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Fate Episodes

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She's Something Special

Koume is wide eyed with wonder at the world where spirits and zombies roam. There, Koume witnesses Lyria fuse with (Captain), and asks if she would gain the same ability if she came along for the journey too. Koume has an invisible friend, and so that she can one day make physical contact with it, decides to join the crew on their jouney.

Koume: Huh…
Zombie: Braaainnnsss…
Koume: Wooooow!
Koume: So cool! There are real zombies everywhere. This is just like being inside a film!
Vyrn: Say what? I'm not sure I see eye to eye with you on this, Koume…
Lyria: Umm… Koume, are you really not scared?
Koume: Yeah, I'm scared, I can feel my heart racing… That's why it's so fun!
(Captain)'s crew took Koume, the girl from another world, with them to an ominous graveyard.
Koume's eyes lit up with excitement every time she saw a zombie roaming the graveyard.
Koume: Seeing them for real is totally different the movies… I'm so lucky to be able to see real zombies this close up.
Koume: It's like a dream… If I could just stay here forever, where it's always this scary?always this fun…
Vyrn: Hey, hey! You've given up on returning to your own world so soon?
Koume: Hmmm, well… If I stayed here…
Koume: I wouldn't be able to see Mr. Producer anymore… And I'd have to give up being a pop star…
Zombie: Braaainnnsss…
Lyria: Eek!
Lyria: Urrgh, that was too much of a shock! My heart won't stop racing!
Vyrn: Geez! Lyria, you scare way too easily!
Vyrn: If you're really that scared, why don't you go inside of (Captain)?
Koume: What? …Go inside of… (Captain)?
Lyria: Well, yeah. Exactly.
Lyria: I'm sorry, (Captain), may I?
Koume: WHOA!
Koume: L-Lyria! But… How did you… How did you do that?
Lyria: Huh? Well, I've been able to do this since ever I started journeying with (Captain)…
Lyria: But, it's not something I can normally do. It's complicated.
Koume: H-hey, (Captain). If I came along with you guys, do you think I'd be able to do that too?
  1. I don't know.
  2. You definitely would.

Choose: I don't know.
Koume: Oh, I see… I'm sorry, asking strange questions like that…
Koume: But, if you don't know, that means it could be possible maybe, right?

Choose: You definitely would.
Koume: Really? Someday I would be able to do that just like Lyria?
Lyria: Hahaha. This is the first time anyone's really been this interested in it.
Continue 1
Vyrn: But, why does Koume even want to be able to do it?
Vyrn: I hope it isn't so you can play pranks or something. There is a proper reason for using it you know.
Koume: Pranks aside, I do want to try it I think.
Koume: But… Not in the same way you guy do it… There's someone I want to join hands with…
Koume: Them… Even though we've been together up to now, I've never held their hand…
Koume: Even though they're an important friend, they're really far away… If I could get closer to them, I may be able to touch them…
Koume: So, (Captain), could I… Could I ask you to take me with you on your journey?
  1. You're very welcome to!
  2. Would they be coming too?

Choose: You're very welcome to!
Koume: Yesss! Thanks, (Captain).

Choose: Would they be coming too?
Koume: Of course. They're an important friend after all.
Continue 2
Vyrn: So which is it? Are you wanting to go back to your own world or not?
Koume: Well, I guess I intend to at least look for a way.
Lyria: Right! I'm sure that while we're travelling we'll be able to collect all sorts of information.
Koume: Y-yeah, so, what do I say… It's a pleasure to join you guys.
Koume: They say the same. They want to make friends with Lyria.
Lyria: What? Err, well, one thing at a time now…
Koume: Look, they're right behind you, Lyria…
Koume: Hee hee. They look happy…
And so the crew accepted Koume as one of them.
It may have looked like it would take Lyria a long time to warm up to the mysterious they, but Koume was eagerly looking forward to it.

Let's Be Pals

During their journey, (Captain)'s party and Koume hear about a zombie called Buddy, who, despite being undead, wished for a friend. On hearing this, Koume began to dream of being that friend. While heading to find Buddy, the party has to battle through a host of other monsters.

Koume: My heart is pounding… This must be the place.
Vyrn: Oh! According to the rumor, we need to head inside this island!
Lyria: Hmm… OK, let's go,(Captain)!
During their travels, the party and Koume heard a rumor.
A rumor that a zombie living on that particular island, named Buddy, longed for a friend.
Koume: Oh, Buddy… I wonder what kind of zombie you are… and whether I'll be a good friend for you…
Koume: If we do become friends, what will we do together… Will we play zombie make-believe?
Koume: Or, we could watch horror movies together… Though would you be too critical of the actors playing the zombies, Buddy?
Lyria: Hahaha, that sounds like it would be fun, Koume.
Koume: Yeah… It would be great to have a zombie friend.
Koume: There's so many things I want to do together with him…
Vyrn: Hey! It's good that you're excited about this, but don't get carried away!
Vyrn: We're really only just now getting close to where Buddy lives, and it looks like there are some less friendly monsters live around here too!
Koume: You're right… I could get bitten by another zombie before I even get to meet Buddy.
Koume: And if I'm bitten… I could become a zombie. I-if that's the case, then… could we still be friends?
Vyrn: Hey! Heyyy! That's not going to happen! We need to get rid of these monsters, (Captain)!

Let's Be Pals: Scene 2

The party finally finds Buddy, and Koume attempts to communicate with him. He responds, but just as he holds his hand out to her, two other zombies burst in and separate them.

Accompanying Koume, as she became more and more excited, (Captain)'s party walked straight into a thick fog.
Upon emerging from the dense mist they found the zombie who wishes for a friend, Buddy.
Buddy: Guhhh…
Vyrn: (Gulp) Now Koume, I know how you must be feeling, but don't lose focus now…
Koume: Er, excuse me… are you…is your name Buddy?
Buddy: ...
Koume: I… I heard about you, and came all the way here to find you.
Koume: So, if it's okay with you, would you like me to be your friend?
Vyrn: Uhh… are you sure this is okay? I feel like he could lunge at her at any moment…
Lyria: I don't know… but… Buddy doesn't seem like he's hostile at all…
The whole group watched the two timidly kindling their friendship.
Then, unexpectedly, Buddy reached his arm towards Koume, as if in offer of a handshake. Koume offered her hand forwards too.
Buddy: Guhhh…
Koume: Buddy…
Koume: Th-thank you! I look forward to getting to know y?
Zombie 1: Graaargh!
As Buddy was reaching out to Koume, two other zombies blundered in and got between them.
Zombie 2: Braaaaaaains!
Vyrn: Whoa, watch out! Get away from those zombies, Koume!
Zombie 3: Braaaaaaains!
Koume: These zombies…seem angry?
Koume: But why? Is it because Buddy and I became friends?
Koume: Can the living and the undead really never become friends…?
Koume: No, that can't be so… Whether you're alive or undead… friends are still friends…
Koume: I won't give up, I'll show these zombies that I can be friends with whoever I choose!

Let's Be Pals: Scene 3

Koume tries to shake Buddy's hand again, however, this time he suddenly bares his teeth as she approaches. Koume is taken aback, but Buddy rushes past her to attack another zombie who was preparing to strike her from behind. During the struggle with the other zombie, Buddy and his assailant fall over the nearby cliff edge. While the rest of the party are surprised by his seemingly self-sacrificial actions, Koume insists that Buddy survived the fall, and promises to meet him again someday.

After dispatching the zombies who interrupted Koume's touching moment, (Captain)'s party turn to face Buddy once more.
Buddy: Guhhh...
Koume: Buddy… Er, this is a little embarrassing, but could we try the handshake again…
Koume: Huh!
All of a sudden, Buddy bared his teeth and launched himself towards the unprepared Koume.
However, he quickly moved past Koume and into the shadows behind her.
Zombie: Braaaaaaains!
Buddy: Guhhh!
Vyrn: Gah! We musta missed one of those zombies!
Buddy: Graaagh!
While he was fighting the other zombie, Buddy and the zombie got too close to a nearby cliff, and plummeted over the edge.
With the cliff face engulfed in fog, the party had no way of knowing whether either zombie survived the fall.
Koume: B-buddy…
Lyria: No, Buddy… And so soon after you finally met him…
Vyrn: Even though he was just a floundering zombie, he still seemed like a good guy…
Lyria: Yeah… but Buddy's already…
Koume: No… he's fine, I know it.
Koume: Buddy is OK, they think so too… And I believe he survived the fall…
Koume: So… heh, see you soon, Buddy.
Koume: I know we'll meet again someday… We can play together then, right?
After promising Buddy that they will meet again, Koume and the party left the island.
Then later, they heard word that Buddy did indeed survive the fall, and was living peacefully.
And was even still searching for friends, allowing the party to rest easy.

Let's Be Pals: Scene 4

The pop stars Mika, Rika, and Kanako are in the green room waiting for the shoot to start. When it’s time, they head over to the graveyard set, expecting Koume to be there already. Worried, the three of them start looking for her. Meanwhile, Koume is being introduced to the Sky World by (Captain) and the crew, and decides to accompany them in order to look for a way back to her own world.

Rika: Sis! Look, look! It's a teddy for you!
Mika: Hey, Rika. You've changed clothes already. Whoa, what's that bear?
Rika: This? The staff said it was okay to ride this. It moves!
Mika: What? It moves?
Kanako: Wow! It's like a fairground ride!
Rika: Kanako! Your outfit! You look just like a confectioner!
Rika: Huh? Where's Koume?
Kanako: She's already gone ahead to the set. She was in a really enthusiastic mood today!
Rika: If I remember correctly, today's set was…
Mika: A graveyard, right? Classic Koume, being into stuff like that…
Kanako: Even though there'll be plenty of staff around, it's still pretty creepy…
Rika: It'll be fine for sure! More importantly, let's make sure we have our bug spray ready.
Mika: Right, so shall we be on our way?
Rika: Hey, sis. The shoot is about to start, but where's Koume? She still not here?
Mika: Hmmmmm. It's not like her to be late…
Mika: Wait, you don't think she lost track of time at the graveyard, do you? I'm gonna go look for her.
Kanako: Then I'm going too. If we both look we'll find her faster.
Rika: Wait, wait! I'll come to look for her too!
Mika: OK, let's find her quickly, before the shoot starts.
And so they disappeared into the graveyard one by one in search of the missing Koume.
At the same time, (Captain) was explaining about the Sky World to Koume.
???: Shnargle…
Koume: Hee hee. There are so many interesting things here!
Koume: Whoa, a zombie!
Vyrn: Oi! This is no time to be wandering around!
(Captain)'s crew listened to the story of Koume, the mysterious girl who had suddenly appeared.
Lyria: So in short, you've gone astray and found yourself in this world?
Koume: Errr, maybe…
Koume: It feels more like… I was called here. I heard a voice saying someone wanted to play.
???: Shnargle…
Vyrn: You say you were "called" here? Does that mean you understand what these things are saying?
Koume: Just about…
Vyrn: That could be useful! What do you say to coming along with us? Right, (Captain)?
Koume: Wh-why?
Vyrn: We accepted a job to come play with these things!
Lyria: Also, there are monsters in this area and it's pretty dangerous…
Lyria: It'll be fun if we all stick together, also!
Koume: Yeah, but, if I don't return to my original world then Mr. Producer will worry…
Vyrn: If you stick with us, you're bound to find a way back to your original world sooner or later!
Vyrn: We're skyfarers after all! When it comes to things in the sky, we're your guys!
Koume: Oh, really? OK, then… Thanks! From both of us!
Lyria: Huh? What do you mean "both of us"?
Koume: Look, them over there…
Lyria: Aaah!

Let's Be Pals: Scene 5

Rika finds herself lost and alone in the graveyard while looking for Koume. Just as she begins to feel uneasy about the mysterious circumstances, Koume appears before her, together with (Captain)‘s crew. Rika finds it hard to buy into the idea that they are in another word, but in order to protect Koume, she decides to accompany the crew for the time being.

Rika: It's so dark here. I should have stuck close to sis…
Rika: What should I do? Maybe I should go back for now? Huh? What's going on?
Rika: This teddy… Is it moving by itself? The power should be off though…
Rika: Maybe it's broken. What to do… The staff are gonna be angry with me…
Rika: Sis'll be angry too. Maybe the producer can fix it for me…
???: Shnargle…
Rika: Eek!
Koume: Rika? Is that you?
Rika: Yikes! Wait, is that… Koume? I'm so glad, I've been looking for you for forever!
Koume: You were looking for me?
Rika: You bet I was! The shoot will start soon!
Koume: Oh, the shoot. But, this place…
???: Shnargle shnargle!
Rika: Yikes again! Wh-what is that! It's creepy…
Vyrn: Oi, are you OK? We looked away for one second, and you'd wandered off!
Rika: Wha? A lizard…? That talks…?
Vyrn: Excuse me! I don't know who you think you are, shooting your mouth off like that, but I'm no lizard!
Lyria: There's no time for that. We need to do something about these!
Rika: Do something about what?
Koume: I'm gonna give it my all as well! Right, let's… "play"?
???: Shnargle shnargle!
After driving away the wandering ghosts, the crew explained the situation once more to Rika.
Rika: Hey! Don't treat me like an idiot just 'cos I look like a kid!
Lyria: We're not doing any such thing, though…
Rika: Oh sure, and I'm supposed to suddenly believe that we're floating above the sky!
Koume: Rika, I know it sounds strange, but I think it's true…
Rika: Koume, really?
Vyrn: Well, if you don't want to believe us, then we can't force ya.
Vyrn: But what's your plan, Rika? You want us to drop you off at a nearby town?
Rika: Hmmmm… I know! I'll come along with you guys too!
Rika: (Koume has clearly fallen for their lies, so I need to stay close to protect her!)
For a while, Rika was suspicious of (Captain)'s crew.
But once she was befriended by the light-hearted Lyria, she started to trust them.

Let's Be Pals: Scene 6

Midway through the memorial service for the wandering ghosts, the crew visit the nearby village for a rest. There, after smacking their lips at the villager’s rice cakes, they find Kanako, who is helping make them. Kanako has confused the villagers for staff from the shoot, so the crew explain Sky World to her, and she is reunited with Koume and Rika.

???: Shnargle…
Koume: See, they're not scary at all. They're actually kinda cute.
Lyria: Urm, I'm not so sure. They still seem a little scary to me…
Rika: I agree with Lyria! No way are these things cute!
???: Shnaaaaargle.
Koume: But they have such charming faces. (Captain), what do you think?
  1. They're still scary.
  2. They're kinda cute actually.

Choose: They're still scary.
Koume: Yeah? Well, I think if everyone gets used to looking at them, they'll realize just how cute they are!

Choose: They're kinda cute actually.
Koume: Really, (Captain)? It looks like we've got quite a bit in common…
Koume: What would you say to, err, maybe seeing a horror movie together? Oh, but you probably don't have movies here…
Continue 1
Vyrn: More to the point guys…
Vyrn: We've ran out of the offering we're supposed to use to lure these things out…
Rika: Oooh, we should take a break then!
Koume: I think we should, too…
Lyria: Now that you mention it, I'm a bit tired too. All we've been doing is playing with these ghosts for a while now…
Vyrn: OK, let's take a break at the nearby village then!
Vyrn: It's the village that this job request came from, so we might be able to get more rice cake offerings from them!
Villager: Oh, it's the skyfarers who accepted the job. Thank you for all your hard work!
Villager: Please, take these! I made some rice cakes as refreshments, so everyone please eat up.
Vyrn: Hey, aren't these just regular rice cakes?
Vyrn: I don't suppose we could get some of the rice cakes used as offerings from here, could we?
Villager: They have to me made specially. I don't think we can make them…
Vyrn: Drat! I guess it can't be helped.
Villager: I've made lots and lots of normal rice cakes though, so please take these and regain your strength!
Kanako: Here you go, have these.
Lyria: Wow! Thank you so much! They look so delicious!
Kanako: Hee hee, any time. I've got tons, so please eat as many as you want.
Koume: Huh? Is that…?
Rika: Kanako? What are you doing?
Koume: Kanako, you seem to be fitting in here…
Kanako: Rika and Koume! I'm so glad I've found you both! Here, have some rice cakes!
Rika: Err, thanks.
Koume: Yum, yum. These rice cakes are so scrummy.
Kanako: I know, right? I'm really proud of them, so eat lots and lots! Oooh, maybe I should put some tea on?
Koume: Thanks.
Rika: (Gulp.) These are SOOOO good! They have a sophisticated flavor that’s not too sweet.
Rika: What am I saying! This is no time to be calm!
Rika: Kanako, what are you doing here?
Kanako: Well, after I went looking for Koume, I found these people.
Kanako: The staff from the shoot here are making rice cakes as refreshment, but they didn't seem to have enough people.
Kanako: I figured I'd offer my services, so I've been helping out.
Rika: Huh? So you're saying that… these people are all staff from the shoot?
Koume: So, basically… this is our original world?
Vyrn: What! Does this mean that we've ended up in Koume's world somehow?
Lyria: It doesn't feel like that's happened at all, though…
Villager: What's going on, skyfarers? What does "staff" mean? Primal Beasts or something?
Kanako: Huh?
Vyrn: I see… So Kanako has confused the villagers with these "staff" things, whatever they are…?
Kanako: It would seem I have…
Having unraveled the misunderstanding, the crew explained Sky World to Kanako.
Kanako: Whoa, that's quite something…
Kanako: Even so, we're lucky that we managed to all meet up again.
Kanako: My only real redeeming feature is that I make candy.
Kanako: But if you'd have me, I'd be grateful, (Captain).

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
悪夢…見せて、あげる… I'll show you a nightmare...
プロデューサーさん…な、何してるかな… Wonder what my producer's doing...
ぼ、冒険も…ちょっと慣れてきた… I... I'm getting used to adventuring.
が、頑張って、ついてくね… I... I'll try to keep up.
ふ、ふふ…たくさん喚んじゃうね… He he he. I'm gonna summon so many!
あ、あの子もちゃんとついてきてるよ… My friend is here with me...
ホラーなら…まかせて… You need horror? Leave it to me.
ゾンビのマネならちょっと自信ある… I can act like a zombie if you prefer.
あ…(主人公)さんのう、うしろに… Ah... (Captain), behind you...
(主人公)さんはこ、怖い話、好き? Do you like scary stories, (Captain)?