and back for his sister.
Kallen: He totally would!
Lelouch: You know, I only agreed because I thought you all might be tired from the mission.
Lelouch: If you've got the energy to make quips, I suppose there's no need for the hot springs after all.
Kallen: No! Sorry, sorry! I appreciate the concern and everything... Haha...
Suzaku: Don't be like that, Lelouch. Let's all head for the hot springs together.
Lelouch: Of course. I guess we're all going to the same place then. Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods in agreement.
The weary group follows the path in the direction of the hot springs.
After indulging themselves in the hot springs, Lelouch and the others rendezvous near the entrance.
Lyria: Fwah... That felt so nice.
Lelouch: Where's Kallen? I thought she was with you.
Lyria: Kallen's going to be a little longer... It's been a while since she's visited a hot spring.
C.C.: She said that she'd catch up with the rest of us in a little bit...
Lelouch: Kallen...
Lelouch brings his palm to his face and lets a sigh escape.
Lelouch: What do you think, (Captain)? Should we wait for her or go on ahead—
Kallen: Why, you... Wait just a damn second!
Cat: ...
Suddenly, a cat holding something in its mouth dashes by, heading in the direction of the village.
Kallen: I said give it back!
Lyria: Wh-what happened?
Kallen: Did you see a cat?
Vyrn: Slow down... You wanna tell us what happened?
Kallen: Well...
Kallen: ...
Despite appearing reluctant to speak at first, Kallen begins to explain the situation.
Kallen: So... A cat may have run off with the Guren's activation key.
Suzaku: What!
Lelouch: The activation key! How could you lose something so important?
Vyrn: Uh, can somebody tell me what this activation key thingy is?
Kallen: Do you remember that red, feather-shaped accessory of mine? That thing.
Kallen: Without it... I won't be able to pilot the Guren.
Vyrn: Say what! That's definitely something crazy important then!
Kallen: I know! Which is why we need to get it back!
Kallen quickly heads toward the village in search of the cat.
The rest of the group follows behind shortly after. The chase is on.

In Hot Pursuit: Scene 2

Kallen and Suzaku locate the runaway cat on a nearby village rooftop. Suzaku moves to capture it, but Kallen holds him back, determined not to let him get ahold of the cat for some unknown reason.

(Captain) and the others follow Kallen back to the village in search of the runaway cat.
Kallen: Ugh... Where'd that damn cat go!
C.C.: Calm down, Kallen. Stressing out isn't going to help you find it any sooner.
Kallen: I... I know! But I can't let them find out...
C.C.: Hmm? What are you talking about?
Kallen: N-nothing!
Lelouch: Still, why would a cat take something like an activation key?
Suzaku: Maybe the cat thought it was a toy of sorts. It does look like a feather, after all. Not to mention the strap attached to it...
Lelouch: Now that I think about it, didn't you play with Arthur using a similar toy?
Suzaku: That's right. All he ever does is bite me though...
Vyrn: Yeesh, talk about easygoing... Hmm?
Vyrn: Say, Kallen... Would that happen to be the cat that stole your key thingy?
Kallen: Huh?
Cat: ...
Vyrn points toward a suspicious cat carrying what appears to be the activation key and a mysterious cloth in its mouth.
Kallen: Ahh! There it is! There it is!
Without further delay, Kallen makes a beeline for the cat.
Kallen: Don't you dare move from that spot!
Cat: Meow!
Kallen: Don't you... run from me!
Vyrn: H-hey, wait for us!
Kallen manages to catch up to the cat and makes an attempt to grab it.
Kallen: I've got you!
Cat: Meow, meowr!
However, it leaps out of reach and onto the roof of a nearby building just in time.
Kallen: Damn! I was so close too!
Suzaku: Leave this to me, Kallen!
Suzaku is the first to catch up to Kallen.
As he closes in on his target, he prepares to make a jump for it.
Kallen: Wait, no! You can't!
But as he jumps, a panicked Kallen just manages to grab hold of his foot.
Suzaku: Whoah!
Suzaku loses his balance and falls back to the ground atop Kallen.
Suzaku: Ouch... What'd you do that for?
Kallen: S-sorry. But, um, I thought things might get messy if you caught the cat, so uh...
Suzaku: What's that supposed to mean?
Kallen: Um, well...
Lyria: Huff... Puff... Kallen and Suzaku... sure run... fast...
Lelouch: Pant... Wheeze...
Vyrn: H-hey, you all right, buddy? You're as pale as a ghost!
Lelouch: I... I'm fine...
C.C.: Oh dear... I think someone needs to hit the gym a bit more.
Lelouch: Huff... Shut it. M-more importantly, the cat...
Kallen: Sorry... It got away.
Suzaku: But if it hadn't been for—
Suzaku: ...!
Kallen discreetly steps on Suzaku's foot.
Suzaku: K-Kallen... Why are you...
Kallen draws herself closer to Suzaku, bringing her voice down to nearly a whisper so that the others are unable to hear.
Kallen: Please don't tell the others about what happened back there.
Suzaku: Huh? Why?
Kallen: Pleeease!
She continues to apply even more pressure to Suzaku's foot.
Suzaku: ...!
Fine, okay... Just give my poor foot a break already...
Lelouch: Are you okay? Did something happen?
Kallen: Nope, nothing at all. Right, Suzaku?
Suzaku: Y-yeah... Nothing.
Vyrn: Dang, even Suzaku couldn't keep up. Just how fast is this cat?
Lyria: But we've got to find it somehow...
While making sure to keep an eye on the others, Kallen stealthily approaches Suzaku and brings her voice down once again.
Kallen: Hey, about earlier... Sorry for stepping on you like that.
Kallen: I didn't know what else to do... I guess I just panicked.
Suzaku: Kallen... Can you explain to me what's going on?
Suzaku: You said you didn't want me catching the cat, right?
Suzaku: What exactly did you mean by that?
Kallen: Well, about that... Um...
Kallen diverts her eyes in an attempt to avoid the question.
Suzaku: Kallen, you don't need to hide anything from us—
Kallen: Either way, it doesn't matter! I'll catch the cat!
Kallen: So just make sure to stay out of my way!
Somehow, Kallen manages to avoid Suzaku's interrogation for the time being. She quickly returns to join (Captain) and the others.

In Hot Pursuit: Scene 3

Kallen asks around the village and learns that a stray cat was seen running toward the forest with something in its mouth. When she finally finds the cat, a legion of monsters pursue and corner her before she can reach the Guren. Fortunately, Suzaku and Lelouch appear just in time to save her.

(Captain) and company are deep in their pursuit of the cat that swiped the Guren's activation key. However, they've lost sight of it for now.
In order to cover more ground quickly, the group splits up to ask the villagers for help regarding any cat sightings.
Villager: A cat with a feather in its mouth?
Villager: Now that you mention it, I did see a cat chewing on something just earlier...
Kallen: Are you sure? That cat... Which way did it go?
Villager: Oh, um... I think it headed for the forest...
Kallen: Thanks!
Heading into the forest alone, Kallen finds the grove of trees where the Guren is hidden.
Kallen: Sorry, Guren... I'll definitely get the key back. You're gonna have to wait for just a little longer!
Scanning the forest trails for any hints, Kallen searches for the cat on her own.
Locating a single cat in a vast forest is as difficult as one might expect, and her search ends up being a waste of time.
Kallen: Oof... I guess I should've asked Lelouch and Suzaku for help...
Kallen: A Knightmare's body or heat detection would make finding that cat a cinch...
Kallen: But I can't risk them finding out...
Visibly upset at her predicament, Kallen lets a sigh escape.
Kallen: Looks like I don't have much of a choice... No such thing as a free lunch, I guess.
Kallen: If I don't find it soon, I'll really have to call in Lelouch and the others...
Kallen: Huh?
An aggressive growl can be heard in the distance—one that could belong to none other than a cat.
The sound is nothing less than a glimmering ray of hope for Kallen. She quickly makes her way toward its source.
Cat: Meowr!
Kallen finally finds the cat, growling threateningly in the direction of the trees.
Kallen: ...?
Despite the odd situation, she sneaks up from behind and grabs it by the neck.
Kallen: Got you!
Cat: Meow?
Cat: Meeeowr!
Kallen: Hey, calm down! And give me back what you stole!
Kallen: Oh.
Kallen notices that the items taken from her in the changing room are resting beneath the cat's paws.
Kallen: Perfect... Everything's still here in one piece.
Cat: Meeeowr!
Kallen: Geez, will you behave for just one second?
Cat: M-meow...
Kallen: Honestly...
Kallen: What are you even growling at so menacingly out here?
Kallen: It doesn't look like there's anything—
Monster: Groooar!
Kallen: ...!
A monster appears from within the trees and lunges at Kallen at lightning speed.
Barely dodging its attack in time, Kallen counters with a kick and sends the beast flying.
Monster: Gurgh!
Kallen: Huh... a monster. So that's what you were afraid of...
Monster: Grrr...
Kallen: Wait, there's more of them?
Perhaps deciding that they'd found their next prey, the monsters bare their fangs and move in for the attack.
Kallen: I'll need the Guren to have any chance of getting out of here.
Cat: ...
Kallen: I'll get you out too, so be good and let me handle this!
Kallen undoes the zipper on her outfit and firmly tucks the cat in her chest.
Now ready to run, she turns around and makes a dash for the Guren.
Kallen: Pant... Pant... They're relentless!
Kallen continues to make her way toward the Guren, periodically dodging the monsters' attacks and kicking them off.
Monster: Gruuurgh...
Despite her efforts, the monsters catch up to her just before she can reach the Knightmare.
Kallen: Ngh... Just a little further...
???: Stay right there, Kallen!
Kallen: Wha...
Monster: Gyargh!
A mighty slash harken descends from the sky, instantly clearing the area of monsters.
Kallen: Was that... the Gawain?
Suzaku: Kallen, are you okay?
Kallen: Lelouch... and Suzaku too? What are you guys doing out here?
Lelouch: Save it for later! Have you found the activation key for the Guren?
Kallen: I've retrieved it!
Kallen reveals the cat and activation key, now back in her possession.
Lelouch: Okay! Activate the Guren now!
Kallen: Understood!
Kallen hops into the Guren's cockpit with the cat and quickly activates the Knightmare.
Lelouch: Everything under control?
Kallen: Of course!
Lelouch: Very well. Then let's exterminate these vermin!
Suzaku: Roger! We need to eliminate them before they can bring any harm to the village!
Kallen: Get ready to taste what the Guren's really capable of!

In Hot Pursuit: Scene 4

The monsters are defeated, and Kallen is able to secure the activation key to the Guren. However, Suzaku picks up another item that the cat had stolen: Kallen's undergarments.

The area seems to be cleared of monsters now, thanks to the help of Lelouch and the others.
C.C.: Looks like you weren't hurt.
Kallen: Yes, all thanks to you guys. I don't know if I could've made it on my own.
Lelouch: I was honestly worried there for a moment... I'm just glad you're safe.
Suzaku: Yeah. Thank goodness we made it in time.
Kallen: Question, though: How did you all find me? I didn't tell anyone where I was headed.
Suzaku: Someone in the village told us about a crimson-haired girl looking for a cat that ran into the woods.
Suzaku: There are lots of monsters here, so I was worried you might be in danger.
Lelouch: Taking on an entire horde of monsters without the Guren would be no easy task, even for you.
Lelouch: We feared the worst and came searching for you with our Knightmares.
Lelouch: Utilizing our factsphere sensors, we were easily able to scan the forest for any life-forms, including yourself.
Lelouch: Not to mention we can pilot our Knightmare Frames here without drawing attention.
Kallen: That's true... So it's just you three here then?
Lelouch: Yes. (Captain) and the others are still on standby in the village.
Lelouch: There was a possibility of you returning, after all.
Kallen: I see. I'll have to thank them later then.
Kallen: I ended up causing all kinds of trouble for everyone, didn't I?
Kallen: Anyways, I still need to decide what to do with this little guy.
Kallen plucks the cat from out of her pilot suit, where it had grown quite comfortable curled against her chest.
Cat: Meow? Meeeowr!
Kallen: Ah, hey! C-calm down, you!
In the midst of the cat's struggle, a cloth-like object drops to the ground in plain sight.
Kallen: No!
Suzaku: Hm? It dropped something... a handkerchief?
Suzaku bends down and reaches for the mysterious cloth.
Kallen: Wait, don't touch that!
Suzaku: Huh?
However, Kallen's interjection is too late—Suzaku already has the forbidden object in his hands.
Suzaku: Oh wait, this is...
Kallen: ...!
W-wait... No, don't!
C.C.: I see... It took not only your activation key, but your underwear as well.
C.C.: So that explains why you were having kittens.
Kallen: C.C.!
Suzaku: Oh, um... Sorry. I thought it was a handkerchief or something...
Suzaku: Anyways, it all makes sense now.
Suzaku: That's why you didn't want me catching the cat earlier.
Kallen: ...
Lelouch: Suzaku... You should probably return those to her first.
Suzaku: Oh, that's right.
Suzaku extends his hand to Kallen.
Cat: ...!
In the next moment, the cat leaps and digs its claws into Suzaku's hand.
Suzaku: ...!
Ignoring Suzaku's painful predicament, Kallen calmly retrieves her undergarments from him.
Kallen: Sigh... How exhausting. Honestly, I might just take another dip in the hot springs...
Suzaku: U-um, Kallen... Before that, could you do something about this cat?
Kallen: Why? Seems like you two are getting along quite nicely. Isn't that great?
Suzaku: I-I'm not sure if you could call this... getting along... Ouch!
Suzaku: Ow, ow! Get your claws out of me!
Lelouch: Heh... Cats just can't get enough of you, can they?
C.C.: Humph. I'm actually jealous.
Suzaku: H-hey, wait, you guys! Don't just stand there and laugh—do something about this!
Suzaku, cat still attached to his hand, pleads for Kallen and the others to help.
The three onlookers smile at the comical sight before them.
A lighthearted, friendly time—something they rarely got to experience in their own world.
They revel in the precious company of their friends, wishing the moment would last forever.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
邪魔するな! Out of my way!
ルルーシュが……ゼロがいれば、奇跡は起きる! As long as Lelouch, no, Zero is here... miracles can happen!
雑魚どもに興味はない! I don't have time for weaklings!
まさか、スザクに背中を預けることになるなんてね I never thought I'd fight alongside Suzaku...
空を飛べれば、紅蓮ももっと活躍できるのに If only the Guren could fly too.
まさか、異世界に来ることになるなんてね…… I still can't believe we're in a different world.
紅蓮さえあれば私は負けない! As long as I have the Guren, nothing can stop me!
(主人公)、頼りにさせてもらう We're counting on you, (Captain)!
私の願い……必ず叶えてみせる! I'll see to it that my dream comes true!
(主人公)が一緒なら安心できる (Captain) won't let us down.