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Official Profile[edit]

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  • Carpe Diem is Latin for "Seize the Day"
  • Keine Gnade is German for "No Mercy"
    • Riesenjagd means "giant hunt" or in this context more likely "Titan hunt"
    • Klingenwirbel means "bladewhirl"

Special Cutscenes[edit]

This character does not have special holiday cutscenes.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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I'm Watching You[edit]

Judging (Captain), like Eren, to be a wildcard in humanity's future, Levi places the crew under close scrutiny, ready to lay down his life should the need arise. But after realizing how far the crew will go to help others, Levi can't help but smile.

Levi: ...
Levi walks into the room housing the crew and throws a dirty look at each member.
Levi: I've been informed that you've been outside the lodgings.
Levi: You think because you can use the vertical maneuvering gear that you're suddenly soldiers? This isn't playtime.
Levi: Have you forgotten that you're under our watch?
Levi: (Who the hell are these people? They've even brought animals with them...)
Vyrn: ...
Levi's stare makes Vyrn shake.
Vyrn: Eep!
Vyrn: Mr. Soldier, why are you staring at us like that? It don't feel right...
Levi: I've never seen a talking lizard. How could I not stare?
Vyrn: Hold up!
Vyrn: I ain't no lizard!
Levi: ...
Vyrn: Hey! Don't ignore me!
Lyria: Vyrn... Let's calm down.
Vyrn: But, Lyria...
Levi: Stop the chatter. The Survey Corps is full of odd characters. Make sure you don't end up on one of their dissection tables.
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: Don't worry, Vyrn. We'll protect you.
Vyrn: O-okay... I'm counting on you, Lyria! You too, (Captain)!
As (Captain) comforts Vyrn, Levi stares with curiosity.
Levi: ...
Levi: (How did this brat beat a Titan without vertical maneuvering gear...)
Levi: (And that person is also the captain of these so-called skyfarers?)
Levi: You there. How did you feel when you laid eyes on a Titan? Were you frightened?
  1. No matter the enemy, we won't lose.

Choose: No matter the enemy, we won't lose.
Vyrn: Haha. That's our leader for ya!
Levi: Hmm...
Levi: (A fine look in those eyes... Anyone who's felt fear in the face of a Titan can never fight them again.)
Levi: (There are no exceptions to this rule. Not even in the Survey Corps.)
Levi: (Yet... Could the pandemonium they've faced be beyond anything we have?)
Levi is called into the Survey Corps meeting room to report his plans to Erwin.
But then Levi suddenly switches topic.
Levi: By the way, who are those people?
Clearly Levi is referring to (Captain) and the crew.
Erwin: A threat to humanity but also hope.
Levi: Now where have I heard that before...
Erwin: Something to the effect of Eren. No, perhaps even more than him.
Levi: That's not something I'm ready to believe. But if that's why you called me here today, then I can make an exception.
Erwin: ...
Levi: This all reeks of a bad joke, but you aren't the sort of man to do that.
Levi: Very well. If they get out of hand like Eren, then I'll lay my life on the line to put them down.
Levi: Satisfied, Erwin?
Erwin: Yes, that'll do.
Levi: Where and what kind of enemies have you fought thus far?
Lyria: Umm... We're heading to the island of the Astrals. It's called Estalucia, and...
Vyrn: H-hey, Lyria!
Vyrn: You're not supposed to tell the big wigs anything about us! Remember?
Lyria: Oh, that's right...
Lyria: I'm sorry... I can't tell you any more than that.
Levi: On whose orders?
Lyria: We can't say...
Levi: Fine. But should we get into trouble, we'll require your help. Do you understand?
Vyrn: You don't need to tell us! We'll help no matter what!
Lyria: Yeah! We won't just leave you if we can help! Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods encouragingly and Levi smiles.
Levi: (I trust you, Erwin.)
Levi: (But... How could anyone doubt the intentions of these people...)
Levi: I'll say this again. I'm watching your every move. Don't forget.
And so the crew is placed into Levi's care.

I'm Trusting You[edit]

Levi's first foray into the world beyond the walls is an island with no Titans but also no men. It seems the men are all stuck in the mountains for reasons the remaining townspeople hesitate to speak of, so the crew takes it upon themselves to go rescue them.

Levi begins cleaning the room he is given by (Captain).
He first begins with the back of the cabinets and then moves on to the window seal.
Levi: ...
Vyrn: Hmm. I didn't expect to see this.
Vyrn: Soldier Dude is a clean freak.
Levi: I hate that word. I am only doing what should be done.
Lyria: Um... Levi... (Captain) already cleaned that.
Levi hears Lyria's words, stops his hand, and shoots (Captain) a dirty look.
Levi: How could anyone who calls themselves a captain of a crew clean like this... How am I supposed to trust you on the battlefield?
Vyrn: What does cleaning have to do with fighting...
Levi: What do you have to say for yourself, (Captain)?
  1. Believe in me.
  2. I'm sorry...

Choose: Believe in me.
Levi: Scoff... How can anyone trust a person with your cleaning skills?
Vyrn: What! (Captain) cleans as well as anybody!

Choose: I'm sorry...
Levi: Scoff... If you're going to apologize, how about doing the job properly to begin with?
Lyria: Yes, sir...
Vyrn: Why are you responding?
Continue 1
Levi: Enough. I was a fool to think I could trust you. Out of my way. I'll finish cleaning by myself.
Rackam informs the crew that their destination is in sight.
Levi: ...
Levi dashes onto the ship's deck and stares below at the island. His heart pounds with excitement.
Levi: This is a land different from our own...
Vyrn: This one ain't too big. There are lots bigger and more active islands than this one.
Levi: I see...
Levi: (The world beyond the walls... Like the skies above, this place is unimaginably vast...)
Levi: (Erwin... The world you imagined is right here before my eyes...)
Levi: Not a bad sight...
Levi whispers as he stares at the sky.
Erwin: That is an order.
Levi: I said no.
Erwin: ...
Levi: Wasn't it your dying wish to see the world beyond the walls?
Levi: This is your chance. Right before you...
Levi: I shouldn't be going. You should.
Erwin: I have to carry the burden of the dead on my shoulders...
Erwin: I must stay and know what becomes of the dedicated hearts. My responsibility lies here.
Erwin: This is what I must do as a Survey Corps commander. Levi... Do it. Gather every piece of useful information and bring it back to me.
Erwin puts his desires second and his duty to protect the country as commander first.
Levi stares at Erwin's tightly clenched fist.
Levi: (He's trying to control himself...)
Levi: I understand. I will go in your place.
In need of supplies, the crew stops on an island populated with mountains.
Seeing another island for the first time, Levi's eyes wander with excitement in all directions.
Levi: (So... This is the world beyond the wall...)
Levi: ...
Vyrn: Hm? What's up, dude?
Levi: There's no fear of Titans on this island due to the absence of walls.
Levi: Then why do I get the sense that something is amiss?
Vyrn: Come to think of it... There is something here, isn't there? Lyria, do you feel anything?
Lyria: Umm... I don't... but I think I know what Levi is talking about...
Lyria: You know... I haven't seen any men on this island!
Levi: No warfare and yet no men... How do you explain that?
Lyria: Let's ask around!
The crew asks a woman on the street why there are no men anywhere to be seen.
The woman informs the crew that the men have gone gathering truffles, specialty fungus found only in the mountains.
Woman: And that is why there are only women and children here.
Vyrn: Wow! So this is where truffles come from! Let's get some grub while we're here.
Lyria: Yeah!
Levi: Wait! There's more to her story.
Vyrn: Huh?
Levi: If the men have gone out just to collect food, why do you all look so worried?
Woman: Huh? W-we're not worried...
Levi: ...
Woman: I-it's just...
At that moment, the mountains begin to rumble. The whole island shakes, and clouds of dust fill the air.
Lyria: Ahh!
Vyrn: Hey! What's going on?
Old Woman: Oh no... The lord of the mountain must have been angered... What have they done to anger the lord...
Levi: The lord of the mountain? Tell me exactly what's going on.
Old Woman: Ah! I can't...
Vyrn: Stop it! You're scaring her!
Levi: Tch...
Lyria: They may not be able to tell us.
Lyria: Right?
Old Woman: ...
Lyria: Whatever is happening is up on that mountain. Let's go see the cause for ourselves.
(Captain) decides to follow Lyria's proposal and heads into the mountains.
Old Woman: Don't go into the mountains... Who knows what'll happen to you.
Woman: What are you saying?
Old Woman: We cannot allow travelers to be hurt...
Vyrn: Haha! Don't worry about us! We're skyfarers!
Old Woman: Oh, are you now?
Old Woman: I'm sorry... I wish I could tell you what is happening, but even so, please help our men...
Vyrn: Sure thing! Leave it to us!
Levi: (How can they be so kind to people who won't even give them a reason...)
Levi: (Maybe I just have a problem trusting little brats...)
With mixed emotions, the crew begin their trek into the unwelcoming mountain.

I'm Trusting You: Scene 2[edit]

As the crew treks up the mountain, Levi senses an oncoming rockslide, and his advance warning allows the crew to escape harm. He surmises that the men may have been trapped by previous rockslides, but monsters attempt to block his rescue effort.

The crew arrives halfway up the mountain, but there are no island men in sight.
Lyria: I wonder where they all went.
Vyrn: If they were looking for truffles, then they should've come here...
Levi: ...
Lyria: Levi, do you hear something?
Levi: Tch... This isn't good...
Lyria: Huh?
Levi: Climb onto the highest tree you can! Now!
Levi uses his vertical maneuvering gear to take Lyria and Vyrn to safety.
Everyone finishes climbing the trees, and (Captain) is impressed by Levi's decisive action.
The mountains begin shaking, and the ground below quakes viciously.
Lyria: Wow... Thank you, Levi...
Vyrn: That was a close one... What if...
Levi: The island men were most likely swept away by these landslides.
Lyria: We have to find them!
Monsters: Grarr!
Levi: What the hell...
Lyria: Monsters!
Levi: Monsters? The outside world has some interesting things running around.
Levi: We don't have time for this. Make quick work of them...
Vyrn: On it! Let's get 'em!

I'm Trusting You: Scene 3[edit]

Levi uses vertical maneuvering to scout ahead and finds the men. He discovers that they refused to honor the tradition of offering a living sacrifice, which angered the Mountain Lord. Upon hearing this, the crew challenges the Mountain Lord to a fight.

Monsters: Grooa...
Vyrn: Whew... So that's the power of a Survey Corps captain!
Levi: Scoff...
Monsters: Groar!
Vyrn: Huh! They just don't stop coming!
Lyria: Gasp! Look over there!
Lyria points to a cave where the monsters are pouring from.
Levi: Tch... Uncivilized beasts can't take a hint...
Levi glares at the monsters and prepares his blade once more.
(Captain) stops Levi and asks him to go search for the lost men.
Levi: ...
Vyrn: That's right! Levi could get around these parts real easy. Leave the monsters to us, dude!
Levi: (At the very least... They know how to prioritize.)
Levi: I understand. Catch up with me as soon as possible.
Lyria: Okay, we will! Take care of the men!
Levi sets off to find the men using his maneuvering gear.
Levi: (The men are used to these mountains... Perhaps they went inside of the caves when the landslides began...)
Levi searches the area where the landslides started.
Man: Agh!
The screams of a man reach Levi's ears.
Levi: Tch...
Monsters: Graaar!
Man: Ahhh! G-get!
Like a fast wind, Levi slices the monsters with one swift strike.
Man: A-ahh...
Levi: Are you all right?
Man: Yes, thank you very much!
The men explain that they hid in the cave when the landslides started without knowing it was full of monsters.
Man: No one thought this would happen on one of our trips to get truffles...
Man: We don't know what we would have done if you hadn't shown up...
Levi: Is there something else you're hiding from me?
Man: H-hiding? What are you talking about?
Levi glares at each of the men.
Levi notices an uneasy young man among them.
Levi: You... Why are you so afraid?
Boy: Huh? I'm... not...
Man: It was the monsters, right? Right?
Boy: Uh, yeah...
Levi: Huh. Is keeping secrets a pastime here?
Levi: Fine.
Levi draws his blade and points it at the man.
Man: What... are you doing?
Levi: He doesn't want to talk right? I figure this may loosen... his tongue...
Man: S-stop! I'll talk. Just stop...
Levi: Scoff... Don't be so stubborn next time then.
Levi sheathes his blade, and then the men begin speaking.
Every few decades an offering of a small child must be made to the lord of the mountain.
Man: This time we got to the foot of the Mountain Lord's shrine, but felt sorry for the boy. So we decided to show him mercy and bring him home.
Man: That's when the Mountain Lord got angry and caused the landslides.
Levi: You made the right choice...
Man: Haha... I thank you for that, but how will we appease the Mountain Lord now?
As the men hold their heads in silence, the young boy who had been cowering in the corner stands.
Boy: Everyone... Thank you... But I can do this. Let me give myself to the Mountain Lord.
Boy: This has been our tradition for as long as anyone can remember, right?
Boy: Why should I live... when all the other boys died?
Man: Sob...
Levi: Brat... If you're scared, then say it. No one needs you to act so tough when you're shaking.
Boy: I-I'm not scared!
Boy: If I give myself... then the people of this island will live in peace, and they'll get lots of truffles!
Levi: ...
Levi: (Even worlds beyond the wall abide by their own nonsensical ways...)
???: Graaar!
A loud cry shakes the mountains.
Man: The Mountain Lord is angry...
Boy: ...
Levi: Get out of this cave! Now!
Levi escapes the cave with the men.
Moments later a large landslide causes the cave they were just in to be sealed shut.
Levi: Is everyone okay?
Man: Y-yes... You saved us...
Boy: Thank you...
Levi: Scoff...
Levi: (Now then... what to do...)
While Levi thinks, the crew appears from the distant trees.
Vyrn: Soldier Dude! Is everyone safe?
Levi: For now...
Lyria: Phew... That's great! Let's get out of these mountains!
Levi: That's clearly what we're trying to do...
Levi informs the crew of what the men said and they become enraged.
Vyrn: Ugh! Are you serious? Why do they do that!
Lyria: Isn't there any other way to calm the lord of the mountain?
Man: Aside from the child... No...
Levi: What? I don't care who that mountain thing is. Stop worshipping it.
Levi: This requires—
  1. Punishment!

Choose: Punishment!
Levi: ...
(Captain) astonishes Levi by voicing shared thoughts.
Levi: Where is the shrine for the Mountain Lord? We'll deal with him directly...
The crew hurry to the peak of the mountain where their enemy awaits.
Vyrn: Is that it? I've got a bad feeling about this...
Before reaching the eerie shrine, a gigantic beast appears before the crew.
Mountain Lord: Graaar!
Lyria: Ahh!
Levi: Quit your flailing... This ends here.
Levi: Time to clean up the filth.
Vyrn: (Captain), get in there!

I'm Trusting You: Scene 4[edit]

Levi sees the value in sparing the Mountain Lord and deflects praise for rescuing the men. Much to his chagrin, he seems to want to please (Captain) and realizes there are many new insights to be gained on his journey.

Mountain Lord: Groo...
Lyria: We won't let you get away with taking children anymore!
Vyrn: You tell 'em!
Without taking the life of the Mountain Lord, the crew all firmly scold it and leave.
Levi stares in disbelief.
Levi: Are... you all serious?
Vyrn: We taught that monster a lesson. That's all we needed to do!
Lyria: That's right. Plus if we got rid of the Mountain Lord, then bad things might happen to the mountain...
Levi: (They weren't just being kind to the monster... They were thinking of the islanders too.)
Levi: I can live with that.
The group find the island men and explain the warning they gave the Mountain Lord.
The men show signs of relief and thank the crew.
Boy: Mister... Thank you...
Levi: Save your thanks for (Captain). I would have ended that monster.
Boy: When I grow up, I want to be as strong as you.
Levi: That you tried to throw away your own life is nothing I will praise you for.
Levi: But that you wanted to do it for everyone's sake... Well...
Levi: You will become strong in time. Don't rush to your death.
Boy: Okay!
Vyrn: Hey! Why don't you all get back to your families. I'm sure they're worried 'bout you.
Man: All right. Thank you for kindness, everyone.
The crew smile as they escort the men back to their homes.
Levi: (They were put in harm's way so many times, and yet they only care about the safety of others...)
Lyria: Thank you very much for finding them, Levi.
Vyrn: Yeah, dude! If you weren't there, they might've been swallowed up by the landslides.
Levi: There's no need to thank me.
Levi: I did what I did to keep the trust I have earned from (Captain).
Levi almost seems embarrassed as he speaks, and the crew turns to face him.
Levi: (Things are getting interesting around here...)
Levi: (I guess Erwin's choice to send me was no mistake.)
Levi vows to learn as much as possible on this trip and tell Erwin everything.
The crew resupplies and returns to the ship.
Levi: What is the meaning of this?
Levi furrows his brows and stares at the dirt covering the deck.
Lyria: I think the landslides caused this...
Levi: Very well...
Levi rolls up his sleeves and begins cleaning.
Levi: What are you doing just standing around, (Captain)? You need to help.
Vyrn: Haha! Sure thing!
Vyrn: We'll do an even better job than you do cleaning up!
Lyria: Yeah! Let's all work together!
And so the crew, together with Levi, work vigorously to clean the deck.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
お前らの仕事はなんだ? What are your responsibilities?
落ち着けと言ってるんだ。お前ら…… I'm telling you to calm down... All of you...
オレは今楽しいぞ Well, now I'm enjoying this.
時間が惜しい There isn't time.
目的をひとつに絞るぞ Focus on one thing.
バカ言え。俺は元々、結構喋る…… Don't be ridiculous. I've always been talkative...
約束しよう。俺は必ず巨人を絶滅させる! I swear to you... I will eradicate the Titans!
お前の残した意思が俺に力を与える The resolve you leave behind will give me strength.
気分はどうだ? How does it feel?
揃いも揃って、面白ぇツラしやがって Look at this amusing bunch of faces.